Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 104 It Is Time To Get Back On The Track


Magic Blade.

Which was the technique one step above Heavenly Eye.

The technique that could enhance anything and turning it into a lethal weapon.

“If this technique can enhance the familiar’s weapon, it can be dangerous. Even though I already use Magic Defend, this technique can still penetrate my barrier.” Rozen sighed.

“In terms of Magus’ Technique, I’m above brother Tenzen.”

To learn Crimson Wing Formation and to improve the skills of making dolls, Akabane Tenzen didn’t bother to learn the eighth step.

Rozen left him behind in terms of technique.

“However, with Crimson Wing Formation, Brother Tenzen can still use the Magic Blade technique even though that is just an imitation.”

That was because Crimson Wing Formation could increase its user magical power by a crazy amount, if one has already fully controlled his magical power flow, then one could imitate any technique by using  Crimson Wing Formation.

In other words, Crimson Wing Formation users could imitate any technique because of the crazy amount of magical power and the delicate control of magical power’s flow.

“Even so, I’m still above him in magus’s technique.”

At least, Rozen’s Magic Blade was not imitation.

“But brother Tenzen’s Crimson Wing Formation was still unbeatable.”

Unless …

“If I use my summoning technique…”

By using that, Rozen could beat Akabane Tenzen easily.

He had another development besides the seventh step.

“The magic circuits in my body are finally opened.”

Rozen felt his body was back to its prime, even more powerful than ever.

Now that all his magic circuits were finally opened, Akabane Tenzen won’t be able to catch up to him, not even in a decade or two.

“However, Crimson Wing Formation is so overpowered. As long as the user’s blood is not depleted, it could still turn the table around.”

Increasing magical power by tenfold was not a joke.

Rozen couldn’t keep up with that crazy power.

“Except for using the summoning system, I don’t have a chance to win.”

That was if Akabane Tenzen still used Akabane’s doll, if Akabane Tenzen one day used his automaton puppet, Rozen won’t stand a chance.

For all puppeteers, Crimson Blood’s existence was terrifying.

Rozen only had a chance to win if he could summon a superior familiar or servant. Or he mastered the Crimson Wing Formation technique.

Rozen was already working on both of them.

“Now, I will focus on researching the Summoning System and Crimson Wing Formation.”

Rozen already reached the pinnacle of puppet technique, he only needed to master Crimson Wing Formation, even though there was no Akabane bloodline in his veins.

“It’s been fifteen years since I came to this world. I didn’t expect that I haven’t completed my original goal yet.”

Rozen expected that it would take ten years to increase his summoning skill, but because his magic circuit has not been fully opened, he hasn’t achieved his goal until now.

But he did not regret his decision.

It was indeed very slow progress, but everything Rozen learned here will have an important impact on his ability to control magic.

In short, those abilities would give many benefits for Rozen as a summoner.

“It’s time to get back on track.”

Rozen planned to do a self-training again when he returned to Akabane Clan’s residence.

He used to solo practice even before he arrived there.

“My only regret is I can’t play online games, and it’s so boring.”

Rozen complained.

But when Rozen was about to train, someone called him.

“Master Narukami.”

One of his maids called from the courtyard, the maid was shocked by the sword marks on the ground, and then spoke to Rozen.

“Master Kuukan summons you to his room.”

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