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We are going to translating new novels, if you have suggestion novel with System or Cheat, Fan-fict anime is okay too~ please comment your suggestion bellow.

Thank You ^3^


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  1. 1.Maybe it was translated (only 3 or 4 chapters) but long ago and never continued
    2. Skill taker it has translated about 166 chapters but it’s not continued since 01.01.2019
    3. I don’t know more novels but I would like you to translate novel about dungeon management (I mean where MC is dungeon lord like in dungeon hunter novel) or about necromancer/dominator (like in collosus hunter) I like novels like that the most and there aren’t to many of novels like that 😀

      1. Find 3 Chinese novels for you (one without system thought)
        (Without system)
        2. (I saw one review only about it and it said it’s good + it’s somewhat different from typical system becouse there MC make systems for different worlds
        3. (more typical system)
        4.maybe this? It’s great novel was translated to 43 chapters and have request at NU

      1. Can’t find raws ;-; and I have next novel dungeon maker It have some chapters but I think it’s dropped

      2. Dungeon maker wasn’t dropped, it’s in hiatus and the translation group is currently translating the WN

  2. this One is more like slice of life Kinda level system novel so heres THE problem theres a Guy translating this right now but its more of less just a copy from MTL so literly after chapter 183 and forward its only Monkeys scribbling all över THE place so if you are interested pls check it out . I havet another One but its currently being translated by webnovel and they are slow

    1. Heres anyway a list of name for THE novels i Read but translator seems not to like very much

      -i can turn into a fish
      -Transmigrated into Another World with an Unparalleled System
      -The Mightiest System
      Just My suggestion
      Monster factory is not really a level system novel but it has game elements ∆^•^∆

  3. I was trapped 1000 years/days
    I was trapped on same day
    The is samething is this it has system and it is time novel a person is trapped on same day for 1000 years in modern day and when novel start he is realse if you can’t find it please email me I will help you find raws.

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