Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 38 Clear



The citizens used to gossip in a pavilion, ordered tea, and a few peanuts. But it was so hard to confirm the validity of gossip.

At that time, a random man walked around inside the pavilion, and then he sat, he took a sip of the tea and slammed the teacup on the table.

That man shouted, “You are gossiping in here, but you missed the most shocking thing in Jiangdu City for more than a decade. I’m afraid you guys won’t believe it if you don’t see it yourself.”

When the man said that, he got everyone’s attention.

But after a second everyone back to gossip again and ignored that man.

The man said, “Well, you will miss this important thing if you keep talking.”

“Then what is it you want to talk about?” Everyone urged that they wanted to hear what he wanted to talk about.

That man stepped forward and shouted, “This morning, a group of bald heads came to the port, and they confronted Dragon Gang and broke Lang Jun’s legs.”

Someone interrupted him.

“You think we will buy that? No one dares to make a move on Dragon Gang.”

“Yeah, we don’t believe it at all.”

That man shouted again to explain,

“I’m telling the truth, and I’m not the only witness. If I’m lying to you guys, my ancestor’s grave will be split into two.”

What he said was true.

And everyone started to believe because he swore on his ancestor’s grave.

“Then what’s going on? Did those bald heads really do that?”

“Come on, what’s going on?”

The crowd started to wonder about what happened.

That man took a sip of tea and said, “I have to say the leader of that bald group is strong.”

“Do you know who is the leader of this gang?”

“Hu Tang’s master Gao Yixiong is there, but that man didn’t fear him at all.”

“I think there will be a big war, but I did not expect Gao Yixiong will persuade him.”

“That is a rare event in more than a decade.”

That man looked so proud. He looked at everyone’s expressions in the pavilion.

They were shocked in disbelief.


Many people have left the pavilion, they wanted to know the truth.

If that was true, it was really a pity.

It was a pity not to see it in person.

At that time, Lin Fan was practicing with his men in the training ground.


Lin Fan’s men kept training, and Lin Fan sat there, crashed iron bar into his head.

It was a bit painful, but it was not a big deal. He was used to the pain.

“So, what now?”

He was thinking about what would happen next.

According to the hundreds of films and tv-series, he was afraid that things in the future would not be as easy.

He scratched his head while thinking about something.

He tried to connect the dots; he was afraid that the problems involved were probably related.

Chen Zhong and the black fox demon.

Dr. Sun and the dry well.

Wei Xiong the spy and the Dragon Gang.

Those things might have something to do with Dragon Gang except the Black Fox Demon incident. And many more.

Chen’s affairs have not been resolved. It was hard to say that it had nothing to do with Dragon Gang, at least, Hunters hasn’t found the clue yet.

Lin Fan’s strength has increased dramatically; the sound when the iron was crashing his head changed. Just from the sound, everyone has already realized Lin Fan’s head was as hard as a metal.

Lin Fan was thinking of something.

Lin Fan sorted out several cases that were likely to happen.

The first case: Dragon Gang saw Lin Fan as a threat in the future and told another gang to finish Lin Fan.

The second case: Dragon Gang just goes with the flow, only focused on the important matters. They will ignore Lin Fan.

The third case: Dragon Gang didn’t do anything. Still, according to the story plot, the boss will always appear last, Lin Fan will only become stronger and stronger by beating Dragon Gang’s members and finally defeated the last boss and became the strongest bald-man.

“The third case is so nice for me, isn’t it?” Lin Fan pondered for quite a while.

But he was not showing any sign of fear at all.

The preparations will depend on which plot that would happen.

Whichever one they chose, in the end, all he needed to do was just to defeat them.

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