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C.L.S Chapter 232 It Is Your Luck


Zhang Bin was in a nervous breakdown as he realized that he no longer had his cultivation.

“Deacon! What should I do now! My cultivation is all gone!” Zhang Bin said dramatically.

He knew that he still can develop his cultivation anew, but how many years will that take before he could reach his current level of cultivation?

He wouldn’t be strong enough at the end of his life, all of his friends would surpass him by a huge margin!

Yu Shiqian looked at Yi Tianyun in the commotion, she had this nostalgic feeling coming from Yi Tianyun, but she didn’t seem to remember seeing him anywhere.

“Older sister, are you okay?” Zhou Yu asked Yu Shiqian after seeing Yu Shiqian was staring at Yi Tianyun.

“It’s nothing, I thought that I have seen him somewhere.” She said unsurely.

“Do you suddenly find him interesting?” Zhou Yu said teasingly.

“Shut up!” Yu Shiqian said annoyedly.

At the same time, the Deacon of Divine Runes Mansion has become furious about Yi Tianyun’s action.

“It seems that Heaven’s Top Mansion was prepared to become enemy of Divine Runes Mansion! Do you want to be annihilated so bad?” the Deacon said through his teeth.

The Great Elder was silent as he didn’t know what to do, he could only wait for Yi Tianyun’s response.

Seeing that Heaven’s Top Mansion didn’t speak up, the deacon became more confident.

“It seems that you aren’t willing to accept your fate! I will give you another chance! You have to destroy two of your disciples’ cultivation and we are even!” The Deacon said confidently.

Yi Tianyun slapped him harder than he slapped Zhang Bin this time, the deacon’s body was flung to the wall!

This action once again drew everyone’s attention, they gasped due to shock!

They never thought that Heaven’s Top Mansion was this bold.

Everyone looked at Yi Tianyun in awe now.

They knew that the deacon of Divine Runes Mansion wasn’t at the low cultivation stage, so Yi Tianyun’s cultivation must be higher than him, which meant that he was already in Core Condensation stage!

But they were a little bit sad to see a promising young boy like this would be in huge trouble once the Mansion Lord of Divine Runes Mansion came.

The deacon that Yi Tianyun hit was looking at Yi Tianyun with widened eyes, this was the first time someone hit him although knowing where he was from.

Suddenly his mood cheered as he saw his Mansion Lord walked towards him.

“Lord Nan Fengyun! Look at my face! How dare this Heaven’s Top Mansion’s scum do this to me!” the deacon said dramatically.

The Mansion Lord saw the deacon’s face and sighed.

“Are you also the one that killed my direct disciple earlier?” He asked Yi Tianyun coldly while releasing his aura.

Everyone was a little bit startled by Nan Fengyun’s accusation.

Killing a direct disciple of a Mansion Lord without an apparent reason was a big crime!

Was this boy named Yi Tianyun a daredevil or just an idiot?

At the same time, a man came from behind Nan Fengyun and pointed at Yi Tianyun.

“It’s him! He is the one who killed the young master!” The man said accusingly.

He was one of Divine Rune Mansion’s disciples who stayed at the inn and witnessed the incident at the time.

“So, it is you! Now, have you lived a good life so far?” Nan Fengyun said coldly as he increased the pressure of his aura.

Nan Fengyun quickly rushed towards Yi Tianyun and quickly turned his hands into a claw, ready to ravage Yi Tianyun!

As he was getting closer and closer towards Yi Tianyun, a loud voice was heard from the palace.

“STOP!” The voice said confidently.

Hearing this voice, Nan Fengyun quickly stopped and backed from Yi Tianyun.

This was the voice of the Netherworld Empire’s Guard.

He realized that he had to obey this order if he didn’t want to get into trouble with the Netherworld Empire.

“Master Cheng Feng will come out soon! You better not do anything stupid!” The guard said warningly.

Nan Fengyun just nodded at the guard and turned his attention back to Yi Tianyun.

“Consider yourself lucky that you are in the presence of the Netherworld Empire now. Otherwise, you are already dead!” Nan Fengyun said coldly.

“No, you’re the one who’s lucky right now.” Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

Nan Fengyun was blown away by Yi Tianyun’s statement.

How could a brat be this arrogant!

He really wished that he could kill Yi Tianyun now!

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