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Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 11 The White Fang Sakumo


Akabane didn’t expect him to agree immediately. After all, he currently had no money.

Akabane gladly answered, “Thanks, please deliver my request to your clan.”

So he had to go back and inform the clan.

But as for money, no matter how you think of it.

Akabane recently becomes the precedent member of the Kurama Clan.

After the first world war, the ninja has ended, and the current state of the five mayor nation are temporarily at peace.

Kurama Clan has been saving a lot of wealth for their clan growth.

Thus, Akabane believes that asking to buy a store wouldn’t be a problem.

“Akaba-kun, you want to make a comic store?”

Shikato asked curiously.

“Yes, of course, I want the entire Konoha village to read my comic, that is my goal.”

Akabane said nonchalantly.

The truth is, he just wants to earn more points.

But it seems that everyone just believed in what he said.

Tsunade leaned on her chair and wondering in thought.

Akabane noticed her guessing something in her heart.

So she said with comfort: “My goal is to become a comic artist. Maybe I will be your rival in the future.”

He tried hard not to laugh, as he knows what Tsunade will be in the future.

After becoming a ninja, she founded medical ninjutsu and later became the Fifth Hokage.

Shikato was slightly surprised. This is his first time seeing Tsunade tried to comfort her friend.

Tsunade was equally surprised and quickly rectify her words “Of course, my goal is to become the fourth Hokage and inherit the will of grandpa to rule the village with a will of fire!”

Akabane didn’t reply but continued took the paper and kept drawing.

Will of Fire… He doesn’t quite understand, because he is not a passionate person.

But the current Tsunade is full of spirits, and there is unspeakable heroism.

Orochimaru was silently listening to the conversation.

On the other side, Shikato was lost in thought.

“Dream, huh?

“What is my dream?”

To them, who is only a kid, dreams seem to be far within reach, but the world of ninjas doesn’t care about age. If war comes, they will be sent directly to the middle of the battlefield

Akabane didn’t know that he was talking nonsense, making the mood a bit awkward. He just kept drawing.

Now that the third chapter has been completed, he planned to rush the fifth chapter soon before the store opens, and then sum it up as the first volume.

Akabane is lazier than his clone, so that the speed of his hands is not as efficient as the clone.

But now, as the exam was over, more and more students have returned to the classroom.

“Hey, who is this boy that wearing a face mask?”

After finished wondering, and at a glance, she saw the masked boy leaning against the railing.

“you guess…”

Akabane knew that is Sakumo and tried not to laugh.

Sakumo just tried to lighten the mood.

Orochimaru stretched out his head curiously, and after a few glances, he carefully looked at Sakumo,

“Could this be…”

At first, Sakumo was very calm

But Shikato’s glare made him unable to hold back.

So he stood up and explained.

“Hehe.. sorry, this is me.”

“I know it was you, Sakumo.”

Akabane smiled without explaining the detail.

His son, Kakashi Hatake, appeared in the third episode, but everyone hadn’t seen it before, and it was only then that this new character was discovered.

“The Hatake Clan has white light chakra saber.”

As Sakumo said, he showed the short saber on his hand.

“The Hatake’s White Light Chakra Sabre could emit a streak of chakra upon a swing.”,

Sakumo keeps explaining about his tanto origin as Akabane paints continuously.

To gives something new, he drew one full-colored page of Kakashi Hatake.

The chapter hasn’t been finished yet, and suddenly Jiraiya also jumped over the table and leaned over it.

After a few glances, he scratched his cheeks curiously: “You drew someone so mysterious with a mask, who is he?”

The rest of the fans gathered around, also curious about Akabane’s answer.

“His persona is as mysterious as his mask.”

Everybody was a bit upset about the answer. All of them frowned.

“But it could also be a big buck tooth, or a crooked mouth… who knows.”

Akabane smirked.

Sakumo said angrily: “If it were my son, how could he buck teeth and crook on his mouth!”

“well, that is just a joke. No one really knew the face behind the mask.”

Tsunade smiled and spread the flames of rivalry as Shinnosuke Sarutobi enter the class.

Not long after coming back, Shinnosuke looked dumbfounded and asked without knowing why.

“Hey, draw my son too.”

“Take it easy Shinn-kun.”

Shikato put down the pages and smirk.

“What is Shinnosuke’s son looks like?”

“What, didn’t you bring the drawing?”

“Draw it on the spot, and let me have a look!”

Instantly, the classroom becomes rowdy, and all-around Akabane was buzzing like insects.

He finally finished Kakashi’s portrait. Seeing the enthusiasm of everyone, he said

“Don’t worry. I will draw a painting of Shinnosuke’s son later. You can wait for my store to open and buy it from there.”

“Well, The first ten customers can get the full-colored portrait of Konohamaru that I drew myself.”

Shinnosuke feels scam. He feels that he has to pay just to see his “son.”

“Damn, You!”

“I’ll negotiate my clan’s store for you, but what are you planning after opening your store?”

Shikato also thought about it and said in a discussing tone.

Akabane’s eyes lit up.


The membership system is the first thing that comes to his mind. You can see it in advance. You can add ads later…

However, he needs to establish a fan base first before he can implement membership.


The more Akabane thought about it, the more he felt that he might be able to build a comic culture in Naruto’s World.

“Come on, stop bothering him, let him focus.”

Tsunade waved away the “masses” onlookers.

“Ah.. haha.. you don’t say.”

Tsunade was the most annoying of all people.

Anyway, she had read all his latest chapter, and Akabane had promised to send her his next chapter.

The fierce Tsunade-hime drove everyone aside, and no one dares to interrupt her.

Sakumo sat back and looked at Akabane from time to time, with strange eyes that made Akabane a little uncomfortable.

After staring for a while, he leaned over and asked, “Akaba, what is his name?”

Akabane touched his nose, the current ongoing story was exciting, but everyone seems to focused on Hatake Kakashi.

Facing Sakumo’s question, he answers directly with a giggle.

“Goju Hatake?”

“Gojuuu?! What kind of name is that!”

Hearing the name, Sakumo exploded instantly.

“Hahaha, Just kidding, I thought of him a good name, Kakashi Hatake.”

Sakumo was quite satisfied with the name

After all, that is his name given by himself in the future.

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