Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 12 Character Resonance


Everything in the comic really evoked the story around his classmates’ descendants.

After determining his goal, Akabane felt that he should be more diligent.

After the end of the ninja academy, the students are about to be separated into teams consisting of 3 students with 1 Jounin as their teacher.

He planned that the fifth and sixth chapters are the story based on Kakashi’s bell test. In this story, a lot of new ninjutsu are being used. If the sixth episode is drawn as soon as possible, this ninjutsu can be available on his ninjutsu list.

“To unlock more ninjutsu, I have to work harder.”

Akabane sighed in his heart. Although Genjutsu can be learned by the Kurama Clan, it is impossible to reach its full potential at a glance.

Thus, he is more willing to draw more chapters.

But now it’s the fourth chapter. Since he has nothing to do now, he can finish it in no time.

Before he could draw more pages, the students from the exam came back gradually, and Hiruzen followed the last two students to the classroom.

“Today, the exam has been finished. Except for Uchiha Ryuu, I will score the others as appropriate. For students who have passed all the courses, we will distribute our Konoha headbands.”

“In the next few days, everyone can take a vacation.”

Hiruzen spoke nonchalantly, but he could still felt the sadden mood. After all, he has taught them since they were little.


In this way, he can continue to focus on his comic, and let the shadow clone do the rest.

If there is no one to disturb him, it would be a perfect vacation.


“By the way, I will tell my parents at that time that I will refuse visitors.”

Most people urged him to draw, but Tsunade was different. This girl has a short temper.

Meeting her is really bad luck for eight lifetimes.

Akabane thought for a while, asking her not to come to visit him might not be enough.

“Okay, now everyone can go home.”

After finished announcing, the classroom suddenly became rowdy, and everyone rushed out of the classroom altogether.

Within seconds, the crowded classroom became empty.

Hiruzen put a lonely face, and most of these students probably wouldn’t interact with him in the future.

When he about to leave the class as well, he found that there was still a student sitting on his desk.

“Huh, Akabane, why are you still not leaving?”

“Umm… Sarutobi-sensei, don’t think too much about it. I’m just going to leave the last.”

Akabane got up and walked out slowly.

“By the way, sensei, when you bring new students in the future, don’t forget to introduce my comic to them hehe.”

Hiruzen couldn’t help but chuckle.

Akabane’s comics are awesome…

 “Maybe, Iruka was in the same mood as me at this moment.”

 He sighed faintly, feeling that he had a strong resonance with the characters in the comic.

After leaving the academy’s gate, Akabane walks toward home with thoughts in his mind.

He was very fortunate that he had crossed into an era of relative peace, instead of going to the battlefield at a young age like Kakashi and the others did.

Akabane just wants to improve his strength steadily, so that he will be well prepared in the next war.

“Akaba! Right here!”

Akabane suddenly heard the voice of his parents.

 Following the sound, he saw Chiaki Kurama and Saki Kurama rushing over after seeing him.

 “I told you not to fight too hard, and why the heck were you fighting against Ryuu Uchiha? Are you okay?”

On the contrary, His mother ran first, grabbing Akabane’s shoulder and scolding. As for his dad, although he didn’t speak, he couldn’t hide his worry.

“I was fought Ryuu. Look, I’m fine, aren’t I?”

 The match list came out very early, and three hours have passed since the first match. His parent must have already known who he is fighting.

“However, I didn’t expect you to even defeat him. He was technically the successor of Uchiha Clan.”

His father looked at him with pride.

Akabane replied with a smile and asked, “Aside from that, I want to make a request, father. Do we have some savings.”

“Savings? As for me, yes, I still have some savings.”

After hearing Akabane’s question, he was a bit puzzled, so does his mother.

“Nara Clan has a small store near our home. I want to buy that store as my comic store.”

Akabane stated his purpose.

Since he is still a child and has no income, he can only ask it to his parents.

His father was confused for a moment. His request was a bit overwhelmed with them.

They are just an ordinary family of the Kurama Clan. If it were not for Akabane’s Awakening of Kekkei Genkai, they might still be no one important.

If it is just toys or basic needs, his father might be able to grant it, but buying a store is a bit too much of a request from a child.

So Akabane’s request made him startled at first, followed by the way to explain it.

“Son, you are about to become a ninja, and you’ll have a lot of missions ahead of you. Maybe you don’t have much time to draw in the future. Isn’t it too much to open a comic store?”

 Saki saw her husband’s difficulties to explained their situation.

Akabane knew that they shouldn’t have much money, so he stated his true purpose: “I’m sorry father, mother, I know my request is too much for our family…”

“…But since I have become the next successor of the Clan, if we deliver this request to the patriarch they might agree to it.”

Akabane saw his father become more puzzled and lowered his voice.

“Is it still too much to ask?”

Both his parents hesitated.

“Umm, we will try to talk about it to the head clan.”

Since their change of status has just happened a few days before, they haven’t adapted to that, and it feels a bit awkward to ask the clan such a request.

Akabane’s system relied on his point from the comics. Thus this is essential for him.

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