Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 13 The Most Favorable Clone


“Son, you…”

His parents were shocked.

This kind of request wasn’t normal for someone his age.

“Forget it, when you grow up, you should have his own dreams…”

His father and mother weren’t someone from high-rank at Kurama Clan.

Therefore, in their hearts, Akabane’s passion must be correlated with his awakened of Kekkei Genkai.

“Father, do you want to help me tell the patriarch?”

Akabane heard his tone, knowing that it was half-heart.

His father nodded, touched Akabane’s hair with concern in his mind, and said, “I will talk with the clan after this. If the clan refuses your request, I still have my savings to spare.”

“I believe that the clan would accept it.”

Akabane is very confident about this.

The three of them slowly walked back home.

As soon as he returned home, Akabane went back to his room to continued his comic.

“Shadow Clone Jutsu!”

He immediately cast seals to summoned a clone.

“I’ll work hard today!”

Akabane chuckled and started to coloring his pages from before.

“Oh, that’s awesome…”

The shadow clone glanced at him and couldn’t help but awe.

As someone who graduated from arts & design major, coloring is a piece of cake.

After finished his coloring pages, he got up and stretched.

“Haaah… it’s done, up to the next one.”

His clone was expressionless. He never thought that Akabane has such a talent.

“With your skill of drawing, then why to bother learned about shadow clone? You could finish it by yourself faster.

“Don’t say that I can’t work all day and night. I want to take some rest to.”

Akabane had really planned to rest for a while, but the cynicism made him feel bad to take a rest, so he changed his mind and sat cross-legged to restore his Chakra.


He took a look at the system panel; his points rose to more than 50 points before.

But today, he only gained a slight point.

Akabane thought for a while and used all the remaining 50 points to increased his physical.

He needs to upgrade his physique to compensate for his chakra.

Of course, the main reason is that chakra is way too expensive.

Gradually, the point needs to increase one chakra equal to 50 points.

What can he do with that little improvement?

At his current five physiques, the effect was completely different.

Not only the body, but even the recovery and the number of Chakra seemed to have increased.

Afterward, Akabane sat down and began to restore chakra.

The shadow clone did not expect that Akabane didn’t get tired. Even if he just sat there to recovered chakra, he still feels lucky for now. He is the most interesting of all of Akabane’s clones.

He sighed slightly and then kept on working.

Although, as a clone, he also wanted to rest, to have more pages to complete, he felt that he needed to work harder.

At the very least, he needs to complete the fourth and fifth chapters so that he can print the first volume.

Of course…

With his physique now balancing his overwhelmed Chakra, his Chakra recovery is much faster than the most ninja.

It didn’t take long for him to summon another clone.

“Here is your new companion. I’m going to sleep now.”

Akabane lies on the bed to recharged his chakra. The two clones were tolling on his chakra. He is afraid that if he doesn’t have enough chakra, he will pass out when he lifts his clones.

Akabane laid down, the two shadow clones looked at each other, and then looked at Akabane on the bed.

“Ahh. He’s asleep.” Sighed, and continued to work.

On the other side, in the Hokage’s office, Monkey King Enma came to make a report on today’s exam.

Hiruzen was listening one by one, But in fact, he saw more clearly than Enma.

After all, there are many details his summoned cannot be seen clearly.

“Ryuu will have to deal with his consequence. As for the other, they all passed.”

Hiruzen Sarutobi said.


Enma received the order and left the office.

The Third Hokage takes out his smoking pipe and lit a smoke while thinking.

On his desk was a list of names, Kurama Akabane, Hatake Sakumo, and Mitarashi Murasaki was in a row. The mentor’s name in front was still blank and has not been filled in.

In the end, he filled in a name.

“Shimura Danzo.”

“Let Danzo come here.”

Before long, a figure knocked in, and it was Shimura Danzo.

He picked up the list, took a look, and said, “These three were the students you carefully selected…”

Right now, Danzo is the head of the Anbu, his “root” still belongs to the Anbu, and he is not completely independent.

“Yes, in the next year, you will be their team’s mentor, but remember, do not influence them with your root or any other that related to Anbu.”

Hiruzen was very clear about this.

There is no room for mistakes.

“You have nothing to worry about.”

Danzo picked up the list.

“They are all geniuses. One year is enough.”

Hiruzen said, “As for a year from now, I have another plan for them, you can go back and get your Anbu.”

“One year is the same for you.”

Danzo meant something that only those two knew. He turned and left the office.

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