Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 14 Sudden Visit



When his last remaining chakra depleted, his shadow clones have vanished into thin air.

Akabane, who was napping on the bed, woke up in surprise.

“Damn, I almost got a heart attack.”

He feels drowsy and half-awake.

“Fortunately, I only summoned two clones; if they were more than that, I might pass out.”

Just as he lamented, he heard his father came from downstairs. He could hear his father greeted with a light-hearted tone.

“I’m home!”

Akabane got up and recast his shadow clone.

“You continue here first. I’ll go down and greet my father.”

Although there is no point to said it to his clones, getting accompanied by the clones has become his habit.

“Yeah yeah, just go. You’re just an eyesore here.”

Akabane was speechless for a while.

His clones have no sense of friendliness.

After all, it is his character than implemented into the clones.

He went downstairs and saw his father holding a piece of paper.

“This is the document for the store. Thus that store will belong to you from today.”

Akabane was a little surprised. He never thought that his request would be granted this fast.

He walked over quickly and took over the documents. The address of the store was written on the top, and the Kurama Clan symbol was painted underneath.

“Thank you very much, father!”

Akabane still couldn’t believe it true, he took a double-checked and confirmed that this was indeed Nara’s store, and now it belongs to him.

As someone who is the only one from his clan has awakened Kekkei Genkai, he will be the next clan successor for sure.

Akabane was daydreaming, put aside the thoughts in his mind, and focused on what to do next.

“Father, can you inform everyone to help me decorate my store? I will draw out how it will look like.”

The store was originally a medicinal and pharmaceutical station for the Nara Clan, so the interior design would need a renovation.

“Now that you have your own comic store, but son, I hope you can focus more on ninjutsu training and don’t waste your talent.”

“Understood, father, I will not let you down.”

Since no one knew that he could learn all that ninjutsu was because of his point from comics, he’ll just agree to his father’s terms.

Telling everyone to read his comics is a time-wasting. Opening this comic store could solve his problem, and he could get money from the sellings. It is like hitting two birds with one stone!

Akabane returned upstairs, originally planning to sketch his comic store, but as soon as he picked up the pen, he heard a slight movement outside the window.

“Who’s there?”

Akabane, his Shadow Clones, stood on guard at the same time, staring outside.

Then the window was snapped, and a delicate voice came from outside the window: “It’s me, open the door.”


Akabane was shocked for a moment, got up, and opened the window.

As soon as he opened the window, he saw Tsunade standing upside down on his roof.

“Ehh What are you? Spider-Man?” He confusedly thought.

Looking up from his angle, he can just see through the gap of her clothes,

Get a close look at it.

“Where do you look at!”

Tsunade quickly jumped down and entered his room.

Akabane was still speechless since he caught off guard.

As for the current Tsunade, there is not much to see except her cuteness. You could say “Flat,” but don’t let her heard you said that, or else you’ll be dead in a second, its like a taboo.

“Why come through the window if I have a front door?”

Akabane replied angrily, and then sat down, tried to calm himself.

Tsunade smiled and said, “Did you not see me standing there?”

“Oh, then you are really amazing.”

Akabane though that normal person would visit their friend through the front door. Is she want to show off her climbing skill?

“Ahaha yeah, so impressive Tsunade-sama.”

Akabane gave a sarcastic compliment, but she seemed didn’t get it.

“Hey, don’t you have any other things to do? I will play with you after you finish your comic!”

Tsunade patiently sat down with a big smile, glanced at the clones who devoted himself to drawing comics, then looked at the stack of comic pages beside her, and immediately lay down excitedly.

“One, two, three… Whoaa, you’ve finished a lot of pages.”

She has completely fallen in love with comics, and now she counts comic pages, like the way she counts money.

“It looks like you worked so hard today, and now you do some of the work by yourself.”

There are a lot of pages there, plus the completed ones the morning before. The Naruto fourth chapter has been successfully drawn.

“Of course! I am a hardworking person.”

Akabane said shamelessly.

But he forgot that he was sitting next to his clone. As he finished speaking, the clone sneered: “Look whos talking, this was drawn by your clones before, you just being lazy.”

“Hahaha, no wonder you could finish this many pages.”

Tsunade held the pages and sat on the floor to read it. Even if it still has a lot of revision, she seems to enjoy reading it.

Akabane decided to ignore his clone and sat there and began coloring.

Tsunade sat aside, quiet and cute.

With a single stroke, it didn’t take long for the general shape of the store to be outlined.

While thinking about the decoration style, Akabane asked casually, “You came here to show that you have completed your training?”

“Of course not, Am I that arrogant?”

Tsunade put down half of the pages and said, “I just went to uncle Hiruzen for a stroll. Guess what I saw?”

“Assignment list.”

Akabane said lightly.

Although the Senju family has faded out from governing Konoha village, Tsunade was called “Princess” by all the Konoha villagers. It was because of the First Hokage, Hashirama Senju, who was her grandfather, doted her since she was very young. It is not surprising that she is allowed to accompanied Hiruzen.

Tsunade was silent for a moment and then complained after a few seconds, “So boring. You guessed it all.”

“You and Shikato look like an old man.”

Akabane keeps coloring and answered at the same time.

“Well, I can’t deny that, but you forgot to include Jiraiya!”

Speaking of Jiraiya, Tsunade complained again and turned a few pages of comics, suddenly reacted and said, “Every time you interrupted the topic, I just wanted to say, I saw your assignment. The list was up.”

“Oh, is that so?”

“Your mentor is very strong, but he is someone the opposite of uncle Hiruzen. You should be mentally prepared.”

Tsunade’s tone was somewhat concern.

Akabane paused his work. After watching her ponder for a while, he said

“Is it Danzo?”

Tsunade nodded.

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