Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 15 Akabane First Fan


“Danzo has a different ideology from Uncle Hiruzen, but he is undoubtedly a strong ninja. Don’t worry about that.”

Tsunade thought Akabane was disappointed and afraid, so she offered comfort.

The main purpose of her coming here today was to talk about this, but she didn’t know that Akabane was really thinking about it.

However, as his mentor would be Danzo Shimura, he couldn’t imagine how troublesome his future will be.

“Nah! Forget it; it’s not like I could choose either.”

Akabane sighed.

When Danzo Shimura was young, he was not as immoral as his old age. Now he at least he is a decent person.

“It’s good if you have prepared in your heart. Anyway, the teacher’s assignment can’t be changed.”

Tsunade lay on the floor, treating it just like her home, completely disregarding his image.

Akabane concentrated on his drawing and didn’t get bothered, but after about half a minute, someone suddenly opened his door.

“Akaba… Uh, this is…”

It was her mother. As soon as he was about to talk, he saw two Akabane who was drawing, and there was also a young girl lying while reading Akabane’s comic excitedly.

Tsunade blushed, quickly sat upright, threw the sketch aside, and respectfully greeted “Hello Auntie, I am Akabane’s classmate, Tsunade.”

“Ooh Hello, Tsuna-chan. I’m sorry I didn’t know that Akaba has a visitor.”

“.. By the way, when did you get in? I didn’t see anyone knocking before.”

“Ahaha… about that..” She laughs embarrassedly.

Saki closed the door and left them alone. There was a burst of joy on her face.

“I never thought that my son was affiliated with someone like Tsunade.”

Akabane didn’t know what his mother was thinking, but judging from her expression, he somehow felt embarrassed.

As for Tsunade, she awkwardly slumped on the floor.

“Regret to come in through the window?”

Akabane couldn’t hold his laugh to see someone like Tsunade acted so tomboyish.

“Aaargh.. It is about the time for me to go home, but next time when your comics are published, I will come to play with you again.”

She might still felt awkward after she met with Akabane’s mother, so she put down the comics and quickly ran out through downstairs.

Halfway through the downstairs, Tsunade came back and told him: “By the way, I’m going to visit grandma Mito soon, don’t you want her to read your comics?”

“Great, I’ve got one finished!”

As soon as Tsunade heard Akabane’s words, she was carefully searching for the comic.

“It was at my desk. That is all I can do with a short time. I can’t say it’s my best.”

Akabane pointed out the location.

Tsunade saw the comic book with just a glance.

It looks very compact but fell in love at first sight with the cover

The cover is not made from a hard paper, but it is framed delicately with colored drawings. It was The picture of Naruto Uzumaki running after vandalizing the Hokage statues by paints all over it.

“Ahhhh… such a lovely cover, is there any more?”

Tsunade held the book, excited and a bit upset.

“No, just this one.”

Akabane directly counters the possibility of her acting like a crybaby to make her another copy.

“Is there only one?”

Tsunade carefully packed the comic, and then scanned Akabane’s room with gleaming eyes.

Trying to find other things worth taking.

But only felt disappointed in the end that he doesn’t have anything else worth her time.

“If you like my comic, come and buy it the next time when my comic store opens. I can save one copy for you before I run out of it.”

“Really? Okay, don’t lie to me, otherwise…”

Akabane immediately interrupts her.

“Don’t worry, how dare I lie to you.”

After all, Tsunade is his first fan, and she has never stopped chasing him since the beginning.

She smiled upon hearing this and went downstairs with joy. Akabane heard her greeted his parents and said goodbye.

“That girl…is really easy to satisfy, and kinda cute.”

Akabane sighed slightly, and when she grew up, she would not be the cute little girl anymore. After all, she would be one of three legendary ninjas.

But soon, he tried to get rid of such a thought. She will lose a lot of people that she loves along the way.

Seeing Tsunade left, Akabane was still distracted, and the clone couldn’t help but said, “Everyone is gone, you should take it seriously? How long has it been for a drawing, hello!”

“What’s the hurry? I have done it.”

Akabane’s thoughts were interrupted, and he had concentrate on his drawing.

His first volume is almost done, but of course, he can’t compare his knock-off comic to the real one. There are some mistakes here and there.

He glanced at it and nodded in satisfaction.

He felt exhausted and want to grab some drink, but as soon as he tried to get out of his room, her mother approached him casually.

Akabane asked, “What’s the matter, mother?”

She said, “Ahh, nothing important since I just think that you will have a holiday from tomorrow, we have arranged your chakra training.”

Genjutsu usage demands a lot of chakra, so training Chakra control is inevitable for him.

“But tree climbing and water-walk? I don’t think this training is necessary.”

Akabane said immediately.

These things must be clearly explained to them. Otherwise, they will have to randomly arrange his training.

“This training we requested for your foundation, the greater your talent, the better your foundations must be strengthened.”

Kurama Saki saw Akabane somewhat disapproving and insisted.

Knowing that nothing can be done by just talking, Akabane wondered for a moment and learned Tsunade to walk on the wall, and finally stood on the ceiling.

“If you still need me to learn how to water-walk to, I can now go to the bathroom to show it to you.”

Akabane yawned and said.

Her mother was a little surprised, but also speechless.

She couldn’t believe that her son has been developing this much in such a short time.

She thought that Akabane was only loafing around.

Remained speechless, she can only be assured by his talent.

Nothing more…

What a great boy, but there is still room for him to grow.

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  1. Really hope he shows her shes not needed. May sound bad but hes got the system which imparts the knowledge why bother training. Other than to get used to it which is like a few mins of trying

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