Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 16


After her visit, Tsunade going back home while bringing along Akabane’s comic.

The Senju Clan currently is small. Throughout the years, most of the family in the Senju Clan have merged within Konoha’s clan through marriage. Only the direct descendants of Hashirama Senju still use Senju’s name, and the leader of the Senju Clan is the Jinchuriki, Mito Uzumaki.

In the afternoon, Uzumaki Mito’s eyes narrowed slightly, and she was basking in the sun in the yard, but it didn’t take long for a voice to come from outside.

“Grandma! Grandma!”

The sound rang, and a figure rushed from the roof not long away.

“Tsunade, What’s the matter?”

Seeing her cute granddaughter, Mito smiled.

The war has taken away many of her relatives. That makes Tsunade someone precious to her. Ever since her childhood Tsunade has been causing a lot of ruckuses, then she will visit her grandma to settle. So, whenever she saw Tsunade come to visit, she immediately though Tsunade was in trouble.

Tsunade explained with pouting, “No, no I’m fine, I just want to give you something.”

“Oh, what is it?”

Mito sat up straight, showing a curious look at her.

Seeing that she took Mito’s attention, Tsunade excitedly took out the comic book and gave it to her grandmother.

Mito thought it was something else. She saw it was book cover portraying a naughty little boy with six marks on his cheeks, drawn with an unprecedented art style.

“What is this?” She was puzzled.

She took a look on the next page but saw that the page was full of drawings added with a bubble contain words. It feels easier to understand the content than any other book she ever read.

“This book, what is this? I’ve never seen such a book before.”

“This is what we called comic grandma! Look this person on the cover, his name is Naruto Uzumaki.”

Tsunade pointed out the cover, looking excited.

“Naruto Uzumaki?”

Mito was confused for a moment, then continue to read the comic.

Nine-tailed demon fox? The fourth Hokage?

After reading it, she got even more confused.

“Is this what will happen at Konoha in the future? Who drew this?”

 She is well aware of the nine-tailed beast must be referring to the nine-tailed demon fox within her body!

“It was one of my classmates, Akabane Kurama.”

Tsunade said.

“The Kurama Clan? Was he that first awakened Kekkei Genkai that everyone talked about?”

Mito noticed his name.

“That’s right! His Genjutsu can be annoying sometimes, but he is a good person.”

Tsunade said honestly, As she was the victim of his Genjutsu.

“Hahaha.. so my beloved granddaughter has finally acknowledged someone her equal.”

Mito tried to teasing Tsunade.

Mito thought that all of this story came from a child’s fiction since the history of Konoha village was easy to be found.

With Naruto Uzumaki as the main character who holds the chakra of the nine-tailed demon fox, this story…I’m afraid it has something to do with the status of Jinchuriki.

Thinking of this, she continued to read. They couldn’t help but smile.

The first few pages were talking about how naughty Naruto as a child. He painted the Hokage statues tried to anger the whole village.

But because of this, Mito was more and more into the story.

Pages by pages, she enjoyed how the story was written. She even gives a little laugh at the part that Naruto uses his sexy jutsu to Iruka until he got a nosebleed.

The next pages tell how Naruto failed his third exam while seeing everyone else passed it and celebrating with their parents. Naruto was the only one sitting outside, felt sorrow.

She paused on this page for a moment. However, he is carrying the name of Uzumaki, as they have always had a good reputation in Konoha.

Why would Naruto be treated like this?

Mito only could felt upset about her grandson’s wrong treatment.

But then tried to remain calm.

This is just a story. How could she think of it as her real family.

However, the more she read the first chapter, Her anger gradually become intensified. Seeing Mizuki tell the truth behind his misfortune that he is indeed a Jinchuriki and let him knew why everyone blamed the catastrophe that happened on Naruto, she almost spilled a trace of Chakra.

But she can’t deny that the story was fascinating, and even a person like her who has experienced many vicissitudes of life was moved.

Uzumaki Mito sighed slightly after read half the chapter, she stopped.

“Huh? Grandma, what’s wrong?”

Tsunade asked plainly.

“I’m a little tired after reading this. Can you meet me with the author of this book? I want to see the kid in person.”

Mito said.

Tsunade hesitated for a moment, then said, “This…well, but it’s already late today, I will invite him over tomorrow.”

Mito nodded, took the comic, and walked inside the house.

She said, “Let me hold the book first. I’ll read it again later.”

“Ok… grandma.”

Tsunade was a little lost. She wanted to ask a lot of detail in the comic and might have a chance to get the comic herself, but she never thought that Mito was in so much distressed after reading it.

“But why did grandma need to meet with Akabane?”

She was puzzled for a while and then stopped thinking about it.

After showing his capability, his mother immediately went to find the patriarch to discuss his training more.

The mother’s matter is just a small episode. Akabane didn’t take it to heart afterward, the manga room is his first task now.

Soon he will have to pass the test from Danzo. It might not be the same bell test that Kakashi gives to team seven thus, he needs to prepare.

To secure his position, Akabane must at least be on Danzo’s good side.

His other task is to finish his comic store drawing, then start to renovate it.

At this time, Konoha hasn’t successfully adapted the wood release from Hashirama Senju as the latest renovating his comic store would take at least three or four days.

This is still relatively fast, it may take a month or two for an ordinary person, but even after his store done, Akabane has a bigger task.

How can he promote his comic store to the whole village?

“This has been a long day for me, and I am exhausted.”

Lying on the bed, Akabane’s thoughts spread, and remember the comic book that he had given to Tsunade earlier.

It would be about time that she should’ve to give the comic to Uzumaki Mito.

I wonder how many points that he obtained.


[Points = 60]

“Holy crap!”

Akabane was shocked.

“How many times that Mito Uzumaki had read my comic? This point is just too much from a single person!”

But he was guessing that since Mito Uzumaki is a Jinchuriki, it might be the reason for all these points.

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