Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 17


Almost reaching his limit, the shadow clones disappeared instantly.

The exhaustion of using the Shadow Clone Jutsu over and over again made his head hurt.

“How strong was Naruto? He is continuously practicing with three shadow clones at the same time. If it was me, I would be hospitalized immediately.”

Akabane felt more depressed that he can only summon two clones for a short period.

Tried to let go of the thought, he turned his attention his points again.

“60 points huh..”

“Maybe Mito Uzumaki hasn’t finished reading it.”

Akabane comforted himself.

He woke up and cleaned up his work.

Even if he can’t maintain both of his clones for a long time, they had finished the fifth chapter in only a few hours.

“Well done!”

This means that he can prepare his first volume to be released.

Another thing was Akabane noticed that there was a few more ninjutsu in his exchange list.

[Camouflage Jutsu: Basic ninjutsu, 5 points required] [Substitution Jutsu: D-level ninjutsu, 5 points required] [Leaf Village Secret Finger Jutsu: One Thousand Years of Death, 0 points required]

“No… No points required?”

Akabane was speechless.

“Isn’t One Thousand Year of Death just poking someone’s butt hole with tiger seal pose? No wonder you don’t need points…”

Although he still seems confused, come to think again…

“It’s free..”

“…Let’s exchange it. I do have a feeling it would be useful in the future.”

Akabane shamelessly convinced himself, so he chose to exchange it anyway.


[0 Point reduction] [Exchange successful!] [Leaf Village Secret Finger Jutsu: One Thousand Years of Death has been learned]

The system notifies his exchange.

The next seconds after learning it, Akabane immediately regretting his choice.

“Ahaha.. how in the earth that I would consider this ninjutsu useful..”

The system was mentioned on how to use it, and also mentioning the damage that it’s done.

“What the hell?! Why do I need this kind of information?”

Akabane regretted it and quickly exchanged the other two ninjutsu to cleanse his sins. They were all very useful, Jutsu.

Camouflage Jutsu can be used alongside shadow clones to maximize its potential.

Substitution Jutsu, if used properly, it can defend and counter-attack within the short window.

Akabane thought that there might be better ninjutsu to offer, but felt satisfied enough from this list.

This Jutsu that he just learned contains many practical usages if one’s master it.

“I just don’t know if Mito Uzumaki has finished or not… this bugged me.”

He wants to ask Tsunade as soon as possible on how far Mito has read.

The following morning.

Akabane almost couldn’t sleep last night.

“Huh, Akabane, you got up so early today?”

“Is there something that happened?”

His parents were shocked.

This is the first time Akabane got up so early!

Akabane coughed awkwardly and said, “I have to go somewhere today.”

“Eat your breakfast before going out…”

His father was just about to ask the detail, but Akabane had already left.

Akabane is really want to understand how his system pointing works.

Akabane went straight to the Senju’s household.

Their house is not as big as people might think. Only Mito and a few family members are staying here.

Before he knocks, Akabane heard the sound of many people exercising and see several figures training at the front yard, one of them was Tsunade.

At this time, she was wearing a silk white martial arts uniform, with her long blonde hair fluttering, she looked heroic.

Seeing this, Akabane couldn’t help but sighed, “I should be ashamed of my self, even if they the Senju Clan, they still have to work very hard.”

He was very fortunate that he had a system, and he was from the Kurama Clan. Otherwise, he would get up early every morning for training, it could drive him insane!

In the Kurama Clan, Akabane, who used to has the weakest physique, can already beat his peers, and who would dare to force Akabane to get up and train every day?

Not long after, Tsunade took noticed of Akabane.

She paused her training and quickly ran towards Akabane, with a bit of joy on her face.

“This is the first time you get up so early, right?”

Tsunade was a little happy. After looking around, she asked in a lower voice “Why do you come here in the morning, what’s the matter?”

“Um…I want to ask, has your grandma finished read my comic book?”

Akabane directly asks his objective.

Tsunade couldn’t hide her upset expression, then took a deep breath to ease her emotions.

Then she said, “No. Yesterday she said that she was tired after reading a few pages, and she also said that she would meet you in person. I was going to meet you again this afternoon.”

“Ooh is that so..”

Akabane breathed a sigh of relief after hearing this and felt confident that all the 60 points belonged to Uzumaki Mito.

“that’s it?”

“Yes, after all, I do admire you, grandma.”

“Well, then, please wait a little longer. I’ll finish my training soon.”

Still felt dissatisfaction, Tsunade said with a curled lips, “I thought you come for another reason..”

She could be unpredicted all the time, and sometimes she is aggressive, but sometimes…

“.. Was she angry with me?” Akabane wondered.

When he wants to ask more, Tsunade had already returned to continue training.

 He didn’t catch up fast enough but was slightly startled and lost in thought.

 “..Forget it.”

 After thinking about it for a few seconds, Akabane shook his head slightly.

The ancestors said it well, a woman’s heart is a deep ocean of secrets.

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