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Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 174


“If it’s not Tsunade, is it Tsunade’s junior?”

Seeing her leaving, Sakumo asked in a low voice.

“I brought back a cat puppet from Sand Village some time ago, do you remember?”

Instead of answering, Akabane asked.

Hearing it, Sakumo suddenly understood.

The cat puppet was given to Akabane’s adopted younger sister, so it was naturally his sister who knew how to manipulate the puppet.

A six-year-old child, just at the age of kids entering Ninja School.

Asking such a child for advice on puppetry is indeed a shameful thing-especially Ye Wu is also known as the “Moonlight Genius”.

Sakumo thought for a moment and asked strangely: “Uzumaki Village shouldn’t teach this kind of technique. How did she learn puppetry?”

“She didn’t learn it, she just immediately knew how to.”

Akabane’s sigh was heavy, and the underlying meaning was self-evident.

Sakumo felt a little sympathetic for Ye We when he heard Akabane.

For a child without a teacher, it can be said that it is quite difficult to retell how she mastered puppetry in a comprehensible way.

“Today’s plot is not interesting, so I’ll go back and continue my training.”

Sakumo is not interested in the battle of the plastic sisters.

One Piece on the other hand is just in the transitional period at the end of the plot, and it’s not interesting either.

Sakumo got up, ready to go back to continue training.

When he was about to leave, he thought for a while and explained: “In fact, my father is not very malicious, he probably thinks that you have a talent for practising swordsmanship. And he probably wants to prove it with such a style that’s why he did it.”

“I understand, but swordsmanship is not for me.”

“I see. Then I will go back to train.”

“Keep it up, by the way, it’s best to train what you are good at during this time, don’t worry about the double-sword style.”

Akabane kindly reminded him.

I understand, today I will practice Mist Mirage and Silent Assassination.”

After being promoted as a Chunin, Akabane and Orochimaru had their own assignments, but Sakumo had not.

But if the war started in the Land of Uzumaki the probability of him going to the battlefield is high.

“Go ahead.”

Akabane waved goodbye.

The war is getting closer and many ninjas in the village are starting to prepare.

The threat is not only in the Land-of-Whirlpools, but also Land-of-Wind, Land-of-Earth and other countries. Once a war starts, all the nearby countries may come up and take a bite, which is why Danzo, even with the risk of dying, sneaked in the Sand Village to steal information and even injured their Kazekage.

Without changes, the battlefield of the Land of Uzumaki can only be given up.

“Master, is there going to be a war?”

Kurama Yunlang realized afterwards, and now he is a little bit clear about it.

“Just know it in your heart, don’t go out and talk nonsense.”

Akabane warned.

There are not many people in the middle and lower ninja class who know about this, and most of the people who are dispatched are Anbu or some ninjas who are good at assassination and hiding.

It is not a full-scale war, so it does not need many people to know.

“I know.”

Kurama Yunlang responded in a low voice, and then he shut up immediately when he saw a visitor.

With his two clone working separately, Akabane can laze around, but he still doesn’t dare to go directly to the lounge to sleep.

Because how can he sleep in front of his clone, Isn’t it just asking for a beating? 


Ye Wu Side-

Ye Wu arrived at the Senju compound and ask the guard. “Senior, I want to find Tsunade, is she there?”

“Tsunade is not here, are you doing anything?”

The guard of the Senju clan said.

In fact, he didn’t know whether Tsunade was there because he hadn’t even seen Tsunade recently, let alone the question of whether she was there.

“I heard Akabane say that there is a senior who know puppet art here, so I want to come and ask for advice. I wonder if you can introduce me to seniors?”

Ye Wu bowed politely.


The Chunin guard is a little confused. He is also from Senju Clan.  But he hasn’t heard of a ninja from their Clan who studies Puppet Master Jutsu.

But after thinking about it, a picture suddenly flashed through his mind——

The little girl from the Uzumaki family, and the puppet cat on her shoulder.

Is she the Senior?

The Chunin guard was stunned and pondered carefully, it seems that no other people know Puppet Master Jutsu other than her and Mito-sama.

“Senior, can you introduce me?”

Seeing that he didn’t answer, Ye Wu thought it was something difficult.

The Chunin guard groaned for a moment and said, “Go in and find Master Mito, and let Master Mito help you introduce. I can’t do this.”

“Yes, thank you senior.”

Ye Wu ran in excitedly, Uzumaki Mito’s yard was easy to find, so there was no need to ask more.

Running all the way to the end, she quickly found the courtyard of Uzumaki Mito.

“Hello, Mito-sama…”

“A kid from Gekko, come in quickly.”

Uzumaki Mito smiled gently and sat up from her chair.

Seeing her smile, Gekko Ye Wu instantly sighed in relief–since it’s the first time she met a big figure from the first generation alone, so she felt a little nervous.

She walked in and said what she had come for: “Akabane said that you have someone who understands puppetry. I want to ask about the usage of puppetry.”


Uzumaki Mito was startled slightly and then said, “Puppetry is simpler, it is to manipulate the puppet with the Chakra thread. There is nothing too difficult on it.”

“Chakra thread?”

Ye Wu was startled for a moment.

“Like this.”

As Uzumaki Mito said, with a flick of her finger, a chakra thread flew out to the fallen leaves attached to one side.

Then, the Fallen leaf flew up.

“Just… is it that simple?”

Ye Wu was shocked. It turned out to be so “simple”. If it’s easy, that means her sword clone will be implemented!

“Simple or not varies from person to person.”

Uzumaki Mito smiled slightly, not knowing how to explain.

Since the sealing technique requires extremely high control of the Chakra, the Uzumaki family has to utilize this ability since childhood, and their talents are also good, so for the Uzumaki family, this kind of control is indeed as simple as drinking water.

But for others, it’s not that easy.

“Mito-sama, what should I do?”

Ye Wu is full of fighting spirit.

‘I can definitely learn this.’ she thought.

“Slowly push the chakra out of your body and let it condense into a line. If you want it to be concealed enough, you have to make the chakra silk thread thinner.”

What Uzumaki Mito said is simple.

In fact, Chakra Threads does not have too profound a knacks. In summary, these are the problems. The problem is that it is easy to say but hard to practice.

Ye Wu nodded, then gathered her Chakra.

After a while, her fingertips converged into a line, but the line was thicker than his little finger, and it didn’t get far and thinner, and it disappeared directly after it appears.

Looking at the distance, it only reaches three steps away…

“Let me try again!”

With her face red, Ye Wu forced her Chakra out again.

After a few seconds, a strand of Chakra condensed, this time it was very thin, but it didn’t take long to break directly.

So hard!

At this time, the window upstairs opened, and a puppet jumped out and said, “Grandma, I learned it.”


Ye Wu exclaimed in surprise.

“Hello, Sister Yewu.”

The puppet jumped down from upstairs as it looks at Yewu and greeted her while lifting up its paw. 

It was a cat puppet with silk threads attached to it.

“Tomiko, you have just practised the Yin Seal. You can’t consume chakra too much, understand?”

Uzumaki Mito scolded.

Yin seal is a very difficult sealing technique.

The reason why she let Uzumaki Tomiko come here is to make her safer when she condenses the Yin Seal.

“Yes, grandma!”

The cat puppet quickly jumped back and went back upstairs.

Uzumaki Mito was silent for a second or two, and then said, “As you can see…”

“This, this… I’ll go back and train slowly.”

Ye Wu felt a fire burning on her face when she saw it with her two eyes.

Uzumaki Tomiko, the little girl adopted by Akabane family.

A six-year-old girl can use chakra thinner than a thread and what’s worse is, her chakra thread was much worse than a 6 years old girl…

Uzumaki Mito who see through her like a white paper explained.

“Chakra Control can only be practised slowly, don’t be too impatient, the more anxious the more difficult it will be.”

But as far as Chakra’s control ability is concerned, Uzumaki Tomiko is stronger than many Genin, so there is nothing to be ashamed of.

“By the way, when you go back and see Akabane, help me convey my words for him.”

Uzumaki Mito smiled lightly, “You should come and see me after hiding for so long or else…”

“Please rest assured, I will relay it to him.”

Ye Wu bowed.

She respected this elder from the bottom of her heart.

She is gentle, kind, knowledgeable, and willing to share it with others. She is a famous person in the village.

“Well, go ahead.”

Uzumaki Mito leaned back in her chair and continued to rest.

Ye Wu came out of the Senju clan and went straight to Akabane’s Comic shop. Seeing him sleeping against the wall, she immediately kicked the stool lightly.


Akabane eyes opened madly when he finally slept for a while…

Seeing the person in front of him clearly, he immediately changed his expression: “What’s wrong Ye Wu.”

“The Puppet user from your mouth turns out to be your younger sister, hehe, why don’t you point me to Hidden Sand Village instead?”

Ye Wu said badly.

“I really don’t understand this, I only know she will.”

Akabane explained.

Ye Wu is not an ignorant person. She knows that Akabane said it for her, so she shouldn’t get angry, but still…

She sighed, adjusted her mood, and then repeated Uzumaki Mito’s words.

“Okay, I see.”

Akabane’s face was as stable as an old dog, but his heart was a little worried.

“Since that’s all, I will go back to train, and when I become successful in creating this ninjutsu, please treat me to a barbecue as compensation.”

“Don’t worry about the barbecue, that stuff is boring, we can eat something else.”

Akabane replied.

“You decide.”

After Ye Wu finished speaking, she got up and walked towards the Hatake clan.

Since becoming a disciple of Hatake Sakumo, she has become a member of the Hatake family.

Except for sleeping in the Gekko clan, she spends the rest of the day in the dojo of the Hatake Family.

After Akabane watched her go, his face suddenly collapsed.

As expected of Uzumaki Mito, she can even see that he is hiding from her. It is really difficult to deal with an older generation.

Thinking about it, he walks to where Kurama Yunlang and said.

“I will leave once and will not come back in the afternoon. If the clone disappears, you can collect the finished chapters.”

“Master, I understand.”

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