Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 175


Outside the Senju Clan.

Akabane was a little nervous, and the closer he got to the yard, the more so.

Uzumaki Mito had too much experience, and he couldn’t hide anything from her. Standing in front of her, there was a feeling of being seen through without him uttering anything.

At the door, he took a deep breath.

“Why take a deep breath, I won’t eat you.”

There was a word inside.

A smile immediately appeared on Akabane’s face, and he walked in quickly and said politely:

“Hehe~, I just sorted out my clothes.”

“Heh, you’re standing there for so long, do you think I don’t know?”

Uzumaki Mito said mercilessly.


Faced with such direct words, Akabane had no choice but to put on an awkward smile.

He looked up.

Not seeing her for a few days, Uzumaki Mito looks extremely tired.

“Boy, your sister didn’t go home for a few days, shouldn’t you come and visit her?

“Tomiko is on your side, so she is definitely safe.”

Akabane is very confident in Uzumaki Mito-today In Konoha, who would dare to come to her to do anything.

Uzumaki Mito sat upright, with a few books next to her, one of which was a sample of a comic published by herself, with the words “Daily Life of Senju Hashirama” on it.

Well, the title of the book is simple and straightforward.

It’s no wonder that Yamato Izumi didn’t dare to print it at the beginning. With such a book title, if it was printed without Uzumaki Mito’s consent, for sure the next day, the Daimyo messenger would come to him to talk about the changes for the director.

“Come and see it yourself.”

A smile appeared on her face, and then she passed it over.

“Is this appropriate?”

Akabane said so, but his hand movement took it unambiguously.

The daily routine of the first generation…it must be interesting.

After all, judging from the original version of “Naruto”, Senju Hashirama has inherited the funny nature of Ashura’s reincarnation and is not even as majestic as the second Hokage.

“It doesn’t matter, the comics are just for viewing.”

Uzumaki Mito is very open.

If she didn’t want others to see it, she would not choose to send it for publication.

So Akabane turned the first page.

The style of painting is still exquisite, and what is recorded in the book is nothing more than some daily life of Senju Hashirama.

Due to Senju Hashirama’s character problem, many of his scenes were with Madara and Senju Tobirama which are particularly interesting.

“how about it?”

She half sat in the chair, staring at Akabane expectantly.

Akabane thought for a while and said, “The content is interesting and the drawing is very good, but if you don’t have enough energy, you can try another style of painting.”

The more beautiful the painting, the more effort required to create it.

Although Uzumaki Mito looks very young, in fact, she is already old and she is not as energetic as a teenager.

It is conceivable that this comic took her so much effort.

“There are other styles? teach me quickly.”

Uzumaki Mito sits upright, like a child who is listening to class seriously.

“and many more.”

Akabane took out the pen and paper, referred to her original painting, and then began to draw.

Before long, a figure was drawn.

“So cute!”

Uzumaki Mito’s eyes lit up, although the picture is not exquisite, but the ratio of head, body, and legs was around 1:1:1,

making the head look big, and the ratio of eyes was not a normal design, but overall it was very eye-catching.

Yes, Akabane taught her Chibi Drawing.

Because her story is more funny than normal, Chibi style is better when her energy being limited.

“If it’s this kind of character painting style, the background and other patterns can also be slightly simpler because all you need is to share the daily life of the First Hokage-sama, not anything else.”

Akabane explained.

“Yes, it’s really right to let you come here.”

Uzumaki Mito was satisfied.

When it comes to comics, Akabane does know a lot more than these post-scholars.

“But this book…”

Akabane pointed to the book in his hand.

Binding and printing it have been completed, so it is a pity to give up and start again.

“I will Repaint It, I prefer the current style.”

Uzumaki Mito decisively gave up the previous style of painting, anyway, she has nothing to do every day, and she has recently spent more energy with her children.

“It’s alright if you’re happy.”

Akabane has no problem.

Anyway, the painting belongs to Uzumaki Mito, and it is her freedom to do it.

of course……

From his personal point of view, he certainly does not want to repaint, because this book is also exquisite and excellent, but the painting style is different.

At this time, Uzumaki Mito is as happy as a child.

She held the Chibi drawing Akabane made with joy, researching and pondering over and over, and then put it down after a long time.

Akabane was on the sidelines, afraid to speak or leave.

Waiting for her to recover, she said again: “By the way, where were we again?”

“Well, you prefer this style of painting.”

Akabane replied.

“Oh yes, your sister is training here, you don’t even know to come and care about her!”

Uzumaki Mito snapped.


How long ago was this conversation going to last!

Akabane has a black line and is very helpless to the old lady. Is it possible that Mito is forgetful?

“Okay, I’m just teasing you, Tomiko’s Yin seal is complete, but her Chakra is still very unstable recently, so she will continue to live with me for the time being.”

Uzumaki Mito explained.

“It turned out to be a Yin Seal, no wonder you want her to train on your side.”

The accumulation of Yin seals requires a huge chakra.

Fortunately, Tomiko is only six years old now, apart from the usual shortage of chakra due to her age, there are no other side effects.

Akabane thought for a while, now is really the best time to train it, if the chaos of Land-of-Uzumaki broke out, she may not have the mind to learn this technique.

“It’s fine if you understand, and when you go back, remember not to let her use chakra frequently.”

Uzumaki Mito prompted.


Akabane couldn’t help nodding.

During the yin seal period, the excess chakras on the body will be sealed in the yin seal, and there is no excess chakra at all, so the result of unauthorized use is unpredictable.

However, it is different from the Strength of a Hundred Technique that Tsunade used in the Anime. As it does not take several years. As long as Chakra is stable for a short period of time, it can be used as before.

“Tsunade said that you recently studied Medical-Ninjutsu. It’s a good idea to have this idea. It’s better than staying at home and sleeping all day. I have some information from that year, you can use it for reference.”

Uzumaki Mito pulled out some information from under the stack of books.

Unexpectedly, Tsunade also learned to lie!

Is she afraid that Uzumaki Mito will disagree with her training Sage Mode? As for pushing it on him, he knows he can’t hide it from Uzumaki Mito for too long.

People eat more salt than we eat rice.

Akabane murmured silently from the bottom of his heart, and then took it over and looked at it a few times.

The author of the book is Senju Tobirama, a former scientist of Konoha.

Turning to the first page, what is written on it is the body of Senju Hashirama, Chakra and other analytical notes.

Including some analysis of Chakra Enhanced Strength…

“As you can see, these are some of Tobirama’s daily notes. The more prohibited parts in them have been put away by me. So you can read them without worry.”

Uzumaki Mito said lightly.

“This is helpful.”

Akabane knows the weight of this book. Although it does not record any ninjutsu, the analysis and thinking about ninjutsu, chakra, and physique are all worth learning from the second Hokage.

Especially Orochimaru, this book is like the greatest treasure for him.

For Tsunade, it allowed her to better understand the physique of the Senju clan-especially Senju Hashirama.

For Akabane…

Well, it seems that it is more convenient to draw, and many things don’t need to make too many excuses.

Akabane turned a few more pages and quickly overturned his previous view.

There are not only these analyses in the book, but also the usage analysis of Water-Style Ninjutsu, including some enhanced usage skills.

“By the way, your recent comics are a bit watery, although many of them are foreshadowing, but…like this kind of plot, just simply draw a picture, do you need such a large space?”

Uzumaki Mito opened the latest comic and pointed to the scene of the battle between Sakura and Ino.

“I have worked very hard on this, and the rest is related to the subsequent plot.”

Akabane scratched his head.

In fact, he has cut some of the plastic sisters’ fights, but some of the remaining ones involve human issues and cannot be deleted at all, so he is also very helpless.

In addition, in order to avoid being abrupt, he also expanded a part of the battle between Shikamaru and Temari as in the original version, there is only one page about the battle between them.

“How is your Chakra Enhanced Strength technique?”

“It’s ok, with a little mastery.”

As Akabane said that, he urges his Chakra according to Chakra Enhanced Strength…

Uzumaki Mito felt it for a moment, and then slightly nodded and said, “The progress is okay, keep on working hard, and not only Ye Wu can practice puppet art, but you can also practice it.”

“You mean…Thread control?”

The biggest use of the puppet technique is that the user can hide in the dark and use the chakra silk thread to manipulate the puppet to complete the task.

Is it useful to himself?

Because of Uzumaki Mito’s reminder, he couldn’t help but fall into thought again.

“Of course it’s useful. The puppet technique can be used for multiple targets. You have to master five or even ten puppets. And if that happens you can draw ten comics a day!”

Uzumaki Mito said seriously.

The most important thing is that after she said it, she even demonstrated it as she uses chakra thread to manipulate the pens and draw on two pieces of paper at the same time!


Akabane didn’t know what to answer at the moment, but he thought about it for a long time, and it turned out like this.


When unleashing the illusion of the Kurama clan, if it is operated in multiple lines, can it take effect at the same time?

This is a problem.

Akabane is in deep thought, and if he operates in multiple lines, the operation speed is faster and the illusion setting can be more complicated.

It is indeed a good idea!

Thinking of this, he nodded excitedly and said: “You are right. Puppetry is really useful.”

“It’s good you understand. When you master this technique, the update speed will definitely increase.”

After Uzumaki Mito finished speaking, she said in deterrence, “So, the update must be faster!”

“Well, it depends on the situation. It depends on the situation… Then if that’s all I’ll go back and paint first.”

Akabane was ashamed and nodded vigorously-that’s why he didn’t want to come.

Uzumaki Mito nodded, waving her hand to indicate that he could leave.

After Akabane walked slowly out of the yard, he walked a dozen steps away and quickly left with a Body Flicker Jutsu.

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