Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 178


The Internet has always been an urgent issue for Akabane, and he has thought of many ways before.

For example, Yamanaka Clan’s heart-to-body technique.

It can spread the information in one person’s brain to other people in the range, similar to the broadcast station in his previous life.

But there is no detailed record of this ability for the time being and Akabane doesn’t know much about it, so it’s not clear whether it can transmit pictures, sounds and other information.

Just the text version of the broadcast does not seem to be of much use.

Another way is the dream tapir.

The dream tapir can also be connected in a range, forming an effect similar to a “local area network”, but his own summon beast dream tapir, its own mental power is completely insufficient to build a dreamland LAN.

He implored Weave Dreamer for it last time and he didn’t know if he went back to investigate it.

According to what it said, the Weave Dreamer family has a secret technique to connect with the contractor’s mental power. If his summoned beast can learn that secret technique, and borrow Akabane’s mental power, he can completely build a larger local area network.

At that time, it will not be a problem to use Dreamland Online Ninja Village to fight.

“I hope Weave Dreamer will be taught as soon as possible, otherwise, I really have to change my summoned beast.”

Akabane left Anbu, pondering inwardly.

There is a problem with changing a summon beast. Dream tapirs with IQ like weave dreamers are probably very rare. But surely he is not the only one.

If he summoned Weave Dreamer’s relative, wouldn’t it be embarrassing?


Reaching back home with an armguard on his back, he had to work overtime to make up the research report.

From the bottom of his heart, Akabane didn’t want to make this report, but it was his idea to make this equipment. Orochimaru was semi-“helping” in nature, and he would be somewhat unkind if he took over the report.

That’s why there is no choice but to do it by himself.

With data and physical maps, it is relatively easy to write reports. After all, there is no such thing as a duplicate check in the world and no CNKI. He doesn’t need to worry about seeing other reports by referring to them.

So Akabane recalled and used some words from the Second Hokage project diary in the report.

Before long, a “professional” research report was published.

Basically similar to the second-generation diary, the repetition rate reached more than 40%, Akabane read it once, then framed it, and waited tomorrow to talk to the Third Hokage about this matter——

Mainly for funding.

The popularization of ninja is a matter of the village, and he can’t pay for it alone.

Ninja weapons are comparable to those in his previous life, but Akabane wants to play the ninja business, and can’t make a splash when he throws it in.

Therefore, his idea is simple: pay the money first, and then find the village to “reimburse.”

Akabane didn’t get up until noon the next day.

Originally, he wanted to go earlier, but thinking about it, maybe the Third Hokage hadn’t gotten to work, so he slept for a while, squinted and when he woke up, it was already noon.

Kurama Isamu has gone to work.

A few days ago, he has been officially transferred to the post of deputy captain of the sentry, responsible for coordinating part of the guard’s work, and the recruitment of management personnel——

Although they said it is management, in fact, it is just a false title.

In terms of management, Kurama Isamu clearly has no talents, and he himself knows this very well. Therefore, adhering to the view of doing less and making fewer mistakes, after a few days in the sentries, he basically doesn’t talk about it and maintains a friendly relationship with people.

Uchiha was cleaned up once, and the remaining clansmen were much easier to get along with.

In addition, Kurama Keiko was kind. After a while, nothing major happened, and they only got more and more recognition.

Akabane got up at noon, ate a few bites of rice, and then hurried to the Hokage Building.

He is still very positive about money, especially since the amount of money is quite large.

The Third Hokage was in the office.

The change of power is not that simple. All Clan must coordinate, especially the Hyuga.

In the past, the village supported Hyuga to fight Uchiha. The patriarch of Hyuga has always been adhering to this concept and tends towards being irreconcilable with Uchiha.

But who could have thought that Uchiha surrendered in a blink of an eye?

As a result of the reorganization of the guard department, various things changed, and the position of the Hyuga clan became extremely embarrassing. In addition, the Hyuga patriarch deliberately called out to put pressure on…

Therefore, the Third Hokage has been dealing with Hyuga’s affairs recently.

How to arrange this is a very important question.

At this time, Akabane knocks on the door.

“If this kid takes the initiative to find me, it’s definitely not good.”

Hiruzen whispered, and then shouted, “The door is unlocked, come in by yourself.”

“Hehehe, the Third Hokage is good.”

Akabane entered the door and put on a smiling face before walking in slowly.

“I’m very busy, so tell me why you are here.”

Hiruzen looked up.

Carrying a package?

There is a scroll in his hand, which looks like some kind of report. Is it the comic update?

“Do you remember the three genins from the sound village in my comic? I asked Orochimaru to make those ninja tools. He has completed the second one before, and now the most difficult one has been successfully made.”

As Akabane said that, he took out the package behind his back and put it on the table.


Hiruzen was surprised, and then stood up and opened the package carefully.

A piece of armguard.

There are so many holes on the top, all of them seem to be particular in size, specification, and arrangement, and they are exquisite.

After looking at it for a long time, he wanted to try it on, but considering that this was an office, he could only give up this idea temporarily.

“This is the research report I wrote. You can look at it. You have to seal it up and put it in the research archive of the institute.”

Akabane handed in the report.

Hiruzen took a look at the full text, full of professional text, but the text is somewhat familiar.

He didn’t think about it, he looked down from the top, and finally nodded and said, “Yes, not bad. Orochimaru is really talented in this area.”

“And I am here for its funding…”

Akabane smiled.

This kind of exquisite ninja tool required a lot of capital, and the profit was quite large. No matter which factory produces it, he and Orochimaru can get a lot of money.

“This ninja tool needs to undergo a strength test. So let’s wait for the factory to produce a few samples.

After the tests are passed, the funds are absolutely no problem. In addition, under the premise of ensuring the quality, it is best to increase the output.”

Hiruzen continued to study the armguard, this kind of ninja tool can really improve their ninja firepower in war.

After reading the report and observing it again, he believes that this Ninja Tool is most useful for Chunin, and this weapon is no longer needed at the level of Elite Chunin.

But the most numerous combatants in the war are precisely the Chunin and Genin.

Elite Chunin ninjas and above are all at the squad leader level, so where do they need this mass-produced ninja tool?

Therefore, the value of the armguard is unquestionable. If it can be equipped as much as possible before the war breaks out, it will be a good thing for Konoha.

“That’s good since that’s all then I will go back first…”

Akabane handed in the report and the ninja tool and was ready to go off without waiting for a reply.

“Wait a moment, I will take care of this armguard, but there is another thing you need to do here.”

Hiruzen immediately called him.

How can he let go of labour who delivered himself to his door easily?

“What’s the matter?”

Akabane felt a little bit uncomfortable in his heart.

“Your comic is sold in Land-of-Rivers, right?”

Hiruzen asked.

“Yes, but this matter is handed over to the caravan, my family is not involved.”

Akabane explained.

“I hope you will communicate with the caravan and let our people lurch in it.”

Hiruzen said.

What can the Hyuga clan do?

Undoubtedly, besides Gentle Fist, the ability that Byakugan excels at is reconnaissance.

Uchiha controls the guard department, at worst he can let the Hyuga Clan make a scout team.

Anyway, the greatest power is still in the hands of the Hokage, and Anbu will not be cancelled either, so they are not afraid that they have any other ideas.

The Land of River is the first mission of the Hyuga clan.

“Lurking in? I have to ask someone first.”

Akabane thought for a while, and could only reply like this. Although he had met the leader of the caravan, there was no direct way to contact the two.

At present, the only way is to ask Yamano Izumi to ask the questions on his behalf.

“Yes, it’s best to solve it soon.”

Hiruzen nodded.

Anyway, I haven’t ventilated with the Hyuga clan for the time being, so I just kept time to discuss with the group.

Akabane thought for a while and said, “By the way, the Sand Village will also send caravans to trade in the Land of River. They may use those caravans to keep the ninjas in the Land of River just like us.”

After Hiruzen pondered for a while, he said: “It’s okay, just wait for the people of Hyuga to enter the land of the river and let them conduct a wave of raids.”

However, in this way, the manpower required to enter the Land of River will increase exponentially. In addition to the caravan, a group of ninja will secretly sneak in.

In this way, the people who cooperate with the caravan can be changed to another family, and the Hyuga family secretly sneaks in.

Hiruzen thought for a while and created a plan in his heart.

“Then… I’m leaving now?”

Akabane breathed a sigh of relief and was a little speechless at the same time, it’s just such a simple task, but he didn’t think it would take too much time.

“Go ahead.”

Hiruzen said as he urged Akabane.

Akabane walked out of the office, and then couldn’t help but glance back-although the Third Hokage looked very tight, he always felt that the other party was reading comics in the office.

The trust between people…

He sighed slightly and instantly realized how others looked at him.

Forget it, I’m too lazy to explain.

Akabane shook his head, ready to go back to work.

The next plot of One Piece is quite a wonderful section. Shadow Clone has drawn a lot before, and he should be able to finish this section of Usopp by himself.

In this way, with the update that was going to be sent to the Land of Rivers, can earn him a wave of points.


Kurama Yunlang didn’t feel surprised by his arrival, after all, Akabane will go to the comic shop every day, and then drop a shadow clone.

But today is different.

Akabane separated a shadow clone, but did not leave, and also did not come out in the lounge.

“What’s the situation?”

Kurama Yunlang probed cautiously and saw Akabane drawing with the clone.

“Brother Yunlang, bring me a few recent updates, and by the way, also add the “Love in the Dessert”

At this time, a child’s voice suddenly sounded behind.

Kurama Yunlang was taken aback and turned around to see the person’s appearance and couldn’t help but ask again because he thought he heard it wrong.

“What do you want?”

“The latest two volumes of Naruto and One Piece and also the update of “Love in the Desert.”

Uchiha Ryo repeated it again.

Akabane and his clone who was busy painting inside the lounge couldn’t help but get up and looked outside to observe——

And seeing the child asking for Jiraiya’s book, they couldn’t help but exclaim inwardly.

This child has a future, and he is bolder than the Third Hokage!

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