Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 179


The Third Hokage knew that he needed to change his face.  Although the appearance of the transformation was not carefully considered, he was not so bold.

But this child is different!

He even dared to yell before entering the door, openly and fearlessly.

“You really want to buy…”

“Brother Yunlang, is it weird for me to buy a comic?”

Uchiha Ryo felt it was strange, he thought he was friendly enough, so why does this guy have to make things difficult for him even by buying a comic!

Kurama Yunlang didn’t ask any more as he turned around and fetched it. He felt bitter in his heart. What he was doing was obviously a good intention, but he didn’t think the other party would ask him why…

Uchiha Ryo glanced at the cover and nodded in satisfaction.

That’s right, this is the book!

It’s a pity that the first book was snatched by the patriarch, and it hasn’t been returned yet…

Thinking of the first book, he hesitated.

He didn’t know if the patriarch would give it back, so he might as well buy another copy.

So Uchiha Ryo said, “Give me a copy of the first Volume.”

“The first volume too?”

Kurama Yunlang’s eyes widened. What’s wrong with this boy? If you have read it, why would you have to buy another copy? Is it possible that the one before got…

“Just get me a copy.”

While talking, Uchiha Ryo opened the second volume.

The books he bought before were all taken by Uchiha Yuan, and he has not returned them yet. Therefore, he doesn’t know the content of the book. He only knows that he sometimes saw the patriarch secretly reading it when he went to the patriarch’s home.

At the same time, since Akabane and the others graduated, and after he was relegated, he paid little attention to the changes of Jiraiya, naturally he did not know that Jiraiya is now an artist.

Turning to the first page, he saw a beautiful woman walking with his two puppets on the sand street…

Kurama Yunlang who took the first volume saw that a child five or six years younger than him dared to read art comics in the street, and he was immediately impressed.

The true brave!

However, after turning a few pages, Uchiha Ryo’s face suddenly flushed, and his breathing became rapid.

Something is coming!

“This…this, what is this?”

Uchiha Ryo was stunned.

Before reading it, he didn’t know what book it was.

Although it is very beautiful and exciting, the problem is that reading this kind of book in public is really out of date.

By now, he finally understood what Kakashi’s book was.

Icha Icha Paradise, a book for men!

Fortunately, he thought it was the same as Naruto comics, but in the end, it turned out to be such a book that is not suitable for children.

I’m ashamed!

“Ryo, do you want this comic?”

Kurama Yunlang noticed that the child probably hadn’t read this book before, and the previous volume might have been confiscated by his elders.

“No, no more.”

Uchiha Ryo collected the comic, then dropped the money and ran away.

He said no, but the second volume was taken away as he treated it like a treasure!

“Tsk tsk tsk, I didn’t notice it when we were in the academy, but this guy turned out to be a man of culture.”

The shadow clone gave a weird smile.

Ryo Uchiha is a very classic character of the Uchiha clan. In school, except for their own clansmate, they rarely communicate with others from other clans.

Therefore, Akabane didn’t know much about him.

Naturally, he doesn’t know that behind the original cold face and indifference, there is such a cultural character.

“Keep on working.”

After seeing the excitement, Akabane returned to his original position to continue painting.

He has finished the work of one chapter, and now the story of One Piece has reached thirty chapters.

According to the original progress, it can already be compiled into a book and updated, but now Akabane plans to draw five more chapters.

The content of the thirty-fifth chapter just happened to be when Captain Kuro showed his true colours and officially battled with Luffy’s pirate group.

simply say……

The most exciting part of the plot is about to unfold.

“For the sake of your hard work today, I will work a little longer.”

The shadow clone said lightly, “But later, you have to give me a vacation and let me go for a stroll.”

As a shadow clone, his life is short.

Many of his predecessors started at work and ended up at work. But he is different. He is a dreamy shadow clone.

“Yes, then I will leave it to you to send the update to the factory, just to go there for a stroll.”

Akabane said smoothly.


Still, work!

The Shadow Clone sighed for a long time, he was a clone, and he could not escape the fate of being exploited in his life.

But it’s not bad to be able to leave the village. Most of the shadow clones may not even go out of the village.

He comforted himself so much.

In fact, with a shadow clone who was born only to die, they are already quite lucky, at least Akabane thinks so.

The main and the shadow clones worked hard at the same time, and they didn’t talk, just continued painting.

As for the one on the other side.

After the update of the five chapters of Naruto is completed, and sending the comic here, he then decisively disintegrates.

However, Akabane quickly completed the remaining five chapters of One Piece. After all, the two of them paintings at the same time, plus mutual supervision, the efficiency is almost three times as high as usual.

At this time, Yamano Izumi caravan had not come yet, so Akabane fulfilled his promise and asked the clone to send the comic update, and strolled along the way.

As for whether the clone will cause trouble…

It is unknown, after all, the individual consciousness created by the shadow clone is relatively independent.

The shadow clone left the village.

The location of the factory is not difficult to find from their shared memories, so he walked smoothly after leaving the village and arrived at the factory not long after.

“You are… Mr. Akabane, why are you here in person.”

No need to report him to their higher ups as the two guards recognize him.

Now in the factory, some people may not recognize the minister of the factory, but absolutely no one does not recognize Akabane.

After all, the revenue of the weapon business is given to their higher up, but the revenue share of comics is shared by everyone.

That’s why they all know Akabane.

“I have something to do here, is Mr. Yamano here?” The Clone asked lightly.

“Yes, he is inside. Please come in”

The two guards were very enthusiastic, as they opened the door and let Akabane in.

 But if it was someone else, I’m afraid they would have to examine him first.

“Thank you.”

Akabane enters the door, detours familiarly, and finds the office of Yamano Izumi.

Seeing Akabane, Yamano Izumi looked surprised.

Unless there is something very important, Akabane will not go here in person even if there are comics that need to be updated.

Is it an impostor using a transformation jutsu?

He thought secretly in his heart, but on the surface, he was calm and enthusiastic. He immediately got up and said, “Mr. Akabane, I didn’t expect you to come in person.”

“Yamano-san, you don’t need to test me, you can just call me Akabane as usual”

‘Akabane sat down calmly, uncovering Yamano Izumi’s intention, and then he took out several comics from the package.

Yamano Izumi smiled awkwardly, apologized and said, “The weapons I make here are of higher value, so I need to be cautious.”

“Understood, I am here mainly for my comic updates.”

The shadow clone divided the manga into three stacks and pointed to the thickest stack among them and said, “This stack is an update of One Piece, this stack is Naruto, this stack…”

“What is this stack?”

Izumi Yamano came over and glanced curiously.


“This is the latest short comic I painted. You can print it out, but there is no need to print it on Konoha. It is mainly for Land-of-Rivers, Hidden Rain Village, Land-of-Water, etc. Foreign transportation and sales.”

The shadow clone said lightly.

“I only need to sell it to other countries, right? I understand.”

Yamano Izumi understood, then took the comic and took a look.

At a glance, he was fascinated!

This style…

Delicate and feminine, the costumes are also very retro Sengoku period costumes.

The most important thing is!

Turning to the first page, there is a beautiful, erotic female with a coloured image inside!

He quickly raised his head.

Akabane who saw it asked “concernedly”: ” Yamano-san, are you okay?”

“No…it’s okay, it’s just that I’ve been feeling sick recently, and I seem to have nosebleeds.”

Yamano Izumi hurriedly put the comic back, and at the same time secretly suppressed the inner demon in his body, lest it rushes out to cause harm to the world.

“Then it’s fine. So I will trouble you with the publication of this comic. The income is still the same.”

The shadow clone said lightly.

“This comic will definitely be popular. If it doesn’t, I will quit my job as a director at this place!”

Yamano Izumi said with a vow.

The book is a good book, otherwise, it is impossible for him to read only one page and make his nose bleed from what he saw.

Is he still afraid of it not being popular with such a good book?

“Look at it for yourself. In short, it’s better to be faster.”

After the shadow clone finished speaking, he took out the update of One Piece separately, “Here are ten chapters, you can make a book and print it.”


Yamano Izumi nodded.

The Shadow Clone nodded slightly and then said with concern: “Mr. Yamano if you feel unwell, take a break. You should eat some good food to supplement your nutrition. Otherwise, if you are about to fall, I will also be very troubled.”

“Of course, of course.”

Yamano Izumi smiled unabashedly, Akabane’s clone also didn’t care too much, put down the comic update and got up and left.

There are still some chakras in his body, enough to support a period of consumption.

If he disappeared now, the original will get news immediately, so the works he has finally drawn may be in vain.

After he left, Izumi Yamano excitedly picked up the “Kafei Hime”. He looked at the cover carefully and noticed that the name on the cover was not Kurama Akabane, but was replaced by the name “Shinnosuke”.

However, he doesn’t care. For this kind of painting, changing a name that has nothing to do with him is indeed easier to be accepted by foreigners, and his focus is not the author’s name, but the content.

Turning to the first page again and studying it carefully, he turned to the back and continued to read the following comics.

“I thought Akabane wouldn’t know how to paint like this, it seems I was too naive.”

Yamano Izumi felt his heart beating violently when he read it.

It is Fantastic!

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