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Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 180



Akabane cursed depressedly.

After thinking about it, he thought it was okay, but in the end, it was still placed.

Kafei Hime?

Luckily that guy can still read the mood!

As expected of myself…

Akabane sighed softly, a little helpless.

To be honest, he himself is not opposed to these comics, otherwise, he wouldn’t read those kinds of books and know so many types, let alone instruct Jiraiya to conduct such works.

But the premise is that he does not partake in making it!

From the bottom of his heart and subconsciously, Akabane thinks that this kind of painting is disgraceful and is not the style of a great cartoonist.

However, the matter has come to this point, and his shadow clone has already reached a contract with Yamano Izumi on his behalf, and there is no point in doing anything wrong.

As his shadow clones, they know the main body well. As long as there is a large gap between “facts” and “information feedback”, Akabane will slowly accept the facts and will not make any means to stop them.

It’s not that he can’t, but he is too lazy to do it.

Of course, there is a prerequisite, that is, the performances of the shadow clone will not actually harm the main body and instead brought the main body benefits from it.

Such as R-18 comics.

Even if it is on a special category, it can increase his points, right?

Mosquito meat is still a lump of meat.

Akabane had dinner peacefully as he sat in a chair and rested while comforting himself.

“Akaba, Tomiko didn’t come back for three days, what happened?”

Kurama Keiko who cleaned up the dishes asked worriedly. “‘

Having their ‘little daughter” gone, made her feels empty inside.

“Tomiko is currently at Mito-sama place doing special training. And since her Chakra is not stable for the time being, she needs to be at Mito-sama side, otherwise, it may be dangerous.”

Akabane explained.

“Hai~, I don’t know what to do recently, and the comics are quite slow on updates. You should speed up the update. It’s boring to wait every day!”

Kurama Keiko sighed and urged.

Except for her motherhood, she is also a loyal fan of Akabane, and she both love her son work from Naruto to One Piece, that’s why she is urging her son.

Akabane is very happy that she can accept the comic, but he expresses strong condemnation and dissatisfaction with this kind of urging behaviour.

Is Five chapters a day, not enough?

and so……

He went upstairs to sleep.

Early the next morning, Izumi Yamano’s caravan drove slowly into Konoha, along this outer avenue, to the comic shop.

“Yunlang, you open the shop so late today, be careful of Akabane firing you.”

Izumi Yamano saw Kurama Yunlang who was putting out the stall, shouted from a distance, and made a little joke when he got closer.

“What are you saying, I opened the shop at this time. You just came early.”

Kurama Yunlang wiped his hands and then walked over to inspect the goods-in fact, there was actually nothing to expect, mainly to see if it was wet by water.

“All two hundred copies were printed the day before yesterday. The one you just sent yesterday was not done yet since we didn’t have time to print it, that’s why we only have fifty copies from my factory. Yesterdays One Piece update was too large but not this time. Two hundred volumes each of the updates, and ten new short comics.”

“Short comics?”

Kurama Yunlang was slightly startled since he hadn’t heard from Akabane that there is going to be a new comic.

“No…well, it was painted by an author named Shinnosuke.”

Izumi Yamano wanted to say that it was given by Akabane, but then he thought about it and finally “guess” Akabane’s intention of going there alone, that’s why he took the initiative to help him “conceal” it.

“Never heard of that.”

Kurama Yunlang shook his head, then he was relieved.

People like Jiraiya and Yūri Shin can start making their own comical so it’s not surprising that the son of Hokage like Shinnosuke can also create his own comics.

Soon he found the ten comics in the pile.

“Kafei Hime”.

At first glance at the cover, his eyes widened in surprise. This style of painting is not like a beginner at all, it is better than Jiraiya!

“Cough, Yunlang, don’t read the comics in a hurry, put them on the shelf first, and then read them slowly later when you’re alone.”

Yamano Izumi kindly interrupted.

The magic of this book is far from the book of Jiraiya “Love in the Dessert”. If you are not careful, you will sink into it like he was yesterday.

“Sorry, I can’t help but want to see new comics.”

Kurama Yunlang put the book back, then quickly ran into the shop and began to sort the shelves.

He didn’t expect Yamano Izumi to come so early, so he didn’t make any preparations. After some of the previous comics were sold and the shelves were empty, he put up the previous few comics.

After sorting it out, a lot of space was immediately cleared.

The caravan escort who followed Yamano Izumi dozens of times back and forth, already familiar with the road and the shop started loading directly without being ordered.

Yamano Izumi took out the ten short comics and put them alone in front of the cabinet. Kurama Yunlang didn’t immediately read it. He was responsible for the command work of loading the comic.

There are more comics, and every comic is exquisite.

After all the bookshelves were divided into categories, he returned to the counter and sat down.

Except for loading the goods, every time Yamano Izumi came over, Kurama Yunlang had to settle the issue of income with the other party.

“I have already calculated the income from yesterday. You can take the share that belongs to you when you go back. There is also an extra 1,000 ryo from my young master. It is a thank for everyone.”

Kurama Yunlang took out a small box from underneath.

As Konoha’s number of people reading comics increased, the income of the comics was getting higher and higher. Izumi Yamano didn’t say anything, but he was very happy.

“By the way, will you leave as soon as you deliver it?”

“Yeah, some caravans will come back from the factory. In case we don’t go back and the caravan comes, they will have to wait a while.”

Yamano Izumi nodded.

The caravans that go outcome only once every few days, so they come here very early today and go back to receive the owners of those caravans.

of course……

Because of this, the new short comic he got will also send out immediately.

According to Akabane, Kafei Hime’s main focus is on foreign markets, and it happens to take this opportunity to ship Kafei Hime’s comic out.

“Then wait for a while, I’ll call my young master right away.”

Kurama Yunlang hurriedly got up.

Before leaving yesterday, Akabane also asked Yunlang to call him if Yamano Izumi arrived yesterday.

Yamano Izumi was taken aback for a moment, and he didn’t quite understand what was going on-Didn’t Akabane come to their factory yesterday?

He and Kurama Yunlang didn’t understand that it was a shadow clone, naturally, they didn’t know the situation.

What Akabane wants to talk about is the task given by the Third Hokage.

Although the clone went there yesterday, the clone only had the memory before the shadow clone jutsu was used, and the memory thereafter was not shared.

The comic shop was not far from their clan, and Akabane’s home was not far from the gate, so Akabane arrived fast.

He is still a little awake.

“Akaba weren’t yesterday…”

“Don’t mention it, let’s talk about business.”

Akabane knew what he wanted to say, so he immediately interrupted him, then looked around, thought about it and performed a simple illusion.

The surrounding area was blank, and Yamano Izumi was a little nervous as he appeared. After waiting for a while, Akabane’s phantom appeared.

Subsequently, tables, chairs and tea appeared one by one.

“What’s wrong?”

“What I told you yesterday was my shadow clone doing. Today I am going to talk about the village. It is more important, so I cannot let anyone know about it.”

Akabane explained.

Izumi Yamano understood, and after nodding his head, he asked nervously, “Is there anything wrong with Konoha? Is it war weapons?”

“Is the leader of the Land of River caravan reliable?”

“That team, like us, is supported by the Daimyo. There is absolutely no problem in terms of loyalty.”

Yamano Izumi also realized the importance of the matter and did not dare to be sloppy with Akabane.

Akabane nodded, and after considering his remarks, he said what the Third Hokage had asked for. After hearing this, Yamano Izumi nodded, and his face became more solemn.

It’s no wonder that such an important matter has to be said in the illusion.

After he listened, he considered it carefully and said, “I don’t know, I have to talk to the caravan first.”

“Yes, I didn’t expect you to promise right away, but instead we have to think about it.”

Akabane expressed his understanding.

Merchants participating in wars, especially in places with complicated situations like the Land of River, can easily attract criticism and directly ruin the entire trade route.

After explaining the matter, Akabane naturally deactivated the illusion.

In fact, there was still armour protection, but the village took over and didn’t need him to take care of it, so Akabane didn’t mention it

Kurama Yunlang has returned, and he is at the counter holding up the Kafei Hime.

Akabane glanced at it.

Yesterday, he got feedback from the clone, he already knew the whole story, so he was not surprised.

After only turning over a page or two, Kurama Yunlang’s breathing becomes rapid quickly.

The Kafei Hime series is a good comic, and although there are many shortcomings, but for the people of this world who read this comic, such an extraordinary plot is not something they can resist.

And after only a few pages, Yunlang closed it with his hands trembling.

And he Looks up calming his chaotic mind…

Yamano Izumi who saw it have a smirk plastered on his face while Akabane looked indifferent and expressionless.

After calming down, Yunlang put the comic away and whispered: “I, I didn’t expect this kind of painting.”

Akabane didn’t care.

Anyway, the author is Shinnosuke, what does it have to do with his name Kurama Akabane?

“Yunlang, is it good?”

Yamano Izumi jokes as he continued, “You can read it again slowly, don’t worry, anyway, there is time.”

“Ah, I don’t like this kind of comics, don’t talk nonsense.”

Yunlang received the ten volumes in the counter cabinet and felt that his approach was quite “a clumsy denial resulting in self- “exposure”, and then take them out.

But after taking it out, where to put it?

“Young master, this…”

“You can put it where you see fit, you don’t need to ask me such a minor thing.”

Akabane got up and went back home to sleep.

Kurama Yunlang was very entangled. Should he put it on the shelf or put it in the cabinet?

“Boss, the comics are all loaded.”

“Okay, let’s go back immediately. There are still a lot of things in the factory, after that we can take everyone to eat.”

Yamano Izumi waved his hand, motioning everyone to take the caravans.

There are priorities, Major events like this kind of war-related events have always been resolved immediately.

Otherwise, as usual, they have free time and can have breakfast in the village.

Yamano Izumi group are gone, and there are no buyers yet since it’s still early. The shop was quiet all of a sudden, and the surroundings were empty and silent.

Kurama Yunlang took a deep breath.

His hands were trembling, and the pictures in his mind were full of Kafei Hime’s. After a long time, he couldn’t help but took out the short comic from the cabinet.

“I am just going to take a look, yes, just take a look…”

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