Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 181


“Brother Yunlang, you’re early today.”

Inuzuka Ishi got up early.

Walking his nin-dog and training with it every morning are their Inuzuka Clan’s must-have morning lessons. Even though Inuzuka Isshi’s innate talent is mediocre, he never skips his training even once.

Kurama Yunlang shivered with fright and immediately hid the comic in his hand.

The other party was a dozen steps away from him, and probably didn’t see the content of what he was holding, he couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief when he thought of this.

“The comic came here this morning, so I moved out earlier.”

Kurama Yunlang forcefully calmed down.


Inuzuka Ishi ran over excitedly.

The content of the last volume talked about the battle between Inuzuka Kiba and Naruto.

Although Inuzuka Kiba said all kinds of arrogance, he was also proud to see their clan Secret Jutsu shine in the comic.

Therefore, in his heart, he is looking forward to the plot of the next volume.

Although Naruto is the protagonist, what if he wins?

Naruto at this stage is really not that powerful except for the external Kyuubi mode.

“Two volumes have been directly updated this time, but the number of comics in the second volume is small, and everyone can only buy one.”

Kurama Yunlang said.

The day before yesterday’s update plus the fifty volumes sent for temporary printing yesterday, the comic of Naruto was updated from Chapter 76 to Chapter 84 in one breath.

As for One Piece, it is updated to Chapter 25.

“It’s great, please give me a copy of the comics updated today.”

Inuzuka Ishi was very excited.

This request is very embarrassing for Yunlang. There are quite a lot of comics updated today, In addition to Naruto and One Piece, there is also Shinnosuke “Kafei Hime”.

Give it all?

If he gives Kafei Hime to him, perhaps Inuzuka Ishi knows what he was looking at earlier…

After thinking for a while, Kurama Yunlang picked out the updates of Naruto and One Piece from the bookshelf and gave them to Inuzuka Ishi, but the “Kafei Hime” under the cabinet, he did not give it to him.

Inuzuka Ishi was very excited. He didn’t pay attention to Kurama Yunlang’s expression at all. He took the comic and immediately moved the small bench and opened the book to read.

When had opened the front page, he saw Akamaru being held by Naruto in a suspended position, Inuzuka Ishi couldn’t help feeling distressed a little——

Dogs will feel uncomfortable in this position.

But quickly turned to the next page, and he saw an exciting scene.

Akamaru eats soldiers’ pills.

Simulated beast, beast clone jutsu…

He knew all Kiba secret jutsu that he used so without having to look at the next page, he had already guessed what it was.

“Let’s do it, Akamaru!”


Akamaru responded, and leapt over his shoulder.

Ninja Art of Beast of Mimicry, this jutsu they have not been able to master until now, since it’s belongs to a higher rank jutsu in their family.

Of course, with many secret Jutsu from their Clan, Ninja Art of Beast of Mimicry is not their strongest, but still, it belongs to the category of the strong!


“Handsome, that’s it, defeat Naruto in one breath!”


When someone was so immersed in the story, they tend to forget that they can’t change anything even if they shout loudly numerous times.

Kurama Yunlang is very uncomfortable right now. To tell the truth, he would like Inuzuka Ishi to leave early, but it is impossible for him to say this as the store manager.

The purpose of the comic shop is as long as they don’t use prostitutes, they will open their doors to welcome anyone.

After seeing Chapter 76, Inuzuka Ishi almost felt that Kiba had the chance to win and it was impossible to lose.


On the last page, Naruto transformed into Kiba.

Kiba confidently hit the other “Kiba” he thought was Naruto, but when its transformation dissipated, it turned out to be Akamaru and he fell into doubt!

“This…no, this silly boy it’s not Akamaru…”

Inuzuka Ishi felt something was wrong.

Turning to the next page, sure enough, Kiba punched Akamaru flying.

“Idiot, you don’t even recognize which nin-dog you have with all your training with him, it’s an insult to the family!”

He was angry and disdainful.

Iwamaru his nin-dog stretched out his tongue and licked him, seemingly comforting.

Inuzuka Ishi has a bad talent, but he is very attentive to the dog he grew up with. He has a tacit understanding of one person and one dog. Such mistakes are very low-level in his eyes.

Is this deliberately insulting my Inuzuka family?

He was aggrieved and wanted to go head to head with Akabane to rectify the Inuzuka clan, but he thought of Akabane’s terrifying illusions and endless illusions…


Iwamaru bark.

“Forget it, Iwamaru, let’s let him go this time.”

Inuzuka Ishi calmed down his companions while continued reading. From here on, he felt that Kiba winning chance become none existence.

Sure enough, after seeing the next page, Naruto gradually became more powerful, and the scenes became more and more.


“The Four-Legged Technique is indeed a relatively common method to use high-speed mobile sneak attacks.”

[TL/n: Shikyaku no Jutsu] 

Inuzuka Ishi did not yell this time as he saw Kiba attack using the four-legged technique.

Although the tactics are fine, but he doesn’t know why, he feels that Kiba can’t win.

The high-speed sneak attack succeeded.

Naruto didn’t react at all after Kiba sneaked on his back, and his hands were still in a state of sealing. According to normal, Naruto will certainly lose.

But but!

“This, this…”

Inuzuka Ishi stuttered as pointed to the comic and repeated it several times, but he didn’t know what to say.

“It really works?”

Inuzuka Ishi simulated the battle, and his entire face turned green.


It can be like this!

For a long time, he felt that there was no problem with the family secret technique, but he didn’t expect that there would be such a method to deal with it!

This is too much…

In the future, when the enemy uses this kind of method when facing the Inuzuka Ninja, who can withstand it?

“Is there anything wrong with the comic?”

Kurama Yunlang was a little puzzled.

The child changed his face too quickly, from excitement to despair in only half a minute.

“I have something to do, I have to go first…”

Inuzuka Ishi realized that his own technique did have flaws in this regard.

“Is that so, you go slowly.”

Kurama Yunlang didn’t understand and didn’t want to understand.

The faster Inuzuka Ishi depart, the happier he was. When he couldn’t see his figure, he took out the comic from the cabinet and continued reading.

Where am I again?

Forget it, start from the beginning.

Kurama Yunlang turned the first page and saw the familiar picture, and he immediately became happy.

Although there were customers coming and going from time to time, he couldn’t stop his enthusiasm for reading these comics at all, until the people on the street gradually became more and more complicated, and he finally finished reading the thin book.

“It is that good?”

A voice came from behind.

Very Good!

Kurama Yunlang did not answer but nodded heavily.

Later, he noticed something was wrong.

“Young master, when did you come?”

“I’ve been here since a while ago, btw I am a Shadow Clone.”

Akabane said lightly, then glanced at Kurama Yunlang’s counter and turned back to the lounge.

For the ninja, it is too simple to hide from ordinary people like Yunlang, as long as they use the transformation jutsu, everything can be done.

As for why he does it…

In addition to life, there is always a little fun in this world, and the best way to sanction the youngster is now.

Ninja’s life is so unpretentious and boring.

Kurama Yunlang buried his head, his heart was broken.

He thought he was hiding it carefully, but he didn’t think he has seen it since the beginning.

He felt Heartbroken and Ashamed.


At first, he was a little nervous and ashamed, but then, all his emotions gradually dissipated.

Why would he be embarrassed when there is even a child reading a comic like the one he was holding in public.


So he took it out and looked at it again.

“So Beautiful!”

It’s a pity that it’s too short, and it’s not a long-form serialization type. And he doesn’t know when is the next update.

But this is a comic worth collecting.

Kurama Yunlang took a deep breath and put aside the book apart from the rest.

What about the other nine books?

He fell into deep thought, and then put the nine books together with Jiraiya’s “Love in the Dessert”

Treasures are placed here, waiting only for those who are destined.

Clone Akabane glanced outside, then set up a portrait and started to work. Today, his task is to paint five chapters of Naruto.

Today, the plot is finished, the qualifier for the Chunin exam has ended, and the true strength of Kabuto has also been revealed.

The most important thing is…

Jiraiya appearance!

One of the three Sanin, Mount Myoboku, and Toad Immortal will officially appear.

On the other side.

Akabane returned home and was going to sleep.

However, due to his physical and mental power increased, it seems very difficult to fall asleep quickly after waking up. After lying down for a while, he simply opened the exchange list to check the newly added exchangeability.

He hasn’t opened the panel for two days, and there are a lot more redemption options above.

Such as Beast Mimicry, four-legged technique, and so on.

However, for Akabane, these seem to be of little use, the only mental jutsu that the Yamanaka uses is a little of use to him.

Akabane’s mental power was too high, and the version that Ino mastered was useless.

In addition, he won’t mention the Byakugan, Gentle Fist, sand control and the like, as they are not very useful and risky. And the Eight-Inner Gates will not be considered for the time being.

In this way, the Naruto series has basically no other needs other than the one-handed seal and the Uzumaki physique-perception that were previously concerned.

In addition to the abilities from Naruto, there are also the abilities of Devil Fruit, but the price of Devil Fruit is extremely high, and the number of times he can take a Devil Fruit is limited, Akabane is not interested in these.

In addition, there are more abilities such as Oni-Giri, hypnotism, etc.

The price of redeeming hypnotism is zero because this thing is not even as good as his own illusion.

A useless thing.

Akabane scroll down from the top and saw the last item, and he was shocked at once–

Fart Jutsu, 0 points are required.


What the hell is this?

Why are you arranging things like this? Why don’t you throw away Naruto’s farting jutsu?

“Forget it, it’s an art in itself, and what powerful Jutsu can I expect from it.”

Akabane shook his head slightly.

This kind of jutsu also adds to the fun. If he really wants to redeem all the thing he wants from the system, he has to draw more chapters of Naruto and One Piece.

Since he can’t sleep, it’s better to get up and start doing something.

Sitting up and summoning another shadow clone, the old routine started to work for the Clone, as for Akabane, he went out to take a stroll.

It just happened that the comics were updated and it was time to visit the prison and visit the two Prisoners.

[Ps: Akabane called the Laboratory of Orochimaru and Tsunade a Prison, so the prisoner he was talking about is the two.

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