Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 182


“Except for Kafei Hime, give me two copies of the rest.”

Akabane went first to the comic shop.

Orochimaru and Tsunade are like squatting in prison every day. The last time he went to visit the prison, the two of them ate so much, it made people laugh, but they couldn’t help but admire them.

So now after the update, he will stop by to see how they are doing.

“Young master, what are you going to do with this…”

“Giving it to Orochimaru and Tsunade who holed up in their laboratory.”

Akabane answered as he picked up things, and then went to the street to go shopping.

Last time he bought these grilled meats, and since he was too tired of being complained about by Orochimaru. This time Akabane simply bought all vegetarian dishes.

Konoha does not have a vegetarian restaurant, but after Akabane’s repeated requests, the boss still made these dishes with only vegetarian dishes and no diced meat.

Stir-fry vegetables, boiled tofu and other three or four dishes, and add some rice balls.

Originally he only planned to pack two orders, but when he thought of going to Danzo’s site, what if he didn’t give him some, isn’t it the same as giving his prudent teacher a chance to bear hatred on him?

So he took three dishes and headed all the way to Anbu.

In the past, the Anbu didn’t know Akabane’s purpose for the first time, but this time they saw Akabane carrying three “takeaways”, and they immediately understood and directly brought Akabane to Danzo’s office.

Danzo glanced at the dishes, a subtle expression suddenly appeared on his face.

Akabane put down the things, Danzo paused for a long time, and then slowly said, “All vegetables?”

“Vegetables contain some substances urgently needed by the human body. It is good to eat vegetarian dishes occasionally. Besides, ninjas should maintain a reasonable figure…”

Akabane babbled casually.

Of course, he wouldn’t tell Danzo that he didn’t bother to run to multiple places, so he bought the same three at the vegetarian restaurant.

“Forget it.”

Danzo took it, and Anbu’s food was obviously not good either. On the surface, he was very calm, but in fact, he was still quite happy to see these vegetarian dishes.

“If that’s all, I’ll go see them first.”

“Yes, but next time, you can bring me a copy too.”

Danzo said lightly.


Akabane was a little puzzled, didn’t he bring a portion of the meal!

Then he looked at the things at his hand and immediately understood what Danzo was referring to was the comics.

He asked suspiciously: “Does the teacher read it from other channels?”

Although there is no evidence, he really doesn’t believe it if he doesn’t even have a channel for comics as the head of the dark side.

“Cough cough cough…”

Danzo seemed to be choking and suddenly coughed violently.

After a long time, his expression recovered calmly and said, “Don’t guess, there are no other channels… Forget it, you go find them, I have to work.”


Akabane smiled in his heart.

To send Danzo comics, I am afraid that the real meat buns will never return.


What to give to the teacher and talk about money or not.

“Smelly boy, so many eyes.”

Danzo cursed secretly. After Akabane left, he took out the rice ball and vegetable dishes and began to eat.

Well, although it’s a vegetarian dish, it tastes really good.

good to eat!

Not long after, all the dishes were swept away by him.

After leaving the office, Akabane didn’t need someone to lead the way, and he found the laboratory of Tsunade and Orochimaru alone.

This time, neither of them locked the door.

Akabane glanced, Tsunade was in the small laboratory, continuously releasing chakras on a rat.

He walked in and put things down gently.

At this stage, there is no such thing as a medical ninjutsu. Most medical staff use drugs to assist Chakra stimulation, and there is no uniform name for medical ninjutsu.

Tsunade’s current technique is different from simple stimulation therapy.

Undertreatment, the rats that we’re unable to move their limbs trembled a few times, and then gradually stood up, regaining certain vitality.

She breathed a sigh of relief and then grabbed the mouse’s tail, only then did she notice a person standing nearby.

Tsunade was taken aback for a moment, then she was sluggish for a while, pretending to be nonchalant and ask, “Why are you here?”

“To visit you guys and give you something to eat as a bonus.”

Akabane pointed to the food on the table over there, and then asked curiously, “You are…”

Training Medical-Ninjutsu.”

Tsunade said that as she gently squeezed the wall and seemed to be communicating with Orochimaru.

as expected.

In a few seconds, Orochimaru came from next door, holding several fainted mice in his hand.

The mouse that Tsunade was holding saw Orochimaru, was so frightened that it keeps struggling and squeaking at the same time as if it met a demon.

However, it failed to escape its bad luck and was temporarily fainted with a light pinch by Tsunade.

“It’s so convenient to have your medical treatment.”

Orochimaru took it and looked very happy.

“It’s still not good, the success rate is not high.”

Tsunade shook her head and walked to the basin to wash her hands.

“He(mouse) was researched, played with, and sent over to trained therapy after he was about to die, healed and sent back to continue…this is too miserable!”

Akabane couldn’t help but sympathize.

Really, he can’t die.

“Oh, Akabane you’re here…”

Orochimaru noticed Akabane, then noticed the food, and immediately went to wash his hands.

But after coming back, he didn’t start eating immediately, but looked left and right as if looking for something.

“Why are you not eating?”

Tsunade eats quickly and has eaten half of a rice ball in just a short while.

“What about comics?”

Orochimaru is a little anxious.

Time is precious and there is no room for waste.


Tsunade was silent for a moment, then looked at Akabane.

“It’s here.”

Akabane took out the comics and then distributed the comic books in the package to her and Orochimaru.

Tsunade didn’t look at it and put it aside for now.

Orochimaru on the other hand opened it as soon as he got it, looking like he couldn’t wait.

He was taken aback when he saw the first words.

“what happened?”

Tsunade noticed his strangeness, and also opened the updated Chapter 76.

Nothing special.

It’s only Kiba who got defeated by Naruto fart and loses his fighting strength. It is worth seeing, but it is not so exaggerated.

“The anbu just came over and asked if I could study the ninjutsu that changes the sense of smell.”

Orochimaru said.

When he said that he pointed at the mice, it was self-evident.

Tsunade was stunned for a moment, and then smiled uncontrollably, “It turns out that it was you again.”

Inuzuka Clan’s own sense of smell is sensitive, plus with the imitation Beast Ninjutsu, it becomes heightened…

The fart close at hand is indeed very lethal.

She thought for a while, and couldn’t help saying: “If it’s a dozen steps away, the lethality can’t be so great, are they?”

“In case…well, they are considering another situation.”

I’m eating now, so I won’t mention this smelly thing.

Orochimaru ate a few bites of rice in silence.

The Inuzuka clan gave very favourable conditions. Apart from the funds themselves, they are more willing to collect some important experimental subjects for him——

For the Inuzuka family, which has a large number of ninja dogs, catching prey is part of daily training.

In addition, he is interested in the subject of changing the sense of smell itself.

Tsunade is a little slouched and can’t get interested in these plots. It’s not that she doesn’t like comic, but she is thinking about medical ninjutsu.

In particular, after knowing that Sand Village’s medical skills have become stronger due to poisoning, the more she has the idea of studying medical ninjutsu.

Seeing Neji and Hinata fighting, she was slightly startled, and then suddenly remembered–

Byakugan can see the human veins, Gentle Fist can directly attack the internal organs, tenketsu cut off Chakra, Therefore, in terms of understanding of body structure, who in the world can compare to the Hyuga Clan?

The failure rate of treating these rats is mainly due to inaccurate procedures.

This is true for mice, not to mention that human internal organs are more complicated.

I must go to Hyuga’s Clan!

“Because I’m so busy, I forgot to go to the Hyuga clan.”

Tsunade patted her head.

Then she got up violently, stuffed some food indiscriminately, and then said vaguely: “I’m leaving now. I don’t need these mice for the time being. You can deal with it yourself.”

Orochimaru still wants to speak, but Tsunade has already left.


“It’s good to get used to it. Researchers are excited when they have inspiration.”

Akabane coughed lightly and said.

Orochimaru felt painful watching those fainted mice, not to mention it takes time to catch the mice again, but it will also waste some of his research time.

“Forget it, come!”

He uses summoning jutsu to summon a snake of a reasonable size and let it eat several dead mice.

Then Orochimaru turned over and watched the battle between Neji and Hinata.

Next one, Rock Lee vs Gaara.

Gaara is the manpower pillar of Sand Village, but Rock Lee…

Orochimaru is not optimistic about Lee, if it is Neji, it is still possible, but Lee only knows physical skills, it is impossible to defeat Gaara.

Perhaps even that layer of defence is difficult to crack.

He secretly said in his heart.


Although Rock Lee was very strong and his speed was astonishing, but the next battle still couldn’t break the sand defence.

This scene seemed to be like watching Sakumo in the non-ninjutsu version, facing the iron-clad Zack.

Orochimaru sighed silently.

Without a Bloodline Line(Kekkei Genkai), it is really difficult to defeat these special existences.

At this moment, he resonated deeply with Rock Lee.


The next second, he saw Rock Lee take off the weight on his feet.

Smashing a picture of smoke and dust, Orochimaru couldn’t help but open his mouth wide.

Is this something humans can do?

Next, Rock Lee’s speed was faster, and the Sand had no time to defend.

Gaara seemed to be unable to resist each attack, and the sand armour wrapped around him began to fall off.

Good physical skills.

Orochimaru was surprised, is this the level that ordinary people can do!

He always thinks that Taijutsu cannot change destiny, such as Shin and Yewu who has a frail body from the normal ninja, can it be compared with Senju Clan’s Taijutsu after training?

Obviously not.

“Perhaps he has a special talent in physical skills. Some people have different talents from others, which is not surprising.”

Orochimaru secretly said in his heart.

Front Lotus!

The spinning move, but he only hit a Sand Clone, and after using the front lotus at the same time, Rock Lee lost his mobility.

The sadness of not knowing how to ninjutsu…

Orochimaru felt a little regretful, if Rock Lee masters ninjutsu, at this time he can completely rely on Body Substitution Jutsu or Mud Wall, Water Wall and other defences against Ninjutsu, To survive the weakness of Front Lotus.

It’s a pity that he doesn’t know any ninjutsu.

This is an unfair battle, at least in the eyes of Orochimaru.

“A genius who works hard, but only deceiving himself. There are gaps in the world that can’t be crossed no matter how hard you work, such as Kekkei Genkai and Jinchuriki’s Tailed Beast ability.”

Orochimaru sighed softly.

He is not mocking or despising Lee, he is completely substituting himself into the role of Rock Lee.

Although he is luckier than Rock Lee and can easily learn ninjutsu and illusion, in the face of Akabane illusion, he can only rely on the method of forcibly fainting and waking up quickly.

What’s more, there is a Mangekyo!

He didn’t understand it before, thinking that Sharingan was the limit of writing round eyes. It was not until the night of Uchiha’s cleaning their tumour that Yuan Uchiha awakened the kaleidoscope and used the illusion of “Descending Hell” that was beyond common sense, that Orochimaru realized that Uchiha’s bloodline limit is really disastrous.

That’s why he couldn’t help but ask himself this: “Is hard work useful?”

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