Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 183


The power of the front lotus flower is amazing, Orochimaru thinks to face such an enemy, there is no way to escape except the use of Orochimaru’s substitution technique.

But at the same time, this trick consumes a lot of endurance, especially the damage to the muscles, and it cannot be recovered in a short time.

“Forget it, Rock Lee, you will be dead if this goes on.”

Sakura’s words are also what Orochimaru wanted to say. Now Rock Lee is in the side effects of using it, and cannot avoid such an attack.

Gaara is not weak, his sand control ability comes from one tail, and his lethality is amazing.

If he can’t avoid it, it most likely means death.

Life is fragile and it’s not worth it for this game.

Orochimaru thought so in his heart, but in the next second, Rock Lee in the comics suddenly became alive and well.


Turning to the next sentence, the narrator “Guy” explained.

This is Eight-Inner Gates!

The theory of eight human bodies has existed since ancient times. Orochimaru has studied it.

In the end, since it was difficult and he had a lot of work at hand, it was temporarily cancelled.

However, because of this, he has a certain understanding of Eight Inner Gates.

The two gates of opening and rest are in the brain, and then from top to bottom are five gates of life, injury, limit and finally leading to the heart Gate of Death.

What is the effect of opening all eight doors, this is temporarily unknown.

But it can be expected that death is inevitable.

Is it worth it to use this technique for only one battle?

Rock Lee, who uses “The Gate”, is very strong. From the comics, his speed must reach an incredible limit. At the same time, because of the first four, his power has reached an incredible level.

Even the armour of sand could not stop his attack.

Orochimaru became obsessed with the comics, and the speed of turning pages slowed down. He read page by page for fear of missing a detail.

The fifth door, Limit!

Opened another door, what power is that?

He was surprised and curious and then turned down, but suddenly found that there was a blank page behind.


At the critical moment, the update is gone.

Orochimaru was always calm, but he was a little irritable at the moment, and then took a deep breath and asked, “What happened next?”

“It’s a secret.”

Akabane smiled slightly, spoiling the story, that he can’t do this kind of thing.

Orochimaru was speechless and put the book down.

Although it was regrettable that he could not see the result of the battle, he had already guessed the result of Rock Lee and Gaara in his heart.

Probably a tragedy.

It has nothing to do with strength, but a conclusion drawn through plot analysis.

Gaara and Sand’s villages are one line.

“Orochimaru”, Kabuto, and Hidden Sound Village are one line.

If the two lines passed the Chunin exam and all gathered in Konoha, the matter was by no means as simple as the surface.

As Jinchuriki, if Gaara is going to fall here, how will the subsequent plot continue?

Orochimaru sighed for Rock Lee.

Even if it’s just a comic, when the other party opens the “Gate” in his body at all costs, he feels that the character is “alive”.

“Eight-Inner Gates…sigh, to practice this technique, you need a strong physique, but also the courage to sacrifice and be desperate.”

Orochimaru sighed in a sense of sorrow.

“Do you want to be a coward for a lifetime or a Hero for a second? This is Eight-Inner Gates.”

Eight-Inner Gates before seven gates can be used Constant exercise and practice to offset certain side effects, only eight gates completely open will have a high probability of death, but it does not prevent Akabane from using this sentence here.

“If there really is this Jutsu in this world, then it will probably be impossible for me to master for a lifetime.”

Orochimaru laughs at himself.

Just as he is not suitable for the weapon of fist and blade, Taijutsu like Eight-Inner Gates is also not a type he can master.

It has nothing to do with innate talent, it is pure distrust.

He believes in his own ninjutsu more than the sword and physical skills.

He paused and then said: “But Eight-Inner Gates is worth studying. Once successful…maybe a ninja will be comparable to a Jinchuriki in a short period of time.”

What is the role of Jinchuriki?

It is Deterrence!

The completely open formidable power of eight gates can change the entire battle situation at a critical moment, which is completely equivalent to the existence of nuclear bombs.

“It is easy to study Eight-Inner Gates, but it is very, very difficult to practice.”

Akabane reminded him as he stretched.

Eight-Inner Gates can be redeemed right now. It requires three thousand points, but what’s the use?

The difference between physique and ninjutsu is that the exchange and mastery of ninjutsu mean real mastery, and even if you exchange physique, you still have to continue to train, otherwise, the body will not perform well and it will be just fake.

Furthermore, as Orochimaru said, people like them cannot really master Eight-Inner Gates for a lifetime.

People like Might Duy, Guy and Lee are very few.

“Let’s study it first and see how the effect will be.”

Orochimaru took out the small notebook and wrote down the Eight-Inner Gates——

There are already many topics in his notebook, many of which are marked with special marks.

 Some are torn, while the rest have a red mark representing failure at the back, and the mark of Eight-Inner Gates should mean “low probability of success “.

But when it comes to Eight-Inner Gates, Akabane thinks of someone he almost forgot.

Guy’s father, Might Duy.

Duy’s age should not be much different from theirs. When he looks back, Orochimaru will formally develop the Eight-Gates “scientific” training program. He can then find the whereabouts of Might Duy.

Well, maybe I can set up a Taijutsu class in the future.

Akabane thought about it.

“Today’s One Piece update is not that interesting.”

Orochimaru said as he quickly turned over. Compared with Naruto bloody battle plot, the One Piece in the smooth foreshadowing period is indeed lacklustre–

Luffy didn’t even have a decent pirate ship at this time, let alone go to the Grand Line.

“Calm down, the plot is slowly rolled out, like a lottery, several failures are just a cushion for success.”

Akabane took a sip of chicken soup as he explained like an expert.

Orochimaru glanced around and confirmed that Tsunade was not there as he retorted.

“Your fallacy is not valid for Tsunade

“There is nothing I can do about it.”

Akabane clasped his fists.

Tsunade’s luck is simply the goddess of bad luck.

After eating with Orochimaru here and reading the comics, Akabane packed up and even the one Tsunade used was put in a bag ready to be taken away.

When Akabane was about to leave, Orochimaru who was behind him suddenly stopped him: “Akabane, are you going over to the Land-of-Whirlpools?”

“Probably not.”

Akabane wanted to go, if he could collect the blood of the Uzumaki clan, it might reduce the exchange demand for perception and self-healing ability.

However, it was almost all the Ninja Village’s war against Hidden Whirlpools Village. No one can stop it – neither could Konoha.

If not necessary, he is unwilling to set foot in the quagmire.

“Anbu is much more leisurely than before.”

Orochimaru sighed softly, then got up and walked to his laboratory.

Inexplicable, but the two have a tacit understanding.

There are fewer and fewer people in Anbu, which naturally means that Danzo has started the layout of Land-of-Whirlpools, but other Ninja Villages have already planted countless anbu in Land-of-Whirlpools. It is hard to hide every move. they created.

From the moment the Ninjas sneaked into the Land of Uzumaki, the war had already begun.

Akabane walked out of the laboratory and left familiarly.

Back in the village, it was as calm as usual, and the war in the Land of Uzumaki did not affect most people.

Like Akabane, he should eat, drink, and sleep.

The difference is that when everything starts, he will probably have more work because, at that time, the task of the preparation department will probably have to start.

In the evening, Izumi Yamano led the convoy to Konoha again.

In addition to delivering the comic and Ten Chapters of One Piece’s update gathered from other factories today, his other purpose is to bring a reply from the leader of the caravan.

“The caravan asked me to bring this letter, you just need to pass it to Hokage-sama, and he will understand everything.”

Yamano Izumi said.

“So mysterious?”

Akabane scratched his head.

There is no other way but to send it to the Third Hokage immediately.

There must be no delay in such an important thing. Although he is lazy, he can still distinguish the priorities.

So he summoned his clone as he rushed to the outside of the Hokage Office. Seeing that the door was open, he pushed indirectly.


As soon as he pushed the door, he saw the shadow of the Third Hokage’s hands.

It should be a transformation technique.

The difference is that it uses objects as items.

Akabane glanced at the table, where there was something that blended into the surroundings.

Although he can’t tell what it is, he feels like it’s a book.

And he understood it immediately as he thought of it.

The Third Hokage coughed and asked, “What’s the matter?”

“My lord, the caravan give their reply.”

Akabane stared at Hiruzen without looking at the table and handed the letter with both hands.

“Let me see.”

Hiruzen took it over.

Opening it, he pulled a piece of paper from it.

There is no text on the paper, only a stamp, named “Daimyo”.

There is no content, but the stamp itself is the content.

It represents the support of the Daimyo.

“Then I will retire first.”

Akabane made a handprint and was about to leave instantly.

Disturbing the reading of the Third Hokage, what if the Third Hokage is not happy about it and starts throwing a bunch of tasks for him?

“Wait a minute.”

Hiruzen called him to stop, thought about it, and said, “Go to the Hyuga clan and call the patriarch over.”


Akabane pointed to himself, a little bit unbelievable.

Is this his job?

It should be the Hokage’s guard’s job!

“The guards are all on duty. You will go for me.”

Hiruzen said as he waved impatiently and gave the order directly.

“This… alright.”

No matter how reluctant he is, an order from a Hokage is like an order from a president, so Akabane can’t do anything about it. He thought for a while and said, “You must give me a token, otherwise the Hyuga clan might not let me in.”

At Kazuhiko Hyuga’s banquet last time, he considered the Hyuga family offended.

Later, the Kuruma clan refused to show favour from the Hyuga clan, so they added a lot of grievances. The patriarch of the Hyuga wouldn’t care, but the King of Yama was so troubled by the little ghosts.

“Bring this.”

Hiruzen removed an ornament on his wrist.

This was an item he carried with him, and the name of Sarutobi Hiruzen was engraved on it, which was enough to avoid unnecessary trouble.

Akabane took it and then went out to take a trip to the Hyuga clan for him.

In fact, he really wants to complain.

“How can your guard be dispatched when their job is to protect the Hokage? Obviously, you dismiss them so that you can read that kind of book!”

Alas, it’s all in his mind as he is not daring enough to say it on the Hokage face, because who knows what troublesome job will be offered to him after saying that.

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