Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 184


Come to the Hyuga family.

Unfortunately, today’s gatekeeper is Hyuga Kazuhiko-he is a Branch House member, and he is not too good. After graduation, he will indeed spend most of his time in clan training and doing things.

Of course, this is probably related to the failure of the last banquet.

So when he saw Akabane, his eyes were bitter…

The scene was somewhat awkward.

Akabane coughed slightly and drew out his pockets, and found that the comics had been put back in the shop, so he had to take out the Third Hokage personal seals and said, “I’m on the order of Hokage-sama, and I come to talk to the patriarch of Hyuga.”


Kazuhiko Hyuga was silent for a moment, then pointed to the inside, not even bothering to answer with words.

“Okay, thanks a lot.”

Akabane didn’t irritate him and walked in after learning the direction.

Kazuhiko Hyuga couldn’t help asking the senior on the side: “Brother, why did I just stand guard at the door? Others have already run errands for the Hokage-sama, I am not convinced!”

They are all the same age, why is he so handsome?

This question is good.

Another big brother of the Hyuga clan who watched the gate was silent. He stood there for seven or eight years already. He had this question at the beginning, but now…

“Become used to it.”

So for him, it was nothing, but when he heard this, Kazuhiko Hyuga almost cried.


The Hyuga clan is very old, and its architectural style is quite different from the outside.

Their clan is not an electoral system, but Main House inheritance, so Clan Leaders’ home can be seen at a glance.

Wandering all the way, it didn’t take long to meet a ninja from Hyuga.

“Kurama Akabane? What are you doing in our family!”

“By the order of Hokage-sama, I come to talk with your patriarch.”

Akabane took out the seal.

The other party took a look, then nodded, walked to the front to lead the way, and said, “The Patriarch and Tsunade are in the library, not at home. Come with me.”

“Thank you.”

Akabane knew that the other party must have observed him with his Byakugan, and waited here especially.

After walking for a while, he saw Tsunade and the patriarch of the Hyuga clan coming out from the front. Tsunade held a pile of books in her hands, probably all brought out from the Hyuga Collection Library.

“Why are you here?”

Tsunade froze for a moment, thinking Akabane was here for her, so she felt a little strange.

“Ahem, I’m looking for the Hyuga Patriarch.”

Akabane took out the sealed letter and handed it to Hyuga Masazu.

Hyuga Masazu is a contemporary patriarch of the Hyuga clan. His strength is extraordinary, and he has played a lot in wars.

If it weren’t for this, they wouldn’t be able to fight Uchiha.

Masazu Hyuga took a look, then handed it back to him, and said to Tsunade: “You can read the information, but you can’t copy it or show it to others. And tomorrow you should bring it back.”

“Understood, thank you.”

Tsunade bowed gratefully.

“No, medical ninjutsu is more powerful, and our ninjas have a greater chance of surviving if injured if someone mastered it.”

Masazu Hyuga smiled lightly.

“Then I will leave first.”

Tsunade did not continue to stay.

These books can only be borrowed for one day, and time is running out. She must quickly remember and memorize the useful things in them.

“Let’s go.”

Without waiting for Akabane to speak, Hyuga Masazu said as he took the lead to move forward.

He knew the intention of the Third Hokage looking for him.

Both the village and the Clan need to be balanced. Even if Uchiha joins the Hokage line, another family still needs to stand up and balance.

And Hyuga is the most suitable family.

“I don’t have to go, anyway, it’s nothing to do with me, right?”

Akabane handed over the stamped letter, hoping that Masazu Hyuga would help him return the things.

He knows very well that there will be something else in this case.

Masazu Hyuga didn’t take it, and said lightly, “Why would Hokage-sama send you here if it’s nothing to do with you?”


Who does the caravan cooperate with?

Kurama Akabane.

Whose things can they sell in the Land of River?

It’s him.


Akabane sighed, the matter really doesn’t matter to him, it’s pure nonsense.

Had to keep up.

The two of them walked slowly towards the Hokage Building one after another.

When they arrived at the office, Hiruzen wasn’t reading the comics for adults. I guess he was frightened a little earlier, and his interest temporarily declined.

“Hokage-sama, Patriarch Masazu Hyuga is here.”

Akabane respectfully said.

“Okay, go next door.”

Hiruzen got up, took some materials and went to the next door.

The meeting room is next to the Hokage office, and the elder’s office is next to it.

Soon, Utatane Koharu and Mitokado Homura are all here.

“The meeting begins.”

Hiruzen coughed and then sent the information.

The first page is the Land-of-Rivers map, with various symbols marked on it, all of which are very important locations.

Masazu Hyuga glanced at it for a few seconds, and then asked, “How is the contact with the caravan?”

“They will cooperate fully.”

Hiruzen took out the blank letter with the seal of the daimyo, the meaning is self-evident.

Masazu Hyuga nodded and said nothing.

“Akabane, you have been to the country of the river, and the caravan team also worked with you. Tell us about the situation there.”

Turning his head, Utatane Koharu said.


As Hyuga Masazu said, it should be his job, and he can’t hide it no matter what.

Akabane sighed inwardly and thought for a moment.

Afterwards, he pointed to a location on the map and said: “The final location of the caravan is here Chaochuan Town. It is an important traffic gathering point in Land-of-Rivers. Most Rogue ninjas will also go here.”

“Is there anyone in Sand Village over there?”

Reconnaissance is not that simple. If the population is mixed, it is not conducive for them to distinguish the identity of each other, and their infiltration work will also be exposed to risks.

“When we went, there was a Rogue Ninja who came from Hidden Sand Village but was later killed. It is said that he died by Mist Ninja’s methods.”

“Mist Ninja…”

Hiruzen frowned slightly, The Mist Village was overseas, and a Rogue Ninja ran to the Land of River in the mainland, which was quite thoughtful.

But he didn’t care about these, so Akabane continued.

Afterwards, Akabane recounted his “experience” in the Land of River.

The Third Hokage and two elders pondered for a moment, and then Hiruzen spoke: “Masazu, what do you think?”

“If I preside over the reconnaissance work, I suggest that the Inuzuka, Gekko, and Hatake Clan will come to sneak into Chaochuan Town with the caravan. While Our Hyuga clan secretly crossed the border and watched from the outside with our Byakugan.”

Masazu Hyuga is very cautious in using words and doesn’t leave any handle.

“The Anbu can’t help, so the reconnaissance work of the Land of River is entrusted to you. Be sure to monitor the Sand Village’s every move. If there is any disturbance, report it to the village immediately.”

The words of the Third Hokage basically expressed agreement with Hyuga Masazu’s proposal.

Akabane just observes and listens to what they are talking about and does not speak to participate in these political affairs.


Next, the Third Hokage tapped on the table and said after a while: “In addition, Akabane’s preparation department will be available soon. It is best to arrange the personnel first, so as not to be caught off guard.”

“Yes, don’t worry, I have a comprehensive plan.”

Akabane nodded.

“How do you plan for the preparation department?”

Mitokado Homura was a little worried.

After all, he is just a child, and he got a position beyond his scope.

“Talk about your views and don’t hide them.”

Hiruzen knocked the table with a pipe, and his words were full of warning.

“I plan to teach students in accordance with their aptitude. Apart from training together, I will create Taijutsu Specialty Class and Genjutsu Specialty Class to give special guidance to these two.”

“Specialty class?”

Utatane Koharu slightly frowned and looked a little unsatisfied.

Hiruzen reached out and told her to shut up temporarily, then nodded to Akabane,

“You continue.”

“Yes. Taijutsu Specialty Class is mainly for those who do not have Ninjutsu,  and Illusion talents. Those ninjas allow themselves to intensively train, and when they leave for a mission, they are assigned to other teams according to their functions.”

Akabane explained, “As for the illusion class…mainly I will guide them on some of the illusion content.”

He had an idea for the illusion class.

In combat, the illusion is quite a tasteless ability, except of course for those who have a bloodline limit illusion like the Uchiha and Kurama.

Akabane provides centralized guidance to them so that there will be more and more servers in the future.

“Well, that’s a very good suggestion.”

Hiruzen nodded.

He very much approved of Akabane’s proposal. In terms of the inheritance of Ninjutsu, Genjutsu and other things, commoners can never compare to a Clan Disciple.

But Taijutsu is different.

This is a path that everyone can practice. As long as they work hard enough, they can master good Taijutsu skills.

If they train well, they might be able to get a few good Taijutsu talents.

Therefore, Hiruzen thought about it and said: “I agree with the special class, but for other students, I hope you will not only teach them Taijutsu skills or illusions.”

“Please do not worry.”

Akabane agreed.

Regarding the speciality class, he didn’t plan to find other innate talents besides Taijutsu.

Like Taijutsu Class.

Among the three people who can use the Eight-Inner Gates, they have the same characteristic-except for Taijutsu, their other innate talents are not very good.

Because of this, they can concentrate on physical skills and force themselves to train and become stronger.

As for the Illusion, there are not many Genjutsu specializations, but he only wants to train servers for his future plan, so he is not very demanding on who will become one, as even an ordinary ninja who can use ordinary illusion proficiently is already enough.

As for teaching issues, Shin Yūhi has mastered the rough Illusory Domain, and he will guide him for a while, and it is estimated that he will be able to take up the role of a teacher in the contemporary class.

The Third Hokage had not read the Naruto update and did not guess Akabane’s plan, so he nodded and approved.

After that, Utatane Koharu raised a few more things, all about the preparation department.

Masazu Hyuga listened on the sidelines and did not make any comments.

Until the end, he said: “I heard that Akabane has a kind of illusion called the Virtual Game. Can he set up a special training class based on this?”

Akabane’s face turned pale when he heard it, and he quickly said, “This is more difficult. But I will consider a reconnaissance team if I am strong enough.”

Training reconnaissance requires the help of the five senses.

Therefore, to set up a reconnaissance class, Akabane must personally train the students.

He doesn’t have that much free time.

“Well, then it’s fine.”

Masazu Hyuga didn’t know Akabane very well. Seeing Akabane’s answer, he really thought there was such a condition.

Hiruzen on the other hand are naturally aware of what Akabane can do, but there must be a degree of persecution. 

The preparation department establishes Early-Stage and needs various things, So Akabane has no time to deal with the reconnaissance team.

 That’s why he didn’t say anything this time.

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