Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 185


“That being the case, My Lord, let me leave first.”


Hiruzen nodded, indicating that he could leave.

After all, Akabane is only twelve or thirteen years old, and if he really wants to give him an important task. Regardless of whether he is competent or not, some people in the village may also criticize it.

For the time being, this is already the maximum extent.

Akabane nodded slightly.

Walking out of Hokage Building, he was thinking about the meeting just now.

The Anbu was already dispatched to the country of the vortex.

This is the face of war.

The Reconnaissance and Surveillance Department of the Country of River, the Village Reserve Department, are reserves for another war.

When the real war broke out, everyone in the reserve department would go to the battlefield including him, Kurama Akabane.

“Fortunately, I have drawn a lot recently, and I have accumulated some points.”

Akabane sighed softly in his heart.

The update has been very fast in the last two days, so the points have skyrocketed, and more than 2,600 points have been accumulated on the system panel.

These points are enough to exchange perception ability, healing and strengthening himself at the same time.

Perception is very important.

With this ability, both his survival and attack are extremely helpful, so…

Returning to the lounge of the comic shop, he directly exchanged for the enhancement of his perception ability.

One thousand deductions.

Subsequently, the power of the system began to show off.

There was no change in his body, but Akabane felt that his mental control seemed to be more refined, and at the same time his sense of surroundings became clearer.

As long as he closes his eyes, he can sense changes in the surrounding situation.

“Almost half of the village.”

Akabane took a deep breath, and then quickly gathered his perception abilities.

This is not the limit.

The reason why there is only half the scope of the village is that he dare not probe Senju Clan with his perception ability. Because if Uzumaki Mito senses it, it would definitely be bad.

Although there is more ability in his panel from the Uzumaki Clan like their healing ability which is quite powerful which needed to bite on their own skin to be treated.

 As far as the healing ability is concerned, it is even stronger than many medical ninjutsu in the future.

However, when he thinks that his body is covered with other people’s tooth marks, Akabane can’t help but feel a chill. Even if he can treat himself as well, he still cannot bear it.

There are more than 1,500 points left, 1,000 can be exchanged for a one-handed seal, and the remaining 500 adds two points of mental power.

After the properties came up, the prices became more and more expensive.

So Tough!

Akabane could not help sighing as he watched the points become double digits. Although the One Piece comics had just arrived, and the previous two Naruto updates had not been completely digested, and the war began, after Anbu’s leaving, the points he received also decreased.

Have to keep going.

Afterwards, he sorted out the memories in his head.

One-handed hand seals are not Kekkei Genkai. Many people can also develop this technique through continuous training.

Produced by the system, once exchanged, it is in the Peak level than the original.

One-handed hand seals, Earth-Style.

In just one or two seconds, the hand seal was successful.

Although the speed is a bit slower than the hand seal with both hands, it is quite fast compared to normal people.

Akabane returned to the room and got out of the soil.

He is quite satisfied with the one-handed hand seals. If this happens then, his future attacks will be very rich-for example, with one hand, he can use Puppet Master Jutsu to control two pens, and the other hand Seal uses some printed Ninjutsu.

Or with non-seal Ninjutsu, such as Chakra Enhanced Strength, Rasengan, in short, there are many uses.

Akabane ignored the clone who was desperately drawing, got up to leave, but just when he was about to walk out of the lounge——

“Jiraiya? Why is this guy sneaking here!?”

What’s the side effect of having a perception of the Uzumaki is it becomes a little uncomfortable since something you didn’t pay much attention will always be unconsciously perceived.

Like now.

Akabane didn’t pay much attention to it, but Jiraiya was seen by his perception as a beacon. He doesn’t know why this guy was hiding behind Kurama Yunlang, looking like he wanted to attack.

“Yunlang, have you offended Jiraiya recently?”

“Jiraiya? No!”

Kurama Yunlang looked confused, wondering why Akabane asked.

Akabane stomped and said, “Why are you hiding? Come out.”

“What’s the situation?”

Kurama Yunlang felt it very strange, but in the next second, he was surprised as Jiraiya got out of the soil and suddenly appeared in front of him.

“Hehehe, Brother Yunlang, I heard that you have a new comic called “Kafei Hime”, can you let me buy it?”

Jiraiya rubbed his hands like a swindler.

Akabane glanced back…

Hey, all the nine comics on the shelf have been bought?

There are many gentlemen in Konoha!


Kurama Yunlang exploded immediately.

That was the last one, and Izumi Yamano came over in the afternoon and he asked him. There are only ten copies on Konoha, and the rest will only be shipped abroad for sale.

How can a limited-edition treasure be handed over?

“Don’t be like that, please Brother Yunlang, it is definitely a masterpiece, it means a lot to me, besides, don’t you hate this kind of comics the most?”

Jiraiya also jumped up, full of indignation and sorrow.

If it hadn’t been for the toad immortal that locked him in Miaomu Mountain these days, he would not have returned to Konoha until now, let alone just know that the new “Kafei Hime” has just been released.

“Who said I hate it? I just hate your very poor comic!”

Kurama Yunlang didn’t change his mind as he roared.

Akabane who was listening understood everything now, because Jiraiya can’t get the comic in a good way, he planned to steal it as he waited until the soil using his earth jutsu.

He glanced at them, then passed Jiraiya, planning to leave.

But Jiraiya immediately grabbed him.

“What are you doing?”

“Please convinced him too, I’m willing to pay ten times the price!”

Jiraiya also pleaded with a stern face.

Akabane is helpless, it’s just an outdated R18 comic, and he was so desperate to get it?

He pondered for a moment, looked at Kurama Yunlang, then glanced at him, and then said,

“I cant tell him to sell it to you since this comic belongs to Brother Yunlang but you can rent it out..”


Jiraiya also hesitated.

Since it’s just borrowing, and it can’t be counted as his. In addition, such a comic, staying in Kurama Yunlang’s hands is simply recklessly waste of natural resources!

“Che, why are you hesitating? if it weren’t for Young Master Akabane, if you want to borrow it from, I wouldn’t let you borrow it, otherwise you will go to someone who was willing to sell you this book.”

Kurama Yunlang is straightforward and confident.

Although he didn’t know the whereabouts of the other nine books, but it was certain that they came with the transformation Jutsu one by one.

Konoha is so big, and it is too difficult to find those nine books.

As for where Jiraiya learned the book from, Akabane felt that he didn’t need to guess too much.

Just by looking at his tangled expression, he knew that ninety-nine percent of it was from the Third Hokage.

“Alright, how much do I pay for me to rent it?”

Jiraiya also took out his wallet in pain. Even though he was frantically doing tasks some time ago, he didn’t actually save much money.

Kurama Yunlang stretched out a finger.

“One or two ryo?”

“Are you dreaming, one hundred ryo!”

Jiraiya is also dumbfounded, one hundred for a day? Why not robbed him his money!

Akabane shrugged, expressing helplessness.

Things belong to Yunlang, and the price is naturally set by him. This is trading.

As for him, he does not discourage or encourage him.

“I…Wait a moment, let’s me get a few previous update of the comics first”

Jiraiya also wanted to say that he would rent it, but he swallowed it halfway through, and then picked and picked from the store to find all the updates that he hadn’t seen.

Subsequently, he took out several hundred ryo.

“When I finish reading these updates, I will rent that book.”

Jiraiya also raced against the clock and immediately picked up a copy that he hadn’t read and started to read it.

Akabane sat down, but immediately frowned again, as he sat a little further away from Jiraiya, and asked disgustingly, “What kind of smells you have?”


Jiraiya also paused for a moment, sniffing himself.

Although he didn’t smell anything, he knew that he must have that smell, and suddenly said, “It’s the smell of toad oil.”

“Toad oil?”

Toad oil Flame Bullet.

It seems that he is also growing up, so he can’t underestimate him.

Akabane was amazed in his heart, but at the same time he moved the stool away two or three steps quietly.

Because the smell of toad oil is a bit strong.

“It’s okay to get used to it.”

Jiraiya was helpless.

In order to increase his strength, he had long given up on the taste and morals-all the worms were eaten, not to mention just being with toad oil.

As he spoke, he began to read the comics.

After a few days, he has fallen behind as the comic got updated a lot, so he can read four volumes at once.

Not long after reading it, his eyes lit up.

“This girl front the sound village is also very cute, and Ino is so beautiful…Wow, this technique, I have a sense of the picture!”

Jiraiya also read for a while, and probably saw Ino enter the girl body with a secret jutsu and control the opponent’s body, but obviously what he thought in his head was not as pure as the comics.

“Mmm mmm, just use this plot in the next volume.”

Jiraiya is also very excited.

Just thinking about it, he felt very touched.

Soon he finished reading the whole chapter, except for looking at those female characters that made him read a little slower, the rest he turned the page in almost a few seconds, very quickly.

Until the battle between Sakura and Ino, he became excited again: “Wow, the two sisters are very cute, and their sisters are also very nice.”

Does he read comics or see girls?

Not only Kurama Yunlang has doubts, Akabane also feels that his comics are insulted.Obviously it’s a normal plot, what did this guy add to his brain after seeing it?

After the fight of Hinata and Neji, this guy became excited again.

For those who are filthy, everything is filthy as expected.

Akabane sighed softly, not planning to continue to accompany him, otherwise he was afraid that he could not help but go up and take the comic back.

Jiraiya read it very quickly, with ten lines in the plot, and only a moment to turn over another volume.

But then, in the battle between Rock Lee and Gaara, he finally didn’t read it quickly, but reaf the plot seriously.

After reading it, he took a deep breath and sighed, “Akaba, do you know? I really know such a person. He has no talent for ninjutsu or illusion, but he insists on very strict training every day.”


Akabane raised his eyebrows after hearing this.

“He is a very poor but hardworking man. He gets up very early every day and goes to bed very late. Apart from eating he always on training, sometimes I dont know the reason for his persistence. “

The person Jiraiya said is probably Might Duy.

After a moment of silence, Akabane asked, “He has already graduated?”

“He seems to be one year younger than me. He should have graduated this year. Of course… He may not be able to graduate.”

Jiraiya said in a low expression.

There are too many children who cannot graduate because of their lack of talent.

Every year, a large proportion of civilians cannot graduate because of this, and then after many years of repeating grades, they are helplessly eliminated as ordinary people.

“I want to see him.”


Jiraiya also froze for a moment, not understanding what Akabane meant.

“As stated in the comics, there is another kind of genius in the world, that is, hardworking genius. Even if you don’t have a strong talent, you can still become a great ninja as long as you persevere.”

Akabane said, “I want to help him.”

How can a madman like that spend his time and money reading comics?

So Akabane want to meet him face to face and tell Might Duy this reason.

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