Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 186


“How are you going to help him?”

Help depends on the method.

If it is sympathetic help, perhaps the other party would rather not.

Because he didn’t know how to help, Jiraiya never intervened in the other’s life.

“Encouragement, opportunity.”

Akabane said two words.

Eight-Inner Gates theory is not difficult, but the difficulty is that someone can persevere in training and realize it.

People like Might Duy are the candidates most needed in the Taijutsu’s Specialty Class.

of course……

Relying on Might Duy himself, as long as he knows this theory, he can also develop Right Inner Gates, but compared with a professional researcher with extremely high knowledge reserves like Orochimaru, his method is too simple and crude, and it is easy to make detours.

“When did you learn the style of Master Danzo?”

Jiraiya also sighed helplessly, and then seized the time to flip through the comic and said, “I don’t know if we can find him there since it’s in the past but we will talk about it when I finish reading the comics.”

He didn’t know where Might Duy was every day. Besides, he hadn’t come to Konoha for three days, so he didn’t know what was going on.

In addition, he was equally curious.

What exactly does Akabane mean by encouragement and opportunity?

There was no explanation between the two of them tacitly. A place like a comic shop is crowded with people and some secrets are not suitable for discussion.

There are not many updates to One Piece, just a moment, and it will be finished soon.

Akabane was not in a hurry.

He has nothing to do anyway, even if he goes home, he will not start painting, after all, there is already a clone working there.

Until Jiraiya finished reading, he put these comics together.

The reference is complete.

But the most precious one…

He looked at Kurama Yunlang with some eagerness, but when he thought of the price of one hundred ryo in one day, his face suddenly collapsed.

“How about it, do you want to borrow it?”

Kurama Yunlang laughed weirdly.

This guy will definitely borrow it.

“Tomorrow, I’ll come back tomorrow.”

Jiraiya was also very reluctant, but today he has to help Akabane find the young man who only knows Taijutsu. He has no time to read and study the precious book so he can only leave for now and borrow it tomorrow.


With that sad and unwilling look, Akabane couldn’t help but hesitate.

For just a comic…

But after thinking about it, he still didn’t let Jiraiya go to the factory to get it.

The “Rent” book may inspire him to struggle more and let him learn the essence of comics faster, which is also an incentive.

“Let’s go, let’s find that person.”

Jiraiya also packed up the comics in his hand.

“Wait a second.”

Akabane stopped for a moment as he packed the entire chapters of Naruto, and then sealed it in the sealed scroll, “Let’s go.”

Although it is inappropriate to disturb people while training, he may be interested in the offer.

He followed in the footsteps of Jiraiya.

“We civilians live in a relatively rudimentary place, don’t mind it.”

Jiraiya said as he led the way, and his tone was relatively low. After walking for a while, he stopped and said solemnly, “Akaba, maybe I am so skeptical as a friend, but I still hope… if you are only out of sympathy for a while, then please don’t disturb his life.”

Ninja is not a good profession.

If the child didn’t have the talent of a ninja, but Akabane helped him to become a ninja, then death might be waiting for him.

It was not when Jiraiya had just graduated, he had realized how dangerous a ninja is.

“I will explain, lest you misunderstand.”

Akabane whispered, “The Ninja Preparatory Department will soon be established. I am going to establish a special Taijutsu class to help these ninjas who have little talent in ninjutsu and illusion so that they can become equally excellent ninjas through physical skills. “

Jiraiya was stunned for a long time, and then he walked and pondered.

He has heard some news about the preparation department, and he is not ignorant of it, but the Taijutsu Specialty Class is the first time he has heard of it.

After thinking for a long time, he asked: “What about on Teacher’s side…”

“Agreed, just passed the afternoon meeting, I will start the recruitment of the preparation department in the next few days.”

“That’s great.”

Jiraiya may have some slips and pranks at ordinary times, but at this moment, he is sincerely happy-as a ninja with a civilian origin and no outstanding talent, no one knows the difficulty of civilians better than Jiraiya.

There is no expert guidance, no ninjutsu inheritance, and some even their parents died in the war and grew up on village relief.

If they want to stand out in that environment, unless it is a peerless genius like Orochimaru, it is too difficult!

Of course, he himself was very lucky. Not only did he become a student of the Third Hokage, but he was also favoured by Mount Myboku and learned the inheritance of a sacred place like Mount Myboku.

These are the dreams of many civilian children.

“I wouldn’t help him out of sympathy, but I really needed someone like him to implement my ideas.”

Akabane understood Jiraiya’s thoughts.

Ninjas are very dangerous. An unqualified ninja may affect not only himself but the entire team.

The two walked along the street, all the way to the civilian area.

Konoha is very strong, and the welfare of the villagers is quite good. It will not allow them to live in the run-down houses of the slums, but the appearance is relatively simple, and the decoration is different from those of the families or wealthy families.

“I don’t know that guy, but he also lives here. Generally speaking, he will run back to cook in the afternoon, and the time is almost up.”

Jiraiya also sat down on the street.

Akabane nodded, sat down with him, and the two looked outside together, waiting for the boy to return.

A few ordinary people passed by and saw Jiraiya and Akabane. They wanted to come up and ask, but they hesitated and left. After nearly half an hour, someone came and asked, “Jiraiya, are you sitting here with him? “

“Uncle Ang, Yes, we are waiting for the boy who has been training.”

Jiraiya also said.

Uncle Ang thought for a long time, and a boy appeared in his mind, and then asked, “Are you talking about Duy?”

“Uncle, do you know him?”

“The kid can’t train today, he seems to have hurt his foot.”

Uncle Ang sighed.

He is just a child, and he hasn’t eaten well, but he always trains so hard every day, so something will happen sooner or later.

“Then do you know where his family lives?”

Akabane asked immediately.

“What are you going to do?”

Although he was from the same village, Akabane’s dress looked like that kind of family disciple, so Uncle Ang looked a little wary.

“Uncle Ang, don’t get him wrong, Akabane is not malicious. On the contrary, we came to help Duy.”

Jiraiya also quickly explained.


Uncle Ang was startled slightly and looked at them.

If it is Akabane who said that, he would definitely doubt it, but since it is Jiraiya… he didn’t think Jiraiya would lie to him.

So after thinking about it, he nodded and said, “Come with me.”

Akabane noticed that he was carrying a basket of herbs in his hand, all of which were freshly picked, which seemed to be wound medicine for donning.

They followed Uncle Ang, and not long after, the three of them walked to a bungalow.

“This is Duy’s house, I’ll knock on the door.”

Uncle Ang walked up and knocked on the door. After a while, the door was opened. A little boy leaned on one foot to the open door with one foot arched.

Seeing the person in front of the door, he was stunned for a moment, and then gratefully said:

“Uncle Ang, thank…”

“It’s all my own, don’t say these extravagant words.”

Uncle Ang supported him.

Then he turned his head and called Akabane and Jiraiya: “Come here too!”

Akabane followed and walked in. Might Duy home was very simple, but the kitchen and dishes were all available, but it seemed that his food was quite simple, and the recipes were probably not rich.

Duy was helped and sat down, and he hesitated for a while and asked: “Uncle Ang, they are…”

“My name is Jiraiya and I live next to your house.”

“I know that you are still a disciple of the Third Hokage-sama, and like Orochimaru-kun, you are a genius among our common people.”

Duy’s tone was full of envy.

But his words made Jiraiya a little ashamed.


What a genius at my level.

“My name is Kurama Akabane. Apart from the identity of the Kurama family, I am also a training instructor for the Ninja Preparation Department.”

Akabane got up and introduced himself.

“Ninja Preparation Department?”

Uncle Ang and Might Duy were stunned at the same time, they had never heard of this department.

“It’s a new department that will only be announced recently and is responsible for training ninjas who graduated from Ninja Academy.”

“Graduation… I may not be able to graduate.”

Might Duy face was grey.

His Ninjutsu and illusion are in a mess, and only Taijutsu can be considered passable, but if he only knows Taijutsu, isn’t it a hindrance to becoming a ninja?

His mentality at this moment is different from that of more than twenty years later.

The injured Duy was full of despair.

“Someone once said that even if you only know Taijutsu, you can become a great ninja. I have heard about you. I think you have the potential to become a great ninja.”

After Akabane finished speaking, he was very confident in his heart——


Jiraiya stared at him blankly.

This guy is really shameless. He clearly said it in his own comics, but he insisted on saying it was “someone”.

Also a great ninja…

Might Duy didn’t feel enthusiastic after hearing it but rather doubted his life.

A great ninja?



It seems to have no effect.

Akabane was silent for a moment, then sighed and said: “There is a special Class in the Ninja Preparation Department. And I plan to invite you to join.”


Might Duy’s eyes brighten.

Akabane sighed again in his heart. Sure enough, he didn’t have any talent for Talking Jutsu like Naruto, so he still had to throw the benefits directly to impress people.

At this point, he continued: “Yes, I need you.”

“My lord is this true, but his body…”

Uncle Ang was sincerely happy, but at the same time worried that Duy injured leg would cause trouble.

“Please rest assured, we have ninjas who are professionally researching medical jutsu. It is not difficult to cure leg strains like this.”

After Akabane finished speaking, fearing that they were worried about money, he added, “As a ninja in the preparation department, we will not charge you. You can rest assured.”

“That’s great!”

Uncle Wang is happy for Might Duy. It is better to be guided by someone than to train blindly, so the possibility of Might Duy being injured will also be reduced.

“By the way, it just happened that you were injured. This comic, I will give to you to relieve your boredom. Maybe it will give you a little inspiration.”

Akabane takes out the Naruto comic from the sealed scroll.

After delivering the comics, he stood up.

Since his goal that was to invite Duy to the Taijutsu Class are already done, he planned to leave, but when he was about to depart he thought for a while and said: “Yes if there are people who are just like you who are not good at ninjutsu and illusion, but are very hard working as you, you can also recommend it to me.”

“Like me… I understand, thank you.”

Duy bowed.

“Then, uncle, we’ll leave first without disturbing you. It may take a few days for Duy’s injury to be treated, so don’t worry.”

Tsunade has been very busy lately and can’t make any moves at all, so I’ll talk about it later.

“Uncle Ang, we’ll go first.”

Jiraiya also waved.

“Mmm, you guys go slowly!”

Uncle Ang smiled brilliantly. It was great that Duy could get help from these two people.

“I’ll go tell them right away, let them train with me and join the Taijutsu speciality class.”

Might Duy got up, trying to find those classmates who were like him.

He wants to tell them that even if they only know taijutsu, they still have a chance to become a ninja.

However, before he got up, he was held back by Uncle Ang.

“If you are good to them, don’t tell them the truth. When your body recovers later, ask them who is willing to train with you. And after some time, you can see who is left before you can report to Lord Akabane.”

“This… well, I see.”

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