Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 187


“A Comics.”
A tangled look flickered in Might Duy’s eyes.
He has seen this thing before since all his hard-working classmates originally bought it and read it whenever it was updated.
This is poison, but Akabane gave it again.
“Let’s take a look, anyway, since you hurt your foot and can’t train for the time being, let yourself rest.”
Uncle Ang touched his head.
“Oh, that’s right.”
Might Duy picked up the first book and slowly began to read it.
The story is very exciting, especially for people like Duy who have never read comics, it is extremely lethal, but for a moment he likes this kind of comics.
When Uncle Ang left, Might Duy didn’t notice it. It was a rude thing, but Uncle Ang was very happy.
This child was finally willing to rest.
If it’s in the past, he would train in an upside-down way with a leg injury. In short, he would not waste time resting.
Might Duy was fascinated.
The story above moved him very much——
Naruto, as the lowest ranking, initially can’t even use clone + transformed Combination Ninjutsu, but later it is visible in the plot how he grows rapidly at the speed that he can’t imagine…
of course……
Those who are familiar with the following plot will understand that this is a bite of poisonous chicken soup.
Naruto is not without talent, on the contrary, his talent is very powerful, but there is a nine tailed beast in his body that causes trouble.
But at least for now, Duy was deeply moved.
After reading what Naruto said, he became firmer in his statement of “striving to change fate.”
After that, Might Duy saw Lee appear.
The child was like him and did not know how to use ninjutsu or genjutsu. If it were not clear that Akabane did not recognize himself before, he might narcissistically think that it was drawn according to him.
“You can’t even use ninjutsu, how can you be a ninja?”
“I can do it!”
The dialogue between Rock Lee and his “classmates” seemed to be a copy of himself and those companions of his.
No one is optimistic about him, including himself.
“There are geniuses who work hard.”
“You must have confidence before you will be rewarded for your hard work.”
Sentences of comic lines are deeply imprinted in Might Duy’s heart.
Can he really be a ninja if he doesn’t know ninjutsu and genjutsu?
Duy asked this himself with suspicion before, but at this moment, he is extremely firm-even if he only knows taijutsu skills, he can become a great ninja!
“Senior Akabane, I fully understand what you mean!”
Might Duy was very moved, and was full of motivation in an instant, “Well, in order to repay the predecessor’s respect, I will start handstand training immediately, handstand while doing two hundred push-ups, no time to eat!”
As a result, he quickly dropped the comics and began to exercise like Guy and Rock Lee in the comics.
Akabane would be pleased to know the current situation-it’s not that his talk jutsu is useless, but Might Duy’s reaction is slower than others.
When Duy was recruited, the squad leader of the Taijutsu Specialty Class was considered.
Might Duy can spend 20 years alone in mastering his Eight-Inner Gates, there must be his innate talent, with him as the Commander, his pressure can be reduced by 90%.
Plus Shimi Nara…
Well, it seems that after becoming a training instructor, it doesn’t take much time.
Early the next day, Akabane got up and strolled along the street.
It’s not that he can’t sleep, as long as no one disturbs him, he can sleep from night to the next day.
But there is always something that makes him have to crawl out of his den.
The preparation department announced that the job fair should also be on the agenda, and some advance preparations should also be done.
For the time being, Akabane is a polished commander.
Although Nohara Cheng agreed to be a teacher in the theory class, he didn’t know what a job fair was at all, and at most he would come and fight.
That’s why the main task has to be completed by himself.
But today, when most of the ninjas are training in the morning class, he wants to see if he can catch a few good guys.
Every morning, most ninjas run along the periphery of Konoha for exercise.
Akabane walked along the periphery for a short while and saw three or four familiar people.
Some of them are Shinobi in the village, and some are his friends.
For example, Inuzuka Ishi who he caught now.
“Why should I help you? You treated us Inuzuka so maliciously in your comics.”
Inuzuka Ishi was very dissatisfied.
Being stunned by farts, this matter has attracted great attention from the clan, and it is Akabane who is responsible for everything.
“Well, it’s all for the village. Besides, I help you find defects in your technique, you should be grateful to me.”
Akabane smiled slightly.
“Flaws? No, we won’t be stupid enough to pick up the enemy’s…that position!”
Inuzuka Ishi said angrily.
“Maybe anyone can develop the technique of shit escape?”
Akabane was full of nonsense.
The reason for catching Inuzuka Ishi to ask him for help is that he is more leisurely.
Talents like Nara Shimi and Yūri Shin are either valued by various departments, or they have a family arrangement that cannot fundamentally shake their direction.
But Inuzuka Ishi is different.
He has a kind-hearted personality and is not decisive enough to be a ninja.
Therefore, there are not many departments that fancy him, so he can start just now.
“Nonsense, how could there be such a boring ninjutsu!”
“Is that so? Then let me show you, shit escapes, shit flows in a big river!”
As Akabane finishes his sentence, his hands quickly make a hand-seal, his hand-seal technique is impressively the mark of the earth jutsu, but in essence, it is Death Mirage Jutsu.
Inuzuka Ishi was terrified and immediately shouted, “No, no!”
“I’m just kidding, but as a Genin, you still have to join me when the Preparatory Department is established. It’s better to come and help first. So when you return to the establishment of Genin, your competitiveness will be greater.”
Akabane said lightly.
Inuzuka Ishi knew very well in his heart that someone like Akabane had better not say a word to him. Because as long as you talk to him, you will start to fall into the other party’s trap.
Everyone knows the truth, but when it comes to actual combat, they will still be tricked unconsciously.
“How can I increase my competitiveness?”
“As a ninja, you must not only improve your strength, better exercise your own leadership and social skills, and this new department is an internal organization that provides you with the ability to train your command and leadership.”
That’s right.
This set of rules is the student union in the previous university.
Afterwards, Akabane began to fiddle with the benefits of joining the department, such as training his abilities, becoming a qualified ninja, and getting to know more people Blablabla.
And it didn’t take long for Inuzuka Ishi to take the bait.
“Well, it sounds interesting.”
“Then you are the first member of the Genin Meeting, and I will notify you of specific activities another day.”
Akabane smiled, then waved, as he left.
“No, I!”
Inuzuka Ishi froze for a moment, and when he saw that the person had disappeared, he suddenly doubted his life.
How could I agree?
I’m so stupid, really…
He knew that Akabane would fool people, he still listened to him as he continued. When he saw that guy, he should leave.
Now I have agreed, I can only bite the bullet.
Akabane left instantly and continued to use his perceptual abilities to find someone he could start with. In the morning, he found seven or eight familiar faces, some of which seemed to be former classmates, and a few who often came to the store to buy comics.
Using his slick tongue, it didn’t take long for him to make them agree!
With his work done, go for dinner!
Akabane clapped his hands, preparing to leave.
If he was at home, he would eat breakfast at home, but after he came out, he would eat it outside. Since it would be too tiring to go back and it will take a lot of time.
He bought some sushi on the street of the comic shop and was about to return to the shop…
But stopped as he saw a familiar guy on his side.
Nara Shimi was sitting beside him with a look of sleepiness, and then lazily placed an order with the shop owner, then turned around and said to Akabane, “You are looking for your helper early in the morning. Is the preparation department about to open?”
“Ah, I can’t hide it from you, are you interested in helping?”
Akabane stuffed a piece in his mouth.
“I don’t want to, but you have already dragged me into the water?”
After speaking, he took out the comic book from underneath.
This is just something he bought, and it seems to be an update sent today.
Akabane glanced at the cover, then slapped with one hand lazily, looking tired.
“Ah, yesterday’s battle update was very wonderful and commendable, but Shikamaru, why not change his sword to a position that is not commonly used by individuals, such as to the left so that it can be more clever?”
Shimi said while reading.
He is similar to Sakumo in terms of the plot. He can understand a little bit of the follow-up content based on his own guesses, and he won’t be surprised when he read it again.
It’s just that in shadow imitation, he has more ghost ideas than anyone else.
“Because he is lazy, think about it, if you can solve a battle that can be solved by bending over, why take a lot of work to practice your non-dominant hands?”
Akabane spoke slowly.
Shimi was very embarrassed and forgot that the other party was lazy.
He thought about it for a moment, and then thought of a way: “You can put it on the chest or waist, anyway, you can put it in a position that is not commonly used by others.”
“That’s possible, but he hasn’t met an unsolvable enemy yet.”
Akabane explained.
Shikamaru’s character is lazy and intelligent, which allows him to complete most of the tasks and battles with his brain and command during the early period.
In fact, Shikamaru’s fastest-growing period was after Asuma’s death…
At that time, he truly realized his powerlessness.
“That’s it, I forgot to consider the impact of personality and overall situation.”
Shimi pondered for a moment, accepting this answer.
At this moment, his eyes stopped.
According to this thickness, it should be the content of Chapter 88.
There is a lot of info in this.
Akabane’s mouth raised slightly.
Shimi looked shocked, and then took a deep breath and said: “Although it’s only a comic, this kind of plot is too exaggerated!
He turned the manga around, and pointed his finger at the line “Orochimaru” said-“Although I doubt it would be any fun to kill that feeble old geezer”
The old geezer undoubtedly refers to the Third Hokage.
This amount of information is huge.
“The peaceful village is very peaceful and comfortable, but if you only know the peace, you can’t know the dangers of the outside world. In the end, it can only be a group of greenhouse flowers, which are finally eliminated by the Ninja.
“Of course, it is wrong to be too extreme. The ‘Orochimaru’ in the comics is not the Orochimaru they know, so it is not surprising to choose this method.”
Shimi fell into silence, some of which he could not agree with.
He didn’t speak and continued to turn the page, seeing Orochimaru’s conversation with Kabuto, and suddenly fell into thought.
Peace is too long, other Shinobi villages are getting stronger and stronger. If Konoha maintains a peaceful pace, they might really be eliminated in the end.
“Kabuto and Orochimaru in the comics are both very complicated people.”
Shimi sighed for a while and put the book together——
The sushi is here, he has to eat first.
“Hey, you two are really alike. Every time you come to me, the sushi you bought and your sitting posture are very similar. If I didn’t know that one of you is from the Kurama clan and the other is from the Nara clan, I would doubt that you are brothers.”
The shopkeeper joked kindly.
Who wants to be like this slacker!
Akabane and Shimi stiffened slightly, and thought in their hearts, and then quickly changed their sitting positions.

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