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Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 188


After changing their positions, the two awkwardly discovered that their action similarity reached more than 99%.
The boss let out a hearty laugh-what a pleasure!
“Boss, in fact, we are not alike at all. I’m just tired. He is really lazy.”
Akabane’s face was not red, as he said it shamelessly.
Anyway, Konoha recognizes that the Kurama clan is weak and sickly, and the owner of a sushi restaurant as an ordinary person does not know that his body is actually strong enough to fight a bear.
Shimi curled his lips and stuffed a piece of sushi in it.
He decided not to care about Akabane, it was too time-consuming and meaningless.
After finally eating, Shimi opened the comic book and continued reading without waiting for the boss to clean up. The plot here surprised him a bit, so he read it very carefully.
As for Akabane, he suddenly remembered one thing at this time.
Yesterday, he visited Duy, but he forgot about the previous agreement with the Third Hokage that the key content should be reviewed by him first.
Is this considered key content?
“I was too busy yesterday, and my shadow clone didn’t remind me… Forget it, anyway, the patch has been applied, and the problem is not big.”
Akabane struggled for a moment and quickly recovered calmly.
Anyway, this is the end of the matter, and all the comics cannot be destroyed. This is a way to hide your ears.
of course……
The most important thing is that it is too tiring and he was too lazy to do it, and it is meaningless.
Shimi repeatedly read the plot of Orochimaru and Kabuto again. These two roles were too complicated, so he couldn’t help but study them in-depth.
After a long time, he said in a puzzled manner: “According to the realistic background, Orochimaru is a disciple of the Third Hokage, so why did he become a rebellious person? What’s the point of war?”
This is something he doesn’t understand.
Now that you have become a traitor, why do you do these unnecessary things?
If Konoha has been slacking off and is eventually provoked by war and annexation by the rest of the Ninja Nations, isn’t it what rebels want to see most!
Then there is Kabuto.
This character at first was Genin for seven years and later revealed his true identity as the spy of Hidden Sound Village.
Now it’s different again.
Orochimaru is obviously defensive against Kabuto, so what identity does Kabuto have, is it possible that he is still the spy that Konoha has sent to him?
Too complicated!
Shimi frowned, a little confused about the situation of these two characters.
There are too few clues, and just based on the clues that appear in the current plot, there is no way to guess the true situation of the two.
“Forget it, it’s too tiring to think so much, wait for the follow-up.”
Shimi sighed inwardly.
Afterwards, he continued to read.
The plot returned to the Chunin exam. After Rock Lee lost, the last group quickly completed the game.
So up to now, the list of all participants is officially released.
The official competition is a knockout system, divided into two groups, but…
“The strength of these two groups is too unbalanced. Aside from the protagonist, Neji, Sasuke and Gaara are the hottest candidates for the championship. It is not fair to group them in one group.”
“There is nothing unfair. If you can win, you can go to the end even in this group. If you can’t win, you can only say that it’s your fault for not being strong enough. Moreover, the Chunin exam itself is not for the purpose of winning, but to examine the overall quality of the ninja. And leadership.”
Shimi has never participated in the Chunin exam. Although he is smart, he lacks an understanding of the Chunin exam system.
Therefore, Shimi shook his head slightly, indicating that he could not understand.
In this case, what is the point of trying to get the first place?
He did not ask, so Akabane did not answer but got up to go back.
Shimi took the book and read the comics as he followed.
Although the subsequent plot is not as exciting as the previous fight, he is curious who will teach Naruto…
Or is it the guy named Ebisu?
Shimi thought.
If Naruto can master Chakra’s control skills, with his physical strength and Chakra volume,
With his Chakra alone, he can bully most of his opponents.
Ebisu, is this guy really reliable?
It wasn’t that Shimi looked down upon Special Jonin, but it’s because this guy had been defeated by the seduction jutsu several times, and it was really not like the concentration that a Jonin should have.
Too bad.
Especially in the next second, the picture turned back to the bath.
Even though Ebisu said it was high-sounding, why “dare to cross the thunder pond half a step and never let it go”, shouldn’t it be better to go to the river to practice treading water?
It is said that Naruto is forced to grasp the temperature of the hot springs quickly, but in fact, he still has other ideas in his heart!
Shimi speculated maliciously.
But in the next second, he saw a familiar figure appeared in the comic——
The body shape, hairstyle and age are different, but he doesn’t know why. The first time he sees this character, he will unconsciously think of a figure in his mind.
He quickly walked up, pointed at the wretched figure and asked, “Is it Jiraiya!?”
“It seems that the insignificance from the past seems to be recognized.”
Akabane smiled knowingly.
No matter what form he becomes, as long as you see such a nasty action, they will immediately think of Jiraiya.
“Of course, that kind of comic he wrote…hmmp, it’s embarrassing to say that I’ve seen such a comic book and more than that. Some time ago I saw an elder who bought work from ‘Shinnosuke’. That one really is…”
Hearing the Kafei Hime, Akabane couldn’t help being a little surprised. After all, there were only ten copies of that comic circulating in Konoha.
Not only that, but this guy can still explode the facts he has seen so calmly!
Shimi obviously didn’t think there was any problem with what he said, after all–
“Speaking of which, that ‘Shinnosuke’ is you, right?”
Akabane was taken aback for a moment. It was obvious that his painting style and style of work were completely different. 
“You can’t hide it from me. Although the style is completely different, I know you have the habit of making the shadow clones work. Although each shadow clone has the same memory, personality, etc., the difference in consciousness leads to subtle deviations in the individual.”
Shimi said lightly.
His meaning is obvious, Shinnosuke is Akabane, and the short comic is from his shadow clone.
“Let’s go, go back and discuss the job fair.”
Akabane didn’t deny that, for these guys who maliciously speculate on others, no matter how he explains them, they will not believe him.
After all, now in the world, only Akabane is the strongest subject of comics, and people like this kind of comics can unconsciously remind people of him.
What’s more, the comics are indeed drawn by his shadow clone.
Hey, a person who is too good is like a beacon at night, there is no way to hide it.
Akabane was also very troubled about this.
“Speaking of Jiraiya, what is that guy doing recently? I haven’t seen him for a long time.”
“Some time ago he went to Mount Myoboku, which is where these Great Toads in the comics are. Now, probably…studying painting skills?”
The two chatted while walking.
For things like the preparation department, it is obviously not appropriate to talk directly in public. It is better to find some topics to chat about and ease the embarrassing atmosphere.
“His painting skills? So that’s how it is, I remember that those paintings were all sold out? And the other was in foreign countries?”
The Nara clan is mainly responsible for the sale of medicinal materials, and all countries have their caravans.
In fact, apart from the medical treatments related to Chakra, the Nara clan is currently the most powerful in terms of medical treatment.
“He borrowed it from Yunlang, one hundred ryo a day.”
The two returned to the comic shop, so the topic stopped here.
However, Shimi was obviously a little surprised by the price. One hundred ryo for a day and Jiraiya agreed to it!?
That guy’s enthusiasm for art is really incredible.
“To ensure that it won’t leak, I want to use illusion on you. Let’s talk in an illusion, can you understand?”
“Come on, I’m already prepared.”
As soon as Shimi’s voice fell, Akabane quickly painted and completed the operation.
Then, the illusion arises.
The scene in the illusion is the street that Konoha is familiar with.
Shimi looked around, then fixed his eyes on the central table, chairs, and bulletin.
Genjutsu ninja above Chunin.
Taijutsu ninja above Chunin……”
Looking from the top down, it is all recruitment information. In some detail columns, the requirements are also marked.
For example, Genjutsu.
Genjutsu is required to have delicate controllability but does not require compatibility.
In other words, even if you can’t use it in combat, as long as you are good at illusion, you can apply for it.
“So that’s how it is, you plan to openly and voluntarily invite ninjas to join the preparation department in the form of recruitment.”
Shimi said as he was lost in thought.
The advantage of this kind of recruitment is that it is free and open, and it will not arrange for a ninja to come. As a result, people are unwilling to do teaching work.
The disadvantages are also obvious.
The recruiter will be very tired, and if no one wants to do this job, it will be embarrassing.
After thinking about it for a moment, Shimi asked: “Then what do I need to do?”
“Help me organize the information. There is a group of Chunin in Konoha who have lost their original positions due to changes in power, so there may be a lot of applicants, but I only need one for each position, so…”
Akabane explained halfway through, seeing Shimi’s expression, knowing that the other party probably understood it.
Shimi sat on the floor and said painfully, “It’s really troublesome work, can’t you change it?”
“Of all the people I know, you are most sensitive to data and information and have the strongest computing ability. Although it is impolite to analyze the abilities of other people in the form of data, I still hope that you can select them based on their information. The best candidate.”
Akabane explained.
“Sigh~ I see.”
Shimi waved his hand to let him dispel the illusion.
The illusion is lifted.
Nara Shimi stood up, and then some sleepiness surged, and said: “I’ll go first, the specific time the day after tomorrow, please tell me in advance after planning.”
“Don’t worry, I will inform you.”
Now that there are people who do miscellaneous and data processing, job fairs can start at any time. What is lacking is just reporting and borrowing venues.
It seems that I still have to go to the Third Hokage.

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