Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 189


“Hokage-sama, this is a report from Kurama Akabane who asked me to pass it over to the Reserve Department.”
One Chunin entered the office.
He is a Chunin who is in charge of guarding the door, holding a scroll in his hand.
Hiruzen froze for a moment, and then took the scroll.
Then, just take a look.
He glanced at the Chunin who was about to leave, stopped him and said, “Wait.”
Then, Hiruzen quickly made a hand seal and used the technique of a telescope to see downstairs.
And sure enough, the gatekeeper Chunin is still there.
“Cough! just kidding, just kidding.”
Akabane smiled and changed back to his original appearance.
“Boy, you think you can play me like that?”
Hiruzen sneered.
On the desk is the Naruto that was updated this morning, and the pages of the book are obviously turned over.
But now, he didn’t mention the comics but read the contents of the report very carefully, but after reading the whole article, he didn’t quite understand it.
“What are you doing?”
“Job fair, open recruitment of ninjas willing to teach.”
Akabane replied.
Hiruzen frowned.
Job fair?
This kind of system might disrupt the ninja’s work assignments. He buckled the table and said with a headache: “What are you going to do?”
“It’s very simple. I don’t know many people. The ninjas in the clan have their own tasks. They can only openly select people and choose those who are capable.”
Akabane pulled the side stool over.
Standing is too tiring, at first he wanted to deceive Hiruzen by using the transformation jutsu and then took the opportunity to slip away. But he didn’t expect to be seen through, so he could only stay and listen to his ‘lecture’.
“You brat has so many tricky ideas. If you do this, our work is going to be very difficult to do.”
Hiruzen said dissatisfied.
“I have inspected the reorganization of the guards. Some Chunins are unwilling to participate in the work of the guards. The main target of my recruitment this time is Chunin. For the ninjas above Special-Jounin, our reserve department wouldn’t need it.”
Akabane himself is Special-Jonin, so if he needs to recruit another Special-Jonin. Did he need to order the Special-Jonin or the Special-Jonin will order him?
That’s why Chunin is a very good choice.
Their ability is more than enough, and their level is lower than his own, so the command will not be disrupted by others.
“Forget it, there are only a few positions anyway, the impact is not big.”
Hiruzen said as his brain was in pain.
Not only was Akabane afraid that they would add tasks to himself, but they were also afraid of Akabane causing trouble.
It was the Early-Stage war, and as a result, there was a job fair…
In addition, his son Shinnosukes was also giving him a headache.
Because some time ago, his son suddenly asked him for a Chakra weapon with money and drawings of it.
Ninja needs the Ninja Tool, which is not altogether inexcusable, and even Hiruzen has some self-blame. After all, such weapons as fathers should be considered, but they are ignored because they have been busy.
However, when he saw the blueprint, he didn’t have any blame for himself— because what was in there was a pan and it should be created with precious materials?
Is the Pan the only weapon in the world!?
Needless to say, the reason for this kind of weird idea is no one but Akabane. As for the truth, Hiruzen has no way of understanding.
More than that, there is also the arrival of the new update of the comics!
No, I can’t think about it, my head hurts again.
Looking at Hiruzen, whose faces are getting more and more ugly, Akabane quickly said: “You don’t need to be angry, or else your blood pressure will get high.”
“Hahaha, speaking of high blood pressure… I bought this update today and I saw that my disciple wanted to take my head. Did I fail as a teacher?”
Hiruzen became angrier as he thought about it, and couldn’t help but pat the table.
“My lord, you can’t just see that he wants to kill you without seeing the words behind him.”
Akabane was wronged.
“Orochimaru” is bad, but the nature of the characters is complex and varied. His plan for Konoha’s collapse is not just about destroying Konoha or getting Sasuke.
“What? I only saw my disciple want to kill me!”
Hiruzen is extremely angry.
No need to talk.
Akabane was silent for a moment, and decided to “excuse” himself from another angle: “You didn’t know what Orochimaru wanted before, just like you didn’t know what Jiraiya wanted.”
Does Orochimaru care about the position of a Hokage?
In the comics, he cared for a while.
But Akabane felt that he didn’t care most of the time.
After all, Orochimaru’s pursuit is immortality, and also the vast world of ninjutsu.
Why does he care about the position of a Hokage?
Probably the reason still lies in the Third Hokage. He has many expectations for Orochimaru and only he knows about it.
Hiruzen fell silent.
“Besides, do you know what Tsunade wants?”
Akabane asked again.
Sarutobi Hiruzen continued to be silent because he couldn’t answer.
Among his three disciples, he paid the least attention to Tsunade, because Tsunade has the Senju clan as her backing, and there are very few places where she needs his help, followed by Jiraiya, and is most concerned about Orochimaru.
But the irony is that until Danzo went to Hidden Sand Village for a mission, he didn’t know that Orochimaru was cooperating with Danzo to do experimental research work in Anbu.
Hiruzen was silent, picking up the comic and continuing to read from that page.
Although it is only a comic, the meaning contained in it is perfused by the author, and he is very angry because of this.
The disciple he most valued, after rebelling against their Ninja Village, wanted to come back and kill himself and take off his head.
At that moment, he doubted life.
How many failed teachers will have this ending?
After reading everything, Hiruzen found that there was another page behind, and he turned back and saw a page of testimonials.
“In the Chunin Exams, I encountered a Hot Water Ninja. It is said that Hidden Hot Water Village is a peaceful village, where…”
At the beginning of the testimony, he recounted what happened to Akabane Chunin’s exam.
Then he expressed his views on peace, as well as the analysis and explanation of the situation in the plot.
After reading everything, he fell into deep thought.
Of course, he was not thinking about the “peace” of the Hot Water Village.
For that kind of model to work, the world has all imitated it long ago. Will it still be necessary to wait until today?
What Hiruzen is thinking about is the Hidden Whirlpools Village.
After the war, the Ninja world has been peaceful for more than a year, and the combat power of the village has picked up slightly, which is exactly what Akabane said in the comics.
Peace is too difficult, too difficult.
More than that, the Jashinists inside…
He pondered for a long time and solemnly asked: “The Hot Water Ninja who believes in Jashin you mentioned has a strong recovery ability. Is it true?”
“Yes, there is a chakra in his body that can help him recover quickly, and if you want to grow this chakra, you must torture others to perform that kind of evil god ritual, otherwise it will slowly disappear.”
Akabane naturally ignored the situation where they deliberately allowed each other to kill the other party and only talked about the results of the research of Orochimaru.
“Unexpectedly, there is such an evil sort in the Ninja World.”
Hiruzen took a breath.
The “Jashinists” exist solely for the purpose of killing and have no other purpose at all.
The scariest thing is that Konoha didn’t know anything before.
“They may be more cautious in doing things, specifically picking in a Ninja Village to start, and their actions are relatively small, so they are unknown.”
Akabane explained.
“Under peace, it is really dark and turbulent.”
Hiruzen sighed softly, and then asked suddenly for no reason, “Akaba, are you willing to be my disciple?”
“No… not appropriate.”
Akabane was dumbfounded for a moment.
He bought Danzo’s summon contract, and got a lot of help from Danzo. So if he suddenly changes his teacher, he is afraid that the other party will have a cerebral haemorrhage from anger.
“Hahahaha, I’m just kidding.”
Hiruzen laughed heartily.
Just now he looked at Akabane, and he suddenly understood in his heart why Danzo wanted Orochimaru before, and the goods went to Kurama Akabane from the beginning.
However, Akabane’s character can only be cured by Danzo.
Thinking of this, Hiruzen suddenly remembered his son’s Pan.
Can’t think, my brain hurts!
“By the way, I went to meet a student named Might Diy yesterday. He is very poor in ninjutsu and genjutsu and cannot graduate. I would like to apply for a special application from you to transfer him to the special training class of the Preparatory Department. .”
The principal of the Ninja School is still the Hokage in name, so Might Duy needs to be reported to the Third Hokage.
Hiruzen pondered for a moment, obviously recalling who Might Duy was.
There are too many people in the village, and there are more students from generation to generation, so he doesn’t remember so many people.
Afterwards, he flipped out a book from the bottom, and it took a long time to find Might Duy record.
“Genjutsu skills and ninjutsu are very poor, taijutsu skills…well, Taijutsu skills are relatively average, but the teacher said that he worked very hard.”
Hiruzen read the records.
Afterwards, he pondered a little, his face suddenly changed, and angrily said: “You don’t want him to train Eight-Gates, do you?”
Eight-Gates has appeared in comics recently.
The content of the comics is naturally considered to be Akabane’s philosophy. Eight-Gates do exist. There are also theoretical conjectures and deductions about the art of Eight-Gates, but no one dares to really try it.
Because the price is too great!
“No, you are misunderstood. Eight-Gates are not as easy to open as you want. After our research, that thing needs some unknown talent. Our idea is to teach them some researched taijutsu skills.”
Akabane immediately explained.
The Taijutsu Specialty Class is not only for teaching Eight-Gates, because Eight-Gates is forbidden, and their biggest role is to be a weapon deterrent.
What most people can really learn is the rest of the art, such as silent steps, and the six powers of the navy from One Piece.
“I hope you will be more cautious. Although Taijutsu development is less expensive than ninjutsu and Genjutsu, carelessness may cause disability.”
Hiruzen solemnly said, “As a researcher, don’t ignore life and don’t take the lives of others seriously.”
“I know.”
Akabane bowed his head.
The research and development of Eight-Gates naturally need to be gradual. It took 20 years for Duy to really master it. Even if they have theoretical research, they must be cautious when implementing it.
Even as a last resort, Akabane would consider redeeming Eight-Gates from his system for safety measures.
“You should know the severity. In this regard, I am relatively more at ease with you. The key is Orochimaru. You must help me pass my words to him.”
Hiruzen continued to urge.
“Yes, it’s okay…”
“Wait, don’t run in a hurry. Shinnosuke has been asking me to create his Chakra weapons recently. I think you need to take a look.”
Chakra weapons?
Akabane couldn’t help but think of the scene when Shinnosuke got the pan during survival in the desert——
How about making a pan?
Thinking of this, he somewhat understood why Hiruzen was so annoyed.
It’s still become my fault!

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