Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 19


Akabane doesn’t want to spoiler the story. This must be done as he wants to be a famous cartoonist even if the one who asked it is none other than Mito Uzumaki herself.

Akabane’s stand was firm and unwavering.

Mito sighed with regret and did not press any further questions.

In the small courtyard, Mito continued to read the comic all over again. At this time, Akabane noticed that she hadn’t finished the first volume yet.

“In other words, 60 points before were only from a few pages!”

[Points: 88]


Akabane moved for a moment, as he finally understands how his system works.

Kyuubi’s chakra was always surging while Mito was reading his comic, which only means that Kyuubi also read it to.

That’s twofold of points from one of the strongest chakra in the village!

After that, Akabane paid more attention to Mito. This is undoubtedly his best customer…

“Hahaha, Konohamaru is so funny.”

Mito couldn’t help but laugh a few times while reading the second chapter.

“Naughty boy, Where did you learn Sexy Jutsu! A young boy like you shouldn’t know such a thing!”


Akabane was caught red-handed. But, Sexy Jutsu plays an important role in Naruto, right? He can’t just skip it.

There is no choice but to bravely put in on the story it.

She stops to read it after the second chapter.

“Grandma, what’s the matter?

Akabane asked curiously.

“Oh, since you don’t want to spoil the plot, If I read it all at once, there is nothing for me to read tomorrow.”

Mito put away the comic and put it in her clothes preciously.

For someone like her who has been through a lot of hard times and couldn’t go far from home, Akabane’s comic is the only thing that accompanied her to get rid of boredom.

This precious treatment from her almost makes Akabane to tears.

Even if he isn’t the original author of Naruto, all his effort recreating it seems to be paid. Akabane thinks that he might get a good rest tonight.

Tsunade saw this with the same mixed mood.

Seeing how her grandmother cherish a child’s comic book,

And jealous how Akabane wouldn’t give her another copy.

“Grandma Mito, don’t worry. My comics store will soon open. Then I will send you another copy plus a special hand-drawn poster of Naruto.”

The gift of copy and poster was for a token of gratitude. But at the same time, he makes an advertisement for his comic store.

Mito Uzumaki is the most famous person in Konoha. If she becomes a fan, she might carry other significant figures to recommend his comic.

But when he finished speaking, Tsunade said with a smile menacingly, “You’ll make another poster for me, right? Right??”

“Umm.. yes, of course, how could I forget you.. haha…”

Akabane didn’t dare to reject it. Otherwise, he might not be able to leave safely.

“Of course you are!”

Tsunade nodded in satisfaction.

“Well, thank you, I appreciate it.”

Uzumaki Mito is also very satisfied. Then she offers him some help.

“Our clan has acquaintances that work on printings. If you ever need help, feel free to ask.”

“Whoa thank you, grandma! Since I’ve finished the first volume, I am in need of mass printing for my grand launch.”

Akabane gladly agreed. It is the right call to come here early!

The Senju Clan no longer interferes in Konoha’s internal affairs, but their reputation in Konoha is unparalleled. IF he can secure relations with the Senju Clan, opening the comic store is a piece of cake.

Mito nodded, with a faint smile on his beautiful face, then give him a token saying: “This token represents my identity. You can use this token to ask for help on the industry under the Senju Clan. They will help you.”

“Thank you grandma Mito!”

Akabane smiled very sweetly, almost want to hug her.

Mito gives some advice while patting Akabane’s head.

“Okay, but don’t forget that you are still a kid, don’t overwork yourself. You have a fragile physique, don’t you? This is a holiday. After all, enjoy it while you can.”

Looking at her face, Akabane felt that these words came from her experiences.

What Uzumaki Mito said to Akabane was right. He took it differently since Mito is a Jinchuriki, she must have trained her body to control Kyuubi’s chakra, then he needs to do the same thing.

“I think there is nothing more to discussed grandma, please take a rest now. I’ll accompany Akabane to play outside.”

Tsunade motioned Akabane to get up.

“Grandma Mito, I’ll see you later.”

Akabane held the token in his hand, bowed to Mito, then leave the courtyard.

“Well, what polite little ones.”

Mito delightfully narrowed her eyes and smiled.

The two of them left the Senju Clan and returned to the town.

When they got to the street, Tsunade looked around suspiciously, and suddenly walked to an alley.

Akabane actually wants to straight back home, but as Tsunade walked, he felt something was wrong.

These sides of the street…

Sure enough, it didn’t take long for a store to appeared in front of them

“777 Luck Casino.”

“Tsunade, we are not supposed to be here.”

Akabane immediately stopped her.

“Hehehe, I want to test my luck.”

Tsunade took out the money from her wallet and smiled triumphantly.

“You want to waste your money on gambling?”

Akabane’s face became more annoyed. Tsunade’s habit of gambling will put the Senju Clan in a tough economic position.

Needless to say, the money must have been scammed from the comics sent by Akabane.

“No, I can win this.”

Tsunade is full of confidence, “I have mastery the gambling skill.”

After that, she cast hand seals and instantly changed into the appearance of a young lady, ready to swagger into the casino.

Akabane was speechless.

How could a little girl like her love gambling?

That’s right. This trait was inherited by her grandfather, Hashirama Senju himself!

Akabane felt helpless, thought for a moment, and threatened her, “If you go inside, I won’t give you my poster, not the comic!”

“What?! That’s not fair!”

Tsunade’s small face was full of anger.

“She really loves you as her granddaughter, but you gamble like this behind her. I’ll snitch you to her!”

Akabane put some sense to Tsunade.

“No, no, that’s not what I want to do..”

Tsunade hurriedly denied it, but it was the turmoil on his face that confirmed Akabane’s guess.

 She is afraid of nothing other than grandma Mito.

“how about it? You still want to go inside??”

“Okay, I give up…”

Tsunade took a step away and looked back, her passion still boiled inside, but after Akabane took a few steps, she suddenly paused, followed by a swift cast of hand seals to create a clone, and quickly rushed into the gambling house.

With the same reflex, Akabane managed to catch Tsunade with the Substitution Jutsu.

“What!? But how are you so fast?”

Tsunade was surprised and upset.

She thought as long as Akabane finds out later, she will be able to take a gamble off the table, and even if she is caught by then, she will be satisfied.

Which is like now she is one step inside the casino.

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