Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 190


On Hatake Clan Dojo.
“So, Shinnosuke really wants a pan?”
Akabane didn’t go to Shinnosuke but secretly came to Yewu.
Ye Wu and Shinnosuke are teammates, and the Gekko clan is close to the Sarutobi clan, so he first came to Ye Wu.
As for Shinnosuke, he didn’t dare to go for the time being.
“It happened the day before yesterday. He designed a picture of a pan and asked his family to help make it. It’s almost…”
Ye Wu said, her face became weirder and weirder.
It seems that there is something hidden in it.
Akabane felt that there was a problem more and more, so he asked carefully, “What’s wrong?”
“He said that the pan is the most suitable weapon for him in the world, and claimed that after the production is completed, it will be passed down from generation to generation as an heirloom.”
After hearing these words, Akabane didn’t know how to express his feelings.
Ye Wu is the same as him. It was incredible when she heard the news, but now, she is probably numb, and she whispered: “In fact, a frying pan is nothing bad, it can be offensive or defensive. It also fits the Nature Transformation of Earth-style Chakra.”
“But being the heirloom is too exaggerated. The Sarutobi clan will hate me to death.”
Akabane was a little frightened.
The decision to not go to the Sarutobi clan was correct. Just imagine that Shinnosuke, as the eldest son of the Third Hokage, can become the head of the clan if he is not too bad in the future.
So the heirloom of the patriarch, if it is famous enough, will sooner or later become the heirloom of the Sarutobi clan.
The family heirloom of the Hatake clan is a short sword.
The symbol of the Senju Clan is the original necklace.
Later, if it is mentioned to others that the Sarutobi family heirloom is a Pan!
He will be blamed for sure!
“Hokage-sama has to hate me forever.”
Akabane covered his face.
No wonder that today the Hokage looks like he has menopause. It is not good for anyone to experience this kind of thing. In addition, they are “painted to death” in the comics, how can he not be so mad at him!?
“It’s not that serious, and it’s not the first time for you anyway.”
Ye Wu said heartily, “Sakumo wants to be the patriarch of the Hatake clan in the future. In the Hatake clan’s inheritance, there is only a short sword user, but because of you, they got a new thing like the Chidori and double sword style.”
“Hearing you say that I really appreciate your comfort.”
Akabane’s eyelids jumped, and then he leaned against the tree, “What is Sakumo doing? I’ve been very busy lately and haven’t seen him.”
“Sakumo has disappeared for a long time.”
Ye Wu looked around, then leaned in and said in a low voice, “Probably going to the Anbu training and going to the battlefield.”
This is a confidential matter.
If he didn’t know that Akabane was very familiar with Anbu and Root, he couldn’t reveal it.
“Sakumo’s ability is most suitable for the battlefield. In that kind of place, he can grow the fastest.”
Going to the battlefield!
People like Sakumo, who experienced battlefield baptism, surely when he came back he will probably reach a Jonin Level.
Akabane sighed inwardly.
Immediately, he looked at Ye Wu: “How about you?”
“My strength is not enough, going to the battlefield will only add chaos.”
After Ye Wu finished speaking, she got up and continued to train.
During this period of time, she didn’t practice sword art but focused on tempering her Chakras control ability. Although it was still not as good as Tsunade and Akabane, the effect was quite significant.
At least from the case of her using Chakra Threads, there should be no problem with handling three swords.
However, she was obviously not satisfied with it. To unify it with her Crescent Moon Dance jutsu, the Chakra Threads must be more detailed so that they will not be noticed by the enemy.
“According to your current progress, your sword clone will soon be able to be used with swordsmanship, maybe it will become the heirloom of the Gekko clan in the future.”
Akabane said half-jokingly.
If the method of controlling the sword clone was more concealed, it might be more powerful, but it would be very difficult to manipulate the blade in the air, even if it was just the sword clone.
For the time being, puppetry is the best way.
Ye Wu train for a while then shook her head and said, “It’s still far away!”
“Okay, you train slowly, while I will be taking advantage of Uncle Sagiki who has not come back, I will run away first.”
Akabane waved.
Hatake Sagiki is also very busy recently, so he is often not in the clan, and the current dojo is temporarily taken care of by Ye Wu.
“Wait, tell me about the Stealth Foots since it also looks cool, can you tell me what you think?”
Ye Wu grabbed him, sat down and took out the comics from her arms.
“The abilities of this character are all imitating the attack of a cat. The catwalks silently, and the attack is also a very vicious claw attack.”
As Akabane said that, he also trying to imitate the Kuro style, as he walks silently.
Ye Wu was speechless, of course, she knew that it was imitating the cat’s moves, but the key was how to perfectly hide the sound and move at high speed.
Ninjutsu has Body Flicker Jutsu, which can also achieve high-speed movement.
The issue is.
Crescent Moon Dance’s clone is a phantom, not at all substance, so running naturally has no sound.
But the body is different.
As long as you run at high speed, you will always make a small sound, even if it is inaudible, but it is equally deadly in front of the ninja.
The assassination moves cannot tolerate any mistakes.
In order to ensure the success rate, Crescent Moon Dance usually ends with a dead-angle leap attack. The advantage of this is that the jump can increase the formidable power of the Blade Technique and achieve a one-hit kill.
But if she can master these Stealth Foots, she doesn’t need to use those complicated moves.
“The Stealth Foot is just a conception, it is an inspiration from the imitation beast ninjutsu.”
Akabane glanced at his panel.
The price of silent walking is very low. In theory, this technique is worth a C-Rank Ninjutsu.
As only 15 points are required.
“Or it may be that the silent assassination jutsu that he redeemed has reduced some portions of it. After all, the silent assassination technique also has the technique of reducing the sound of footsteps.”
He secretly guessed.
Now because of his diligent update, although the number of ninjas in the village has been reduced due to war, he still has more than 800 points a day.
15 points, it seems not expensive.
Since Ye Wu has a need, and he can also use the Stealth Foot ability, he can exchange it directly after thinking for a moment.
It’s only fifteen anyway.
“Imitation Beast Ninja, so it is true, it seems that I have to ask the Inuzuka family to borrow some information.”
“Stealth Foots are very basic and easy to master.”
After Akabane’s exchange, the information quickly floods in on his brain, and his body directly grasped this ability.
The technique of silent walking, to put it plainly, is to imitate the cat’s footsteps to reduce the sound to an almost silent state. The speed increase is moderately but not very large.
The reason why Kuro can achieve a fast slash is that he has trained it at such a speed.
In short, it is the same as taijutsu training.
Stealth Foot is not a move that can quickly increase his speed after the exchange, but it may be expected to be a hand shave.
“Wow, you developing a Ninjutsu by yourself from your imagination is really amazing my brother.”
Ye Wu was surprised.
This guy is not a theoretical man but has really developed Stealth Foots.
“Don’t say that, I actually mastered the Three Sword Style.”
It’s just that my body can’t keep up…
Akabane murmured secretly, then got up and began to warm up.
It’s been too long for him to exercise, and silent steps test his foot skills. If he didn’t do it, for sure he will get his feet cramps. It will not be funny.
Ye Wu stepped back a few steps, and went to a more open space, “You can try it out, just use me as the target.”
After Akabane moved his muscles and bones, he quickly made a hand seal.
Stealth Foots alone are not very effective, but it shouldn’t be too bad to match the acceleration effect of Body Flicker Jutsu.
The silent version of Body Flicker Jutsu!
In the blink of an eye, Akabane disappeared.
“So fast!”
Ye Wu tried her best to perceive and listen to the surrounding sounds, but couldn’t hear the sound of footsteps at all!
Where is he?
She turned around, trying to find Akabane’s location, as there is no other way. She could not hear the sound, and could not see his shadow, so she could only find Akabane’s position according to other methods.
Unfortunately, she is not good at perceiving
“Shadow clone jutsu!”
After using a shadow clone jutsu, Ye Wu finally found Akabane.
This guy has been hiding in the blind spot five or six steps away behind her. As long as she turns by herself, Akabane will follow it, keeping hiding in her blind spot.
“This ability really suits me, teach me and teach me!”
Ye Wu’s eyes brightened.
From hiding in the blind spot to the end, at least ten seconds passed, but ten seconds in the battle was enough for him to hack his opponent apart.
“Youngster, don’t just think about getting something for nothing, just exchange it for a little bit.”
Akabane smiled.
“Exchange… what do you want?”
Ye Wu was a little tangled, as there seemed to be nothing she could exchange for it.
“Tomorrow The Third Hokage-sama will announce the news of the preparation department. The day after tomorrow I will hold a job fair. You will help me sit on the stage and be responsible for checking the actual situation of the ninja registration.”
Ye Wu is not yet a Chunin, but his comprehensive strength already has the Chunin level, but she is not so good in the exams, and she can’t occupy a limited number of places.
“This… alright.”
Ye Wu is not yet Chunin, but her comprehensive strength already has a Chunin level, but she is not so good in the exam and cannot occupy a limited quota.
After all, the conditions are not excessive. Compared with the Stealth Foot value, it is almost a free gift.
Helper +1!
Akabane was secretly happy.
“It seems that you two are very energetic, and you have practised on your own.”
The voice of Hatake Sagiki came.
In the next second, he jumped in from outside the forest and reached the middle of Akabane and Yewu.
“Uncle Sagiki, since you hear it, please also come the day after tomorrow as well, it’s fine even if it’s just a shadow clone, you just need to take a seat as a deterrent for anyone who was dissatisfied about us little guys.” 
Akabane smoothly pulled another wave of strong men.
There is a big gap between the strength and prestige of Hatake Sagiki, so his appearance alone is a big advantage for Akabane recruitment plans.
Hatake Sagiki nodded faintly, and then said, “About your Stealth Foots, I am also very interested, as for the benefits…”
He took out an object from his waist and threw it to Akabane.
Akabane took it. It was a very short and pocket knife, only slightly longer than kunai.
“Your physical fitness is poor, but your knife skills are pretty good. So this short knife may be more suitable for you. So go back and train.”

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