Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 191


“Teacher, isn’t this knife just made the other day?”
Ye Wu was a little surprised.
“Well, this kind of knife is too short to be suitable for those who use it normally. It is just right for someone like him who is skilled but doesn’t fight with knives.”
Hatake Sagiki said lightly.
After the last time he assessed him, he had a complete understanding of Akabane’s situation.
Although Akabane’s own strength and speed are not enough, his attack achieved by his Chakra Enhanced Strength is so powerful that an ordinary short blade can not withstand its powerful Chakra impact.
But this knife is specially made, and its material is sufficient to withstand the infusion of Chakra.
Akabane looked at it. He didn’t know much about knives, but he still knew how good it was.
Although this knife was small, its workmanship and material were impeccable.
Absolutely a good knife!
“Uncle Sagiki, it’s too expensive.”
This knife can be used as an heirloom for ordinary families. How could Akabane dare to accept such a gift?
“Just keep it with you.”
Sagiki gave him a glimpse and then walked to the dojo, “It’s not really free as I also read your comics. So tell me about this Stealth Foot, it is a bit useful to the ninjas of Anbu.”
Akabane had never thought of this before, but now he also understood something. Stealth Foot is not just for assassinations, but it can also be used to hide the user’s footsteps in the Hidden Mist Jutsu.
Fortunately, he exchanged it himself, not only mastering it but also a full set of memories of how to use it.
Therefore, he retelled the knowledge that he provided with the exchange. The key details and skills are very detailed. It may be difficult for ordinary people to master immediately, but for Hatake Sagiki and Ye Wu, it’s definitely not a problem.
After listening to it, Ye Wu was still thinking.
However, Hatake Sagiki got up, walked a few steps forward, and then disappeared whizzingly.
His speed is too fast, and there is no sound at all.
In the next second, Hatake Sagiki appeared behind Ye Wu. Akabane turned on his Perception and observed secretly, and found that Hatake Sagiki’s position changed extremely quickly. Even if he could perceive it, he might not be able to react if he attacked him!
Hatake Sagiki stopped between the two.
He closed his eyes and sensed the changes to his Chakra and his body state. Then he started to talk and said, “The consumption of physical strength is 20% higher than normal. Chakra consumption does not change much, so it is not suitable for regular use. But it should work well when used in a critical moment.”
“Yes, teacher!”
Ye Wu understood that Hatake Sagiki was telling it to her.
The technique was created by Akabane. Of course, he knew the pros and cons best, and she was the only audience left.
“Actually, the root has a similar technique, but the effect is not as fine as this one.”
Hatake Sagiki explained to Akabane.
“With this in mind, we are preparing to open Ninjutsu patents and filing in the research department, so as not to repeat the research and development of ninjas, and waste time and energy.”
Akabane took advantage of the situation and mentioned it to Hatake Sagiki.
Although he is only the deputy minister, in the case that Hokage basically ignores the reserve department, Hatake Sagiki actually does the ministerial job.
“This is not bad, I will give you credit for it.”
Hatake Sagiki nodded slightly, and said, “In addition, I will submit Stealth Foot to Anbu. And if they use it, you will receive a lot of credits for this.”
“Thank you, Uncle Sagiki.”
Akabane chuckled. With Danzo’s relationship, the benefits of the technique development are naturally indispensable for him.
And since the patriarch of Hatake Clan is the one going to report it, it can save him some trouble reporting it.
Of course, the Stealth Foot is only a miraculous effect in special circumstances, not a necessary technique, so the credit is not big, but Ye Wu expressed sincere envy.
How can she not envy Akabane when her own sword clone jutsu is not even on its first phase of completion? But Akabane developed a new technique in three days!?
The previous Mist Mirage, and now this Stealth Foot, and if she includes the Ninjutsu created by Sakumo and Orochimaru, it is all based on Akabane’s ideas.
But this brat’s only weakness is that he is too lazy!
Hatake Sagiki sighed inwardly.
If this brat is able to work hard, his achievement is probably more than two or three times the current one, this talent is really great. Apart from him, which Kurama clan can have this physical quality beside him?
It’s a pity…
“I’ll go to Anbu first, and Ye Wu continues to look at the little boys.”
Hatake Sagiki said as he disappeared quickly.
Speaking of which, what was his original position?
Akabane recalled it for a moment, remembering that Sakumo seemed to mention that he was the captain of Anbu?
“Akaba, you teach me again, what should I do with my feet?”
Ye Wu was very uncomfortable, his teacher would know it as soon as he heard it, but he still didn’t understand a few things now, and he didn’t dare to ask again until his teacher left.
After getting a knife, Akabane was in a good mood and answered patiently.
After repeating it several times, Ye Wu finally mastered it after spending half an hour.
Of course……
This does not mean that his talent is poor. On the contrary, it may take several days to learn it for an ordinary ninja, the fact that he has learned it in half an hour is already quite fast!
“But how can I create a claw?”
Ye Wu thought to herself.
But soon, she seemed to notice that Akabane’s eyes were a little weird, and her expression suddenly became a little unnatural: “What’s the matter?”
“Promise me, can you not be fangirling?”
Akabane was helpless.
Trying to create a claw?
If you have the time to learn how to create it, it is better to practice Crescent Moon Dance.
In fact, Ye Wu understands what Akabane means, but she feels it’s cool to also do it like in the comic!
“You still dare to be hard-headed. I see that when Uncle Sagiki is busy, you still have time to think about other things instead of training your swordsmanship?”
Akabane berated.
He didn’t want Hatake Sagiki coming to his door and ‘talk’ to him again. This kind of problem should be killed in the cradle in advance.
“Hey, I just thought it was cool, but I’m not really planning on doing it.”
Ye Wu sighed with regret.
“I’ll go back first, remember to help me talk to Shinnosuke about his pan since the Third Hokage asked me to help him out.”
Akabane especially urges.
“I know, I won’t forget.”
Ye Wu was helpless. Although she hadn’t been out recently, she always felt that this kid had almost caught everyone she knew. Recruitment for a preparation department makes it the same as a party.

The preparation department didn’t do too many projects. Except for the Taijutsu speciality class and the Genjutsu speciality class, the others were equivalent to the upgraded version of Ninja Academy, but the personnel in the preparation department was blank. That’s why he built temporary workers which made him very busy.
In addition,
After working on these things, Akabane had to go through the Naruto manuscript again, since the contents of the last volume had errors.
Returning to the comic shop in the afternoon, he read the update of his clone painting. From the content, it was almost the same as the previous life.
There is nothing particularly sensitive about the content. Naruto’s identity as Jinchuriki has long been a secret, and it will not cause much discussion if it breaks out.
Today’s update really caused a lot of discussion-the big villain in the comics “Orochimaru” wants to kill the Third Hokage!
“Boss, In the comics, Brother Orochimaru is so evil, but in reality, Brother Orochimaru is a good person.”
A little girl screamed for Orochimaru.
Under what circumstances, someone gave Orochimaru a good person card?
Akabane heard it and immediately came out.
The girl was dressed very plainly, she could be seen as a commoner, and she probably lived closer to Orochimaru.
“That child is very kind and pitiful, and his parents left him early due to war…”
“This is just a comic. In reality, Orochimaru is definitely not like this.”
Others also said.
The current opinion of Orochimaru is very good. Although most people don’t have a close relationship with him, none of them believes that he is a badass.
“Of course Orochimaru-kun himself is a good person.”
Kurama Yunlang patiently explained to the little girl, “Look at the cover-this story is purely fictitious, and any similarities are purely coincidental.”
“This sentence… is so small, how can I notice it!”
The little girl held the book and looked at it, staring at it very carefully, only to see the line that Kurama Yunlang said, but she did not comment on it.
Obviously, other people said good things about Orochimaru. She was very happy in her heart.
“But in the comics, the Fourth Hokage is also very miserable. At that young age, he died protecting the village…”
Some people can’t help but sigh.
According to the description in the comics, the Fourth Hokage died in the Kyuubi Rebellion, so the Third Hokage had to be reinstated.
If the Fourth Hokage is not dead, why should the Third Hokage struggle to support the overall situation?
Although the plot has not been fully exposed yet, judging from the current situation, even if the Fourth Hokage does not die, I am afraid it is difficult to continue being a Hokage.
And it’s because the Shinobi are late!
Although it’s just a comic, for now, the title of Hokage doesn’t seem to end well…
“The second Hokage is the same. In the end, he recommended the Third Hokage to give the last effort to save the village. It’s really great!”
Everyone can’t help but think of the second Hokage.
As a result, everyone can’t help feeling sad.
However, this is enough to see that these villagers think that the Third Hokage Sarutobi Hiruzen is very wise to become the Third Hokage, which shows that even if the Third Hokage has been in his office for more than a year, but he has still established enough prestige and popularity from ordinary people.
In comparison, Danzo probably has no such ability.
In terms of personality, charm and village management, Sarutobi Hiruzen is better than him.
“Hope these plots in the comics will never appear in reality.”
One of the readers couldn’t help but sigh.
Akabane returned to his seat and continued to paint, but he secretly said in his heart.
‘Although it is really the future, it is not necessarily true now.’

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