Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 192


“Yo, the villain, I didn’t expect you to be free. A little girl just called injustice for you.”
Akabane had just processed some of the recruitment posters, but Orochimaru and Tsunade came together—
It’s not clear why Orochimaru came, but Tsunade came as he ordered.
“I’m very curious about that Might Guy…”
Orochimaru and Tsunade walked into the comic shop slowly, not caring about the impact of comics on themselves and the eyes of others.
Do they care?
“Oh~ it’s Orochimaru.”
“It looks completely different from the comics, he looks cute and easy to get along with.”
“Of course, Orochimaru-sama even recreated the equipment from the comics. And many Genins have already received equipment and started training on how to use it.”
Ninjas and villagers chatted.
The update over this period of time has portrayed the image of “Villain Orochimaru” in the comics, but in reality, the cute, smart and capable Orochimaru is very popular.
Orochimaru was stunned for a moment, then turned to see the crowd coming around on the street.
“Orochimaru, I told you you don’t need to care too much about the content of the comics.”
Tsunade chuckles.
As a teammate and a collaborator of the Institute, she knows Orochimaru too well.
Although he seems to don’t care about anything else besides his research, there are some things that even he cares about, such as the opinions of others.
He is a disciple of the Third Hokage.
Based on this identity alone, the current Orochimaru is very eager to be recognized by the villagers. If it were not for the agitation of the comics, how could he leave the laboratory and wander around wasting his research time?
“I didn’t care.”
Orochimaru’s refute as his tone was indifferent, but his expression could not hide a hint of joy.
At the age of twelve, his future self didn’t appear yet.
Although he said he doesn’t care, he really enjoys the feeling of being liked and recognized.
Who didn’t have a childhood that wanted to be Hokage?
“If you guys want to find Might Duy, you have to wait for a while.”
Akabane speeds up his painting speed. In order to ensure his speed, he even uses another paintbrush controlled by his puppet jutsu to draw two different posters.
“It’s amazing that you are working, let me see what you are doing…”
Tsunade leaned in.
She didn’t stick to Akabane for a long time, and she didn’t even notice that Akabane was so diligent.
She thought it was a comic, but when she leaned forward to look at it, she realized that it turned out to be a kind of poster that she didn’t understand.
“Requirements: Chunin or above, proficient in various Taijutsu skills…what are you doing?”
Tsunade expressed her doubts.
It looks like an amazing thing, but why does Akabane do it!
“Tsunade, you really have been out of date for too long. Soon, Akabane will be the training instructor of the preparation department, responsible for the training of graduating Shinobi.”
Orochimaru walked into the lounge, somewhat gloating.
“Really, that’s really worth celebrating.”
Tsunade who understood it said and walked over with a strange smile.
This guy wants to be lazy all the time, but every time he is forced to do this and that by the Third Hokage and Danzo, it is really interesting to outsiders like them to see him ‘suffering’.
But using puppet jutsu to manipulate the brush is really amazing.
She remembered it secretly in her heart.
She didn’t pay attention to it before. Puppets are indeed good things. In some experiments, they can prevent themselves from being injured. She has to learn it later.
“Wait a minute, there are still a few words left.”
Akabane finished writing quickly.
The content of these posters is mainly to recruit Taijutsu teachers, team leaders, etc.
As for the Genjutsu speciality class, no one in the village except the Uchiha clan can compare with the Kurama clan in genjutsu, and more than that, Kurama Wuhe the patriarch must be happy when he learned about it.
That guy really cares about these powers.
What’s more, from time to time, he can still ask Shin Yūhi to teach the rest of the children about genjutsu.
 Akabane’s abacus is clinking, so there are not many people recruited here.
“Let’s go.”
Akabane stood up.
A few days ago, he promised Might Duy to help him treat his leg injury, so he asked Tsunade to come, but he didn’t expect that Orochimaru would follow along.
The three left the comic shop, and their way towards Duy house was extremely smooth mainly because of Orochimaru since he also lives in the vicinity.
“Speaking of which, the comic version of Orochimaru is really interesting, and there is also the one from Jiraiya. His old form looks very good, but it’s also a bit wretched.”
Tsunade spit out while walking.
During this period of time, she was experimenting by herself, and there was only one guy who often came to deliver half-dead inanimate corpses. 
So she was almost bored to death.
“Don’t worry, you will also be on the stage soon. I said before that I can borrow your image and you will definitely not fall behind them.”
Akabane said lightly.
“If you make my image ugly, I will kill you!”
Tsunade waved her fist.
What do women fear most?
It took her a lot of courage to let Akabane paint her 30 or 40 years old self!
“You have all learned the Yin Seal, and you also know a little medical jutsu. So why are you afraid of ageing when grandma Mito still looks young?”
Akabane chuckled.
A Yin seal alone cannot keep oneself young forever.
Uzumaki Mito can maintain her current appearance due to other reasons. On one hand, Uzumaki Clan’s lifespan is long and powerful, and on the other hand, the Yin Seal and she understand some Chakra jutsu to keep her body active.
of course……
In this case, once she becomes old, it means that she doesn’t have the ability to suppress the Kyuubi.
Although Tsunade had only mastered the Yin Seal, with her current research on medical jutsu, sooner or later, sooner or later she can develop the Strength of a Hundred Technique.
“I know, but I am afraid of what you’re going to draw!”
Although Tsunade said that, her face smiles unconsciously.
Who doesn’t like being praised?
The three walked all the way to the civilian residential area and arrived at Might Duy house a few seconds later.
However, before entering the door, Akabane heard a voice.
“One hundred and ninety-three, one hundred and ninety-four…”
He seems to be training again.
This guy really has the same virtue as Guy and Rock Lee.
Akabane sighed helplessly.
Lee opened the fifth gate and was injured by Gaara with a critical injury. But although his foot is unable to move, he still trains using his hands.
In short, these three guys are not willing to be secluded, and they don’t allow themselves to be idle. 
“Really hard working”
Although Orochimaru didn’t see it, he could sense the constant movement of Might Duy based on his perception alone.
“His leg still has injuries, how dare he mess around with it. Doesn’t he know that it is easy to leave permanent wounds if they worsened?
Tsunade hurriedly pushed the door in one go, only to see Might Duy standing upside down and walking back and forth.
She was taken aback for a moment.
“Uh… you are?”
Might Duy maintained an inverted posture and looked at Tsunade blankly.
Afterwards, Akabane and Orochimaru walked in one after another.
“What a mess!”
Orochimaru covers his face. Although he is not good at medical treatment, he has recently studied eight gates. To open the eight gates requires a certain level of physical fitness, otherwise, even the first “gate” will be difficult to open.
The practice of wearing a weight can indeed strengthen the body for the first time, but this practice will cause a certain amount of damage to the body.
If there is no superb medical treatment, I am afraid there will be an internal injury for a lifetime.
“Boy, are you going to kill yourself? If you lose your hand, let alone being a ninja, being an ordinary person is also going to be problematic!”
Tsunade scolded angrily.
“This… Akabane-senpai, and… Are you, Orochimaru-senpai and Princess Tsunade?”
Might Duy changed his position.
After not standing upside down, he finally recognized who the three in front were.
When it comes to Tsunade, his emotions are obviously more violent-as the First Hokage granddaughter, she has been the princess of Konoha and Fire Country since she was a child, and she enjoys all kinds of love.
“As I said before, I will ask someone to heal your leg injury.”
Akabane pointed at Tsunade.
Might Duy was even more surprised. The medical profession that Akabane-senpai said was the famous Tsunade Hime?
This, I am not dreaming!
“Boy, lie down, I want to confirm your injury before the treatment.”
After a month of research, Tsunade’s knowledge of medical jutsu is not as rough as before. Before Chakra treatment, she must find the injury and confirm the extent of the injury and then use appropriate medical methods.
“I’ll help.”
Orochimaru came over and pressed Might Duy on the bed.
Poor Might Duy, just like those little white mice, was pressed on the bed and could not move.
Akabane always feels weird seeing this scene——
Will Orochimaru take out a scalpel and start the experiment?
Orochimaru pressed apart, and then Duy immediately let out a miserable cry.
“Mmm, there is a serious strain on this part.”
“Hey, he is not an experimental subject, you have to be gentle with the patient.”
Tsunade stopped him immediately.
After that, she carefully rubbed Duy’s leg, and after repeated confirmation, she said: “It is indeed a muscle strain. It was originally a slight strain, but it has deteriorated severely in the past few days.”
“Worsen? Princess Tsunade, you have to help me!”
Might Duy panicked.
He can bear the pain and trauma, but if it can never be cured, it is absolutely a nightmare for him.
“It’s not that serious, but if you continue to mess around like this, it is likely to leave irreparable injuries.”
After Tsunade said that, Chakra began to gather in her hands.
Unlike the current chakra stimulation treatment, Tsunade’s treatment is more detailed and accurate, and will not cause the waste or additional damage.
Regardless of chakra stimulation therapy or other medical treatments, the essence of chakra stimulation is to accelerate cell division and then achieve the purpose of rapid recovery.
The more cells divide, the lifespan will be relatively attenuated.
Therefore, accurate and delicate treatment like this can minimize side effects.
On one side, Orochimaru took out a small notebook, which seemed to record something on it.
Akabane leaned forward curiously.
The above is a bunch of incomprehensible data, but it looks like it should be about the muscle strength of donning.
At the time when he relied on the system for digitization, Orochimaru had already acted as a system by himself.
At this moment, he deeply felt the power of regeneration, from the evil god.
Orochimaru noticed Akabane’s gaze, then he glanced around vigilantly, and then made a silent gesture.
Akabane looked away and walked to the front.
Tsunade was very focused and carefully manipulating her Chakra to repair Duy damaged muscles. After a long time, she gathered her Chakra and said, “Okay, you come down and try moving.”
When Duy got out of bed, joy gradually appeared on his face.
Wow, it’s totally fine!
He wanted to shout, but when he thought that the three in front of him were all famous genius-level seniors, he forcibly maintained his composure.
Tsunade was a little tired, and it was quite stressful for her to treat someone for the first time.
Fortunately, it succeeded.
“Let me look at your hand.”
Might Diy did not dare to resist, and reached out to let Orochimaru check his hand.
After a while, Orochimaru nodded and said, “You also have a slight strain on your hand. It is best not to exercise vigorously next.”
“Yes, Senior Orochimaru.”
Duy did not doubt his warning and respectfully agreed.
The data should be almost collected.
Akabane glanced at him and stood up and said: “The preparation department will start working in a few days, and you will be notified to report.”

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