Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 194


The location of Land-of-Rivers belongs to the buffer zone.
It has been annexed for a few minutes, and the threat of Land-of-Wind to Land of Fire is a bit more serious. No matter from which angle, Konoha cannot sit by and watch Hidden Sand Village enter Land-of-Rivers.
Akabane thought for a long time, feeling that there was no good way to do this. After all, Danzo and the Anbu went to the country of Uzumaki, and Konoha only left with Sarutobi Hiruzen and the rest of Jonin and Chunin.
Such a scale is no longer enough to open up another battlefield.
“By the way, your comics spread in both the Land of Thunder and the Land of Earth.”
Hiruzen took out another scroll, somewhat smiling.
Apart from going to Land-of-Whirlpools, the Anbu has also penetrated into the other Countries and monitored their every move.
Obviously, these messages came from those Anbus’.
But Akabane himself knew that he didn’t even have a caravan in these two countries.
What’s the matter?
He picked it up and unlocked the code curiously.
Suddenly, his expression was a little embarrassed——
“Kafei Hime is very popular in the land of thunder and the land of Earth, and has reached the point where a book is hard to find.”
Not One Piece or Naruto, but the “Kafei Hime”
Akabane has a headache, After reading it, he put it down and said stiffly: “This is painted by an author called Shinnosuke, and it has nothing to do with me.”
Hiruzen smiled and put away all the scrolls that conveyed the message.
Saying this to Akabane, he also has a certain purpose.
Among Konoha, Uzumaki Mito is the strongest in sealing jutsu. Apart from her, there are some Jonins who are more or less skilled, but not proficient.
Originally, Hiruzen’s idea couldn’t hit him, but Uzumaki Clan gave Akabane the Sealing Jutsu scroll, so in theory, Akabane has the possibility of learning all the Sealing Jutsu.
At the same time, most recently, Uzumaki Tomiko has been learning Sealing Jutsu.
As a last resort, he might ask Akabane or Uzumaki Tomiko to be dispatched, and follow the team to sneak into Sand Village and unlock the seal on Shukaku Jinchuuriki.
Akabane knew this well.
In major events such as war and the village, Hiruzen would never joke about it.
Walking out of the office building, he felt very heavy.
There must be sacrifices in war, but when it’s your turn, this feeling is completely different.
“I hope that Sand Village will not be so mentally retarded, and I have to earn points.”
Akabane admits that he is lazy and afraid of death, but if they want Uzumaki Tomiko to go… He would rather go on his own, at least he was 60-70% sure that he can escape alive.
After coming out of Hokage Building, the small open space in front of the bulletin board is full of people in three circles.
Many people criticized him when he became a mentor at a young age, but Akabane’s level is even without the “special” on it, he is still a Jonin level!
Therefore, even with so many people around, the overall order is not chaotic.
Furthermore, everyone is curious and enthusiastic.
After all, the preparation department replaced the Shinobi team system, and there were many questions that everyone was anxious to understand, so as not to affect the future of their children.
The shadow clone answered patiently, explaining some questions about the preparation department, and at the same time explaining questions about the job fair, which was quite devoted.
Akabane listened for a while and secretly gave the clone a thumbs up.
Then he left.
There is a Clone who is responsible for answering the work, and there is a shortage of labour for daily painting. So Akabane can only return to the Comic shop and shoulder the hard work of painting himself.
But before that, he must first inform these friends of his of the specific time of the job fair.
How about walking or finding a conveyance?
Akabane thought for a long time, and a dream tapir figure flashed in his mind.
It’s been a long time since he has been summoned. And he doesn’t know how well that fellow has cultivated and has he mastered the secret technique of the Tapir family?
And since it’s the right time, he bit his finger and summoned him!
The technique formula was aroused, a burst of smoke-filled, and then the familiar little dream tapir appeared in front of his eyes.
“Wow, Akabane-sama, comics, when the little tapir was called out, and after sensing the surroundings, he ran out of the lounge-like crazy and plunged into the pile of comics.
At this moment, it seemed to have run out of prison, and its eyes were fascinated after being comics.
“Hello, Brother Yunlang, show me the comics I haven’t read before, the comics I haven’t updated in a long time, I’m dying!”
Akabane chased it out.
But Little Dream Tapir jumped extremely flexibly.
He doesn’t know if there is any improvement in his proficient ability, but the physical quality of this little guy has obviously improved greatly.
Good thing!
He was a little relieved, at least he didn’t wait in vain during this time.
“Uh, young master, this is…”
“You pick a whole set and give it to this guy.”
Akabane smiled.
Kurama Yunlang had to bring out a complete set of Naruto, One Piece, and even Jiraiya’s “Love in the Dessert ”
And as if it’s a treasure, Little dream tapir stored it directly as all the comics Yunlang pack disappeared in thin air.
 “Have you taken it all?”
“Of course, many people in my clan want to see it. Akabane-sama never called before, so they complained to me and thought I was being lazy and didn’t train enough so they… Uuuu…”
Little Tapir felt he was wronged, since a bunch of elders who wanted to read the follow up directed their anger at him.
Hearing it, Akabane didn’t have the slightest sympathy and even wanted to give a thumbs up to the elders of the Dream Tapir family.
However, it suddenly appeared in his mind that the slug fairy hated the dream tapir, so he pondered for a moment and asked: “Do you know the three holy places?”
“Mount Myōboku, Shikkotsu Forest, Ryūchi Cave.”
Dream Weaver was reading the comic, and when Akabane asked a question, he immediately answered.
[TL/n: Dream Weaver is the name of Akabane summoned dream tapir]
“Come on, let’s go in and talk.”
Akabane carried it into the lounge with the comic that it was reading and set it on the table in front of him.
Dream Weaver was in fury when Akabane disturbed him, but he didn’t dare to show it so his nose shrank, and asked vigilantly, “What is it?”
“You seem to be able to pull other people into dreams.  Why don’t you go back and tell your clan so that they can help me promote the comics and change the dreams into animation.”
Akabane laughed strangely.
“Comic Dreamland?”
Dream Weaver’s mind was a little confused, and he talks for a while.
“Yeah, it’s like this…”
Akabane Swish Swish drew the next few pages, and then directly used the illusion jutsu, dragging Dream Weaver onto the illusion.
In the illusion, there is a story of comic characters, and there is also a comic book just drawn in front of Weaving Dream.
It says clearly above–
Naruto, Author: Kurama Akabane.
Dream Weaver flipped through the book, and it was almost the same as a real comic book. He was a little surprised and said, “This is also ok? But what’s the use of sharing the comics with those toads and snakes?”
“Hehehe, don’t share them all, like this.”
Akabane’s illusion continues, this is the scene of Nine Tails rampaging on Konoha, and the plot in the comic is also the same.
In the next second, when Naruto was born and the scene shifted to Naruto’s graffiti in the Hokage statue, the comics and fantasy scenes freeze at the same time.
“Why stop?”
Dream Weaver was stunned for a moment, and after careful consideration, he suddenly figured it out.
Intentionally held them in the plot. If the other side is curious, they will definitely collect comics, otherwise, they will not be able to know the next plot. The dream tapirs should be a little more nauseous and give out comics dreams intermittently whether they are interested or not. If the Summoned Beasts are not interested, they will go crazy, but if they are interested, they will still go crazy!
And they will be like a Malignant tumour!
Dream Weaver was agitated all over, and muttered in his heart secretly-when it comes to scheming, humans are still the number one leader.
“how about it?”
Akabane smiled.
“But if we do it, the reputation of our family…”
The little dream tapir is very entangled. The method is a good method. The greater the emotional fluctuation of the target, the more spiritual energy they can steal, but will it be too hateful?
Akabane sneered, he just contracted a summoned beast that is good at dreams, but he was already hated by the slug immortals like that. Do you Dream Tapir clan still has a reputation among the summoned beasts?
Dream Weaver obviously knew it too, so he coughed to ease the embarrassment, and then said:
“I’ll talk to the Elders in the clan and see what they do.”
“Just bring it to you.”
Akabane didn’t mind this.
Anyway, the impact on the Dream Tapir family is not great, and those who want to come will agree.
Afterwards, he waited for Dream Weaver to finish reading a volume before he asked: “How are you training recently?”
“Learned a lot of secrets, I won’t be so embarrassed this time!”
Little Tapir answered with confidence.
Its mental power has not grown much, but after learning the secret, it can borrow mental power from its contractor.
From Akabane, he feels a very strong mental power, and it is absolutely no problem to maintain various skills.
“Your skills can be used remotely, right?”
“As long as you can feel it.”
Dream Weaver added lest Akabane overestimates its abilities.
“Very well, I will feel it, you help me contact them.”
Dream Weaver tapped his hooves, seeming to release some kind of secret technique.
What follows…
Akabane felt that his spirit was linked to it, and the picture he perceives was also shared by it.
“Who is the target?”
Dream Weaver is full of confidence.
Akabane’s mind moved and marked all the people who needed to be contacted.
“No problem!”
Dream Weaver mobilized his Chakra and began to create dreams.
It didn’t take long for the dream to develop, but Akabane felt bad-his mental energy dropped sharply and directly by nearly 20%.
He hurriedly shouted: “Save my energy, I just want to test it, I don’t need too many things in the dream.”
“Oh oh oh.”
Dream Weaver quickly changed his strategy.
Akabane felt that the wastage was much less. In the end, it consumed about two and a half and completed the construction of the dream. At the same time, he himself appeared in the dream.
To save chakras, there is a blank in the dream.
Everyone appeared one after another and was taken aback when seeing this scene.
“Don’t be afraid, this is my Summoned Beast dream. I told you before that Genin will belong to the internal Genin organization of the preparation department. Tomorrow morning our preparation department’s job fair will be held at the gate of Konoha. If you have time, please go to the gate of Konoha to help the preparation department.”
Akabane spoke very quickly, and since they had already agreed with him before, so this time he just told the specific time and place, not too detailed.
After everyone answered, Akabane hurriedly ordered Dream Weaver to cut the connection.

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