Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 195


Too much consumption!
Akabane took a few breaths, just a few seconds of networking, consuming nearly 30% of his mental power.
If this continues, when can the LAN be built?
What a headache!
But after thinking about it for a moment, he suddenly felt something was wrong.
Don’t dream tapirs feed on spiritual energy, can they draw other people’s power from dreams?
It is reasonable to say that it should be possible to reinvest the absorbed spiritual energy to maintain the consumption of dreams. Why is it all consumed by myself this time!
He figured out the reason, and suddenly looked at the little guy fiercely and asked: “Did you use all my mental energy, and also eat it all by yourself?”
“This… this, of course not, you have misunderstood!”
Dream Weaver eyes panicked and looked randomly, obviously with a guilty conscience.
“I knew it, it must be your fault, otherwise how could it consume so much?”
 Akabane raised his eyebrows and closed the comic little tapir was reading.
Dream Weaver knew that he was caught red-handed, and sat on the table with a pitiful look.
This is a disguise!
He knows this guy is very shrewd, if he doesn’t teach him a lesson, the LAN he is planning for the future will definitely be delayed!
He sat down and said, “If you do this next time, I won’t give you any more comics. you hear me?”
“You only know how to threaten me with this…”
Dream Weaver mumbled as he pressed the comics, fearing that Akabane would snatch them away. After looking at Akabane, he knew that the young master was not joking.
As a result, it conceded: “I know, I’m just greedy, I did it because I can grow faster if I eat more!”
“Okay, you don’t have to be sad since I’m going to let you eat, but you can’t do this during battles.”
Akabane touched its head.
The loss of mental energy can be recovered, and with his mental power, it is not a big problem to give it a little every time.
The little dream tapir was ecstatic, it jumped up instantly and rubbed Akabane’s hand, then sat down with joy and continued to read his own comic.
It hasn’t come out for a long time, and a lot of updates have accumulated, and it is too busy to read.
“Okay. You go back first. If you want to take away a set of comics, go to Brother Yunlang and ask for it. My side is also very busy.”
Akabane rubbed his temple tiredly.
With so much mental energy wasted, when the shadow clone returns, he may not be able to withstand that moment of fatigue.
At least the local area network has been turned on for a while, although it is only a few seconds.
“I hope I can last longer next time. If it weren’t for this guy taking his fill, It wouldn’t have been so costly.”
Akabane murmured secretly in his heart.
The more people he pulls on his dreams, the greater the consumption he gets, but at the same time the more spiritual energy he can obtain.
In a sense, it is possible to reduce one’s own consumption to the greatest extent by obtaining the spiritual energy of the other party.
The premise is that a certain beast does not take it for itself.
He sighed softly, although he had already warned it once, but why the more he thought about it, the more he felt his summoned beast was unreliable.
The little dream tapir came back from outside.
It seems that it has gotten a lot of comics, and he can see obvious satisfaction from the beast’s face.
“Don’t forget to tell your family about me.”
Akabane once again reminds it.
Although this little beast has high wisdom, it has some characters that are really hard to handle, and it has to be asked again and again.
“I know, also, when you update, you must call me again!”
The little dream tapir is reluctant to leave.
This comic house is like a treasure to it. There are endless comics here. It would be so happy to live here forever.
Unfortunately, it was not possible.
With a bang, it returned to the Dream Tapir family through a jutsu.
“Master, your summoned dream tapir took away ten sets. Does it need that much?”
Kurama Yunlang counted, and he couldn’t help but feel pain.
He thought that the little guy couldn’t hold much by himself, so he didn’t think that the other party would know how to use ninjutsu, as he ate it all with one chop.
“It’s only ten sets, only two or three thousand ryo, don’t be so stingy.”
Akabane scolded.
Although they were all given away for free,
He doesn’t know how many summoned beasts will be interested in comics.
Forget it, don’t think too much. First, update the comics in front of you. Today’s One Piece comics can only be drawn by himself, I am afraid it will be too late if he doesn’t do it.

On Mount Myōboku, apart from Jiraiya training, he was also learning how to improve his art from the Kafei Hime comic.
He has borrowed it for three days.
In the past three days, he has been studying its advantages and mastering its most essential part.
It’s difficult, but fortunately, he has made some progress recently.
“Does it make sense for you to study this boring thing all day?”
A big toad jumped over, with a newly caught bug curled on its tongue.
“Gamabunta, this is the most supreme art of mankind… Haise~ forget it, you are a toad, you don’t understand our human art.”
When Jiraiya said that, he had a lonely aura of a master.
Gamabunta looked too disdainfully and then said: “For things like this, I would rather not understand it.
You have to focus on your training if you want to surpass that snake kid.”
“No, what I want to surpass now is not a boring person like Orochimaru, but him-Shinnosuke!”
Jiraiya also pointed to the author of the comic.
Gamabunta was too silent for a moment, obviously not understanding Jiraiya’s boring thoughts.
The next second, Jiraiya with a “swish” sound drew a picture.
What he drew was Two toads, one male and one female. And the two were put together doing something only toads know.
“Puff~ w-what did you draw!”
Gamabunta exclaimed as he pulled his weapon away.
You can’t tell the expression of the toad just from its expression, but by listening to their voice, you will know that it is very excited for an unknown reason.
” Ha Ha Ha Ha, although there are different aesthetics, art is common to all races.”
Jiraiya is also triumphant.
Although this uncle is really strong, the toad was still intoxicated with his painting skills!
“Idiot, don’t draw such boring things.”
As Gamabunta spoke, something seemed to be brewing in its mouth.
“Wait, d-don’t~!”
Jiraiya was also aware of the danger, ignoring other things, he took the lead in rushing to grab “Kafei Hime” in his arms.
Water-Style _Iron Cannon Jade!
A big spit directly affects the sketch of the toad Jiraiya drew and turned it into powder.
He quickly checked the book in his arms, and after confirming that there was no damage, he was relieved.
That was close!
Gamabunta squatted like a boss with a knife and a cigarette.
“Che, we both have this relationship, what a tight pretence.”
Jiraiya muttered as he carefully put away the comic, Gamabunta coming to find himself, indicating that the painful training time was about to begin again.
“Complete your ninjutsu training first!”
“Okay, I know.”
Jiraiya also sighed and began to train the nature change of the fire attribute Chakra.
Gamabunta on the other hand squatted on the side.
The current Jiraiya is far from being Gamabunta’s opponent, It is this fact that Fukasaku dares to rest assured that Gamabunta can supervise Jiraiya training alone.
Otherwise, with Jiraiya’s sloppy personality, if they let him train alone, I am afraid that in half an hour, they don’t know which bathhouse he will go to when he returns to Konoha
Ryuchi Cave.
Ichikishima Hime lay in her residence and went into a dormant state as usual.
However, at this time, she had a strange dream.
In her dream, there is a huge monster fox, which releases a terrifying chakra all over its body, hissing to the sky, and then madly destroying everything around it.
The picture is grand.
But what is this dream?
Cultivating to the point where they are, the idle dreams can no longer interfere with their sleep.
So she understood it in just a moment.
“It’s those nasty flies again!”
She gritted her teeth, and for snakes who like to sleep, dreams are simply their most disgusting existence.
But in the dream, even she has no choice but to slowly break free.
Ichikishimahime was cracking the dream while observing the situation of the dream and seeing what tricks these annoying dream tapirs wanted to do.
Not long after, a book appeared.
At the same time, a man’s voice appeared in the dream.
“A ninja consumed his life to seal the demon fox, and he died with his wife saving their son…”
Then, the dream changed.
A huge statue appeared in the distance. The statue was covered with paint and looked funny.
“Well, is this the human world? It’s really chaotic as ever.”
She looked at it and thought this book was pretty good. It would be okay for the dream tapirs to take in a little spiritual energy if such a service was needed.
With her strength, the spiritual energy escaping from her dream can be quickly restored, so the dream of the dream tapir will not have much impact on her strength.
With the comics in the dreams, Ichikishimahime read it with gusto and couldn’t help but praise:
“Well, you dream tapirs also know how to provide high-quality services. It is no longer the kind of rigid and disgusting mentally retarded dream.”
“If you like it, I will come again next time!”
The Dream Tapir gave a weird smile.
“Huh? Wait!”
When Ichikishimahime reacted, the dream began to collapse, and the book and the picture were all shattered in an instant.
At the same time, she woke up.
She was left on a cliffhanger…
She wants to take back what she said before, these dream tapirs are as annoying as ever.
“Damn it, with the dream’s rigid mind, it is impossible for them to come up with such a thing, I must know who instigated them to do it.”
Ichikishimahime gritted her teeth.
It must be from Konoha, although the author’s name has been erased, as long as we find people related to Konoha, it’s not difficult to know who did it.
“Manda seems to have signed a contract with a little kid from Konoha, and if I ask him to ask which little kid is the cause…well, he can ask the kid to bring a whole set back.”
Afterwards, she left her residence and went to where Manda was.

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