Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 196


“The recruitment fair of the ninja reserve department is now open. Those who are interested in applying for the job, go to the gate of Hidden Leaf Village today, ask for…”
Banners hang all over Konoha’s major streets.
Akabane sat in the temporary shed set up by the guard at the door, waiting for Chunins to apply for the job.
Around him, a bunch of friends of his age were busy helping with some trivial tasks of recruitment, while Shimi and Ishi sat there, sorting out some information.
These materials were submitted to his Shadow Clone during the Q&A session yesterday.
Those people are quite interested in the teacher position and ask the most diligently.
Not long after…
More than a dozen Chunin came, and they were ready to apply for the position.
Aren’t they Genin?
But seeing the little kids working in the shed, these Chunin ninjas become hesitant, it is hard to say that these little kids are also the staff of the preparation department.
“Hello, We Genin will serve you wholeheartedly.”
“You Genin will?”
The Chunin were at a loss.
Inuzuka Ishi ignored their confused look as he patiently explained to them: “In the Preparatory Department, there will be a Genin institute. The purpose of this institute is to assist Teachers in managing the training and learning of Genins.”
“So that’s how it is.”
This is much more convenient…
Because with these institutions, they can leave trivial things to them.
The Chunin immediately understood.
“May I ask what positions you are applying for. We already have theoretical lecturers here, but we still lack Ninja Tool training instructors and latent training instructors…”
Inuzuka Ishi familiarly reported all the currently missing positions.
After hearing Ishi, the confusion on the Chunin faces turned into hesitation.
Because there are too many positions, and they don’t know which one to choose.
Not far away, Akabane was enjoying the coolness in the shed under the shade of the trees, while quietly paying attention to the situation there.
For now, the Genin will be led by Inuzuka Ishi.
Because although it’s his first time, he can handle them confidently and orderly without any confusion.
Those Chunin turned around and finally seemed to determine the position they were applying for.
“I hope I can end the recruitment today, otherwise I will be too tired.”
Shimi sat down and looked listlessly at the front.
“Don’t be so dull, someone is coming.”
Akabane poked him, then adjusted his posture, waiting for the man to come.
The visitor is about 30 years old and looks very serious. When he walked in front of them, he slowly sat down and said: “I’m curious, you hired these mentors, but what do you do?”
Akabane glanced at the information card and raised his brow slightly.
Shiranui Ryosuke, Special-Jonin, is good at Ninja Tool manipulation, Earth-style, Fire-Style, and is a very strong guy in some aspects.
This time, he came, obviously not just to apply, but to find fault.
Is it Personal reasons, or family?
Shiranui is a small clan, and their family is not thriving, probably similar to a clan such as Yūhi.
Akabane thought in his mind, but his mouth didn’t stop as he said: “As the chief training instructor, I am responsible for planning and guiding the training of the preparation department. What needs to be responsible is not simply teaching, but what to teach, how to teach, and only in this way can the students’ combat effectiveness be maximized so that they can blend into the battlefield as soon as they are on the battlefield.”
“How are you going to achieve it? Do you think that such teaching can be better than a Jonin leading the team?”
Shiranui Ryosuke said.
Oh, so he is a defender of the old system?
Akabane understood something in his heart, and changed his tone: “No, an experienced shinobi personally leading the team is naturally better than group training, but does the Jonin in the village have this time? Besides, there are so many Genin in the village, why is that? Because they lacked a Jonin teacher. So they could only return to the Ninja Academy.”
Shiranui Ryosuke fell silent.
Jonin Level is relatively the leadership level of the army. Especially During the war where Jonin was needed the most.
“Our preparatory department is to develop student’s abilities to the greatest extent, and then observe what direction they are good at, and implement the previous system of leading the team for talented people.”
Akabane said slowly.
Comprehensive training, layered selection, teaching based on the best, and teaching students in accordance with their aptitude.
Shiranui Ryosuke is not an idiot, and he basically understood Akabane’s philosophy after listening.
To put it plainly.
The purpose of the preparation department is not to teach elites such as the upper and lower ninjas, but to quantify the middle and lower ninja classes.
For big families, this seems to be useless, but many civilians who were originally incapable of promotion due to their talents may be trained in schools and promoted from the lower to the middle.
Chunin is the real mainstay of the war.
Shiranui Ryosuke was silent for a long time, and finally sat down on his knees and bowed deeply and apologized: “I’m very sorry, I questioned the decision of you and the village. I don’t know if I have the honour to become the ninja tutor of the Preparatory Department.”
“Normally, screening and competition are required…”
Akabane hesitated, according to the normal process, an applicant had to go this way, but the other party was Special-Jonin……
In addition, why did a Special-Jonin… apply for this job, so he thought the other party was looking for trouble.
Seeming to understand his doubts, Shiranui Ryosuke stretched out his foot and said:
“My leg was injured in the war and cannot be completely recovered, so I don’t have the ability to go to the battlefield, but if I just teach ninjas, it shouldn’t trouble me.”
Akabane took a look, his legs were covered with hideous scars, especially the scar on his knee.
It looks like an arrow in the knee…
No longer possesses the flexibility of w ninja, indeed can no longer be a normal ninja.
Shimi hesitated for a moment and said, “Why don’t we exempt you…”
“Hahaha, don’t worry, it’s not that bad, I don’t think I will lose to anyone, I implore you to let me follow the normal process.”
Shiranui Ryosuke said as he got up.
He got up very slowly, obviously, his right leg was not that good.
Akabane fell into thought.
He doesn’t know Shiranui Ryosuke’s situation, but it really exceeded his expectations, and it also reminded him of something.
In the village, there is not only Ryosuke, a special Jonin who have the same problem, as there are also many other ninjas who are unable to go to the battlefield due to their injuries. Although these people have various defects, they have extremely rich battlefield experience and unquestionable strength.
Shadow Clone Jutsu!
“Please wait for a moment, I will ask the Third Hokage-sama and mention to him the matter just now.”
These people are absolutely precious to the preparation department.
Akabane got up, leaving behind the clone and Shimi and others as he left.
Hiring these special ninjas can not only solve the problem of the instructor but also help some ninjas who have difficulties but still have the aspirations to contribute to the village.
Of course, not every ninja with disabilities can be like Shiranui Ryosuke who can still teach students normally, so the official mentor recruitment here does not need to be cancelled.
He rushed all the way to the Hokage Building.
Mentioned the matter to the Third Hokage and expressed his thoughts.
Hiruzen fell into contemplation.
Regarding disabled ninjas, the village has always used financial subsidies and compensation to help them.
But in this form…
“Your idea is very good. Not only the reserve department, but the guards can also hire these Special Jonin as consultants.”
The Third Hokage understanding diverged, and various ideas quickly came to mind.
The wars of this age were not accompanied by Medical-nin. Most ninja that got a heavy injury died on the battlefield. Only Special-Jonin and Jonin had the chance to survive and receive medical treatment from the rear.
But even if they are healed, there is no superb medical ninjutsu only simple medical ninjutsu combined with drugs, and they will not heal at all.
Therefore, there are quite a lot of disabled Jonin in the previous World War I. Some of them have returned to their posts without affecting the battle, but many have lost the ability to go to the battlefield and do missions.
Letting them join these positions is indeed a very good plan for Konoha, who is now in the dark.
“I will immediately hold a meeting to collect a list of seriously disabled ninjas, and arrange them as consultants and specially-appointed teachers to join the Ninja Academy, the Guards, and the Reserve Department. You don’t have to worry about this. I will arrange it.”
Hiruzen were very decisive and immediately started to act after making a decision, as he even left Akabane behind.
But although he was all alone, Akabane was so happy.
With the Third Hokage initiating to do it, he doesn’t need to do anything.
There are his shadow clones and Shimi and others sitting at the job fair, and they don’t seem to need help for the time being.
Thinking about it this way, isn’t that mean he can relax again?
An unconcealable smile appeared on his face, and after Hiruzen left, he returned to the comic shop with great joy.
“Young master, what are you doing here…”
“Hahaha, I am a shadow clone, I come back to draw comics.”
Akabane said with a smile.
Kurama Yunlang nodded knowingly, he didn’t ask again but continued to arrange the comics.
Looking at him, he seems to be looking for some preceding comics and he couldn’t help but ask.
“What are you doing?”
“Orochimaru sent someone over and said that he needed five sets of comics. He is very busy now so he let me send them to him.”
Kurama Yunlang searched for a while and finally found the first comic that was previously under the box.
Want five sets?
Akabane was stunned for a moment, and then his eyes lit up-it seems the dream tapir family started their work faster than he thought!
“I’ll send it off, you don’t know where he is.”
Akabane took the initiative.
Since he wants to ask what is going on.
Kurama Yunlang was shocked. Is this the clone of the young master? How is it completely different from the main body, so diligent that he even took over the work of errands?
He stupidly gave him five sets of comics, Akabane took it, and immediately went to Orochimaru laboratory.
The research institute has already started reconstruction, and it is estimated that it will be opened together with the preparation department. 
So during this time, Orochimaru will have to work in the Anbu laboratory first.
But Danzo has already left, and the one currently in charge of the Anbu is Aburame Yume, so there is no pressure on him when he enters.
And it didn’t take long for him to find the laboratory.
Orochimaru just finished his research and sat there while communicating with a snake.
“Orochimaru, here is your comic.”
Akabane went in and put five sets of comics.
The little snake glanced at Akabane, then at the comics on the table, it nodded in satisfaction and said, “Very well, Lord Manda is very satisfied with your sacrifice.”
After it finished speaking, it swallowed the comics in one mouthful and delivered it to the hidden cave of Ryuchi through the reversed summoning jutsu.
Sacrifice for Manda?
Akabane froze for a moment, remembering a setting in the naruto.
Every time Orochimaru summon Manda, he must offer certain sacrifices, but after his comic was known in Ryuchi Cave, will it be–
“Orochimaru, this time you have to pay a hundred comics as a sacrifice, otherwise I will eat you!”
Well, this deja-vu is very strong.
Orochimaru sighed lightly. After the snake left, he said painfully: ” I don’t know what happens to Manda, but he suddenly sent someone this morning and said that he wanted five sets of manga as a sacrifice…”
Of course, it’s because of the dream tapir.
Akabane said inwardly.
However, he still felt that something was wrong. Manda was so big, so how could he read such a small comic?
Furthermore, these five sets…
Could it be the other snakes will also read it?

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