Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 198


Kurama Yunlang smiled and asked, “Jiraiya, where is my book Kafeihime?”
“This, this… wait a minute, I’ll pay you the money first.”
Jiraiya also scratched his head awkwardly.
Because he was busy practising, he didn’t have much time to study Kafeihime painting skills.
Now he is still far behind, and he can only pay four hundred ryo.
“Okay, there is One Piece, Naruto, and the newly-introduced Manga, Love in the Desert. In addition, Orochimaru also buys a lot of comics today. How many sets do you want?”
Kurama Yunlang smiled brightly.
Orochimaru patronized a lot today, contributing tens of thousands of ryo, and this one might also be doing the same.
He overestimated Jiraiya’s wallet.
Most recently, this child who was on Mount Myōboku has not been on a mission. And although Orochimaru is the same, he still benefited from his various researches. So his wallet has been bulging, but Jiraiya is different.
Except for the income of the mission, he only has the share of the comic “Kindly Desert”.
Although there are a lot of them, one volume is only 100 ryo. After being divided, he has earned only thousands of ryo.
Therefore, Jiraiya also fell into hesitation.
Looking at his dilapidated wallet, he realized his poverty, and finally put a finger: “Give me two sets of both.”
“All two sets, yes, please wait a moment.”
Although very disappointed, the two sets were also quite high in sales. So he quickly turned around and began to organize the comics in the shop.
“By the way, you don’t need to include my book.”
Jiraiya also added another sentence.
Anyway, the toads do not understand human art, and buying them will only hurt his wallet. It is better to save some money.
Kurama Yunlang quickly searched.
Before long, he made two sets of One Piece and Naruto.
Akabane didn’t come out and watched in secret in the lounge.
These comics are obviously not for him, and it seems that his business on Mount Myōboku has also successfully expanded.
Dream Tapir advertising ability is very strong.
But think about it, he felt it was not strange since a dream that cannot be rejected is the most disgusting psoriasis advertisement in the new era of Ninja.
He sighed for a while, then opened the system panel.
In just half a day, his points panel has soared for a while, and now his total points have reached more than three thousand.
Sure enough the immortal is different, with just five volumes, more than two thousand points were received 
After this wave of fleece, there are very few such surges.
“Well, but logically speaking, the strength of those immortals should be able to raise even more. That means that not all like to read his comics.
Akabane sighed regretfully.
After all, comics are not something that everyone likes to read. What’s more, there is still a gap between aesthetics and views between snakes and people. Not everyone sees it normally.
Forget it.
At any rate, it is better to have gained so many points than nothing. He doesn’t know how many points Mount Myōboku toads can give.
He was full of expectations.
Although his physical fitness and mental power are improved, it seems he can only change his 3000 points for 13 attributes points.
But it is not really strange since it’s not easy to improve a Jonin level ninja physical or mental power.
Perhaps small progress will require years and decades of hard work. In comparison, this point exchange is a very fast shortcut.
“This is money, collect it.”
Jiraiya also took out his wallet and counted out a part of the money from it.
Then he left.
But it looks like he didn’t plan to go back directly.
Think about it, with Jiraiya personality, he should go to the bathhouse. Otherwise, it’s not weird for Jiraiya to lose his mind from watching toad every day.
Akabane stuck his chin out and looked through his exchange list.
The story of the Chunin exam is about to reach its climax, should I save some points to redeem ninjutsu?
But think about it, there seems to be nothing worth redeeming.
Wood-Style, Impure World Reincarnation, this ninjutsu are temporarily unavailable, and ninjutsu such as Dead Demon Consuming Seal, he passed on it since although it is a powerful sealing jutsu, it also needs sacrifice.
Thinking about it this way, it’s better to change some attributes.
After spending more than 3,000 points in one breath, he added the 13 attribute points in his mental stats.
Now he has a total of 113 points of mental power!
Although the value is not much, Akabane feels that the improvement is not small, and the increase in his mental power will also increase his Chakra.
In general, the price-performance ratio of the exchange property is still the highest.
Mount Myōboku at this time.
A bunch of toads gathered together, jumping and around impatiently, and some were walking around boredly.
“Jiraiya that brat, why hasn’t he come back yet.”
Fukasaku Sage came back after strolling around and found that Jiraiya hadn’t returned yet.
not only that.
It seemed that everyone was very impatient.
“What the hell happened?”
He was puzzled.
Everyone usually either cultivates or goes out hunting. There is not so much time to gather together. 
So today is very strange.
“My lord, those dream tapirs are coming back to seize our energy. Not only that, but they also transformed their dreams into compulsory comics, so everyone has to read a comic called Naruto.”
Gamabunta sighed softly, looking a little tired.
He had been stolen a lot of spiritual energy, if it weren’t for the fear that there were too many toads here, he would want to sleep.
“Forced to read a comic? Naruto?”
Fukasaku Sage suddenly thought of the comic with the nine-tailed demon fox on his mind. It was true that he hadn’t read it for a while. That story is pretty good to kill time.
He glanced a few times, pondered for a moment and then asked: “When did Jiraiya leave?”
“It’s been a long time, and he hasn’t come back yet.”
Gamabunta said listlessly.
“Bring him back through the reversed summoning, that kid must have gone to the bathhouse again. If you don’t reverse summon him, you won’t see him until tomorrow.”
On Mount Myōboku, on the understanding of Jiraiya, for the time being, Fukasu Sage know him the best—
Although Gamabunta said that he will be his partner in the future, it is only not long after they have just trained together, and the two have not even trained a stable cooperative relationship.
When Fukasaku Sage said that, he then quickly directed everyone to prepare a reverse to summon the jutsu formula.
Many toads are very energetic, It’s not that they haven’t been kindly let off by the dream tapir, but they are full of enthusiasm when they think that there will be a comic hereafter they summon Jiraiya.
It didn’t take long for the chakras to condense and the operation was completed.
After a burst of smoke, a figure appeared on the mountain.
Jiraiya body who was still wet appeared as his body emit steam from time to time, apparently he just soaking in the hot spring.
not only that.
There is still an unspeakable smell on him. It is probably a hot spring in a mixed bath.
“Jiraiya, you brat!”
Gamabunta shouted as he had the urge to take his knife and chop this guy down.
“Sage, I was wrong, please let me go back to get my clothes and the comic book. “
Jiraiya was ashamed and felt a little regret.
He was just about to say it, but he was suddenly summoned. When he went back, he was afraid that all the beautiful aunts had left already.
Fukasaku Sage is very calm. He had expected this scene.
Besides, he is used to it.
Jiraiya also apologized as frequently as he made mistakes, and his confession was completely meaningless.
But it’s not a matter to let him be executed publicly in this way. As they needed the comic.
So he glanced at him and nodded slowly.
As if he received his pardon, Jiraiya hurriedly returned to Konoha. As he expected, those beautiful aunts were scared away when he suddenly disappeared.
He becomes lost as if it’s the end of the world.
After soaking for an hour waiting for the beautiful aunts to come in the mixed bath, but the result…
It’s too hard!
Jiraiya put on his clothes and returned to Mount Myōboku with the comics. Only then did he notice that there are at least 20 toads here—
The big toads never came, mostly small toads, but these little toads are the most difficult to deal with.
Each one is self-willed and presumptuous, and there are super-strong parents behind them so that Jiraiya did not dare to make any comments on them.
But that’s not the problem right now, the most serious problem is that he only has two sets of comics.
What Should I do?
He was panicking.
“Jiraiya, get out the comics.”
Gamabunta squatted down.
“Hurry up, I have to go back to sleep when I am done.”
The rest of the toads jumped over and surrounded Jiraiya, with the intention of not letting him go if he didn’t give them a comic each.
Not far away, Fukasaku Sage’s seeing this felt something was wrong. 
Jiraiya swallowed his saliva, shaking his hands and took out the package from his arms.
Afterwards, he unfolded the package.
“Looks like it’s finally here, I look forward to it.”
“I can finally read the comics.”
The little toads cried happily.
The happier they are, the more flustered Jiraiya become.
No matter how he thinks about this scene, he knew that he finish. If this group of toads find that there are only two chapters, he is afraid that they are going to let him buy the rest of the chapter for them.
My purse!
“Here, I’ll go back to Konoha first if it’s okay.”
Jiraiya finally got out of the pile of toads.
Little Toad is attracted by the comics, and Gamabunta is too trapped to move. This is an excellent opportunity.
When he walked away for a few steps and wanted to return to Konoha, he found that there was an extra figure beside him.
Looking down.
Fukasaku Sage?
“This… this, I’m not going to run, the teacher is looking for something for me to do.”
Jiraiya defended himself.
“Don’t worry, you have been in Mount Myōboku for this period of time. It is understandable that you have no money to buy comics. I just want to go to Konoha with you and meet this kid named Kurama Akabane.”
Fukasaku Sage jumped on his shoulder and motioned for him to use the jutsu.
Worthy of being a sage…
Jiraiya also retreated in an instant, and his careful thought was completely seen through.
The rest of the toads obviously also found the problem.
Although there are two different comics, there are only four chapters in total, which is not enough.
They might jump up and pester Jiraiya and ask him to buy some more, but now Fukasaku Sage is next to Jiraiya. They dare not make too much trouble, so they can only share a book with a few toads…
Gamabunta on the other hand just took a glance and went to sleep on the side.
Jiraiya had no choice but to bring Fukasaku Sage to Konoha. He didn’t know the purpose of Fukasaku Sage but the toads of Mount Myōboku were relatively mild and would not pose a too terrible threat to Akabane.
Even though he is a sage, he probably just going to take a look.
Therefore, after returning to Konoha, he took Fukasaku Sage to the comic shop.
There are many Konoha summoned beasts, and a toad is not surprising, and although it attracts some eyes along the way, there is nothing outside of his control.
To the comic shop.
Fukasaku Sage looked around calmly, and finally pointed in another direction, saying: “Let’s go in this direction.”

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