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Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 199


That location?
Isn’t it the Kurama Clan?
Jiraiya was also suspicious, but he still followed Fukasaku Sage’s guidance and headed to the Kurama clan place.
Akabane’s original intention when he bought the comic shop was that it was close enough to his house.
Even if he returned to the Kurama clan, it was still not difficult for Fukasaku Sage to feel him.
of course……
Why does he know Akabane? That’s a problem.
Jiraiya was like a mount, as he was carrying a sage on his shoulder and it didn’t take long for them to arrive in front of Akabane house.
“Well, won’t you go up?”
Fukasaku Sage felt it was a little strange. Normally, when visiting other people’s homes, shouldn’t you go through the main entrance? Why did Jiraiya run straight down the window when he came here?
“This one……”
Jiraiya also had difficulty answering for a while.
To ask why it can only be said that habit has become natural. He glanced around and said, “Do you want to enter from the front door?”
“Is his room above? Then that’s not necessary. The kid might avoid seeing us so it’s better to climb this up.”
Fukasaku Sage seems to have a certain understanding of Akabane, even though he knows that the kid is lazy.
Jiraiya also froze for a moment, obviously also aware of this.
He kept struggling in his heart, and he hesitated for a while and asked: “Fukasaku Sage, should you treat Akabane…”
“Don’t worry. It’s not what you think.”
Fukasaku Sage said as he glanced at him, then poked him, letting Jiraiya climb up. upstairs.
Akabane sits opposite his shadow clone, sorting out the sketches he has just finished.
“After today’s painting is finished, the next volume will be the story of the Hyuga clan, their side…”
The shadow clone was halfway talking and suddenly saw the body put a finger on.
Akabane used his perception abilities to detect the uninvited guests outside the window, and he sensed Jiraiya’s Chakra, besides him, there was a very strange but powerful creature.
Together with Jiraiya, the silhouette almost overlaps…
Which of the two Sages of Mount Myoboku?
Akabane felt a bad feeling in his heart. With the Sage of Mount Myboku came to visit him in person, is it because he instigated the dream tapir and it was predicted by Great Toad Sage?
Or, my own appearance changes the future, so I was noticed by the big toad immortal…
No way!
His heart was beating fast, with how strong the opponent is, he can’t hide from them.
So he can only bite the bullet and look at the other party’s purpose.
Open the window
With a loud noise, Akabane was stunned for a moment and saw an old toad swiftly jumping to the window as it landed on his window. As for Jiraiya, he was pushed down due to his action of opening the window.
Although Akabane vacated a place for him to enter, Fukasaku Sage politely started to talk: “cough, I am Mount Myboku Fukasaku Sage, young man, can you let me in?”
On the surface, Akabane put on a very surprised and extremely shocked look, he was stunned for a long time before quickly saying: “Please come in.”
“Thanks a lot then.”
Fukasaku Sage jumped in and saw his Shadow Clone on the bed. After a moment, he exclaimed, “It’s a good idea to use your Shadow Clone instead of yourself for work.”
“Thank you for the compliment, I heard Jiraiya talk about Mount Myoboku, but didn’t expect to be able to see it in person.”
Akabane said respectfully.
The other party’s first two sentences seemed meaningless, but they actually showed his kindness, meaning that he should not be so wary.
of course……
He didn’t believe it so easily, but based on his understanding of Fukasaku Sage in the comics of the previous life, the other party shouldn’t be a killer.
At most, just a warning.
“It’s a long story.”
At this time, Jiraiya finally climbed up from below. As a result, Fukasaku Sage turned his head and glanced and said with a smile, “Little Jiraiya, you can go Do what you want to do, don’t stay here anymore.”
Jiraiya also froze for a while, which meant that he was going to be a distraction, and his heart became more and more gloomy. 
‘Dont tell me you’re really going to hurt my friend?’ He couldn’t help but think.
“It’s okay, you can do your own thing, Jiraiya.”
Akabane smiled.
Behind Fukasaku Sage is the whole Mount Myboku. If he really wants to do something to him, Jiraiya can’t stop it either.
Of course, he wouldn’t just stand there to be slaughtered.
Jiraiya was also anxious but knew that his presence was inappropriate, so he could only leave as he was told.
But in this state, he was not in the mood to go to the bathhouse or do what he liked, so he could only sit in the small forest outside and stare at Akabane’s window.
“That kid cares about you, and Konoha’s atmosphere is better than before.”
Fukasaku Sage’s tone is very kind, like a homely chat.
Akabane smiled and said: “This is thanks to the wise management of the Third Hokage-sama that Konoha has today’s peace.”
“Okay, boy, you don’t need to be so defensive. Why don’t we go to your illusion? Your Kurama clan has this ability.”
Fukasaku Sage is sincere and willing to let Akabane perform the operation on his own initiative
As long as you understand the illusion of the Kurama clan, you must know how dangerous and terrible it is to enter their illusion.
“Then I won’t be disrespectful.”
Akabane drew a few strokes at random, and then the two entered the illusion at the same time.
In a blank scene, Fukasaku Sage and Akabane’s illusionary figures appeared at the same time, followed by a table and two rocking chairs.
Fukasaku Sage sat down comfortably, shook the chair, and said with satisfaction: “Not bad, as Great Toad Sage said, you are a child who knows how to enjoy yourself.”
“The Great Toad Sage said that?”
Akabane was surprised–
This time he was not pretending, but he was really shocked.
Fukasaku Sage coming to him, it turned out that Great Toad Sage mentioned himself.
Could it be that he was caught as a traveller?
“Great Toad Sage is the oldest and wise elder in Mount Myoboku, with a strong prophecy.”
Fukasaku Sage explained.
Afterwards, it paused for a moment and said: “I come to you so that you can accept the guidance of Great Toad Sage.”
“Great Toad Sage has any predictions about me?”
“It’s not a prophecy. It’s just that he dreamed of you, some fragments of your past, so he have a certain degree of understanding of you who he has never met.”
Fukasaku Sage shook the chair. As an old toad, he quickly mastered the essence of the lazy chair, and he had a great time playing and was very leisurely.
It’s really easy to use, at least it’s not stressful.
If it weren’t for its toad appearance, Akabane would even think that the other party is a Lazy old man instead of the legendary Mount Myboku Sage.
Akabane was lost in thought.
Just a fragment of the past…
Guessing from what Fukasaku Sage said, it should be a fragment of himself after he transmigrated, otherwise Fukasaku Sage will not mention words like “know how to enjoy”.
To know how to enjoy, to read from another angle is lazy.
The former Kurama Akabane is not lazy, but his body is very wasteful-these are two different things.
“After listening to Great Toad Sages dream, I’m very curious about you. It happened that something happened on Mount Myoboku, so I went down the mountain with Jiraiya and went to Konoha to take a look. And also to discuss something.”
Fukasaku Sage speaks slowly but does not hide his intention. The entire process of development and why he came down the mountain in a few words is fully explained.
It’s due to the advertisement of the Dream Tapir.
Aka and also understood it, and said with a dry cough, “My lord, what do you mean?”
“Young man, I don’t understand your intention to let the Dream Tapir promote your comics, but it becomes a problem in Mount Myboku. You should let the Dream Tapir family stop what they were doing.”
Fukasaku Sage sighed.
The Dream Tapir previously is not a problem, but now that they have Akabane who have many insidious ideas, he was afraid that Mount Myboku will become turbulent due to them.
“This… I can only say that I try my best.”
Akabane dare not say he promised.
He lacks an understanding of the Dream Tapir family, but from the current information, the Dream Tapir family is divided into two types.
One has the characteristics of creating dreams and illusions and is relatively small in size, while the other is good at ninjutsu and eating genjutsu and has a larger body.
“You should try your best. Those dream tapir at first only have rigid dreams, and the spiritual energy they can absorb is also none existent, but due to your crooked idea, it becomes problematic.”
 Fukasaku Sage seems to have something to say but stop.
They have fought with the Dream Tapir for so many years, and they have a tacit understanding of each other. Although they are sometimes annoying, they will not cause too much disturbance.
But right now…
It’s a mess.
Akabane smiled back and said to do his best.
Fukasaku Sage got up, looked at the rocking chair underneath, and said, “Do you have this chair at home?”
“If you need it, I can ask the family to make one for you.”
Akabane smiled brightly.
“Ahem, how embarrassing it is.”
“It’s okay. In addition, the toads like my comics so much. I’m happy to send a few more sets. Just now, Mr. Yamano delivered the update. You can bring the updated content to the little toads.”
Akabane is very hospitable as he said that.
Fukasaku Sage jumped out of the rocking chair and said very vigilantly: “You have signed the contract for the dream tapir. Don’t hit us on Mount Myoboku.”
“How can it be, it’s just a little thought.”
Akabane releases his Genjutsu and then took Fukasaku Sage out of the house. In order to prevent his parents from seeing the toad sage to make a fuss about nothing, he especially left through his window.
When Jiraiya also saw Akabane coming out with a toad on his shoulder, he was relieved and hurried out from the woods to greet them.
Today Izumi Yamano sent Naruto Chapter 91 to Chapter 95, as well as the five follow-up episodes of One Piece.
Apart from these, there is also a book of the Amusing Daily Life of Hashirama.
 Yes, Uzumaki Mito’s debut work is finally out.
These plus some of the previous updates, Akabane packed five sets in one go and gave them to Fukasaku Sage as a personal gift.
Fukasaku Sage was embarrassed, but he honestly accepted the gift and didn’t make any excuses.
For this, even Jiraiya feels somewhat ashamed.
You are a Sage, but you don’t even pay…
He wanted to pay for it, but the five sets of comics cost tens of thousands of ryo. His current net worth is only that much, not to mention that he had paid for two sets before.
“Well, kid, although you are very slippery, you are doing very well. In between, I will give you some small rewards.”
Fukasaku Sage Squatted on Jiraiya’s shoulder, said apiece, There are many types of Genjutsu, and the sound can also be Genjutsu. For example, I have a frog croaking Genjutsu on Mount Myoboku. If you can develop a way to create Illusory Domain with sound, your Genjutsu level Will bring it up a level.”
“Thank you for the Sage teaching.”
He already knew this…
Even so, he still has to thank him.
Akabane thanked him, and Jiraiya took these comics and returned to Mount Myoboku with reverse summoning jutsu.
This wave of comics brought home may bring a lot of points. In addition, in the recent update, Kyuubi has officially appeared, and at the same time, there is also Gamabunta!

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