Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 2 The Awakening


After the exchange was successful

Akabane opened his eyes.

He felt that his vision was still blurred, so he decided to take it slow. He also felt that his body become even more fragile. 

Even so, he felt his awareness toward surrounding becomes sharper.

At this moment, he could “perceive” his surroundings even when his eyes being closed.

Of course…

Akabane knew that he hadn’t reached that stage yet. This was just the illusion that appeared when the skill had been awakened.

After a few seconds, this irregularity gradually disappeared.

He opened his eyes again as he looked around.

Other than him, everyone looks fine. After all, he slept earlier in class.

Everyone understands his circumstance because of his weak physique.

He was focusing his sight and picked up the pen and try to draw on the paper.

In a few seconds, he drew Jiraiya’s portrait on his paper.

Then on the other side of the paper, he quickly drew another thing.

He drew a hand near Jiraiya’s head and finished it with wrote an exclamation, “Slap!”

Suddenly the pen falls…


The real Jiraiya uttered a pain, “Ouch!” he shouted in pain as he was covering his head, looked at Tsunade angrily: “Tsunade, is it you?”

“What are you talking about?”

Tsunade is too lazy to care about him.

If she wants to beat him, she didn’t need to speak at all.

“That means it’s you, sneaky snake!”

Jiraiya also turned to look at the back table.

“You are indeed a fool.”

Orochimaru sneered, then looked at Akabane thoughtfully.

He saw it.

No one is doing anything from the beginning, so it could be he only imagining things.

The illusion that can make people feel the pain is only from the Kurama Clan. They are able to use the control of five senses.

With the control of five senses ability, it even can turn “Imaginary” into a “real” thing.

Orochimaru could not help but show envy towards that ninjutsu

“The one who’s noisy go to the outside of the classroom!”

Hiruzen scolded, but his eyes glanced at Akabane quietly.

Jiraiya also rubbed his head and looked around tried to find the culprit.

Akabane pretended not to have anything to do with him, but he couldn’t help but felt excited.

With the Control of Five Senses as the Gekkei Genkai of the Kurama Clan has finally appeared, and his effort was not in vain.

Then he once again looked at his attributes, and something has surprised him.


Name: Akabane Kurama

Ninja level: Academy Student

Physique : 3 (+)

Mental Power : 48 (+)

Main Chakra attribute: Yin

Equipment: Pen, drawing board

Ninjutsu : (1) Five senses control

Points: 1


What surprised him was not his new ninjutsu, but his chakra has risen by 14 points in an instant!

If he let Jiraiya know, he will be jealous.

Make more troubles…

Akabane rubbed his temples. The higher the chakra, the greater the burden for his weak body.

After he awakens the Kekkei Genkai, he felt more tired, partly due to his instant increase in chakra.

“It seems that I must first increase my physique.”

Akabane reached out and tapped the “+,” and immediately, a prompt appeared.

[Exchanging 1 point of the Physique will consume 1 point. Accept?] [Exchanging 1 point of mental power will consume 10 points. Accept?]

“It seems that my stats will go up, but the price will gradually increase to.”

Akabane shook his head regretfully and exchanged 1 point for his body.

[Accept] [1 Point consumed] [Physique rose to 5]

However, Akabane did not feel anything, which proves that his chakra is still far beyond his current body limit.

Unfortunately, there are no points left.

Originally he also wanted to slack and use points for Clone Jutsu,

It seems that to save more points, he needs to work hard.

After all, there is more precious Shadow Clone Jutsu on the list!

That ninjutsu requires 100 points.

With the help of Shadow Clone Jutsu, he can divide the shadow to make his comic, so he could sleep and recover.

A Perfect plan.

This is the life that the traverser should have!

“Well… I must force my clan to read my comics when I go back, ahahaha.”

To gain more points, forcing everyone is needed.

Akabane thought about the future, and the more he thought, the more he excited.

After a while, the class is over.

Hiruzen kept the promise and returned the comic to Tsunade. He didn’t want to make her upset.

Tsunade placed it on the table and then read the first chapter intensely.

The other classmates might need to fight for their turn.

Just after she finished read it, the comic quickly swept over. Some silly hand took it.

Everyone looked at it. The culprit was Jiraiya, but he acting innocent, they were shocked when he got the comic.

Jiraiya didn’t like Tsunade. He hasn’t finished reading when Tsunade takes the comic from him.

As they read it in turn

It contributed a few points.

Of course, the most important thing was that even Jiraiya had grabbed it, this comic is very engaging!

Akabane’s classmates bullied him before of being weak and can only draw comic, but now want to read it so badly.

This is necessary.

“I’m sorry, Naruto-san, I hurt the future ninja of Konoha…”

Akabane couldn’t help but shed tears and added the points he got to his system.

Now, he already has 5 points of Physique.

Even if it is not a big change, but he feels a slight improvement from his body.

He needs to work harder to get a better physique.

The class has over.

Akabane took the comic to prepare to go home, and several classmates immediately surrounded him.

Of course, these children will be the strongest ninja from this era.

The “Three Legendary Ninja.”

The “White Fang.”

Besides, there is Shinku Yuhi, the father of Kurenai Yuhi, The Third Hokage, and so on.

“Naruto Uzumaki is from Mito’s clan?”

“I can’t imagine that I will be growing up with this great ninja generation…”

His classmates asked him an endless question.

Akabane kept smiling and ignored them.

Before crossing, he looked at awe and admiration for his classmates.

But after that, Akabane found that these people were just children. With a comic system, he could reach the same level as these people in the future and even better.

“Damn, Akabane, answer my question!”

Seeing that the boy didn’t respond for a long time, Tsunade quickly stepped forward to block his way, and said with a sulky voice, “Humph!”.

Such an interesting person, not only scary but also very cute, made him want to continue to tease her.

With only 5 points of Physique, he can not stop that Tsunade anger.

For the sake of preserving his own life, Akabane decided to reveal something and appeased the little girl with a friendly tone “The characters in the comic are all my imagination, but Naruto Uzumaki did refer to certain information from Mito Uzumaki.”

Part of this answer was too pleased her, and the other part was to tell the adults that these things are just their fantasy and speculation, as if it’s not real.

There is still a long way of the timeline at the comic to happened, and Akabane’s remarks just make them more convinced that this is just a comic story.

“Sure enough, I know it!”

Tsunade proudly said, “That was a lot of shadow clone to produce in his age. The only one who can do it is the Yuki Clan.”

At The Hokage Office.

Hiruzen wondering and sighed, “It is indeed an interesting story, the future of Konoha…”

His aging look at Akabane’s comic didn’t give him any impression.

Birth and death are the processes of life.

But the future Konoha stirred his mind.

Will there be peace in the future?

The Third Hokage knew that the tranquility of the five great powers at the moment was just because they had to recover from the recent loss.

In a few years in the future, whatever the reason, the war will continue.

No matter who is going to win, war means death on both sides.

“He’s a smart and interesting child, also it seems he has awakened Kekkei Genkai, but with the current traits of Kurama Clan…”

Hiruzen talked to himself, and there are three slots under his name, with the names of Tsunade and Orochimaru above him.

The third name has not been decided.

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