Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 20


“First, your reaction time is too slow, and second, I already knew you wouldn’t listen to me. It’s easy to see your flaws.”

Akabane grabbed her hand and left without saying a word.

“Noo… just one time!”

Tsunade arched and pleaded for his mercy, but her cat face won’t work on him. He has built a wall of resistance to such acuteness.

The problem is, she was too strong, and Akabane couldn’t move an inch.

“Fine! Just get inside and gamble, but don’t hope about getting you comic anytime soon.”

Akabane let go of her hand, turned his head, and left her on the front door alone.

Tsunade almost cried, and her heart is confused to decide between losing her chance to gamble or losing her chance to get a comic. It’s a tough choice!

She struggled in pain.

That is too much of a burden for a child like her to choose.

Akabane walked a few steps and felt relieved after hearing Tsunade’s footsteps approaching him. As expected from his first fan!

Akabane just wants her to change the bad habit. Gambling wouldn’t lead her anywhere.

“I promise you that I won’t gamble from now on, now you’re obligated to give me a reward!”

Tsunade said it while sobbing from her loss.

“Haha, aren’t you shameless..”

Akabane sighed lightly.

“Humph! I’m not like Jiraiya.”

Tsunade pouted.

After the quarrel, they arrived at his house.

From a distance, Jiraiya saw them and looks puzzled.

“what are they doing together? Come to think of it. I’ve always seen them together since from the academy.” Jiraiya secretly thought.

“Why would Akabane be that close to someone that brute? Is he charmed by her!?”

“How on the earth?”

Jiraiya thought of Tsunade as a cute angel even though she punched him a lot.

So basically, he is jealous of their relationship.

“In terms of handsomeness, talent, and ability, I am no worse than Akabane… Well, it must be because Akabane can draw comics! to change Tsunade’s impression of me, I also want to learn comics!”

Jiraiya suddenly became fiery.

Akabane, who just had a long morning, didn’t notice of Jiraiya. He was so busy now dealing with Tsunade.

“Tsunade, can you take me to your clan’s printing factory?”

“Of course! but you have to lend me the original poster…”

Tsunade was pointing at Akabane’s posters looking sharply.

“No, can’t do, I still need it.”

Akabane refused without hesitation.

“No! They are mine!”

“Since when!?”

And they continued the quarrel.

After a while, Akabane became tired of her.

Tsunade was born with an enormous pool of stamina. She could babble all day.

Akabane finally gave up and tries to negotiate, “Well, you can choose three of these posters, but that’s all!”

“Five posters!?”

“Two!” Akabane made a counter-attack.

“Fine, fine, I’ll take three.”

Tsunade mutter, choose her reward and lead their way to the printing.

Akabane sighed lightly, not because he was stingy, but he wants his posters to be the door prize for his store’s grand opening. He would need to draw three posters again to fill up the quota.

Since he doesn’t want to waste too much energy.

They’ve been walking for sometimes, Akabane suddenly reacted, “I haven’t asked grandma Mito for how far the printing factory is?”

“Ehh, Tsunade, are we close yet?”

Akabane caught up and asked.

“Yeah yeah, just a little further.”

Tsunade said nonchalantly.

At first, Akabane believed her words, but later, he regretted believing Tsunade’s nonsense.

They’ve far away from the village and finally reached the factory in a small village under the mountain.

“Ah.. hah… You called his “a little further”!?”

Akabane was tried to catch his breath. This was the first time he traveled such a long distance!

“Yes, I used to jog farther than this every morning.”

Tsunade said with an innocent look.

“Ahh, you don’t say..”

As someone who has a weak physique, he was speechless and felt scammed.

“But I thought that you couldn’t walk this far, so always came late to class because of your physique is just an excuse?! Aren’t you the same as Jiraiya, huh?!”

Tsunade catches him red-handed.

Akabane was stunned for a while, not knowing how to reply.

Seeing his expression, Tsunade feels more satisfied. “Hmmm? What’s your excuse now??”

“No, It’s just… I just want to… don’t compare me to Jiraiya..”

Akabane sighed as he couldn’t explain his laziness.

They like to compare each other bad habits and correlated it to Jiraiya.

“Jiraiya is the lazy one, not me!”

After sighing slightly, he shook his head and found that Tsunade left him a few steps away.

“Ey! Wait for me!” Akabane runs immediately.

After catching up with Tsunade, Akabane slowed his pace and observed the surroundings.

It is very quiet here, and a small factory can be seen under the mountain not far away.

“This factory doesn’t belong to our clan. But we have a good relationship with each other. As long as you show the token, they will gladly help.

Tsunade pointed at the factory and say.

“You might want to deepen your relationship with them for your mutual benefit.”

Akabane speeds up and heads to the factory.

Tsunade, follow him slowly since her responsibility was to lead him here, and there is nothing to do with her.

Entering the factory, Akabane found that this was not just a printing factory.

While holding Mito’s token, he immediately saw a lot of kunai, shuriken, and many other weapons were being made..

Therefore, this factory seems to not only responsible for printing but to produce weaponry.

“This is not only a printing factory, this is an arsenal! would they accept to print my comics?”

Akabane looks back at Tsunade, felt a bit overwhelmed.

“What’s the problem? it’s okay you don’t’ have to worry about your comic content leaking.”

Tsunade took it normally but instead thought Akabane acting strangely.

Akabane was startled for a moment, then nodded and said, “No, I was wrong. This factory is the best!”

Yes, who would dare to steal comics in such a factory?

Then he glanced at the token in the palm of his hand and thinking inside.

Mito Uzumaki recommended him to come here for a reason, right?

“Ah, let’s just do it.”

Akabane shook his head, no longer thinking about meaningless things. He only needs to know how he is going to talk to the owner.

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