Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 201


“Finished, all the information is sorted according to the position, the next step is to analyze who is suitable.”
Shimi stretched his body.
It took a long time to finalize it, it was not easy!
He looked up, in a daze.
Where are Akabane and Shinnosuke?
Aren’t they still there?
“Going back first without Shimi. Is it really okay?”
“Can you help? Or, do you want to deal with those heady records together?”
Akabane and Shinnosuke got out of the soil.
Shinnosuke looked back several times, but thinking of the headache-inducing materials and dense texts, his scalp numb.
Although it was not a good idea, he still followed Akabane honestly.
On the run, Akabane has rich experience.
Besides, he also has a perception ability. After the perception ability is released, he can easily perceive the surrounding movement.
So avoiding Shimi perception is just a breeze.
Huh, Tsunade is in the Comic shop?
“Shinnosuke, I have to go first.”
Tsunade has been very busy recently, either studying how to use medical jutsu or observing those doctors in the hospital.
Not to mention looking for Akabane, even the doctors in the hospital had to pull her to eat.
So coming to find himself, there must be something important.
“Should I help?”
Shinnosuke thought about what was important and immediately asked out of concern.
“No, I will handle it myself.”
As his voice fell.
Akabane knotted his hands and left instantly.
Arriving at the comic shop at full speed, Akabane saw Tsunade sitting in front of the door, thinking about the comic in her hand.
She took more than one copy, many of which were previously released.
“Seeing you here, did your medical ninjutsu succeed?”
Akabane sat down as he asked.
Because of leaving halfway, coupled with the relationship between the job fair, there are no shadow clones stationed in the comic shop today, and Tsunade will indeed find no one if she comes to him.
“No, it’s still a long way, but I’m not the only one doing it now.”
“The auntie in the hospital also collected some medical information from other seniors, and the hospital also cooperated with the research institute to set up a medical ninjutsu research room, and many experienced medical personnel participated in the research.”
Tsunade had a slight smile on her face.
Although the original intention of studying medical jutsu was to enhance her recovery ability and then learn the sage model, but now she really likes the feeling of saving people.
Especially those who were not well treated before were cured quickly under her hands. Such a sense of accomplishment was unprecedented.
“Then congratulations.”
Akabane was happy for her. It was true that the medical jutsu was not perfect before Tsunade. Many techniques have long been recorded in private collections, but there is no specific name or inheritance so that they are gradually lost.
Now it can be considered they advance the medical system a bit.
Tsunade held the comic in her hand and continued: “After the last meeting in the morning, I suddenly thought of Kabuto in the manga, plus you sent medical staff to the frontline for rescue, so I rushed over to ask what you think about medical procedures and medical personnel.”
“Kabuto? Hmm, let’s talk while walking.”
Akabane glanced at the shop. Due to the manga’s recent updates this afternoon, there were quite a lot of people coming and going at the door, and it seemed that it was not easy to talk here.
“Then let’s go to the hospital while talking.”
Tsunade got up and prepared to walk along the road outside the village to the hospital.
She walked a few steps and then continued with what she said just now: “A lot of the corpses of our fellow ninjas were sent back yesterday. When I saw that scene, I suddenly thought of Kabuto in your comic.”
“Is it the Battle medical ninja?”
“Yes, although your comic hasn’t shown his ability yet, but from the plot, I guess he should be a ninja with superb medical skills and strong fighting ability. If this war can be equipped with such a ninja, the casualties will certainly not be so tragic. .”
Tsunade’s mood was slightly low.
No wonder the medical ninjutsu is strongly supported by the village, and she is not showing any joy in her accomplishment right now.
It is estimated that in the past few days, she has seen too many seriously injured people in the hospital, and some may even die in front of her…
The village is also determined to reduce casualties.
But the Land of Uzumaki is now in a mess. Not to mention ordinary ninjas without combat capabilities, even medical personnel with medium and lower ninja levels will be killed by various assassination methods in the Land of Uzumaki——
In the war, the primary target is naturally the most important person on the other side.
Without Tsunade’s reminder, Akabane had already seen the corpse that was quietly transported into the hospital.
And it’s Two corpses at that!
These two were corpses that could be transported back if conditions allowed, and there were more of them killed in battle because of the urgency of fighting, and corpses that were not in condition were destroyed on the spot.
“The requirements of the combat medical ninja are too high. It is very difficult to complete the system in a short time. In this respect, we are not even as good as Sand Village.”
Tsunade continued.
Sand Village is famous for its poisonous method.
Poison and medicine are interlinked and coupled with puppet jutsu and other means, Sand Village’s current medical ability is definitely the first among the five villages.
Konoha has no advantage.
Akabane took a few steps forward, thinking about the next plot in his mind.
In the next plot, apart from a large amount of Medical-Ninjutsu involved in Tsunade’s appearance, only the medical-ninjutsu and treatment techniques were used to treat Hinata.
Maybe it can…
The technique used to cure Hinata is the Mystical Palm Technique. The feature of this Jutsu is that it can not only heal teammates but also cause considerable damage to the enemy.
However, the Mystical Palm Technique is extremely difficult, even in later medical classes, few people have mastered it. Although there is now a prototype of the Mystical Palm Technique, it is currently only used for first aid and has not been thoroughly developed and utilized.
After thinking about it for a long time, Akabane decided to rush to paint the next volume and let Yamano Izumi publish that part as soon as possible.
“What are you thinking?”
Seeing that Akabane didn’t answer for a long time, Tsunade turned her head and asked with concern.
“I was thinking if the medical technique can be used on the enemy after a certain amount of use, such as…”
Akabane stretched out a finger, and then Chakra condensed towards his fingertip a little bit.
Before long, Chakra condensed into a thin blade.
Tsunade was stunned for a moment, and then felt wrong—the knife looked like a scalpel in a hospital.
“The Chakra scalpel can directly cut the muscles and blood vessels in the body without any damage on the outside. However, to complete this operation, I am afraid that a very high control ability of Chakra is required.”
Akabane explained.
Tsunade has a considerable medical foundation, and she can definitely understand what the Chakra scalpel implies, so he didn’t go into details after the brief introduction.
She pondered for a long time and said: “The chakra scalpel that is directly chakra condensed is very fragile and certainly cannot be used directly, so it should be coordinated with the hand seal.”
“That’s right. The perfect chakra scalpel can be used for surgery, and it can also attack the enemy. Of course, its attack method is mainly to cut the opponent’s muscles and destroy the opponent’s athletic ability.”
Akabane talked eloquently, he imitated and demonstrated the combat ability Kabuto used from Anime in his previous life.
Tsunade fell into deep thought.
This Jutsu is very useful and can even change certain surgical plans to some extent.
Of course, the premise is that it can be achieved.
She pondered for a long time, then took a deep breath and said: “Anyway, since I can’t go to the battlefield. I will develop this technique.”
On the battlefield?
Akabane was speechless for a while.
You are going to die on the battlefield, and if that happens, Uzumaki Mito will surely rampage.
But that said, it is estimated that Konoha’s medical team has already set off for the border of the Fire Country.
He thought for a while and followed Tsunade into the hospital.
Four or five corpses.
Some have been taken away and buried, otherwise there will be more.
The two of them are not low-profile, and they have a little relationship with the hospital, so no one prevents them from entering here.
All the way to the end, Akabane saw the Third Hokage.
“Lord Hokage.”
Akabane and Tsunade said hello.
Hiruzen nodded silently, glanced at these corpses, dressed in black as if to see off the ninjas.
After a long time, he paced away.
Tsunade and Akabane followed and walked out of this room. Then the Third Hokage said: “I heard from Tsunade, is it true that you have some thoughts about the Medical-nin system?”
“Uh, it’s just some ideas that I thought of for my comics, which are not thoughts.”
Akabane glared at Tsunade.
Unexpectedly, she sold himself in, she was really not honest at all.
“I have also read your comics. The characters named Kabuto, Death Soul, and the medical class are all interesting to me, so I want to hear your opinion.”
Hiruzen walked slowly.
He keeps up with the pace of the Third Hokage.
After sorting out his thoughts, Akabane said: “The current mission procedure is generally a four-person team. If a medical ninja who can adapt to combat can be nurtured, it will definitely reduce the disability rate of the ninja.”
“Of course, but how to achieve it?”
Hiruzen is very distressed.
These are common questions in recent days, everyone knows this issue, but how can they nurture medical ninjas who are adaptable to combat?
This is the biggest problem.
“As a current emergency method, the best option is to transform an ordinary ninja.”
Akabane said.
“Convert ordinary ninja?”
Hiruzen froze for a moment.
He never thought about this plan, because medical treatment is quite a hard thing to master and it requires a very high reserve of medical knowledge.
Such as Tsunade.
If she had not learned a lot of medical knowledge from Uzumaki Mito, it would be impossible for her to master medical jutsu in a short period of time and gradually develop some relatively mature techniques.
“I think they need to distinguish between battlefield first aid and regular treatment. For example, the most common healing technique. If one from the team understands it, then he can mend his team member’s trauma in an emergency. Even if he cannot heal severe injuries like severed limbs, he can at least guarantee his teammates safety.”
At Akabane’s words, not only Hiruzen was stunned, but Tsunade was also lost in thought.
Indeed, there are emergency plans for emergencies.
Even if these methods cannot save everyone, they can definitely reduce some unnecessary casualties.
Hiruzen froze for a long time, and finally sighed heavily: “It would be great if you had to say this earlier.”
Akabane lowered his head, apologetic.
He did have the opportunity to put it forward earlier, but considering that Tsunade took a huge effort to implement the medical ninjutsu in the comics, he did not feel that he had the ability to change the situation, so he chose to remain silent.
“No, we are short-sighted. If it were not for the development of the research institute, we would not have thought of innovating and expanding these techniques. These are all your credits.”
Hiruzen stopped, he turned and bowed deeply.
Stubbornness and inertial thinking are the reasons for restricting development, and he deeply realizes this at this time.
“I will immediately go to sort out the medical technique to see if it could be simplified.”
Tsunade is very clever and immediately understands the main points of first aid on the battlefield——
Simple, fast and easy to master.
“Then I…”
Akabane hadn’t asked yet, but the Third Hokage had already left quickly.
He is going to a meeting to discuss which ninjas are suitable for learning battlefield medical ninjutsu, and then select people who are strong enough to enter the Uzumaki battlefield.
Even if it is impossible for everyone to learn medical jutsu, at least with enough knowledge, they can at least save themselves and reduce the disability and death caused by trauma.

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