Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 203


Akabane tried using the Mystical Palm Jutsu.
This superb medical ninjutsu, which requires vast knowledge about medicine and medicine skills to master, can be easily mastered with the system’s ability.
Its effect and power against the enemy are much stronger than the medical techniques possessed at this stage.
In this way, the problem comes.
How can he hand over the Mystical Palm Jutsu to the village?
He is not a professional medical staff, and it seems impossible to develop such advanced medical ninjutsu.
Akabane fell into thought.
Then he turned and returned to the shed.
Tsunade and the others are still teaching the rest of the ninja about the medical techniques, but after looking around, Akabane was surprised to find that Shin Yūhi was among them.
So Akabane couldn’t help but approach him and asked.
“Why are you here Shin? Weren’t you assigned to the Guard Department?
“Sigh~ Yeah, but they still asked me to come to learn medical jutsu, also if the Reserve Department opens, I still have to come to the Reserve Department…. It’s depressing! Not just one department but three!”
Akabane consoles him sincerely upon hearing it.
In addition, he plans to train Shin to become a server for his LAN in the future, and he didn’t know if his current mastery in illusion is adequate.
But if he reaches the level where he can freely construct illusions, It will be much easier.
“Why did you come back?”
Tsunade walked over quickly, paying special attention as she lowers her voice.
Akabane pointed at these ninjas who practised recovering jutsu, then pointed at Tsunade, motioning her to come out with him.
Tsunade didn’t know what Akabane was going to do, but based on her understanding of Akabane, this guy was too lazy to come here if it’s not important, so it was absolutely impossible for him to look for trouble or suddenly come to her and asked for a date.
She greeted Shin Yūhi from a distance, and then walked out of the training hall and went outside with Akabane.
“Is there a problem?”
“During this period of time, in order to draw comics, I went to see a lot of information about medical techniques in the village, and I found that some medical techniques actually have the possibility of growth, but everyone did not focus on this ninjutsu before. Yesterday, I had a whim on trying it and a good medical jutsu has been developed.”
After Akabane finished speaking, Chakra was condensed in his palm.
The difference between Mystical Palm Technique and other medical techniques is that it can be treated in a separate space.
Even though he was a short step away from Tsunade, Tsunade already felt the chakra coming from Akabane’s palm.
This force is disrupting her Chakra guidance!
of course……
Tsunade knew that this was not attacked ninjutsu.
The attack is just another function of it. The real function is to treat the wounds through the air, and this effect can not only separate the air but also through the human body, through the skin to treat the wounds of the internal organs.
But this requires extremely high medical knowledge.
She took a deep breath and said, “Has this technique been tested?”
“I just developed it from the recorded technique, and I only tried it on myself.”
Akabane explained.
“I’m going to experiment with it immediately. If possible, can you help me on the side?”
“Of course.”
Although Tsunade had experienced it for a moment and thought of the basic usage of Mystical Palm Technique, her movement was not as delicate as the developer Akabane in some uses.
She went back and talked to Utatane Koharu.
Upon hearing it, Utatane Koharu attaches great importance to it, not only allowing Tsunade and Akabane to go to the trial but also sent three or four hospital medical staff to follow.
Medical ninjutsu is used on companions, so every ninjutsu must undergo rigorous experiments and verifications, and only after it is determined that it will not cause side effects on the patients, will it be officially recorded and promoted.
There are many kinds of experimental objects.
First of all, it is naturally standard fish.
Tsunade who was familiar with it quickly separated the fish’s body with a scalpel, and then let Akabane perform the treatment.
The result is obvious.
Mystical Palm Technique can easily cure the human injury, let alone a mere fish.
In just a few seconds, the fish will be as good as ever, alive and kicking.
The medical staff nearby was shocked.
Kurama Akabane is actually good at medical ninjutsu, and his level is much higher than theirs!
No one believed it before, but now…
seeing is believing.
“It’s very fast, and it can take effect in an empty space.”
Tsunade wrote down the next sentence and then continued to observe.
In terms of speed, Mystical Palm Technique is much faster than ordinary treatment techniques.
As for the specific effects, it is temporarily impossible to verify.
Next, the test subjects slowly upgraded.
Ordinary mice and rabbits that were on the verge of death when they came out of Orochimaru Lab,  and Tsunade’s small notebook recorded a lot of data.
She basically confirmed the effect of the Mystical Palm Technique.
Faster, stronger and better.
Of course, she understood the harm of Healing Jutsu better after experiencing it firsthand.
It is Medical-Ninjutsu, but it has extremely high requirements for Chakra Control. A little extra Chakra may cause a great deviation in the treatment effect.
This has been verified by the rest of the medical staff. After using the same technique, they not only failed to cure the fish but instead left the fish in a half-dead state.
But it has nothing to do with Akabane.
Tsunade and the others just couldn’t master it proficiently at the beginning. They certainly have a deeper understanding of how to use Medical-Ninjutsu itself than Akabane. So if Akabane continues teaching them about it, it wouldn’t take long for them to surpass Akabane.
He came out of the makeshift training ground and saw many people coming out of the hospital.
These people are probably the families of the wounded and the dead.
“I already did my best.”
Akabane told himself with a heavy feeling.
How can there be no casualties in war?
For the war in the Uzumaki Kingdom, he took out a lot of ninjutsu and actively promoted medical ninjutsu. He did everything he should do except for not going to fight in person.
He sighed, not looking at these worrying scenes.
Back to the comic shop, the shadow clone who went to the factory responded with the message that he successfully delivered the comic to the factory.
However, Izumi Yamano has already begun to load a new batch which means that the two volumes he just sent cannot be printed in time. This batch is only one volume for Naruto and One Piece.
It’s worth mentioning that the story of One Piece has also reached the exciting part where Roronoa Zoro confronts Hawkeye, the world’s number one swordsman.
The battle between Zoro and Hawkeye was wonderful and shocking. In the end, Hawkeye’s ability to slash the big ship with one sword was the best ending to the departure.
“It’s a pity that Sakumo is not in the village, otherwise he would be very excited.”
Akabane feels a little regretful.
For the time being, One Piece only has iron fans such as Sakumo and Ye Wu, and the others are in a state where it doesn’t matter if they don’t look at it, which is completely different from the popularity of Naruto.
This is understandable.
Before entering the Grand Line, One Piece was in the preparatory stage of recruiting people. Big characters like Hawkeye were just showing up, and the real excitement was still behind.
Izumi Yamano caravan came very slowly.
Akabane didn’t wait for them but instead waited for an uninvited guest.
A Big Shot from Hyuga.
And it’s the Patriarch of Hyuga Clan, who looks modest and friendly but is actually very deep like a city.
“Greeting Patriarch Hyuga…”
Akabane walked into the lounge, and then made a gesture to Masazu Hyuga, the meaning is self-evident–
Masazu Hyuga smiled faintly, and walked forward with his hands under his hands, and walked to the trail ahead.
After he took a seat, Masazu Hyuga seemed to ask casually: “Akaba, how is your comic?”
“Fortunately, although Konoha has a lot fewer people and sales have fallen a bit, the overall situation is still good.”
Akabane smiled slightly.
“Well, my clan is not very good. Recently, there are more and more voices in Branch House.”
Masazu Hyuga had a calm tone, even with a slight smile.
Had it not been for his identity, Akabane would feel that the other party was just saying it to him to complain about his own family affairs.
But in fact, he came to settle the accounts.
“Do you want to say that my comic plot affected the mind of Branch House?”
If it’s yesterday, Akabane would have to think about some countermeasures before answering, but today he doesn’t need to with the Third Hokage on his back on this matter, he doesn’t need to worry about these.
Masazu Hyuga shakes his head left and right, and then his eyes suddenly squinted.
This tone…
Something is wrong!
He moved his fingers on the table, and after a second or two, he said, “There were these voices in the clan before. It’s just that your comic tells what they want to say, and doesn’t mean to blame you.”
“It’s good if it didn’t cause misunderstandings. In fact, Neji’s plot will be reversed, and it’s not to slander Hyuga Clan. It is just that my drawing speed is not fast enough to cause such a misunderstanding.”
Akabane apologized with the opportunity to avoid disappointment.
“It turns out that there is a reversal, so I hope everyone will be happy in the end.”
With a smile on his face, Masazu Hyuga said.
Because he has noticed something is wrong.
Although Akabane is a disciple of Danzo and has businesses such as his comic, in the eyes of the Hyuga Clan, he is just a newly promoted Special-Jonin.
The thing that worries him the most is that Akabane is very cunning, always taking advantage of the general trend to contribute to certain things, it is simply another Danzo.
For example, the previous Uchiha incident.
And just now, he had a similar feeling.
Masazu Hyuga began to reflect, Akabane, how could he have the courage to speak like this?
Could it be… the Third Hokage!
After thinking of this, Masazu Hyuga realized everything in his mind for an instant—Uchiha chose to take refuge, and the Hyuga clan instead of expressing it, continued to demand power.
Wasn’t this like how the Uchiha Clan before?
Before long, a few cold sweats dripped from his forehead. Previously, he and the elders of the clan only wanted to oppose the Uchiha, and the village would not take them seriously, but they forgot that Uchiha’s current position had changed.
They eliminated the civil strife in their inner circle and became Hokage’s people, compared with the Hyuga clan who are the real “outsiders.”
The chess is wrong!
How can an outsider reach out and ask for food from another family?
Isn’t it the same as robbery?
Masaru Hyuga thoroughly understood, and while regretting in his heart, he began to think about countermeasures.
The reconnaissance team can’t take it, this wave of power must be relinquished.
In addition…
On the Anbu side, Hyuga had to compromise too.
Masaru Hyuga’s thoughts turned extremely fast. After trying to understand this, he immediately turned around and said goodbye to Akabane: “There are still some things I need to do in the Clan, I will leave first.”
“I would also like to thank Uncle Masaru for coming to me today. Before, I only cared about the plot in my mind, but I didn’t expect it to affect the Hyuga clan and cause misunderstanding.”
Akabane bowed slightly.
Masazu Hyuga cursed secretly in his heart, but on the surface, he has the face of a kind uncle: “No need to worry, I will explain these misunderstandings to the clan and will not let the members of the Hyuga clan trouble you.”
“Thank you then.”

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