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Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 204


Uncle Masazu, why don’t you stay and read comics for a while? It seems to have just been updated.”
Akabane enthusiastically said.
“No, there are things in the clan I need to do that make me busy, so I just need to take a few books home.”
Masazu Hyuga had a gentle expression when he said that, and could not see the slightest irritation on his face at all.
“Okay, Brother Yunlang, choose ten recent updates for Uncle Masazu.”
Ten books?
Masazu Hyuga’s left eyelid twitched. Although it is not expensive, he didn’t think Akabane would give him this many.
The problem is, I can’t refuse it.
If the dignified Hyuga Patriarch had to care about the mere thousand ryo, and if it was spread out, then it would make Uchiha’s people laugh and mock them.
“Master Masazu, these are your ten books.”
Although Akabane is not respectful to Masazu, Kurama Yunlang can’t do that. Status is especially important between ninjas and ordinary people.
Masaru Hyuga slightly nodded, took over the ten-volume book, then glanced at Akabane and turned to leave.
“Sigh~ I Forgot to ask him if he wants One Piece, it’s a pity.”
When he left, Akabane said to herself.
Kurama Yunlang was a little helpless.
But at the same time, he felt strange that the patriarch of the Hyuga clan seemed so good to talk, it was really incredible
“It’s late today. You can close the door in advance and go back to rest after finalizing the goods sent by Yamano-san.”
After Akabane said that, he was ready to go home to sleep.
I’ve been busy this day, and there is no time to sleep. Even the time for a nap is reduced to only a dozen minutes.
Life is too difficult!
After going home for dinner, he fell asleep after taking a shower and went straight until dawn.
He slept comfortably, but some people stayed up all night.
The research institute, not only Tsunade but also Orochimaru participated in the evaluation of the Mystical Palm Technique.
This medical ninjutsu is too important, to the point where they have to pay attention to it, and its difficulty is unprecedented in the medical ninjutsu that they are currently exposed to——
Of course, difficulty refers not to the medical treatment itself, but to the control of Chakra.
Even A little more, or a little less, the effect is completely different.
“That fellow Akabane, throwing a ninjutsu he himself created and causing us a headache, why don’t we catch him?”
Orochimaru said as he was a little tired.
Although it is an experiment that he loved doing, but it is completely different from helping others to record data that he doesn’t understand and researching topics that interest him.
“He has been very busy with the preparation department recently, and he also has to draw comics, read books, collect information, and study ninjutsu. He must be too busy. Maybe like us, he didn’t sleep much at all.”
Tsunade sighed as if she felt tired for Akabane.
Hearing her defending Akabane,  Orochimaru was speechless.
Too busy?
Didn’t sleep much?
I won’t believe it!
It’s only Tsunade would be so blind to Akabane…
He sighed softly and sorted out the data he had just collected.
From this pile of data, he wanted to find the output of Chakra with the best healing effect, and because the war had already begun, he could not rest at all.
‘I really need to find an assistant.’

Contrary to Tsunade’s conjecture.
Akabane slept beautifully and woke up refreshed in the morning.
When he comes to the comic shop, he can see many customers coming in and out, and he feels even happier.
This is life!
When he got up this morning, the panel’s points soared by five or six hundred.
Although it is only slightly lower than Sarutobi Hiruzen, but as the Third Hokage, of course, the price is not the same.
After deducting the points used to redeem the Mystical Palm Technique yesterday, he now has nearly two thousand——
Fukasaku Sage and the toads have contributed a lot to these two thousand points.
He exchanged 7 mental points, rounded up his mental power, and spent only two hundred points.
120 mental power.
At first glance, it seems that there is no difference, but if he uses his perception ability, it is not difficult to find the difference.
The range is larger, and the perceived content is finer.
This is a manifestation of spiritual growth.
Although he spent a lot of points, Akabane is satisfied, and the visible progress is better than training all day.
After he enters the lounge of the comics shop, he easily split up a shadow clone and ask him to help draw the comic update.
In the following plot, the Konoha Destruction Plan officially started, and the next volume is better as long as a single volume is printed and published, but it won’t work since Orochimaru officially commence his attack.
After Orochimaru started, he used the taboo power of Impure World Reincarnation.
If it is a single release, I am afraid that the Third Hokage wouldn’t agree and let him publish it without changing something.
Akabane’s idea is to publish and print the Konoha Destruction plan plot in one go.
It is thirty pages!
The advantage of this is that the plot is coherent, and everyone’s attention will not be all on the technique of Impure World Reincarnation. The disadvantage is that he will be very tired.
In order to rush his work, Akabane had to do it himself.
Of course, it’s only on Naruto book that he will do it himself, but for One Piece, he doesn’t have to, as long as the daily chapter book is updated, he can leave it to his clone.
Akabane can now stably resist the consumption of two clones a day, which is absolutely no problem for him.
All-day long, except for the necessary meals, Akabane spent the rest of the day working hard.
The results are also quite gratifying. In a day’s work, he and the shadow clones have completed the content of Chapter One fifteenth, but when he thinks that he still has three-quarters of his work left, Akabane can’t help crying. 
Life is too difficult!
It is not only difficult for him, but also for Izumi Yamato.
He had just printed the contents of volume ten in one go and finally got the news from Kurama Yunlang that he would accumulate thirty chapters in one go before updating.
This kind of publication, not only the quantity, but the difficulty of publication and compilation has been directly raised several levels, but since it’s his partner that had such a requirement, he can only clench his teeth.
But the Hyuga clan…
With the release of this volume, the Hyuga Clan Main House and Branch House systems information are also spreading in Konoha.
Many people understand that there are such rules in Hyuga Clan, Branch House, caged bird, and curse seal that can only be lifted by death.
Although they are afraid of the strength of the Hyuga Clan, and everyone dares not discuss it in public, but they can’t stop the discussion in it in private.
Before Neji’s appearance, there were not many people from the Hyuga clan who read comics, but since the role of Hyuga Neji, the number of people who read comics has skyrocketed.
until now……
“Brother, have you read today’s Naruto update?”
“How could I not read it?”
“Kurama Akabane, this guy is really…”
Only the people at Branch House know the status of Hyuga Branch House.
In the story of Neji in the comics, whether it is a genius from the Branch House or mediocre, they can instantly relate to his role–
Because of Neji’s childhood, how is it different from them?
Although their parents did not choose to die like Hizashi, there are many who died in the war. In comparison, the Main House has always been well protected, so there were very few casualties in the war.
And this is the difference.
“Sigh, if our family is really going to have a genius like Neji. I am afraid that in the end, they can only be buried. How can they allow a genius to fall into the branch family, are they afraid that genius will surpass the Main Clan?”
Some branch family couldn’t help but mock.
Hearing him slandering the main house, his partner is anxious.
If such words were heard by the Main family, death would not be enough for them, and it was certain they would activate the birdcage to make them suffer some pain.
“I’m afraid of anything else. And although I can’t choose my birth, but I can choose how to die.”
The man yelled, “Without our branch family, what is the use of the noble lords of the clan? Will Konoha needs a group of such people!”
“Kazuto, you are too presumptuous.”
An indifferent voice came from not far away, and the Patriarch of the Hyuga Branch Family walked out slowly with tired, confused, and helpless in his eyes.
“Patriarch, do you even think our family should be like this?”
Hyuga Kazuto did not understand.
The Patriarch is the eldest brother of Masazu Hyuga, and he wanted to say this a long time ago.
But he didn’t have the courage before. Recently, his younger brother was asked to become a guard at the gate. Inheritance Secret Jutsu has nothing to do with them. He didn’t realize it until the plot was written and saw Hyuga Hizashi, Neji’s father said: “die freely”.
A bird in a cage can trap the body and spirit, but not his will.
“It’s not as simple as you think.”
Hyuga Mazaza sighed.
It’s easy to say this thing but without the division of the family, the clan is indeed like a rootless pedigree, and will only dissipate in history in the end.
But by doing this, the Hyuga clan will be gone.
Although the Main House is like an enemy, they still are their relatives. Although this family relationship is separated by the main house and the branch house, they are relatives on the bloodline.
What good is it for the family to cut off their inheritance?
How can most of the people underneath consider these?
What everyone thinks of is how they are oppressed and bullied, but the people of Main House are born aloof and distant, like a god controlling their life and death.
Seeing that their patriarch had such an attitude, the clansmen who had been noisy before became silent.
It’s not despairing, but it seems to erupt in silence.
“We want an explanation. If it is important things, the family punishment for our mistakes is excusable, but how did the clan treat us?”
Shouted another member of the Branch House.
Hyuga Mazaza himself also was very confused. In fact, he has thought about these things in his mind, but is there any way?
Is it possible to abandon the family, ignore the family rules and commit suicide collectively?
It’s too drastic!
After thinking about it for a while, he finally made a decision: “I will go to the main house if I can’t come back… everyone doesn’t make trouble, living is more important than anything else.”
In his tone, he knows his death will come.
“Patriarch, let’s go together!”
“Yes, go together, we want to go together.”
Everyone stayed for a while, then all clamoured.
Not long after, the rest of the Branch Family filed out, and the Clan Leader of the Branch House look at the crowd.
Seeing this scene, Hyuga Mazaza was stunned.
“Mazaza, now is a good opportunity, let’s go together.”
Said one of the eldest elders from the Branch Family.
He was very old and could hardly walk. He had to rely on other people’s support to get out of the house, but he knew better that unless a Hokage who was determined to change the position of the branch family appeared, there would be no better chance than now.
For the future of their children and grandchildren, they are willing to gamble their lives!

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