Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 205


Upheaval is often accompanied by sacrifice.
Hyuga’s infighting, in an instant spread throughout Konoha, attracted attention from all parties, among which the most taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune was Uchiha Clan.
When Uchiha bleed and cut their meat, the Hyuga clan often laughed at them.
Times change, and now it’s their turn.
Outside the Hyuga Sect’s house, the crowd was immense, and a team of 100 people gathered around the door.
“Patriarch Mazaza, what are you doing?”
The gatekeeper was frightened by this predicament, since the establishment of the Branch Family, there has never been a dispute like this.
“Let them in.”
An indifferent voice came from inside the door, and immediately the two gatekeepers turned their heads and saw that the head of the Main Clan, Masazu Hyuga, and many elders gathered together.
Under what circumstances has Hyuga changed?
Mazaza Hyuga, bowed deeply, and then slowly stepped into the door of the Main House, and the old man of Branch House was tremblingly helped in.
Although he is from Branch House, he has almost devoted his life to the Clan, and no one dares to neglect him.
Even in the midst of the civil turmoil, Masazu Hyuga still respected him and brought a chair in person: “Uncle Yohei, please sit down.”
“Hahaha, then this old man thanked the patriarch.”
The old man sat down and sighed softly when he saw the arrangement.
With him as the centre, Branch House and Main House confront each other.
When Masazu Hyuga saw this scene, he felt weak in his heart.
After talking with Akabane, he focused on the village side and has been negotiating with the village, but he didn’t think that there was a problem on the branch house side.
With so many people wanting to oppose it, how difficult is the Main House!
He looked at each of their faces, and in the end, he cast his gaze on Hinata Mazaza, his expression and tone were calm, and he said calmly: “You really want to oppose the clan?”
“It’s not that we want to oppose, but the Main House doesn’t give us a way to survive.”
People from the branch house gritted their teeth and stood up first.
They have already committed themselves to nothing, and were willing to die for their family’s future!
Masazu Hyuga ignored them, instead, he kept staring at Mazaza Hyuga.
They are actually brothers.
After they become three or four years old, it seems that there is no deep emotion between the two. At this time, Mazaza stood in front of him, making him in a daze.
He pursed his lips and asked, “Mazaza, you really want to oppose?”
“Clan Leader, what does opposing mean? Does the Main House should dominate the Branch House, and we Branch House should treat you as a mermaid while we become cattle as horses? In the first place, we came here to petition and negotiate collectively. But in your eyes, any behaviour that disobeys your understanding is called the opposition?”
Hyuga Mazaza’s tone was indifferent.
He thought about it several times, but when he really confronted his brother and the elders, all his worries suddenly vanished. 
“Patriarch, Branch House doesn’t want to reverse it, but the system within the clan does have problems.”
Yohei Hyuga said.
“The Main House and Branch House systems exist to ensure the safe inheritance of the bloodline, not to enslave the clansman. You have misunderstood.”
An elder stood up and explained.
Who would believe this?
Seeing a bunch of indifferent, cold eyes, he couldn’t help being a little timid after speaking and then took a few steps back.
“Born in a Branch House, no matter how genius you are, you are still a slave to the caged bird. No matter how powerful you are, you will not be able to touch the Byakugan’s real Secret Jutsu. If you try to learn it on your own, you will even face great risks.
“In addition, Elder, why are you not from Branch House? Is your strength much stronger, or is your bloodline nobler than ours?”
Hyuga Mazaza asked, leaving many elders speechless.
They are all from the same family, regardless of the difference between the main house and branch house, there is no distinction in their blood at all.
“Let’s go to the conference room first, everyone is from the Hyuga clan, so we might as well do something to talk about it, don’t be so angry.”
Masazu Hyuga pondered for a while and gradually understood.
Both Mazazu and Yohei have done nothing wrong. Obviously, their purpose is not really to remove the caged bird-they know very well that the caged bird is impossible to remove. 
Then these two goals are worth considering.
of course……
He said this remark not only to the people in Branch House but also to the Elders in Main House.
No one knows these people better than him.
Stubborn and self-righteous.
“Yes, Patriarch!”
It’s impossible for everyone to go to the conference room. The branch house selected some representatives and entered the conference room with the people from Main House.
Everyone is determined to die, so there is nothing to fear.
Stepping into the door of the conference room, the expressions of several elders suddenly changed: “It is the time of war. And you are doing this kind of thing completely regardless of the overall situation. You are so stupid that you were played around by the little devil of the Kurama Clan.”
“Elder! I said everyone should not be angry, put aside the so-called clan status, sit down and talk as equals.”
Masazu Hyuga’s tone was cold, “Or, are you disregarding my position as the patriarch?
“One more sentence, your position as an elder is abolished.”
Masazu Hyuga said coldly.
Hyuga Mazaza and Yohei showed a sneer at the same time, bullying them but full of fear of losing their position, they simply lost the face of their ancestors and the family.
It is due to these black sheep that led the Main House and Branch House to where they are today.
“I have read the comics too. I know what’s going on, so will I just ask, what do you want?”
Masazu Hyuga is rarely harsh, and his attitude is completely different from usual. At this moment of life and death of their family members, if you play with balance and methods, you will only get yourself in.
“The significance of the clan family lies in supervision and inheritance, so why use blood as the inheritance qualification?”
Mazaza Hyuga sat on his knees.
“This is the rule handed down by our ancestors. The inheritance is systematic, so there will be no bloodshed and sacrifice when power changes.”
Masazu Hyuga replied.
“In other words, regardless of talents and innate talents, as long as they are born early, they can be Clan Leader or Elder, sitting in high positions and enjoying various privileges, while the younger generation of Branch House can only be geniuses in name. Sitting underneath and being enslaved.”
The whole hall was in an uproar when the words were said.
Some of the elders were furious and wanted to stand up and fight them, but the warning made by the Patriarch was vivid, and these elders did not dare to do anything.
The old man tapped his fingers on the table and slowly said, “Mazazu, don’t be killed with a stick. Some elders have indeed made a lot of effort for the prosperity of the family.”
Old man Yohei seems to be speaking for the elders, but the word “some” is very significant.
Who are those “some”?
Think for yourself.
“Very well, I understand what you mean, whether there is Kurama Akabane and his comics, these things will happen sooner or later, it’s just ahead of time, and it will be solved at the same time.”
Masazu Hyuga said indifferently, “What you imply is that you are not satisfied with the elder system, so just go ahead. Except for the Patriarch Position, The Elder’s Position will be judged by ability. How about those with the ability to go up and those unsuccessful go down?”
The old man of Branch House slightly nodded.
“As for the inheritance of the patriarch, this cannot be moved, otherwise our family will be in chaos.”
Masazu Hyuga said.
Although the remaining elders are a bit scared, they are not too worried. After all, the Main House has an advantage over Branch House. 
Because they know that the Branch House Byakugan is flawed and they can’t master their Core Secret Jutsu.
“Patriarch, in fact, it doesn’t have to be so troublesome. Since there is only one person in the Main House successor, except for the actual inheritor, everyone else should be marked as with the Caged Bird. So there are no Main House and Branch House, only the Clan Leader of Hyuga Clan.”
Hyuga Mazaza said as he looked at the elders and sneered.
“Patriarch, this, this!”
The elders were shocked.
Except for Clan Leader, everyone has a caged bird!?
Doesn’t that mean that their fate will be the same as those from the branch house!
The Elders and Great Elders from the Main House began to panic as their position in the clan was passed down at the beginning, especially the Great Elders whose position was only second to the Patriarch!
“Patriarch, no, the Main House and Branch House are the wisdom of our clan for thousands of years. We can’t throw it away.”
The Great Elder was scared.
They are the ones who give the curse of the caged bird to the Branch House. And no one knows the horror of the Caged Birds better than them!
Don’t agree, never agree!
“Why not? Is there anything I said wrong? Great Elder, as you said earlier, you have to take care of the overall situation!”
Mazaza Hyuga said with a smile.
All the family members outside are his bargaining chips, and the clansmen fighting on the battlefield are also his bargaining chips.
At this moment, the heart of the Branch House was finally twisted into a rope, and he must strive for the greatest benefit!
“Hahaha, Mazaza said it well. From now on there is no need to divide the family. Everyone is a member of the Hyuga clan. So why divide each other instead of protecting the patriarch together?
Old man Yohei laughed loudly.
Thanks to Mazaza Hyuga’s words, he can laugh so happily at his age.
In one phrase!
Masazu Hyuga was silent for a while.
Since there is no possibility of the Caged Bird to be alleviated, turning all the clansmen without a caged bird except for the Patriarch and the Successor into a Caged Bird is not a bad suggestion.
With only the Clan Leader not possessing a caged bird, naturally, there is no difference between Main House and Branch House.
Of course, it doesn’t matter who the elder is.
Because everyone has a Caged Bird above their heads, no one is more noble than anyone. Of course, the strong will go up and the weak will go down.
However, the question is, what should he do if the patriarch successor is vacated with so many people in the family?
Masazu Hyuga clasped his left fingers together, weighing the gains and losses in his heart.
After a long time…
He opened his eyes and said, “Okay, just as you said.”
“No, no! You are really confused, you are trying to alter the foundation of the family…”
The Grand Elder went crazy and started talking nonsense.
Having been marked with a caged bird?
I will never allow it!
He got up, but before he released his Chakra, a figure came behind him.
With the use of his palm, blood sprayed like a column.
The great elder died, he was old, so when he was hit by the true left Gentle Fist in his central vein, it’s impossible for the great elder to survive!
“I will personally put in the technique of caged birds to all Elders and Great Elders. Whoever opposes it can stand up.”
Masazu Hyuga closed his eyes.
No one dares to object, because someone is dead and it’s a great representation for those who will oppose the Patriarch.
Although it’s very cruel, this is the best solution.
At this moment, Hyuga Masazu’s mind was inexplicably complicated, and he didn’t know how to say it especially to the Third Hokage, Kurama Akabane.
Is this also in your calculations?
When all the Hyuga Clansmen receive a Caged Bird marked, will the Hyuga Clan weaken?
Not necessarily.
In order to ensure that Byakugan does not leak, the Main House family rarely goes to the frontline, most of the time it’s the Branch House who fights on the frontline.
From the perspective of the village, the Hyuga clan is not weak.
The diversion of the family is flawed, and the overall strength of the Hyuga clan has indeed declined.
“Third Hokage, Kurama Akabane, you won.”
He sighed inwardly.
After that, he got up and said: “Tell everyone the news. Starting today, everyone except the Patriarch and heirs will be marked with a caged bird. Correspondingly, the Secret Jutsu, which was previously owned by Main House, will Unlock its restrictions so that all clansmen can learn all the clan Secret Jutsu.”
Unlike the elders, Mazaza Hyuga relaxed physically and mentally and was quite satisfied with the result.
With all the Grand Elders and Elders being dragged into the chamber to accept the Caged Bird Seal, and having the restriction of the Secret Jutsu being lifted, from now on many can compete for the Elders position.
of course……
It cannot be said that there is no regret, for example, the caged bird is not really lifted at all.
But to mention these, not only would Hyuga Masazu not agree, but it would also unite the Main House to fight back and thoroughly kill their group which resulted in a bloodbath.

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