Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 206


“Hokage-sama, I am here again…”
After three days.
Akabane finally got the update of the Thirty Chapters and went to the old place to look for the Third Hokage for review.
But before he can finish speaking, Hiruzen pointed to the stool and said, “Sit down.”
What’s going on?
Akabane didn’t feel right. After recalling the events of the past few days where he was too busy to sleep in, he didn’t recall causing trouble…
 So no matter what the problem is, it’s not his fault…
“Something happened to the Hyuga clan.”
But with this one sentence.
Akabane couldn’t help but cough, as his thought flaw back when he met the Patriarch of the Hyuga Clan, it seems this accident seems to have something to do with him.
“What happened?”
“It seems that you are really busy these days…”
The Branch House going to the Main House, confronting the Main House and negotiating terms with the Main House, almost all the common people know this, but the one who caused this doesn’t seem to know.
It’s magical!
Hiruzen sighed for a moment, and then talked about what he knew, while Akabane listened quietly.
In the end, Akabane was shocked: “There is only the patriarch left without the caged bird? The Patriarch of the Branch House is too great!”
Not only that.
Think about it carefully, isn’t the current patriarch Masazu of the Hyuga clan?
That’s mean he is all alone.
Akabane touched his chin, and said with some worry: “Is Masazu Hyuga not afraid that when he dies, the people underneath him join forces to kill his descendants?”
Hiruzen chuckled softly and took his pipe with an unpredictable attitude.
Akabane pondered for a while, and then realized one thing- since the Third Hokage knew them so clearly, it means that when that time comes, he would first make a move himself!
If the Branch House really dares to do it, in order to protect the rights of Main House, I am afraid the Third Hokage will help Hyuga Main House without the slightest hesitation.
Of course, Masazu Hyuga must have paid a certain price.
And since he is not involved, Akabane has no way of determining why Hyuga Mazaza chose this method, but what is certain is that with these methods, the Patriarch, Masazu Hyuga, seem to have come prepared.
He’s a ruthless person!
However, if this is the case, if one encounters a mediocre Patriarch, I am afraid that the whole family will die with it.
“Does he have any plans?”
“Who knows, maybe he wants to change the Hyuga clan, he does have another plan, or maybe he just wants to be alone…”
Hiruzen finally couldn’t hold back, a happy smile appeared on his face.
There are indeed various hidden dangers when Hyuga does this, but the village’s control of the Patriarch is not a shackle to Hyuga.
Moreover, that guy Masazu Hyuga is very deep like an ocean. Although he did a bad move in this matter, he is very good at pushing the boat along the river. 
And since he agrees to this kind of decision, he must have his own calculation in his heart.
But for the village, this announcement is obviously very good news. 
With the Uchiha Clan, and the Hyuga clan being included in the Hokage lineage after the civil strife.
With two giants attached, how can other small families not follow?
With every clan in hand. Even if there is a war, the Third Hokage has the confidence to fight.
With more chips on hand, it is no wonder that he will be so happy.
Thinking of this, Akabane couldn’t help but fall into thought-
“Do I have to wait for a day or two to give this book so that the Third Hokage mood wouldn’t turn happy to rage? “
Hiruzen took a mouthful of cigarettes cheerfully, then glanced at Akabane and noticed his hidden hands.
“What are you holding in your hand?”
“This…actually nothing. It’s just a comic that is going to be updated. There are some more questionable points. That’s why I bring it over for you to review.”
Akabane smiled and handed over the comic in hand.
After listening to his explanation, Hiruzen brows were immediately locked tight.
The last time Akabane showed it to him, the Hyuga clan was in chaos.
What is it this time?
As a Hokage, Hiruzen felt a little nervous at this moment, taking over the thick pile, as if it weighed a thousand pounds.
He pressed his hand on the book and asked after pondering for a while: “You brought it here so that I can appreciate my death?”
“Uh…from your perspective it’s is very strange.”
Akabane was stunned for a moment, he doesn’t know if the Third Hokage is joking or serious. Do you think I have worked so hard to paint 30 chapters so that you can appreciate your “death” first?
The key point is the Impure World Reincarnation. Okay!
He pointed to the comic and motioned to the Third Hokage to open it.
Sarutobi Hiruzen took a breath of his cigarettes pipe, and after he was fully prepared, he reached out to open the first page of the book.
The first page.
Nothing surprising, no difference from the past, the plot is also as his expected Gaara vs Uchiha Sasuke.
Having said that, the Kazekage’s attitude is a bit weird.
But Hiruzen didn’t think much and continued to flip page by page.
What a joke, this kid gave it to him, so there must be a big problem in the comics, otherwise, with his personality, he would rather make time to sleep than come over.
Quickly flipping through the pages, the fragments of the fight, until Gaara was injured and the enemy started their genjutsu, he finally stopped.
The plan has begun!
After taking a puff of smoke, he looked down and continue to turn over the page, and saw Kabuto and the Kazekage moved their hands at the same time.
No, this is not the Kazekage!
Hiruzen took a deep breath and then turned to the next page.
Sure enough, it’s the comic version of “Orochimaru”!
One page, after another page.
Although it was only a comic plot, he was also quite moved when he witnessed the fierceness and entanglement of his student in the comics——
If he didn’t notice the thoughts of Orochimaru, and let him conduct his experiments openly. Will he become like in the comics due to various factors and guidance?
It’s hard to say.
Because the future cannot be denied.
Hiruzen exhale and he took another puff of his cigarette and almost choked himself, because the content of the next sentence made him dumbfounded, and he almost slammed the cigarette pipe in his hand against Akabane’s head: “You stinky boy, you actually painted the Impure World Reincarnation!”
“My lord, please calm down, you finish reading the comic first before you start reprimanding me.”
Akabane was ashamed and quickly pointed to the comic.
Although it’s really not good to draw the Impure World Reincarnation, the latter is the key to the plot.
Without such a desperate situation, how could the Third Hokage in the comic choose such a way to end his life.
“Do you know the consequences of this kind of jutsu disclosure?”
Hiruzen ignored him, and he slammed the pipe violently on the table, showing that he was really angry, otherwise he would not destroy his beloved pipe.
Akabane wiped his face.
At this time, Hiruzen was still breathing odour, and the splashing saliva seemed to be a shadow clone splashing everywhere.
If I knew this would happen, I would come here with a mask…
He blames himself a little, he is still too young and not thoughtful enough.
“Fool, are you listening to me?”
Hiruzen directly duplicated his cigarette pipe and knocked on Akabane’s head, but it was dodged.
Akabane sighed helplessly and said, “Please read it first. Can we talk about the Impure World Reincarnation after reading it?
Hiruzen did not comment, he took a seat again and continued to flip the pages, and he ignored the fighting of the little kids, and jumped to the place where he had his own drama.
Later, he saw the Dead Demon Consuming Seal and what his “self” said.
“Even if you kill me, the pillar will not be broken.”
“The new Hokage who inherits my will will become a new pillar and continue to protect the Konoha!”
Subsequently, the Dead Demon Consuming Seal sealed the First Hokage, Second Hokage, and captured Orochimaru.
Hiruzen were silent for a long time.
This time he didn’t start to spray his saliva, even if he was killed, but this ending touched him.
From the first generation to the second generation, and then from the second generation to myself.
Even if Hokage dies, a new Hokage will still be born, and the new Hokage will also protect Konoha and the country of fire.
This is the will of Hokage.
One page, two pages…
In the quiet atmosphere, Hiruzen read the plot of the comics quietly.
Although the next battle is for the little kid, he still takes it very seriously, because this Genin is the future of “Konoha”.
Especially Naruto.
The same fate as Gaara, but the final result is completely different.
Born in darkness, with a heart craving light.
The opposite is Uchiha Sasuke, born in the light, and finally gradually going into darkness.
On these two characters, he saw the shadow of Hashirama and Madara.
Will these people be here in forty years?
Hiruzen picked up his cigarette pipe and wanted to take a sip, only to find that he knocked all the tobacco inside and spilt it on the table.
When Naruto defeated Gaara, the scene returned to Konoha again.
The battle came to an end.
“As long as there is a place where leaves fly, the fire will burn…”
“The shadow of the fire will illuminate the village and let new leaves sprout”
The message seemed to sound like a requiem.
Hiruzen was in a trance, and he seemed to hear a burst of sorrow and joy, and there were still pictures in his mind.
He feels like Akabane place a Genjutsu on him where he feels all the Sadness and Joy of the book.
And the image is the scene after the death of the Second Hokage.
With the comic plot in front of him, Hiruzen couldn’t help but cry.
“Where Konoha dances, fire is endless. I think this is the meaning of Konoha and what the First Hokage-sama dreamed of.
After seeing the appearance of Hiruzen, Akabane dared not to speak.
He didn’t write any testimonials or patches, because everything has been perfectly interpreted in the plot.
“Yes, this is the Will of Fire.”
Hiruzen were in a trance, then sighed.
Although the Impure World Reincarnation is abhorrent, this battle brought Hiruzen a new purpose and witnessed the decline of dead branches and the budding of new leaves.
It’s like a heritage!
Does he want to ban the Impure World Reincarnation?
He couldn’t make up his mind even after asking himself this. Without the appearance of the First and Second Hokage, the plot seemed to lack so much flavour.
However, this jutsu…
“If you are worried about this ninjutsu being inspected by others, why not seal the Jutsu of Impure World Reincarnation separately, and put the Half-True Half False information of the said jutsu in the Scroll of Seals?”
Akabane whispered.
“You kid, you really will cause me trouble.”
Hiruzen sighed heavily.
Although what he said is a good suggestion, but it is more troublesome, and at the same time, he understood why Akabane came to him, and why he drew so many chapters in one breath before releasing it——
In addition, the figure of Orochimaru appeared in the minds of the Third Hokage.
Immortal Rebirth…
It’s like a snake shed its shell. If he thinks about it, it’s really Orochimaru’s style.
He must be guided correctly.
Hiruzen secretly said in his heart.
If such a genius really embarks on such a heart-wrenching path, he will regret it.
After thinking about it, he closed the book and pushed it forward.
Although the words were not stated clearly, the meaning was already obvious-he agreed.
“Thank you, sir.”
Akabane took it and couldn’t help laughing happily.
“By the way, recently the village plans to set up a medical team to rush to the border and to the front line. So you can start as soon as possible in the preparatory department. In addition, pay more attention to the training of medical ninjas. There must be good seedlings, and reasonable guidance and education must be done.”
Hiruzen mentioned another thing.
Akabane was stunned, they wanted him to train a medical ninja?
He didn’t think much, and said directly: “The mentor…”
“For the time being, you can look for it yourself. I heard Tsunade say that your level of medical skills is quite high. Mystical Palm Technique, whose difficulty is comparable with A-Rank, even if your actual operation is not good, but your theory should be fine.”
Hiruzen obviously had an acknowledgement of him, and had long planned to let Akabane take over.
Akabane wanted to decline, but after glancing at the comic in his hand, he could only swallow what he wanted to say.

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