Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 207


Walking out of the Hokage Building, Akabane noticed that there were fewer ninjas in the training ground.
More than that, even Utatane Koharu is gone.
It seems that this female elder will also go to the border and the front line to take charge of the work of the medical station.
Konoha still attaches great importance to the Land of Uzumaki.
of course……
This time the purpose is not to save the entire Hidden Whirlpools Village or must rescue all the villagers.
What Danzo has to do is to make a path and let some people from Hidden Whirlpools Village escape and save fire for Uzumaki Clan.
The specific number of people that can escape depends on the whirlpool family’s own ability. In addition, in the country of fire, the daimyo probably has the same idea as the other daimyo in different countries that attack the whirlpool country. So even if they escape to the country of fire, the whirlpool family is still not safe.
Regarding this point, both the Uzumaki clan and Konoha have already agreed, and both sides know it well.
After Hiruzen read his comics, Akabane earned a full 1,500 points, plus the points accumulated in the previous four days, Akabane now has 3,000 points on hand.
Needless to say, he first upgraded his attributes.
With 10 mental powers, 2500 points are gone…
Leaving the temporary office shed, Akabane asked Kurama Yunlang to find someone and sent the manga to Izumi Yamano.
After that, Akabane visited his clan and asked about the rocking chair.
Last time he promised Fukasaku Sage to make a rocking chair for it, and he also gave his clan the design drawing for them to make a reference. And wondering if these craftsmen have made it in four or five days.
Akabane had not been out for four days, so he didn’t know the situation outside.
He went out and strolled around today, and found that half of their Clan Jonin and Chunin are gone, and only a few Genins were training along the way.
Did the Hokage also summon them?
Akabane thought in his heart and walked all the way to the patriarch’s residence.
Kurama Wuhen didn’t go out, but he was not idle either, as he was holding several books in his hand and he didn’t know what he was doing.
“Patriarch, what’s the situation in the family?”
Akabane asked strangely.
“They went to practice medical skills.”
Kurama Wuhen sighed helplessly, then raised the book in his hand.
Title: Basic analysis of first aid for healing.
Author: Tsunade.
So they already know how to promote it. 
Akabane thought.
His whole clan follows the general policy of the village and what they were doing is definitely a good thing for their Clan.
Since as a Clan who had a weak physique, it’s definitely a good thing for them to learn a few hands treatments.
Moreover, not everyone in the Kurama has a talent for illusion, but their Chakras control talent must be far superior to others, and learning medical skills is much simpler than others.
He sat down, and then noticed the chair under Kurama Wuhe—
Isn’t this his own rocking chair?
Although the shape is a bit strange, the effect is the same.
Kurama Wuhen noticed Akabane’s gaze, and he smiled and said, “Your chair is very comfortable to lie on, so I asked the craftsmen to make more than one hundred more samples and let the caravan take them out and sell them to the wealthy people from other countries.”
“You are so talented in the business.”
Akabane gave him a thumbs up.
Since they have 100 more of those chairs, it’s definitely not a problem giving one rocking chair to Fukasaku Sage.
After all, the cost of a few pieces of wood is only that much. And if they sell it to those rich people, the price will be at least ten times higher.
But instead of asking for one, Akabane ordered five rocking chairs.
He plans to place one of them on the first floor of their house and place one on the lounge of his comic shop, one in his bedroom and of course he wouldn’t forget giving one to Uzumaki Mito.
Although she has the appearance of a young lady, due to her age, she gets tired fast so she will definitely like it, and the last one is given to Fukasaku Sage.
After placing the chair in a suitable position, Akabane lay in the lounge and swayed the chair under him, not only enjoying it but also seeing the people coming and going in the shop outside, which can be said to be quite comfortable.
of course……
As spectators, Akabane shadow clones and Kurama Yunlang are not as comfortable as Akabane.
And what they felt was hatred as they cursed secretly, ‘We are working here, but what are you doing over there?’
But Akabane obviously didn’t care about their opinions.
It’s been three or four days since the plot of Hyuga Clan in Naruto happened. So what happened after that also passed like the wind as many people gradually became accustomed to it.
But what hasn’t changed is that his comics still sell well.
And this is thanks to Uchiha.
Unlike the previous purchase of more than 20 comics a day, with what happened to the Hyuga Clan, every Uchiha Clansman now has one copy of comics this time.
Which is quite delightful for him.
Both of the Clans are wealthy, and they both like doing things like mocking how the other party falls or watching jokes.
For example, the episode involving Uchiha’s plot also sold very well among the Hyuga clan, so now, the Uchiha Clan also do the same just to mock and laugh at their rivals’ faces.
After lazing for a while, Akabane got up, took the chair with him outside the door and headed towards the Senju clan.
Because of the old lady, he still has to go there from time to time.
After all, his sister is still in her hand.
Although Akabane is very attentive, he is not decent enough to just carry the rocking chair with him barehanded. Especially as a child from Kurama, who has always been like an aristocrat in terms of physical strength, so he uses transformation jutsu as he becomes an adult.
He has to say that Transformation Jutsu is really easy to use.
Akabane carried the chair and went outside the Senju Clan. The Chunin gatekeeper saw the Transformation Jutsu of Akabane and noticed the Jonin uniform and the sloppy chair on him.
And when he looks again at the chair, he understands that it’s for Mito Uzumaki so he does not prevent Akabane from entering the Senju Clan Land.
Uzumaki Mito’s perception is strong.
Even if Akabane used the Transformation Jutsu, he could never hide it from her, so she already felt him when he arrived at the land of the Senju Clan.
But seeing him carrying a big chair, Uzumaki Mito was still a little uncomfortable.
In the past, this kid brought either comics or posters. This time he changed his temper and brought such a big thing?
What a pleasant surprise.
“Hello, Granny Mito, I was too busy to see you a few days ago. And this chair is the new project of our clan, so I thought of sending you one.”
Akabane said, putting down the chair cheerfully.
“You kid, come here, and let me see what those chairs are.”
Familiar answer.
Akabane was in a trance, he suddenly felt it was a deja-vu.
“Put it down first, help me move this chair aside by the way.”
Uzumaki Mito is very happy.
Although it is a new thing, the usefulness of the chair can basically be appreciated.
Akabane put down the chair, helped Uzumaki Mito remove the old chair in a complicated mood, and then placed the rocking chair in the centre.
“Boy, I know you’re busy lately, not only are you working on your comics, but you’re also working on a medical class, especially the Hyuga clan. It’s so lucky that you have time to see this old lady.”
Uzumaki Mito lay down and said knowingly as her eyes squinted looking at Akabane while rocking her chair.
“The plot is like this. It’s mainly because someone pushes the boat along the river, which has nothing to do with me.”
Akabane was ashamed.
What happened in the comic is just the plot, and he is just a porter in another world.
After a while, he knew it well. He might make money when he deals with the Third Hokage, but the other party will never lose money.
Just like now, due to it, he got a lot of work on his shoulder given by the Third Hokage which he can’t refuse!
Uzumaki Mito chuckled and didn’t say anything.
Isn’t that the way these struggles are, and she has already seen it through.
Then she sat up and began to paint.
Hashirama’s Everyday Life Comic has been released for a few days more than daily, and the response to the first volume is quite good-although some people think this comic is blasphemy to the First Hokage, no one dares to make irresponsible remarks when they see the author’s name.
Akabane leaned over and took a look.
The content of this statement seems to be the content of the battle between Senju Hashirama and Uchiha Madara.
Uzumaki Mito immediately covered it, and then chuckled: “It’s not good to peek. It’s boring to know the plot in advance. That’s what you said.”
Akabane curled his lips, he is not too curious.
Because he saw part of it, judging from the pictures and words, it should be about the origin of the two words Konoha and Hokage.
Knowing what the painting is, there is no need to explore it.
After all……
How did Konoha and Hokage come from? Can he still not know?
His previous remarks were just to fool the Third Hokage, that’s all.
He glanced at it again, then his eyes lit up when he saw what was written!
He just released an update of 30 chapters, and it said “The Will of Fire”.
And what was written of her draft was the line, “where Konoha dances, fire is endless”, As a result, First Hokage’s wife stepped up to reveal the secret of what he wrote on his comic—
It’s over, even if I cry, no tears will show up!
Thinking of this, Akabane tangled up for a while and said, “Granny Mito, let’s discuss something. Can you postpone the release of this comic?”
Uzumaki Mito was puzzled.
So, Akabane compiled the 30 chapters and prepared to explain the situation in one breath.
And when she heard it, she couldn’t help repeat the sentence—
“Where Konoha dances… Well said, Akabane, you are a person who really understands the Konoha spirit, like someone who died early. What do you know about the Konoha spirit and will of fire?”
Akabane was embarrassed and didn’t know how to answer this for a while.
After thinking for a long time, he “humbly” said: “I just wrote down the Third Hokage principles and deeds. How can a shallow person like me come up with such a profound truth?”
Uzumaki Mito laughed mockingly, then closed her drawing and leaned on the rocking chair to rest leisurely, “I won’t publish it for the time being, and you can tell me when, so I can give this book to Izumi Yamano.”
“Thank you Grandma Mito.”
Akabane breathed a sigh of relief.
Although it’s just a comic, it’s all the truth in it, and with the identity of Senju Hashirama’s wife a bonus. Who do you think the readers believe?
Fortunately, Uzumaki Mito gave in.
He sighed for a while, and at the same time was glad that he came to see Uzumaki Mito today, otherwise, if the two comics were published at the same time, his mentality would explode.
It’s been a while since he saw her so Akabane couldn’t help but look at Uzumaki Tomiko who was on Uzumaki Mito side this whole time.
After more than ten days, little Tomiko Yin Seal gradually stabilized, and the Chakra fluctuations on her body were not so violent.
But she is not very stable yet, and she has to learn other sealing jutsu first, so she cannot leave the Senju Clan for the time being.
So Akabane only left a copy of  Mystical Palm Technique for her.
Mystical Palm Technique is difficult for ordinary people, but the Uzumaki clan are masters in Chakra control, and learning this type of ninjutsu is absolutely easy.
Furthermore, Uzumaki Mito also understands medical skills, and the Senju Clan has many groups of future medical experts.

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