Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 21 The Negotiation


Clank! Clank!

Akabane could hear the echo of forging iron from the factory.

Not long after, a man hurriedly over. It looks like he is the man in charge here. He notices Tsunade, then suddenly put a guard.

By the look of it, Tsunade has a great reputation here, and it’s probably negative.

Akabane took the initiative, he handing him the token while saying, “Excuse me sir, my name is Kurama Akabane. I have some business here.”

“The Kurama Clan?”

He thought, what a little kid from Kurama Clan was doing here? Then he reached out his hand to take the token from Akabane and closely examine it.

After a while, he introduced himself, “Well kid. My name is Izumi Yamano. I am the director here.”

“Yamano-san, I came here to ask for your help to mass print my comics.”

Akabane took out his comic book and handed it to Yamano Izumi.

“Are you the one who made this?”

Yamano was even more suspicious, then took a look at the comic book.

Different from the rough hand-painted version before, this fix version has more delicate touched here and there, which can be said to be Akabane’s best works.

At first glance, he surprisingly in awe of the work.

“What were you called it again? A comic book?”

He found it incredible than different from any other book. It has drawn pages with a bubble text narrating the story from the character’s perspective.

“Hey, Uncle Yamano, you heard right, this is called comic.”

Tsunade reached out and clarified.


Yamano turned the first page to looked at the next one.

Time has passed for a few minutes. He didn’t realize he read it too long.

Then he closed the comic book with excitement and regret.

Yamano Izumi is just an ordinary blacksmith who is proficient in iron forging. But after reading Akabane’s comic, he suddenly remembers his childhood dream to become a Hokage.

“Ah, I remember when I was a kid like you, I used to play-acting like a ninja, such a nostalgic.”

“It’s a shame that I can’t qualify to become one.”

Yamano looked upset and sighed.

Akabane smiled lightly and secretly called up the system interface.


[Point increase by 1]

“It’s up by 1 point!”

“In other words, even ordinary people will give points from reading it.”

Akabane thought excitedly.

Although Yamano gave 1 point even after reading a few pages, the point is still a point! Imagine if a hundred peoples read it at once.

“Such a shame… Uh, umm sorry. So, Kurama-san, is this the comic you want to print?”

Yamano asked Akabane could saw his eyes teary.

“Yes, but not just this one, I’ll publish my volume from time to time, so I would like to make a cooperative agreement with you Yamano-san.”

Akabane said seriously.

He knows that it must be weird such a request was made from a mere child, and it is true that he has nothing to offer as an assurance. He can only try to convince Yamano with his works.

If Yamano hadn’t read the comic before, maybe he would sneer, but now he has to think deeply about the agreement that Akabane mentioned.

“What benefits from a comic could bring me?”

Yamano was very clear that the market for selling comics is narrow, and the benefits are slim, but after reading the comic, he feels that he just read a masterpiece and can imagine what everyone is going to do just to get a copy.

“This book could be a breakthrough!”

Without another thought, he immediately asked, “I’m interested! How do you want to arrange our agreement?”

“I know that the factory is not owned by Yamano-san alone, so I offer two options here. One is that I’ll pay a fixed amount, or second, I’ll pay you 10% of the comics income every month.

Akabane gave a moment for Yamano to the thought of it.

“Humm interesting… I need to discuss it with others.”

Yamano hesitated. This kind of negotiation is beyond his knowledge, and it would be a good idea to discuss it with the other first.

“I understand very well, and please take your time Yamano-san, if you want, I can lend you this copy for the other to read it, but please take good care of it.”

Akabane smiled kindly.

Yamano nodded and put took the comic book.

This matter is about printing a book, so he most likely will be asked the opinion from someone in charge of the printing division.

Tsunade has been listened from the start and didn’t say a word.

She might felt a bit awe on how Akabane managed to handle a business matter with an older person smoothly.

After Yamano left, she asked, “Why don’t you just straightly decided the remuneration?”

“Of course, the fixed amount will make me take advantage of it, but I don’t know how popular my comic store might become? After all, I’m just a kid who wants to open a comic store.”

Akabane explained humbly.

He didn’t finish, but he believed Tsunade could understand the meaning of it.

Sure enough, Tsunade pondered for a few moments, and then quickly said, “I understand, but I never knew that you’re this well prepared.”

Akabane wants to finish his negotiation right here right now, so he planned out two options at the beginning, let these people understand his value, otherwise, his comic would be underestimated.

Now that these are all laid out, even if he gets into trouble with the printing, it’s their representative that comes to him in person, not a group of angry workers.

After a while, Yamano came back, brought someone with him, who seemed to be the person in charge and workers from the printing division.

“Yamano-san is there a problem?”

Akabane was shocked a little. He didn’t expect than he would deal with this many people.

Yamano looked behind him with some embarrassment. and said, “This man is Noda Ichiro, he is the chief from the printing division, and these men are his worker.”

“Hello Kurama-san, I am very grateful for giving us this opportunity. But unfortunately, we couldn’t agree with your options, can we negotiate it again?”

Noda Ichiro was a little bit cautious about his gains and losses.

He has read the comics and knows the value better, otherwise, he won’t be so excited, and the workers behind him should also understand.

“Of course, let’s make another negotiation, for there will be less trouble in the future.”

Akabane said inwardly.

After negotiating a while, they both agreed to the same terms.

6For there will be a stable salary and loyalty on every month from the selling income.

“With this way, we agreed that I could pay you the salary and share some of my profit. The specific numbers can be discussed in detail later.” Akabane explained the terms.

“Great, thank you for your generosity.”

 Noda Ichiro kept bowing. He looked very excited.

 At the same time, the worker was suddenly noisy.

 “Great, we have a business!”

 “I can finally buy my kids new clothes.”

 “I can’t thank you enough, Kurama-san! Thank you!”

Although Akabane was still young, He just got the respect from the worker and Noda Ichiro himself.

The respect is mutual. He felt much better, knowing that his deal would help other people that he never think of. Akabane was satisfied, but also a little surprised.

From their reaction, it seems that the printing division was desperate for the time being. This agreement could help them more than Akabane thought. It’s a win-win solution after all.

There are a lot of things to do!

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