Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 210


“Hey, Akaba… is there something wrong with you?”
In the evening, Kurama Isamu rarely went home for dinner. Since joining the guard department and serving as a senior, he has become increasingly busy and rarely eats at home.
So after not seeing his son for a few days, the moment his eyes fixed on him he immediately felt that Akabane had become different.
Akabane was a bit twisted and out of place before, but today he doesn’t feel that way anymore.
“Father, I have defeated Ido.”
A smile appeared on Akabane’s face.
Defeating “Ido” means their Bloodline Limit will usher in evolution.
This is recorded in the ancient books of the Kurama clan.
After hiding his Sharingan, Akabane also felt the evolution of his own blood inheritance.
When he was using Genjutsu, the consumption is lower, his operation becomes faster, his five senses control become more delicate, and his Illusory Domain’s injury transformation is stronger, but of course, compared with Mangekyo Sharingan’s ability, it’s still much worse.
Kurama Isamu was stunned, and then using a closer look, he found that Akabane’s mental power was extremely vast, far surpassing him, a special Jonin who is good at the arts of Genjutsu!
It’s in line with the surge in mental power after defeating Ido!
He took a deep breath and said with ecstasy: “Unexpectedly…Unexpectedly, you would have defeated it yourself. I was thinking that once you awakened it, we would go to Master Mito to ask for help.”
“It came out to cause commotion this morning and was forcibly killed by me with sealing jutsu and with my spiritual energy. Now that I think about it, it is indeed dangerous, but fortunately, there is no danger.”
Akabane naturally pushed the credit to the sealing jutsu. He didn’t talk nonsense, because he actually considered using sealing jutsu.
He even thought of using the hideous monster “Ido” as an individual, injecting it with power such as Nine-Tailed Chakra, and then sealing it with a sealing jutsu to form the effect of a pseudo-Jinchuriki.
However, as an outsider, Akabane didn’t dare to walk on a tight rope when he encountered an ‘Ido’ that was more compatible with his body. It would be better to eliminate it in a budding state for caution.
“I’ll talk to the patriarch, this is a major event for the whole family.”
Kurama Isamu is very happy.
A major event for the whole family?
Akabane was stunned for a moment, just swallowing an extremely weak ‘Ido’, is it so serious?
He was about to stop his Dad, but Kurama Isamu had already whizzed away. 
Forget it.
Akabane sighed softly and then began to adapt to the skyrocketing mental power he has.
One hundred and sixty-five and one hundred and three are really not on the same level.
With his current mental power, the simple five-sense control illusion construction no longer needs the help of painting but can be achieved with Death Mirage Jutsu.
After devouring ‘Ido’ and having his mental power increase, Death Mirage Jutsu can not only infer through five senses but also transform injuries through the means of turning virtual into real.
Of course, the effect has not been tried.
When Kurama Isamu returned, a bunch of people followed the patriarch, Grand elders, and some elders of the family.
Among them, Kurama Murano was the most excited. When he came over, he held Akabane’s hand, trembling all over, making Akabane worry about whether this old man would be too happy to go to meet Yama.
On the second day, even the village know about the news.
However, there are not many high-level leaders in the village, only the Third Hokage, Mitokado Homura and some Clan Leaders of other clans.
The Kurama clan was born with a genius who defeated his ‘Ido’ alone, which made many families feel tremendous pressure, especially some families that were similar to the Kurama family.
The arrangement of the family seemed to be holding a grand ceremony, making it a meeting of the whole family, but that afternoon, a messenger from the Third Hokage came.
And it seems a new task…
With the Land-of-Whirlpools in a war against many villages, and with him getting stronger after devouring his Ido and redeeming Sharingan, he really can’t think of the possibility of avoiding it.
So Akabane did not refuse and followed the Anbu Ninja to the office.
When they came to the office, the Third Hokage was holding his chins while reading a battle report.
Akabane greeted at the door and waited for the Third Hokage to raise his head and wave his hands before entering.
Hiruzen twisted the battle report and said: “Akabane, you have been very busy with the latest update lately. Do you want to go out and relax?”
Akabane didn’t know where it would be better to start complaining. He was already mentally prepared for the task, so he didn’t need to make such a roundabout way.
He picked up the battle report and glanced at it.
It’s not the Hidden Whirlpools Village, but Land-of-Rivers, and it seems the Hidden Sand Village Jinchuriki appeared in Land-of-Wind!
“Do you think their Jinchuriki will come to Land-of-Rivers?”
Akabane’s expression was solemn.
With Mangekyo Sharingan in his body, even if Shukaku appeared, he doesn’t need to worry too much, but the problem is that his Sharingan cannot be easily exposed.
That’s his trump card for life!
“Our top priority is the Hidden Sand Village, we didn’t know what happened to the Second Kazekage, so for the time being, it is best for us not to speculate what the next action the other side will make. So we can only arrange them first.”
Hiruzen took out the map, and a series of icons were drawn on the map.
Above is the formation diagram of Land-of-Rivers. There is personnel distribution on Konoha and some distribution positions of Hidden Sand Village and Rouge ninja. Among them, there are also the subordinates of Orochimaru that they got from defeating the Rouge Sand Nin previously.
The reconnaissance team set off for a month, and I am afraid that they have a better understanding of the Layout of the Land-of-Rivers than those King of Land-of-Rivers.
“What do you mean?”
Akabane couldn’t figure it out, so let him go to the country of the river to fight those sand ninja?
But if the other side wants to dispatch Shukaku to fight, unless he revealed his Sharingan, he was only going to be killed!
Hiruzen coughed and said, “I know you and Orochimaru have some subordinate rogue ninja in the Land of River, that’s why you will be stationed there temporarily as the leader of the Rouge Ninja, and if the Sand Village take action, then it’s your turn to take action against them.”
If it’s before, he didn’t dare to let Akabane go.
If the Jinchuriki of Shukaku is really there. Even if Akabane innate talent is good, they will only send him to his death, but after the annexation of ‘Ido’  and the advancement of his Kekkei Genkai, Hiruzen became confident of his choice.
Besides, this kid always likes to hide his strength. After giving him the scroll of sealing jutsu, he must comprehend some sealing jutsu.
Hearing it, Akabane suddenly wants to slap his past self for accepting this rouge ninja.
He allows Orochimaru to subjugate a group of rogue ninja before.
He doesn’t know if Orochimaru got any benefits from it, but for him, it’s a tragedy!
He didn’t think his decision on that day will lead him to this kind of mission!
Akabane has a headache, but the Land-of-Rivers is also an important transit base anyway, and it’s hard to be taken away by Land-of-Wind.
Damn it, then let’s go, and take a look at how our free trade zone is going!
Thinking of this, he nodded and said, “All right, but in terms of equipment and funds…”
“I’ll give you some, and you can develop those people. Get it right over there.”
Hiruzen understands Akabane’s ideas very well.
Don’t you need money for development?
In his previous life, isn’t Orochimaru looking for cooperation with the Land of Sound, and isn’t it the money of the King from his People?
Akabane didn’t want to make a loss and pay for the things for the village.
In addition…
If you do the mission yourself, is there no one from the preparation department to “do it for you”?
This is a reasonable request.
Hiruzen of course also agreed. As for who to look for, he didn’t say anything nor Akabane asked, but there are not many people in the village who can fulfil the role, so there are only a few candidates, and it is between Orochimaru or the Uchiha.
As for who it is, it has nothing to do with Akabane.
Akabane left that night and went to the country of River.
His physique reached one hundred points, which is barely passable for Jonin level. Although there are no specialities, there is definitely no problem on the way.
The next morning, Akabane arrived at the target town. Before entering the town, he changed his appearance and outfit of the former Orochimaru with his transformation. He wore an ordinary Katana on his waist and hid a small dagger he got from Sakumo’s father in his arms…
After a long absence, he found that the situation here has changed a little.
Walking down the street, every few steps he takes, he can see a guy with a big sword and a short sword.
From the look of their dress, they are definitely living a miserable life. And what’s strange is, those wandering rouge ninja who likes to pretend to be ninjas seem to disappear suddenly.
What’s going on?
He secretly paid attention all the way, then walking to a familiar road carefully, he pushed the door and walked to the previous tavern, only to be confused when he saw the tavern.
The decoration looks the same as in One Piece. There are two big posters at the door, which are painted with Zoro and the newest Hawkeye poster, and on it is a string of wanted reward money.
But the style of painting is a bit poor, it is estimated that the painter tried imitating his drawing.
Entering the door, he saw a lot of swordsmen with long swords around their waists. Some of them had three swords, wearing green bandannas, and dressed like Zoro.
But regardless of appearance or their imposing manner, it was far worse, at most they were beggar versions of Zoro.
“What’s the situation, is this the town of Zoro cosplay”
Akabane touched his chin and thought, after not being here for more than two months, how did it change so much?
Since he got no answer, he walked in.
He didn’t immediately look for his subordinates but sat in the corner to observe the situation.
At this moment, another person walked in.
He hadn’t even entered the door, but he saw two big wanted posters posted at the door with the high bounty written on them.
And he stared at it for a long time.
The ninja walked in, his eyes scanned the audience.
Akabane glanced at him, and then his eyelids couldn’t help but twitch, it’s an expert!
Finally, the newcomer ninja eyes landed on the “Beggar version” of Zoro, his voice was a little hoarse as he asked: “Are you Zoro worth ten million gold coins?”
“Zoro worth ten million?”
“Hahahaha, this uncle will make me laughed to death, hey buddy, he called you Zoro! Hahaha”
“If he is Zoro, then I am Hawkeye!”
A group of people drinking in the tavern laughed, whether they were taunting the beggar version of Zoro or laughing at the new ninja, but Akabane stood up silently, ready to go away.
This group of people is hopeless, even provoking this kind of money maniac!
Although they don’t recognise the newcomer, it didn’t mean Akabane didn’t recognize that man!
Because he is none other than Kakuzu who proclaimed fought against the First Hokage!
“Hawkeye Mihawk, the world’s number one swordsman, do you deserve that kind of title?”
He glanced at it, and then moved behind the beggar version Zoro in an instant, holding the neck of the beggar version of Zoro neck in his hand, and with a twist, he killed it directly.
Clean and neat.
Everyone’s eyes widened, and the audience was silent.
“There seems to be a little difference in appearance, and the one may not recognize it.”
He frowned, seemingly worried.
At this moment, the person who just clamoured that he was Hawkeye took out a comic book and said with a trembling voice: “Bi..Big Uncle, Zoro is a character in a comic, not a real person. N…No one will acknowledge it even if you take his head.”
In a chaotic place like the Land of River, if you want to live longer, you have to admit defeat first, or you will have nothing if you lose your head.
He was stunned for a moment. Obviously, he didn’t understand what the comics were, but roughly he understood that Zoro and Hawkeye are fake, and the wanted order is also fake!

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