Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 211


“Do you have 100 million Ryo?”

The strange ninja looks at the book, then throws away the corpse in his hand like a rag, and asks the man who calls himself “Hawkeye”.

This man is stupid.

If he has 100 million ryo, then why is he here sitting while saying hi to everyone?

But seeing the killing intent in the strange ninja’s eyes, if he answers “No”, he will definitely die like a corpse on the ground.


“Since you have no money, you can’t buy your own life,”

After Kakuzu finished speaking, his hands squeezed and directly crushed the man throat.


Everyone swallowed at the same time, and a few quietly touched the door, but with a sneer from Kakuzu, they all stopped and didn’t dare to go forward half a step.

A Terrifying murderous!

“Who issued this wanted order?”

Kakuzu asked coldly.

“Dear Guests, these two are just posters, not real wanted warrants. The reason for posting them is that this comic called One Piece is set in the background of pirates, and it was posted to the door.”

A teenager came out of the counter, his face pale in fright, but he still mustered the courage to explain.

Kakuzu are lost in thought.

Obviously, this tavern doesn’t look like it can afford more than 100 million ryo, and there is really no way to blackmail them as he won’t receive anything in return.

Comic… is this the thing in this brat hand?

He glanced at it and then frowned slightly. When he came to this country before, they didn’t have these things at all.

“Dear guest, Chaochuan Town has changed thanks to this comic. If you are interested, you might as well sit down and read while drinking. I will pay for today’s wine if you’re interested.”

Akabane said as he stood up.

Although he didn’t want to intervene, if Kakuzu demolished this place, he needed to find suitable subordinates for his bindings. Moreover, the person in charge of this tavern knows how to set up a cultural tavern according to local conditions. He is also a very talented person. It’s a pity if they died here.

Kakuzu didn’t care at first, but when Akabane stepped closer, he suddenly felt a threat instinctively.

He is an expert!

He looked carefully at Akabane, wearing a sword around his waist. Although he didn’t wear a headband, he was more inclined to the style of Hidden Mist.

He can feel that the opponent’s Chakra is very strong, and it makes him feel very uneasy.

“Master, this wine… the money for wine, you don’t need to pay for it. Today, everyone’s wine is paid for by our restaurant.”

The little boy got closer and looked even more nervous.

But even if he was nervous and scared, he didn’t shrink back, standing in front of him and talking to Kakuzu and Akabane.

“Yes, are you new here?”

Akabane admired him more and more.

What a courageous boy.

With a little training, he doesn’t know how strong this boy will become, but there is absolutely no problem in operating the restaurant and the site here.

“you are?”

The boy was a little unclear, he came here for more than a month, but he had never seen the ninja in front of him.

“Let your Boss come here to see me.”

Akabane said a little, and then sat down directly across from the corner of the table.

Kakuzu moved his fingers, forcibly holding down the desire to shoot.

Suppressed his killing intent, as he started collecting information.

Akabane knew it, and then took the wine bottle, poured a glass for Kakuzu, and said in a low voice, “We are all here for money and survival. Now Konoha and Sand Village have arranged a lot of manpower in Chao Chuan. it’s not good for anyone to make a big scene here.”

What he said was Half admonition, half threat.

If Akabane is not strong enough, Kakuzu will definitely kill him after saying that to him, but he couldn’t shake off the feeling of ominousness and danger from the other party so he didn’t dare to make a move carelessly…

Forget it, I’m here to make money and don’t care about him.

Kakuzu snorted coldly, picked up the comic and started reading it.

The young man was very sensible, and immediately brought a complete set of One Piece comics to the corner for him to read and appreciate.

Seeing that the manslaughter rogue ninja did not do anything, the others breathed a sigh of relief and quickly fled the tavern.

Therefore, although it is said that the beverages are free, in fact, the tavern only has two guests,

Akabane and Kakuzo.

“Pirate? Oh, what a bullshit thing.”

When he first read the first page, Kakuzu said as he sneered.

Hidden Waterfall Village is adjacent to Land-of-Frost, with the sea to the north, so he has seen some pirates, but they are quite weak at all. And they were all just wandering samurai and rogue ninjas.

Just like those people on the streets of Chaochuan Town now.

He turned a few pages, and then gradually became interested. Although it seems a bit boring, it is a good device to spend his days as a pastime.

It didn’t take long before he finished reading one volume.

The plot is pretty good, and it seems to be quite popular in Chaochuan Town. The merchant who sells this is probably making a lot of money.

Kakuzu had some thoughts in his heart.

Before he could speak, Akabane whispered: ” I’ve heard of you. You are the most talented ninja in Hidden Waterfall Village. The strength is also quite strong. I don’t know if you are interested in cooperating with me.”

“Oh, cooperation?”

Kakuzu didn’t agree directly, but picked up the second volume and continued reading.

He is not stupid.

On the contrary, Kakuzu is quite cautious and clever to survive the hunts, otherwise, he would not hold back his killing intent to walk down the steps given by Akabane.

“How do you feel when you read this comic?”

“Yes, no wonder there are so many stupid wandering warriors.”

Kakuzu answered indifferently.

The increase in wandering warriors obviously has something to do with this comic-this can be seen from the popularity of Zoro and Hawkeye.

Akabane nodded slightly and said, “It was transported by a caravan in the country of fire, but now it is not sold yet to the masses. Instead, it is given to us for free. So that we can put it in the tavern for guests to watch for free. I think they will definitely sell in the future. By then…”

“Jointly sell books for others? hmph hmph, what a stupid idea.”

Kakuzu sneered, dismissing the plan.

He is lonely and doesn’t need an organization or a base. How can he do business with high priced orders that want to hunt him down at the black market?

Akabane didn’t get angry as he smiled and said: “Selling books for others is just a process. When we are strong enough, we can annex the rest of Chaochuan Town and let the entire Chao Chuan comics be under our control. After that, the entire Land of River will be…”


After reading half of the comic, Kakuzu paused when he heard it, but continued reading the comic after a moment.

If it’s a country, the benefits are not bad, but the benefits of cooperation don’t seem to be that high.

After all, for such a large scale, there must be subordinates, and the profit-sharing is still not as good as what he was doing…

Akabane continued to toss the chips in no hurry, waiting for Kakuzu to finish reading.

One volume, two volumes…

After reading the five volumes, Kakuzu was lost in thought.

He has never encountered this kind of comic, but judging from the popularity it has in Chaochuan Town, there are definitely business opportunities.

“Our business is not necessarily limited to Land-of-Rivers. As far as I know, the surrounding countries all purchase from Land-of-Rivers. This benefit is not small.”

Akabane continued to toss the chips.

Neither he nor Orochimaru can be permanently stationed in the Land of River. If he can recruit a character like Kakuzo, there is no need to worry about the business here.

After all, in big organizations like Akatsuki, Kakuzu is the one in charge of their money. It can be seen that although this guy is greedy for money, he is very sensitive about money.

The only thing to worry about is that Kakuzu has a high chance of betrayal.

This guy was really obsessed with money, but Akabane really didn’t care about money, as long as the other party didn’t take the foundations of the Land of River as his own.

If he dared to do this, Akabane would take it unceremoniously-the person in the dark will always have an advantage over the light, and he is the person in the dark.

Kakuzu are lost in thought.

He loves money, but he doesn’t want to be restrained by others, but it doesn’t seem to matter if he just cooperates.

“I’ll think it over.”

After thinking about it, Kakuzu didn’t immediately agree, but his attitude was not too cold and tough, and obviously, there was a chance for cooperation to happen.

Akabane nodded, not expecting to do this all at once, but he had to guard against this guy’s night sneak attack.

Kakuzu doesn’t have any morals, and the two are jealous of each other, even if they cooperate, they will not be sincere.

So a fight is probably necessary…

Kakuzu had another drink and then walked out of the tavern.

At this time, the boy and another ninja walked out of the house.

The Boss here was the ninja who had encountered Akabane and Orochimaru before. Akabane slightly used his perception abilities to detect a strange chakra on the man’s body..

Is this what Orochimaru is doing?

Akabane took a closer look and noticed many similar marks.

For example, the man’s joints may be modified. It seems that Orochimaru has always strengthened these people.

Seeing Akabane’s current appearance, the ninja immediately knelt down: “My lord, what instructions do you have for coming this time?”

“There may be war between Konoha and Sand in the Land of River. You are my hard-earned subordinates. I will be very troubled if you die.”

Akabane imitated Orochimaru’s tone and said faintly, then looked outside the door and continued saying “Recently, there will be more ninjas like that, so I’ve been restrained recently.”

“My lord, since the last time you gave the specific plan here, we have all done business in peace, and no brother has gone out to make trouble.”

He explained quickly.

Akabane has a headache.

It’s Orochimaru again. With so many things he has done sneakily, Chaochuan Town has been turned into a Pirate Town.

Forget it…

He glanced at the back while hypnotizing the boy with him.

With his current mental power, hypnotizing these guys is almost easy, and soon they will say all the information in a sing a song tune.

A few seconds later, he realized what he wanted and activated the hypnosis Genjutsu.

The two have no opinion, but become more respectful-being hypnotized unconsciously by such a powerful Genjutsu, worthy as their Lord!

“I just confirmed, Nakagawa, you are doing very well, but your strength is still a little bit worse.”

Akabane said lightly and then looked at the boy named Noryo.

Although the Man Culture Tavern was created by Nakagawa, he has to say that this kid Noryo is also very good, especially in the face of the Kakuzu killing intent, he still dared to stand up and speak, this is quite remarkable.

“My lord, his name is…”

“Araki Noryo, you are also good, do you know Chakra?”

Noryo was shocked and then nodded wildly with ecstasy.

Chakra, the power possessed by the great ninja!

“Nakagawa, from today you are responsible for teaching him to condense Chakra. Also prepare a room for me, I want to rest for a while.”


Nakagawa is very respectful.

Seeing each other again, this Lord is stronger than when they first met–no, maybe because he has never seen the real strength of their Lord!

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