Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 22 Jiraiya’s Talent


Tsunade was silent and looked a bit upset.

Akabane took notice of it. It just felt weird how she became silent all of a sudden. Akabane couldn’t hold it anymore and glanced back at her.

“What happened to my sassy friend?”

“Uhh, annoying.”

Tsunade came back to her normal self, then sighed softly.

The way Akabane handle things from the factory before was just like how her grandpa and father acted.

She was bothered by some thought and suddenly asked, “Akaba, have you ever dream of becoming a Hokage one day?”

“Hokage? I’ve never thought about that, but I know that becoming Hokage is a tiring task, especially someone weak like me. All I want is a peaceful life while I run my comic store.”

How Akabane explained, his dream was not the expected words that came from a child.

“Hahaha, you sounded just like an old man, but I can imagine such a life from you.”

The tender and cheerful laughter resounded through the woods.

Akabane felt a bit embarrassed.

At this time, Tsunade’s younger brother had not been born yet, and she hasn’t known the tragedy that she has to suffer from. But Akabane knew it well. He could only enjoy her laugh for now.

Akabane lightly smiled a little.

“When we go back, where should we go next?”

Tsunade regains her good mood, she immediately became chatty again.

“This is enough for me today, this past two days, I haven’t taken a good rest, and I still need to re-draw other posters that you just took from me before..”

 Akabane refused with a hint of annoyed.

When they left, the factory had started printing his comics. Once he comes back home, he could finish his decoration sketch and headed straight to the preparation.

“What, Akabane became a hard-worker.’

She said that with a teasing tone.

“…yeah, whatever.”

Akabane sighed helplessly.

His comic store needs to sell not only the comic book but also various posters and merc, so he must work harder than before.

He was lucky enough to reborn again on Naruto’s world. This one time opportunity must not be wasted.

“Well, I can see you’re tired. We should go back to your home now and let your clone help you work.”

“Uhh yeah.. you’re rig—wait, we?”

Tsunade tried to smile as cute as possible while looked at Akabane’s annoyed expression.

Akabane took a deep breath and said, “Huuh… Okay, your majesty, we’ll do it your way.”

Akabane has grown an immunity from Tsunade’s presence, after all, he didn’t intend to be lazy anyway because there is a lot of things to do.”

Both of them walked slowly towards his house.

As soon as they went back, Akabane immediately took his tools and left again in a hurry.

They planned to work in the woods near his house. If it wasn’t for Tsunade, he wouldn’t go to the woods at all. The reason was that Tsunade still felt embarrassed from her last night’s visit.

It took a few minutes from his house, and he half passed dead from walking all morning.

So Akabane was intrigued, why many men from his previous lives rush looking for a partner.

Is it that bad to become a single?

After they arrived, Akabane created a clone, then both of them start working together.

He drew large posters, but not all the paintings are from Naruto. Akabane also drew posters from other comics, such as One Piece, Bleach, and any other that he could remember.

Tsunade was supervising him at first but noticed that he was really into his drawing, she decided to practice on a grassland a bit further from him.

Akabane spent the whole morning to draw.

However, his big posters took him a long time to finished. By the time his mother came to deliver his lunch, Akabane only managed to complete two posters.

As for Tsunade, she hasn’t come back until noon.

During the afternoon, both of them still busy with their things.

Until the evening, he took notice of a familiar figure.

On the roadside chair, there was Jiraiya deeply thought about something. It must be something important because he looked somewhat depressed.

“Oy! Jiraiya-kun! What are you doing there alone?”

Akabane asked curiously.

Heard his friendly voice, Jiraiya immediately stood up and said, “Akaba-kun! you finally come back!”

Then he ran towards Akabane excitedly.

“You’ve been waiting for me?”

Akabane put his pen and stop drawing. Then he looked at Jiraiya suspiciously.

Later, he found that Jiraiya was holding two pieces of crumpled paper in his hands.

“I… I tried to draw some pages but only managed to finished two. Do you mind taking a look?”

Jiraiya showed Akabane his pages looking timidly.

“Your drawing?”

Akabane was shocked for a while then replied.

“It seems that you want to follow my path to become a cartoonist?”

Jiraiya would be a great author in the future, but to make good comics needs more than a good story.

Akabane took a look, and suddenly felt and suddenly felt shocked

He breathed deeply, then slowly continued to read it.

“What do you think of it?”

Jiraiya curiously asked.

“Jiraiya, have you showed this to Tsunade?”

Jiraiya confidently said.


Speaking of Tsunade, Jiraiya could not help but sigh.

“She hit you, didn’t she?”


“Jiraiya, the story that you told in these pages was indeed good, even I want to know what happens next. But your drawing is the problem…”

Akabane carefully chooses his words because he didn’t know how to put it.

To put it short, how Jiraiya made a story from only two pages is astounding. The problem is how he drew it. There are messy lines everywhere and hard to see as a comic.

Well, his drawing skills are normal at his age.

“But I also think I’ve drawn it very well. It must be Tsunade’s ego just couldn’t accept my art.”

After hearing this, Jiraiya took back his pages with excitement, then laugh wildly with a smug face.

He didn’t even notice that Akabane was giving him a critique.

“No, what I’m saying is..”

Akabane was about to explain his flaws, but when he looked up, he found that Jiraiya had already run a dozen steps away triumphantly.

Ah.. well, after all, he is the one who wrote the legendary series of the make-out.

Akabane stayed for a while, then sighed and sat down the grass.

Jiraiya is somewhat a talented author, but there is a lot to polish.

Fortunately, his ninjutsu is at least relatively normal…

“Yeah.. normal for the current time..”

Akabane was startled for a moment.

Soon enough, he will come to learn about the seduction ninjutsu, and it wouldn’t be the same again.

“Gosh, what did I do!”

“I should’ve not daydreaming while having a lot to do. I’m sorry, Jiraiya.”

 Akabane sighed and continued his work.

If Jiraiya wants to learn to make comics, but he needs to practice from now, or else it would be a waste of talent. But then, after all, Jiraiya would release his book and became the three legendary ninjas.

But there’s a catch, what if Jiraiya was too addicted to comics and the whole history of “the child of prophecy” will change?

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    Is it that bad to become a single?”

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