Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 228


“Training during the day, rest at night, ideological education, while imitating the battlefield mode in real-time, Akabane, your educational philosophy is very good.”
Hiruzen took his pipe, took a sip and said cheerfully.
“In the beginning, many Genin didn’t change their mentality of being students. That’s why we had to put on a strong image to eliminate some people who were not firm enough. And with this level every day, that is the matter of Taijutsu class.”
Akabane handed over the impressions written by everyone after the Taijutsu exercise this morning and explained it at the same time.
He really wanted to maintain their rigorous image in the mind of the Genins. That’s why yesterday when they were exercising, he deliberately arranged for an examiner to stare at them, and those who did not keep up with Might Duy had to eat a double serve bodybuilding meal.
But is it possible?
Might Duy physical fitness and physical skills may not be Konoha’s best, but no matter how painful he felt, he will insist on running to his goal. This endurance is definitely not comparable to ordinary people. Coupled with such exercise all year round, he has more physical fitness and strength than ordinary people, even those elite Genin.
And all these cannot be utilized in one or two days.
If the other can really keep up with Might Duy within a day, I am afraid Duy will also be angry and doubt his life.
Hiruzen took a puff of his cigarette pipe after listening.
From yesterday’s training, various clans were actually quite a nuisance, but due to the Patriarch from the big clans, their attitude also changed fast.
And now that Akabane has reasonable training ideas, he is completely relieved.
Sure enough, this kind of thing can be assured to Akabane.
He was very relieved, picked up a book and started to read it.
Um, Might Duy…
It seems to be the kid who only knows Taijutsu skills.
Hiruzen picked it up and opened it, and then couldn’t help but be stunned.
A few simple sentences above-
“Although Naruto’s life is too difficult, he can sustain his situation as Konoha’s ninja. This is the blood of youth!!”
Hiruzen took a puff of smoke and was shocked.
Is this an afterthought?
“My lord, this child is more of a problem, and his level of cultural classes is not high. Even during the Virtual Battle simulation, due to his hot bloodedness, he rushed on the clone of his enemy and was killed due to it.”
Akabane actually had a headache.
Is Might Duy not capable?
No, in fact, he specializes in Taijutsu skills, and he also has good strength. The problem is that this child is really a muscle in other aspects, which is completely incomparable with his child Guy.
“This is really…Thanks for your hard work.”
Hiruzen froze for a while, and then gave a word of comfort.
He knows Akabane quite well. If the problem lies in the other party’s strength, he will be able to cultivate Might Duy with Akabane’s ability sooner or later.
Among other things, Danzo has already tested it personally. The idea of using the Eight-Inner Gates is successful. As long as they don’t open the next gate, the burden on the body will not be too scary.
This is a very suitable technique to use especially for someone who only knows Taijutsu.
Can they train brain muscles to become smarter?
“Don’t just say comforting words, give me some practical support.”
Akabane had a headache.
“I think about countermeasures.”
Hiruzen was also called a Doctor Ninjas, but he had never met such a student. After all, among his disciples, Jiraiya, the least qualified, was actually quite good among civilians.
But for someone like Might Duy…
He thought for a long time, and couldn’t help it for a while, but suddenly a silhouette of Rock Lee appeared in his mind.
The child seems to have a mind like him too.
After thinking about it, he finally suggested, “Why don’t you use Rock Lee method on him?”
“Rock Lee?”
Akabane was stunned, he didn’t expect the answer to be in the comics, and the role of Rock Les was relatively weak in the later stage, and he was not impressed by the details.
But after all, he drew his plot, so when he thought of it, he immediately remembered.
Small notes?
A good memory is not as good as a bad pen. And he just forgot to arrange the notebook with his brain.
Hiruzen continues to read Genin’s impressions.
Ninja Academy culture class is not very strict, so most of the children’s words are very immature, but they are better than true feelings, especially girls are more emotional, many of them wrote a lot, the ink on the paper is still scattered, and it is estimated that they were in tears when they wrote this.
Why are they so tearful, after writing a review?
He had never experienced the illusion, so he did not understand.
But looking at it, all the students looked very moved.
After a long time, he finally read all the letters, then he thought about it and said: “I intend to send these impressions to their parents.”
“It’s not a bad idea, then I’ll leave first if it’s okay.”
Akabane moved his joints.
He finally found an excuse to escape from the preparation department, so he couldn’t waste time in the Hokage Building.
Hiruzen nodded, but then another thing came to mind: “By the way, Jiraiya asked me some time ago if there is any technique to grow hair. What did you draw in your comics?”
“How to make hair grow?”
Akabane was stunned for a moment.
But soon he remembered one thing. The comic should have been updated yesterday. “Jiraiya” used the needle Jizo during the Third Ninja Wars.
This is a kind of offensive and defensive ninjutsu that is performed one after another. 
In addition to this, follow-ups include the technique of Wild Lion’s Mane Technique, Needle Jizo, and the Hair Needle Barrage.
Now Jiraiya must not have mastered it yet.
Akabane thought secretly, and his face gradually turned weird. Needle Jizo is not that easy to master, it is a very special kind of ninjutsu.
And since Jiraiya also came to seek ninjutsu for growing hair, maybe he is in the process of development…
“Although he is using the transformation jutsu, I can smell the burning odour. Is there any way you can make the hair grow out?”
The Third Hokage was having headaches just thinking of Jiraiya.
Jiraiya has talents since in the said jutsu is his own creation in the original, but the Third Hokage didn’t know that.
And Hiruzen estimated that the child has mastered the same level of Jutsu, otherwise, he would not dare to use his hair to carry ninjutsu damage, but to use his hair to defend against fire…
The idea is really strange.
“Sure enough, as expected of Jiraiya. But if we’re talking about how to use long hair, I also don’t know. Maybe I can ask Orochimaru for help?”
Akabane couldn’t help but want to laugh.
The role of Needle Jizo is more to defend against damages such as Ninja Tool and Taijutsu, and it depends on attributes like Ninjutsu.
The destructive power of Fire-Style is amazing. Even if Jiraiya has mastered the Needle Jizo, how can he think of using his hair as a shield to it, especially right now when he was still struggling to refine the said jutsu.
The result is probably a bald head for Jiraiya.
“Forget it, at least his scalp is not burned.”
Hiruzen is very helpless. Although he is known as Doctor Ninja, he feels more and more powerless over the past year. Orochimaru and Jiraiya have all sorts of weird techniques and more and more problems…
It seems that he has to find time to supplement his knowledge.
“Then I will leave first.”
Akabane walked out of the Hokage Building, and finally could take a vacation in the afternoon and find a place to take a nap.
As for the preparation department, he doesn’t need to worry about it as it was on a cable hand.
Shiranui Ryosuke has more experience on the battlefield than Akabane. Except for being unable to perform illusion training the rest, he can replace Akabane in presiding training.
After the first day, he doesn’t have to go there every day to do illusion training, animation education, etc.
It’s too late.
But when he returned to the comics shop, Akabane found that someone was squatting in front of the door with a depressed and low expression on his face.
Akabane was stunned for a moment. This guy really came to the store to wait.
He turned around and walked away quietly, but this time Jiraiya was also surprisingly keen and quickly noticed the movement, and immediately used the instantaneous jutsu to speed up, chasing towards Akabane.
“Akabane, you pay for my hair!”
The stern anger was full of resentment that his hair disappeared, as he blamed the innocent Akabane.
Hey, I just published an update, who said you can imitate it and use your hair to keep out the fire.
Isn’t your baldness your fault, not mine?
Akabane murmured secretly from the bottom of his heart, but since he was noticed, it didn’t make much sense to continue running.
Jiraiya who finally caught up with Akabane was gasping for breath.
However, during this period of time, he has made rapid progress in Mount Myoboku, and his physical skills are much better than during the Chunin exam, otherwise, he would never want to catch up with him.
Akabane glanced at him and sighed: “Where is that scorched hair of yours?”
“Look for yourself!”
After saying that, Jiraiya also cancelled the transformation jutsu, revealing the real situation——
A big hole was burned in the middle of the previous white hair, forming an “Ω” shape.
To change the vocabulary of previous lives, it is the Mediterranean Sea.
“If you want to practice the Needle Jizo, that’s good, but who said to use your hair to stop the fire? Did I say it? How can you blame me for it?”
 Akabane suppressed his laughter.
“This…not to blame you, but help me find a way, my hair is gone!”
Jiraiya also squatted at the door for a day for the hair matter, until now he waited for Akabane.
“I also don’t know how to grow it, otherwise you can only shave all the tops, or wear a wig, but you can ask Orochimaru.”
Akabane couldn’t help it.
Even if he exchanges the Needle Jizo, the hair created by ninjutsu is temporary. Since after the ninjutsu is deactivated, it will become the same immediately, without any effect.
Growing hairs involves the field of regeneration, so they can only ask Orochimaru who is a scientist.
 But in order to help him, Akabane still redeems the Needle Jizo.
Anyway, it’s B-level ninjutsu.
With the help of system exchange knowledge, Akabane has a lot of understanding of this technique.
It requires long-term chakra nourishment and the hair has extremely high activity before it can be extended to develop various ninjutsu.
Simply using Chakra to strengthen it can’t completely resist high-power attacks.
“Orochimaru? No, I’d rather shave it off!”
Jiraiya said decisively.
This is his last dignity, because with his current hair if he goes to Orochimaru, that stinky guy will definitely laugh at him like crazy.
“Then shave it, and use chakras to continuously stimulate it to increase the activity of the hair, and it will grow out soon, and it will also help you develop the strength of your hair.”
Akabane said, “As for the ninjutsu of the hair series, it is recommended that you use it sparingly to resist too strong attacks because the risk is very high.”
“Chakra Nourish? What should I do?”
Jiraiya brightened his eyes.
So Akabane recited the knowledge redeemed from the system again.
Jiraiya also gradually ceased to be so depressed, but rather he became excited. After hearing all the explanations coming from Akabane, he then ran to the barber to shave his hair excitedly.
Akabane shook his head slightly, then moved his gaze back to the system exchange list. He was too busy yesterday, and he forgot about the comic update. There should be a lot of new ninjutsu…
C-level ninjutsu, chakra scalpel.
A-level ninjutsu, Yin Healing Wound Destruction
And Tsunade’s Chakra Enhanced Strength with her other self created ninjutsu…

Ninjutsu, some medical knowledge and Chakra Enhanced Strength are all on the list, and the one who has the highest price is naturally the Yin Seal and Creation Rebirth.
But the price of the Yin Seal is slightly lower. After all, Akabane has mastered the technique, but simply can’t understand it, but as an S-level seal technique, it still requires two thousand points.
And the Creation Rebirth is more expensive as it requires a full 2500 points.
But this kind of ability is the strongest life-saving technique, no matter how high the price is, it must be redeemed. Akabane has accumulated nearly 10,000 points now, and this consumption does not matter at all.
In the afternoon, there was no need to go to the preparation department, let alone to paint, so Akabane returned to the lounge of the comic shop and did not hesitate to redeem the Yin Seal and the Creation Rebirth.
The Yin Seal is extremely difficult, and Akabane can’t understand the description on the scroll, but with the help of the system, he suddenly “understood”——
In fact, he still doesn’t understand, but he already knows how to use it.

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