Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 229


The most difficult part of the Yin Seal is the construction of the seal technique. Akabane didn’t understand it before, and it was totally impossible to let others help him to impose the seal.
But with the help of his system, he quickly mastered the usage of the Yin Seal.
In just two or three hours, Akabane completed the Yin seal, looked in the mirror, and a prismatic mark appeared on his forehead.
This mark can add a lot of temperament to the woman, but to himself…
It feels weird.
Akabane stared for a few seconds at the diamond shape in his forehead while also trying to hide, but failed.
“Forget it, it’s pretty handsome on me anyway.”
After a light sigh, he continued to redeem the other ninjutsu.
Creation Rebirth.
This ninjutsu can be mastered as soon as it is exchanged. If there are enough chakras stored in the Yin Seal, it can be used to undo the Yin Seal and with the combined use of the Creation Rebirth, he can continuously restore any injuries in his body.
It is Tsunade’s regeneration forbidden technique created after studying the First Hokage materials.
After redeeming these two ninjutsu, Akabane felt a little safe, as long as he had enough chakra, it wouldn’t be easy for him to die.
He poured all the extra chakras into the Yin Seal, and he fell into contemplation- Since I learned Creation Rebirth, should I teach it to Tsunade?
But Akabane was a little worried.
If someone wants to study the Creation Rebirth, they must at least have a very Peak medical criterion.
But he was an exception as he learned it from his system.
Even Tsunade in the original didn’t develop this ninjutsu in her early times, and it was only when her little brother Nawaki died and wandered the Ninja World she finally perfected this Ninjutsu.
So even Orochimaru did not recognize this Ninjutsu in the plot.
In the field of medical ninjutsu, does he deserve to be top?
No, he is not worthy of that title!
In addition, the purpose of Tsunade’s creating this forbidden ninjutsu is also worth pondering.
In the comics, she doesn’t know why she created this ninjutsu, but now, this girl has a purpose. And that’s using the Creation Rebirth to study Sage Mode.
And this is for her to become stronger.
Considering it……
Akabane decided not to disclose this forbidden technique to Tsunade for the time being, but to seal it up first, and then teach it according to the situation.
It took more than 4,000 points to exchange for two high-rank ninjutsu, and only about 5,000 points remained.
After redeeming all other medical-related options, the deposit of nearly 10,000, and only about 2,000 left in an instant—
Although he has mastered the Chakra Enhanced Strength, it still costs him more than two thousand points.
But it didn’t matter as the harvest was also very big.
Thanks to the medical ninjutsu, medical knowledge and some principles of medical knowledge that he redeemed from the system, Akabane is fully qualified for the job of a medical ninja, instead of just being a half-hearted med-nin who only knows how to used Mystical Palm Technique.
Akabane felt like crying, with his medical knowledge right now, he didn’t need to be afraid of Tsunade unmasking his true nature anymore.
Unlike before when he was with Tsunade who kept asking him medical-related questions…
of course……
Although he can’t teach Tsunade about the Creation Rebirth, it doesn’t mean he can’t teach her the other ninjutsu he redeemed such as chakra scalpel and the Yin Healing Wound Destruction now.
Moreover, with Jiraiya’s IQ, he started to experiment with the needle Jizo after reading the comics. So it is unreasonable that Tsunade would not do this. 
So he took this opportunity to see the Research Institute and see the situation on Tsunade’s side.
Like the preparation department, the institute officially opened.
The research institute is equipped with a medical laboratory. Tsunade is now the master of the medical department, and this laboratory is naturally owned by her.
And since his department was near, Akabane returned to the preparation department and took a look at the training situation.
In the afternoon, they are doing physical exercise. With Might Duy in the lead, everyone is “full of energy”. 
In addition, Orochimaru’s fitness meal also has a lot of credit——
He now not only develops nutritious meals but also extremely difficult nutritious drinks.
In short, it is another happy day for the Genins.
Akabane continued on his way to the research institute not far away.
The research institute is very large, but there are not many people in it for the time being. There are only Orochimaru and Tsunade in it. This equipment is quite expensive and only five seats are available for the time being.
Passing by the first laboratory, Akabane saw Orochimaru mixing some herbs, insects and invisible meat in it.
This scene is almost a match for making dry juice.
of course……
It does have a good effect, except that it is unpalatable and horrible, it has no other problems.
Silence for the students for three seconds.
Akabane paused, then continued walking, and soon found Tsunade’s laboratory.
She was holding a bunch of documents,
Before, Tsunade did not have much information, and there was very limited information she could find about her Grandfather Senju Hashirama.
 However, now it is different. The village strongly supports the development of medical ninjutsu. Naturally, they also handed her the produced research data of the Second Hokage.
And this data is crucial.
But after reading it for a day, Tsunade was helpless.
It’s because the difficulty is too high.
“I knew it, you must be studying this.”
Akabane said. As it’s exactly what he expected.
Tsunade rolled her eyes and then said grimly: “I’m not specifically studying the Creation Rebirth. It’s just that my grandfather’s regenerative ability has a powerful healing effect, and it may be helpful to develop medical ninjutsu before studying these materials.”
“I’m just kidding, but the difficulty of Creation Rebirth is really great. I only have a preliminary conception. And I don’t have any clue how to implement it. But I learned something new, it’s called Chakra scalpel…”
After saying that, Akabane made hand seals- Tiger → Horse → Rabbit → Rat → Dog.
 After a series of hand seals, a highly concentrated chakra knife appeared in one of his hands.
Although it was only C-level ninjutsu, its effect in the medical field could not be replaced by foreign objects. And Tsunade naturally understood its preciousness.
Afterwards, he demonstrated the Yin Healing Wound Destruction
The latter requires extremely high Chakra control ability, while the former is relatively difficult and is not ninjutsu that can be mastered in a while.
After Akabane taught this, he was about to turn around and withdraw.
Tsunade continued his research, but suddenly, she felt something was wrong–why was his face so uncoordinated?
“Wait, you turn around.”
She thought something was weird. She had been studying ninjutsu before and didn’t look at it carefully.
Akabane turned his head.
Tsunade stretched out her hand and pushed away Akabane’s forehead that was deliberately covered by his bangs.
“I thought it felt weird. So you practised the Yin seal, and you deliberately covered it with bangs…Hahaha, why, isn’t it good-looking?”
Tsunade laughed out loud.
She said that it was strange that Akabane usually left his hair aside without leaving his bangs, but now he covered it all at once, and his entire face looked strange.
“Unfortunately you’re wrong, I just want to change my hairstyle.”
Akabane wouldn’t admit that he felt that the prismatic mark was too girly, and wanted to cover it.
“Show your forehead, it looks better.”
Tsunade put his hair away.
“Then I will go.”
Akabane waved.
He was originally worried that the trio would have some opinions on the latest plot, but apparently, everyone has completely distinguished their ‘self’ of the comic from reality.
Sannin battle?
The three of them are not even Sannin, so what’s the matter with it?
After giving these kinds of ninjutsu to Tsunade, Tsunade herself entered a semi-reclusive state.
Akabane didn’t bother much afterwards. Instead, since he was lazy, he used his perception ability to check the training situation of the preparation students.
In Taijutsu skills, of course, Might Duy is far ahead- although his talent in Taijutsu is not top-notch, but his willpower and endurance are amazingly strong, and he can suffer hardship that others can’t bear.
Such characteristics can be said to perfectly fit the characteristics of their physical fitness meal.
Others fear the food Orochimaru created. But he not only eats three meals but also applies for another serving. In the morning and afternoon, he drinks a nutritious juice as a refreshment after rest.
In the past, Might Duy was poor and could not afford to eat too nourishing things so his body was quite lanky even though he was always training his body, but now his body shape has increased visible to the naked eye in just a dozen days.
Thanks to this, he was the first to get permission to learn the Eight-Inner Gates which was personally tested by Danzo from Orochimaru.
of course.
Orochimaru didn’t hesitate to get his hand on such an excellent experimental body, and slowly passed on some of his research experience and combat experience, and let the other party bring a booklet to write it down.
Might Duy didn’t understand it, but he was very diligent and would take it back and look through it slowly, thinking a little bit.
Seeing the middle of the month, half of the special training has passed.
Everyone’s physical stamina is much stronger than before, and other aspects have also strengthened a lot. Akabane should add some extra elements.
The new rules are very simple.
A Raid in the middle of the night.
Akabane negotiated with the other mentors and soon passed all the proposals. To ensure safety, he still invited a lot of Medical-nin and Anbu to the town.
That night, Akabane played “Rock Lee’s Struggle History”.
This episode started when Lee was deemed unable to become a ninja until Lee was injured by Gaara and was judged by Tsunade that he could no longer become a ninja.
From despair to hope to despair…
His Life is different from Naruto, but it is also touching and shocking to everyone.
That night.
The Genins are, as usual, leaving one person in each team to watch the night while the rest fall asleep.
At this time, the fog gradually thickened.
No one noticed that something was wrong, even Iwamaru, a nin-dog, did not notice any abnormality in the fog, and its eyes scanned all around, very alert.
But in the next second, its expression became dull, and gradually passed out.
This is the Work of Genjutsu.
The Nirvana Temple Jutsu! 
The large-scale illusion quickly hypnotized all the awakened Genin, and then the mentors appeared on the surrounding trees.
“Their vigilance is too terrible. There are reconnaissance ninjas from the Hyuga, Inuzuka, and Aburame Clan, but none of them even noticed my fog and illusion.”
Akabane stood on the tree and criticized.
Hearing it, the Chunin mentors around him have their mouths twitch as they curse in their minds.
Notice it?
It’s not that they are not good, but it’s because your Hidden Mist skills and Genjutsu attainments are too strong!
With such a level of skill, let alone these Genin, even they, a Chunin couldn’t find anything wrong in it!
 Fortunately, it was night, and no one saw the shameful faces of the Chunin mentors.
“Each team took half of the Genin and took them to the other side of the training ground.”
Akabane said indifferently, “Tomorrow, each of you will arrange some tasks for them, but it should be noted that the other half of their teammates are in danger, let them choose and act.”
Shiranui Ryosuke lowered his head.
This situation is also often encountered on the battlefield. Choosing a companion or continuing the mission often becomes a problem for everyone.
“Then, get started.”
After Akabane finished speaking, he also left instantly.
Such physical work is not something a lazy person like himself should do.
The mentors looked at each other.
Just a few of them, how can they move fifty genins?
“Lords from Anbu, please come out to help and take the students to the other side of the training ground together. In addition, medical personnel are requested to stay here to avoid accidents.”
Shiranui Ryosuke quickly issued the order.

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