Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 23 The First Costumer


“Yes, place it right there..”

“Be careful, please, place it symmetrical on both sides.”


Akabane was busy ordering his workers to decorate his store.

“It looks like your hands are full? How long will it takes to finish?”

Just when Akabane was busily ordering, a voice came from above him.

He looked up and saw Tsunade in her training uniform stand on the ceiling.

“I’m occupied right now.”

Akabane swept his temples. Akabane had been started to renovating his store for a few days now. He had to use Shadow Clone Jutsu at least three times a day to reduce the workloads. For these past two days, he had used more than 100 points to increased his chakra by 1 point and his physique by 5 points.

“I’m here to see your progress. Uhh, by the way, has Jiraiya visited you recently?

Tsunade’s disdainful expression was somewhat worried.

She hasn’t seen Jiraiya for two days since she last hit him after he showed her his comic.


Akabane was startled slightly, and she also misunderstood what he said last time when she parted and left with a look of excitement, did her feelings just disappear?

Tsunade noticed that Akabane’s expression was slightly different, and immediately asked him again, “Have you seen him?”

“Yes, I’ve seen him, he showed me his drawing of two pages, and I tried to explained that he still has a lot to learn, but it looks like he misunderstood my words.”

Akabane pondered for a moment and decided to tell his guess, “I want to find him, you might as well check every woman’s bathhouse in Konoha.”

“Woman’s bathhouses?”

Tsunade was stunned for a few seconds. After thinking about it for a moment, she clenched her fist and said angrily, “That pervert! I must teach him some sense!”

Then she left angrily.

Akabane was speechless for a while.

He didn’t expect that Jiraiya would be so enthusiastic after heard his comment.

“Ahh! Forget it. I have other things to handle right now.” Akabane thought for a while and decided to ignore it. He was already full at hands. Why bother thinking about anything else.

Besides, Jiraiya would still fine even if he got caught.. right?

After a few hours of renovating, the store gradually became tidier and slowly getting closer to what he had planned.

“Akabane, there is a cart waiting outside that brought hundreds of your comic books. It looks like it wasn’t sent from our clan.”

Akabane’s father notified him about his comic book shipment.

“Oh, it finally arrived! Thanks, father, would you help them to put the stuff inside please?”

Akabane looked overjoyed.

The printing factory delivered his order in time, which excites him a little. He wants to open the boxes immediately.

After a while, Ichiro Noda from the printing factory greeted Akabane personally while brought boxes of books behind him.

Noda Ichiro bowed and greeted Akabane sincerely. “Nice to meet you again, Kurama-san, I’ve brought your order as we agreed upon. Where do you want us to put this?”

“The feels is mutual, Ichiro-san, please arrange them accordingly at the cabinet over there.”

Akabane talked as he pointed out the cabinets.

The word “draw” was written on the cabinets.

My greatest knowledge that I brought from my world was this draw method. This allows the costumers to spend their money more than they should have.

“Understood, please let me and my workers do the unload, and you can rest assured.”

Noda Ichiro nodded again, and the other workers started actively unloading his comics to the cabinets.

Akabane took a moment to observed their works. They have unloaded the boxes swiftly. After all, they are the printing agent that grandma Mito herself recommending.

Only by looking at how delicately they worked, Akabane felt relieved. Otherwise, It would take him more time if he does it himself.

Once they’ve finished unloading, Akabane has just finished arranged various rewards for the lottery. It will take a while for so many people to help. Once the comic books are full of shelves, Akabane has just finished the various prizes in the lottery.

At this time, his comic store has fully decorated and ready to open.

Akabane once more checked his list, when he saw a figure slowly appeared in front of his door.

It’s Shikato!

As he approached, he looked up and saw Akabane holding a wooden sign.

“Akabane’s Comic Store, huh? It seems that I’m your first customer then.”

Shikato then greeted him.

“Yoh Shikato! Why are you so well-timed?”

Akabane wondered why Shikato always came at the right time.

“Yeah, I saw your store yesterday and decided to take a look.”

Shikato answered honestly that when Akabane put up the sign.

He walked into the store, picked up a comic from the shelf, then brought it to the cashier.

“The total is 100 ryō, and there is a prize of a poster as you’re my first customer, and you’ll get one shot at the draw to get a chance for another prize!”

Akabane explained the detail as he thought of what poster Shikato get as his first costumer prize.

Then he found a rolled-up poster of Shikamaru Nara, which he thought would be the most suitable for Shikato.

Shikato just came to the store to check how is Akabane doing and buy a copy of his comic. He didn’t expect that there was another prize, so he took it by surprise, and then saw Akabane took out a box with “Draw” written on it.

“Should I take something from inside?”

Akabane replied with nodded.

He froze for a moment and then reached for the lottery box.

Since he didn’t really hope much, he just takes the first thing that his hand touches and take it out.

It was a piece of paper, Shikato curiously opened the paper, and there’s a letter written on it said: “Thank you for your patronage.”

The letter doesn’t satisfy his curiosity. He glanced at the text on the side of Akabane’s cardboard box.

50% probability: Thank you for your patronage.

30% probability: a small poster

10% probability: a medium poster

1% probability: a special poster

“In other words, there is a 50% probability that I wouldn’t get anything?”

Shikato felt somewhat upset and helplessly put away the note, then took out his first costumer prize and spread it out.

It was a young boy with dreadlocks and a lazy face, and his appearance somehow resemblance him.

“Who is this?”

Shikato was a little surprised, “This looks like someone from my clan, but I never knew him?”

“Ah, I created that character based on your look. Thus I thought that you might want it as your prize.”

Akabane pointed to the lower right corner of the poster.

 Here, the name of the character “Shikamaru Nara” is written.

“Shikamaru…huh? Well, thanks, I guess.”

Then Shikato carefully rolled up and thanked Akabane.

After that, he turned and walked away slowly, as he hurriedly opens the first page and read it while walking home.

To be honest, Akabane did not expect that Shikato would be his first costume because he has someone else in mind that would rush as soon as he opens the store.

“Sure enough, it might be nice to have a teammate like Shikato..”

Akabane sighed slightly, and then he cast his seals to summoned a clone.

“I’ll leave it to you. I want to take some rest.”

“I.. don’t have a choice, don’t I?”

The clone helplessly accepted the order. Although there were other staff in the store, they didn’t know how to use the lottery.

Anyway, this was only the first day.

The clone sighed slightly and sat down and waited for the next customer.

There was a good chance of big waves of the customer will come very soon.

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