Comic System in Naruto's World

Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 230


Early the next day.
Many Genins who were watching the night were very upset-they were supposed to be watching the night yesterday, but somehow they were very sleepy in the middle and fell asleep.
When they woke up and looked around, everyone looked dumbfounded.
“This is where?”
“What happened, how did we get here, what about the others?”
In the completely unfamiliar environment, many people took a closer look and recognized that this seemed to be the other half of their training ground where they did not have much activity.
A group of Genin talked at once.
“Be quiet for me.”
Nara Shimi is quite good when it comes to using his head so everyone becomes silent. He rubbed his temples and thought while observing the surroundings.
After a long time, he opened his mouth and said: “First of all, I was not a nightguard last night, so can anyone tell me what happened?”
“We didn’t know, we felt very sleepy, and fell asleep unconsciously.”
Someone said weakly.
Inuzuka Ishi held Iwamaru for a few seconds and then said, “I remember it seems to be very foggy…”
“Fog, sleepiness…I see. Fog is the technique of concealment of mist, and sleepiness is the technique of large-scale illusion. We can be sure that we have been raided by our mentors, and we are completely wiped out on the battlefield.”
Shimi said lightly.
Everyone was stunned for a while, and some genins gradually reacted after a few seconds.
This period of time was too comfortable, which caused them to be less vigilant than they were at the beginning. If they were on the battlefield, they would surely die last night!
Shimi looked around and said, “Look for it and see if there are any clues. Our mentors shouldn’t spend a lot of time just moving us, so there should be a hint.”
Everyone started to act.
Originally, although Nara Shimi was one year older, his rank was also a Genin, so if it’s in normal times, they wouldn’t listen to his command.  But at this critical moment, only his thoughts were clear and his command was orderly, so everyone obeyed his intentions.
And it didn’t take long.
“I found a mission scrolls.”
“Me too.”
Everyone put the task scrolls together and looked through them one by one.
All missions point to three completely different directions, but there is no mission for them to reach the other half of the training ground, and the descriptions of the three missions are also completely different.
Some carry war intelligence, some are ordered to support the front lines, and some are responsible for transporting shurikens and other ninja tools.
Everyone looked at Shimi, as it was difficult to make a choice at a time since all three were very important tasks.
“Why? Are you all counting on me to give orders?”
Nara Shimi looked at them and sighed helplessly.
“Your mind is clearest, hehe…”
Inuzuka Ishi didn’t feel ashamed, he didn’t have much pursuit and ambition, as long as he could follow along to complete the task, he is fine with it.
The others are deliberating, but they don’t have the ability to figure out a way, so they can only rely on him temporarily.
Shimi looked around for a while, sighed and started to release the mission: “Form a group of four who are good at speed, concealment, and reconnaissance, and bring this war intelligence to the mission point. The rest will support the front line in half, and the rest will go back with me. We will find our teammates.”
Everyone has no doubt, after a round of selection, the candidates are quickly decided to start their respective tasks.
On the big tree not far away.
Nohara Cheng smiled slightly, and said in a low voice, “Sir. Ryosuke, it seems that someone is commanding here and the action has already begun.”
“Nara’s kids have always been good at brains and have good courage. At this time, he dares to give orders…Then we should also start, and everyone should act as planned.”
Shiranui Ryosuke mouth raised slightly.
The three tasks have different priorities. For example, supporting the front line and delivering information are first-class and one of the one-important tasks and must be completed first.
Although shurikens and other ninja tools are important, they can be postponed slightly and placed behind their companions.
of course……
Strictly speaking, in the Ninja Codes, completion of tasks is the primary goal, so even if they lost contact with their partner, the task must be completed first.
From this point of view, Nara Shimi gave up the third mission and chose to find their companion. The decision to find a companion was undoubtedly wrong. As there is a great possibility of going back.
This is also the reason why many slippery little kids dare not come forward.
Unlike this side, there is no such command as Nara Shimi on the other side, and they are now in dispute.
There are not as many tasks as there are on the other side, and instead of three, there is only one task and one choice. And it’s whether they will do the priority task, or the priority to save their companion.
“The ninja needs to put the task first. I think the task should be completed first, and our companion can wait until the task is completed before we search for them.”
Uchiha Ryo said without hesitation.
“I think we need to find our partner first. The mission scrolls remind us that our partner was dispersed to another area because of the raid last night. They are likely to be in danger, and our mission location is very far away from their location. If we wait until the mission is completed. It’s going to be too late.”
Yamanaka Take said.
“I don’t need you to think, we should finish our mission first, listen to me!”
Uchiha Ryo said coldly.
“How can this be done? Your partner is in danger. Of course, you must save your partner first!”
Might Duy stood up and yelled.
Seeing someone express their opinions, the others began to stand in line and express their opinions. A group with different opinions could not persuade anyone. After arguing for a long time, they acted separately, one group completed the task, and one group went to find their companion.
Not far away, several Chunin instructors were with Akabane.
“My lord, what shall we do?”
This raid was training. They were not sure about the purpose for the time being, but they could guess that it was related to their companions and tasks.
“I will finish all the Genin who were going to complete the task. You guys are responsible for ambushing and blocking the Genins who want to rescue their teammates, and I allow you to cause a certain amount of injuries, but don’t do it too hard.”
The order was issued and everyone dispersed.
Akabane tracked down the group of Genin who wanted to complete the mission, but those Genin didn’t notice it because of their disagreements, their distribution of personnel was unreasonable, and there were not many ninjas who could do reconnaissance.
Of course, it is impossible not to have one, but everyone just wants to complete the task and does not take it seriously.
After a while, a ninja from the Hyuga clan opened his eyes and glanced around.
However, as soon as he opened his eyes, he was directly pulled into the ground by the Shadow Clones using Earth Style who were waiting in ambush.
When Uchiha Ryo heard the movement, he loudly shouted: “enemy attack, everyone be on guard.”
There is no clear command, but everyone has learned how to do formation and quickly started to line up according to what they learned.
“Water-Style – Great Waterfall Jutsu!”
The flood swept in, and the terrifying waves rushed out from the forest like beasts.
Uchiha Ryo’s pupils shrank and opened his Sharingan instantly.
He was fast enough and quickly climbed up the tree to avoid the impact of the waterfall jutsu, but the others did not react so quickly. Some jumped up temporarily to escape, but more were washed away by the waterfall jutsu.
After a burst of flooding, fewer than four or five Genin remained on the scene.
At this moment, a figure walked out slowly.
And it’s Kurama Akabane!
“It’s you! Very good, I will defeat you right here, and then complete the task.”
Uchiha Ryo sneered.
He threw a handful of kunai, and a group of kunai collided in the air, making the route even more weird.
In the next second, a figure emerged from the ground behind Uchiha Ryo.
A Shadow Clone.
His hand also exudes a strange chakra.
This is a chakra scalpel.
“Be careful, behind you!”
The only remaining companion shouted, but unfortunately…
With the stroke of the hands of the Shadow Clone to his leg, Uchiha Ryo let out a scream and fell from the tree.
This knife severed his leg muscles.
What is this technique?
The other four took a breath, and their hearts were filled with fear.
“Too weak. You don’t have the strength but you still get mad. You don’t understand teamwork at all. You are not worthy of being a ninja.”
Akabane said coldly.
Uchiha Ryo was in pain, he felt sore in his leg, and now he has difficulty even walking.
He looked up, trying to use an illusion to deal with Akabane.
“Demonic Illusion: Tree Binding Death!”
“Using illusion in front of me, should I say you are naive or stupid?”
Akabane sneered.
There is no need to deliberately cancel the other party’s Genjutsu, the huge mental power gap between the two is enough for him to violently rebound the illusion.
Uchiha Ryo was bound by the tree, and a figure appeared from the tree, which was his imaginary opponent for a long time.
What makes him most desperate is–
He was clearly the same age as him, but Akabane had already gone from that Genin, who had to work hard to avoid even his fireball, into such a powerful existence.
And what about himself?
Uchiha Ryo was a little sceptical of life. He was actually not weak. He had mastered many family traditions of fire escape ninjutsu and illusion, but he had no chance performing it in front of Akabane.
The rest of the genins stood there like wood, their faces terrified and at a loss.
They were horrified.
Akabane glanced at them and sighed with disappointment: “He at least dared to attack me. But you don’t even have the courage to do it. Experience the pain.”
As soon as his voice fell, the illusion started.
The four genins were hit by the attack, collapsed, and then passed out into a coma.
This is Death Mirage Jutsu with real pain.
The medical ninja waiting began to work.
Even if Akabane controls the Chakra output of the Great Waterfall technique, keeping its power at about 50%, it is still a very destructive ninjutsu.
After searching, all the students were found.
Some were submerged in a coma, and some were hit by the currents of rocks and trees. In short, their injuries were not light. The most miserable was the one from the Hyuga clan. He was pulled into the soil. As a result, the moment the waterfall started flooding, it made him swallow a lot of water.
Before long, all the students once again gathered in the open square.
Everyone is divided into several areas. Shimi is alone, while the ninja on Shimi side is in one area. The people who advocate rescue such as Might Duy and Yamanaka Take are in another area. Uchiha Ryo and dozens of Genin who advocate completing the task. They are also on the other side.
Except for the four who experience real pain in the illusion, the others have already awakened.
“Nara Shimi did a good job here. Although he was the only one who gave orders, the orders were all correct, taking into account all aspects. As for you…”
Akabane looked to the other side coldly, “You performed too poorly. You don’t have a concept of a team at all. If you don’t have enough strength, you divide your troops without a reasonable allocation of manpower. And the likes of you lot are the ones who will die fastest on the battlefield!”
Yamanaka and others confessed their mistakes obediently and dared not make any rebuttals.
There were people on Uchiha Ryo side who were dissatisfied. And they said loudly, “You are a Jonin, we are certainly not your opponent, but the first goal of the ninja is to complete the task. What’s wrong with our choice?”
“Although in the ninja world, those who violate the rules are called trash, but those who don’t cherish their companions are not as good as trash.”
Akabane said coldly, “Furthermore, yes I am Special-Jonin, but this is not a reason why you are unprepared and were not aware of the ambush that I set up in advance. You can go back to the Academy and retake it.”
“I’m not convinced…”
A kid named Kai said, but before he could continue his words he was dragged down by Anbu after knocking him unconscious.
When other people saw this, they didn’t dare to object, but many people were quite criticized.
Ninjas take task completion as their bounden duty. This is the criterion written in the book. They feel that they have just followed the order.
“I know you are dissatisfied, but this is my rule. Now I will show you some of the plots that are not mentioned in the comics. So that you can understand what I said. By the way, remember to write your thoughts about it after watching.”
After Akabane finished speaking, he summoned the little dream tapir, letting it use the secret technique to connect with his mental power.
The next second, the illusion starts.
This illusion starts from Kakashi’s childhood and has been fast-forwarded to the battle in the Kannabi Bridge. Everyone will take on the role of Kakashi and experience the change of Kakashi’s mentality in life.

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